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+ The new washer has been installed. It's supposed to be more energy and water efficient, but it takes longer to do a load than the old standard. Whatever, I really appreciate not visiting the laundromat on a regular basis. The nearest one was pretty sketchy.

+ The Aeros played the first of a four-game home stand Sunday. They lost in a shoot-out, but that's better than I expected. They looked tired and flat in the first two periods, like the back-to-back-to-back with a seven-hour roadtrip in between had done them in. And apparently they called up another D-man from Allen? He dressed and warmed up with them, but was a healthy scratch (along with Granlund, Brodin, Scandella, and multiple other scratches D:). Also, holy crap, it's one thing to see in his stats that Baldwin, the guy they called up from Orlando on Saturday, is 6'5" and it is something else entirely to see him up close and personal. And that's not even talking about when he lays a hit on someone right at the glass. GIANT. Also giant? The brand new video screen scoreboard at the Toyota Center.

+ Pizza with green peppers and extra cheese.

+ Early voting, accomplished! GO VOTE! I don't care who you vote for, just do it. (OK, that's a lie: I care. And if you are female and vote Romney/Ryan I don't understand at all, because one of the bases for their platform is about making people who were were born with a uterus second class citizens. But it's your vote. USE IT.)

+ After tomorrow, all the horrible adverts on TV and auto-dial phone calls and emails bombarding me with pleas for donations of time or money for political campaigns will stop. Or at least slow down until the next election cycle.

+ Spencer Smith's tweets are making me happy right now. You are a gentleman and a scholar. (And probably a really good older brother.)

+ Nathan Fillion trolling Firefly on tonight's episode of Castle: A+++++++
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I know, I know. Everyone's having totally crappy days/weeks/years.

My day didn't start off terribly, but then I spent three hours in the tissue culture hood on an experiment that gave me a dubious result. And I got into an email argument with my father, who insists on sending me articles and links to political asshattery that falls on his side of the conservative spectrum. Which pretty much a complete 180 from mine.

After being at work for 10 hours, I was trying to shut everything down for the day, but my boss came in and wanted to talk. He seems to forget that just because he got to work at 9:30am, I do not, and I have a bus to catch and shit to do that does not involve him or science in any way. >:/

But on the bright side:

1. Flight & hotel for trip to NYC on President's Day weekend: booked. Tickets for Richard III at BAM, confirmed. (Kevin Spacey as Richard, OMGGGGG. I don't care if the play is a ridic piece of political propaganda used to make the Tudors look good. KEVIN SPACEY.)

2. Zack loves us. I know you've seen them. I'm reposting them anyway. whatever we did to make him post these? we need to keep doing )

3. Butch Walker tweeted about some tour dates? IDK, I'm not going to get my hopes up too high. But Ludo's going to announce some shows soon too. So the concert drought will be ending soon, hopefully. For sure Matt Nathanson and Brandi Carlile are in town next week.


Um. I was going to post about the Australian Open, but then work got busy, and my gathering of links and pics of Rafa, Andy, Nole, & Fed was interrupted by life. By which I mostly mean work. And somehow finding myself reading in the Suits fandom, although I've never seen an episode of the TV show.

Hope your Monday was better than mine. ♥
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...or that's what BUrie would have us believe.



1. Rise Against last week. Clearly I am used to people being in line super early for Discos, because I was surprised that no one (except me) lined up until after 4:30pm. So was the Rise Against tech I chatted with while he was on a smoke-break. Still, worth it.

I was MOST amused by the dude next to me at the barrier, who had spent the morning at a Glenn Beck book signing. When asked if he didn't see any inherent conflict in his love for Rise Against and admiration of Beck, he replied that if he thought about Rise Against's lyrics, he could convince himself that they were libertarian, not liberal left-y activists. (Uh-huh.) He was NOT amused by the Flobots. At all.

2. Super-sekrit Ultimate Ears show at Momo's in Austin, with the ~~~mystery band, Panic! at the Disco: LOL, OUR KARMA. [ profile] sunn_doyouknow, [ profile] catchmelike, and I each won two spots each on the guest list, but [ profile] catchmelike couldn't go, so it ended up being me, [ profile] shutyourface, [ profile] eckerlilas, [ profile] fiddleyoumust (check them for pics, b/c I forgot to take a camera), E, & [ profile] sunn_doyouknow. The set was short, but it was acoustic, which was awesome, and we were right up front, the best spot to be. :) And there was hanging out at the bar and chatting afterwards. Plus free Ultimate Ears earbuds and t-shirts, and hangtimes w/ ppl I hadn't seen since... the last Discos show, LOL. So, totally worth the drive to Austin. :D

a) They are ridiculous.
b) Did I mention they are ridiculous?
c) I've never been as close during a show, because there was literally no barrier at all. To start the show, Ian & I exchanged high-fives. NGL, I spent a few minutes thinking how pretty Brendon's and Spencer's eyelashes looked on their cheeks, b/c they looked down/closed their eyes during some songs.
d) Dallon (and his stage-banter) is the most hilarious. And best dressed, in a creepy, Dexter-type way, although his sideburns need some work. HE'S TRYING REALLY HARD TO GROW FACIAL HAIR, OK? (And in conversation, he told me that Mormons from Utah are different to Mormons from elsewhere. I was like, ".... uh... anyway..." while thinking that I would not disagree, given my experience living there, but I'm glad that I was not the person to voice that thought.)
e) I cannot decide how to feel when both Brendon and Spencer say they're glad to see us again, and that it's good when they can look out and see people that they recognize, especially at a small show where the crowd is not necessarily their fans. On one hand: \o/ GLAD TO BE THERE AND HELP. OTOH: O.o
f) Zack's judging face: still awesome.
g) Ian: needs to wash his hair and shave his scruff. Perhaps he was too busy playing with his new harmonica to do so yesterday?

crappy cell-phone pic of my view beneath the cut )

OK. Now to finish editing and write more of my YAGKYAS fic.
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I have to write this out or I'll forget it. And half the time everyone involved remembers little bits that others didn't so if we put all the recaps together, we get a fuller picture.

Panic/Patrick shenanigans, cut for pictures and lengthy babble )
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~ Gah! I hate it when a fic I submitted for a fest is posted and I find a TON of things I want to change but I CAN'T.

But on the plus side, the [ profile] we_pimpin exchange fics are live. Anonymous wrote me some awesome Ray/Walt fic! Then It Gets Good. Go give them some love if Generation Kill is your thing!

~ Spain vs. France Davis Cup action tomorrow! Rafa. Daveeed. I'm sad that there will be no Gael Monfils. (NGL, mostly I watch him to see if he melts down spectacularly. So much athletic possibility there, steered awry by his head.)

~ Contagion, Saturday.

~ Tattoo & Body Art Expo on Sunday, possibly?

~ Someday Bush (the band, not the former president, who is known hereabouts as the Shrub) will come to Houston and NOT play a festival at my least favorite venue in town. Sadly, the next time they're in town is not that day. *sigh*

~ Spencer Smith: big troll or biggest troll? Thanks for letting your fans know you need more than one cock in your household.


Sep. 1st, 2011 08:43 pm
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I have thoughts to post. About PStump and his awesome, about work, about all sorts of stuff.

But right now, given this and this, and Brendon dedicating Always to Spencer for his birthday at tonight's show in NYC, all I can say is they are trolls, and I love them.
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1. RL things: Sasha towed, rental car functioning, claim filed. Back at work today. Blah.

2. random Bonnaroo commentary, since I didn't take a camera )

3. Re: Panic! At The Disco (for the five people who care)

I'm still going through my photos. Spencer's cymbals blocked my view of his face 90% of the time at Dallas, so I don't have many good shots of him from the first night. I was in front of Dallon there, and between him and Brendon at Houston, so there's a lot of their shenanigans, but not so much Ian. Here, for anyone interested, are a few I've liked so far: )

I took two videos. Look, I'm going to apologize now: I wasn't aiming for anyone's crotch, I was trying to keep my elbows on the barrier so the camera didn't bounce. But, yeah, sorry. I kept looking away from the camera to see them for real rather than on an itty-bitty screen, and each time, I'd end up letting the angle drop a little bit. I blame the stage, which is pretty high at the HOB, relatively speaking. Or myself for being the wrong height. IDK. Also, I had a hard time deciding whether to keep focusing on Brendon or look at Dallon. Either way, Nearly Witches and C'mon. (Oh, Nate.) As soon as they are done uploading (my internet connection is wicked slow tonight) I'll post the embeds.

4. I have two Ludo tickets in my wallet that are not mine. [ profile] shutyourface gets one - there's a receipt with her name on it. To whom does the other belong? [ profile] vic_ramsey? [ profile] playfullips? I just want to be sure I give them to the appropriate people when that date rolls around.
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I have opinions about the news that's in the headlines, but all I'm going to say is that I hope that everyone who lost a loved one on 9/11/01 or when the USS Cole or the US embassies in Tanzania and Kenya were bombed feels some closure. I'd like to believe that this means we'll extract ourselves from the untenable, unsustainable military conflicts in which we embroiled ourselves in the name of capturing OBL, but I have sincere doubts on that subject.

IN HAPPIER NEWS. [ profile] pjvilar posted a picture that makes me FINALLY feel the urge to write, for the first time in months. If I can squeeze it in around my work hours, which have once again grown to encompass far more than the 40 for which I am paid.

AND. Seriously, did we magick Panic! At The Disco into being with our will, bandom? Because this video. SERIOUSLY. It's a half-dozen different musicals and Disney movies for a single 3-minute song, and I LOVE IT. I cannot wait for June. Or for the autumn tour with Black Cards and Neon Trees.

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1. So, that happened last night. I love it when they troll us. And I wonder if Zack encourages it or yells at them for killing fangirls (and parts of the internet) dead with their antics.

2. There is tennis on my TV and coffee in my mug and [ profile] eckerlilas linked to a finished 70k fic on the TSN kinkmeme, so I am so totally not getting to work on time today. (My desire to go to work is inversely proportional to all the stuff I have to do. Maybe you've noticed this? I'm feeling sort of stressed about all the experiments I have to do for 3 separate projects, and I haven't even told my boss yet that I'm taking the Friday and Monday of Easter weekend off - not for any religious reason, but because we're going to NYC to see The Book of Mormon and the very last show of American Idiot, and because we haven't had a weekend away where A's away from his work Blackberry in a long time.)

3. I created an account at AO3! LJ's lack of reliability the last couple of weeks made me decide to archive fic, and since I don't even know if OWL's affiliate archives are still open (and even if they are they absolutely don't take RPF), I figured I should choose an alternative. Of course, this means actually re-reading some of the fic I wrote YEARS AGO, and I am seriously facepalming at myself. OMGWTF was I thinking?

OK. I have a tab of fic that I promised [ profile] why_me_why_not I'd beta two days ago, and there's the TSN fic to read, and Rafa is now on screen in all his Un-Cola glory, so I should get going on my morning activities, yes?

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Yesterday's free show for the Big Dance: perfect weather and good company, and other than the fact that a huge TV monitor blocked our view of Spencer Smith, Panic! At The Disco's set was ridiculously awesome. Seriously, they seem really delighted to be performing again. I can't wait for their summer tour. (For a more complete review, see [ profile] shutyourface's entry. And [ profile] eckerlilas posted pics, but under f-lock. ♥)

Two fandom-y things:

1. Why hasn't someone in GK fandom written fic centered around Brad Colbert's license loss, with him hitching a ride with someone (Mike?) to base every day, and then having someone (Ray, Nate, whoever rocks your world) pick him up each evening?

2. This pic deserves Ivy League grad student fic, y/n?

(via [ profile] thesameband)

Ugh. Feeling sort of hungover and blah, and still cranky about the "GA" tickets that were the only choice for tickets in the Chris Cornell presale. It wouldn't've been a big deal if the venue set up the floor as they usually do. But the entire floor where the pit usually is was seated reserve, the upper level by the FOH was seated reserve, and the balcony was seated reserve as usual, leaving the area by the door, by the merch booth, and up underneath the overhang behind the seated reserve (where the sound is actually really shitty) as the only GA. Fuck you, Live Nation and House of Blues. Fuck you.

Really not feeling the drive to Austin for the PWTs.
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Theoretically there will be a post about SXSW, but I am doing laundry and contemplating the drive up to Cypress to see Stamps perform at some crawfish-related festival or something at Cypress Saloon. Am I fated to only see Stamps perform at restaurants? (Seeing a band gig at TGIFriday's bar will never stop being a source of amusement, although I thought the performance was outstanding.)

So you get two least-blurry phone pics.

This happened. )

And so did this. )
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I had stuff to say about last night's show at the House of Blues, and how awesome (and hot) Tim Lopez growing into a bigger role on-stage is, but that was superceded by a cursory examination of the SXSW artist list.

DISCOS at SXSW. No details about day or venue yet, but.

:D :D :D :D

[ profile] arielchan and I discussed this possibility a while back, and now it is happening, and OMG, GIMME THAT ALBUM AND THAT STEAMPUNK AESTHETIC AND TOUR DATES SO THE FANGIRL ROADTRIPS MAY BEGIN!

ETA: While I'm thinking about it! Help Stamps get to SXSW. If you don't know them, they are Robert Morris (formerly of the Hush Sound), Ren Patrick, and Adam James. (Also, Ian Crawford played guitar on their first EP, but has since parted ways (to tour with the Discos).)

ETA2: (17Feb2011) Discos' entry on the schedule has vanished, and the link is dead. D: D: D:
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1. MOAST IMPORTANT. [ profile] jmc_bks posted more in her Brad/Ray AU: A Steady Diet of Sodapop & Ritalin. :D :D :D

2. LOL, yes, this, exactly. But I also judge when inappropriate apostrophes are used.

3. Work is closed for non-essential personnel, but research staff are exempt from that rule. I have a bunch of stuff to do, but since all the roads I'd normally take to work are closed or have overpasses onto which police are admitting cars one at a time, I believe I will wait until later. Also? I can't find the ice-scraper that I kept in the Snowflake when I lived in Utah, so I have to defrost Sasha manually. Another reason to wait until it warms up.

4. In the meantime, I am going to watch the videos of the Discos in 104.5's studio over and over again. The sound and video quality are better than the Live Q&A vid from the other day. DAMN, I'M GLAD TO SEE THEIR STUPID FACES, AND TO HEAR BDEN'S VOICE (whatever his GF's doing, she needs to keep doing, b/c he looks and sounds awesome and happy), AND TO LAUGH AT HOW BEING RELEGATED TO TAMBOURINEMAN STILL MAKES SPENCER CRANKY. Now gimme those tour-dates! (Or, you know, be sure to come to SXSW.)
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I have a ton of random snippets of fic that will never be rounded out into actual stories. In an effort to clear my hard-drive (and because my OCD and antisocial tendencies needed indulgence after a week in a loud, disorganized, people-occupied place) I spent the last hour deciding what to toss and what I might reasonably work on. That stuff is staying.

These are the snippets of stuff that I finally admit will never be written in their entirety.

Bandom, Brendon/Spencer, Pure Country AU. Outlined, but only one scene actually written. )

Brendon/Regan/Shane. Yeah, this is NEVER getting finished. Ever. )

Brendon/Spencer, bandom firefighter/EMT AU )

GK, Brad/OFC with Brad/Nate UST )
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My sleep schedule is totally messed up. Sleeping 5 am to 9am is not going to be very useful for work purposes this week.

A list of all gift suggestions, holiday card requirements, and baking has been achieved. Now I just have to work on crossing items off said list.

In the meantime, the drabble/ficlet prompt post will remain open, because I excel at justifying procrastination as inspiration and stimulation.

Thus far:

untitled bandom drabble, empires, 100 words, for [ profile] junebug_waltz
deadly drunken tree fairy, SPN, 115 words, for [ profile] koshweasley
flip flop smiles, GK, Walt/Brad in the college AU, 189 words, for [ profile] pjvilar
touch/sight/speech, GK, Brad/Nate, 333 words, for [ profile] idrilka
paying it forward, American Idiot, vaguely Will/Tunny, 497 words, for [ profile] pjvilar
it follows, GK, Brad/Nate, 126 words, for [ profile] lickingbeads

ETA b/c I'm pretty much sitting at my laptop with heart-eyes:

:D Discos' livestream from Germany. I have missed their stupid faces and bad stage banter.

:D A Dean/Castiel fanvid to Matchbox 20's Push.
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1. I think we all saw this coming.

2. D: Rain

3. I am watching Gasland. Because watching the news about the oil spill in the Gulf isn't demoralizing enough.

4. Discos' twittering is awesome and all, but GIMME NEW MUSIC ALREADY, GODDAMMIT.

5. Fic rec: Play It All Night Long, SPN AU, Dean/Castiel. The link takes you to the master post, which has the summary.

6. happy-making photos for the week, courtesy of the Spanish Armada )
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1. I'm really enjoying Butch Walker's new album. The whole thing entertains me, but I'm particularly infatuated with She Likes Hair Bands. B/c A) yes, and B) I really want to hear that song performed live. Preferably with Brendon Urie singing along. (STFU, you can't tell me the white board in the video wasn't a hint.)

2. ♥ Alkaline Trio's This Addiction. I am afraid their Houston show is on the same night as one of the Sweet Sixteen games we have tickets for. I sincerely hope the Badgers are not playing, b/c I love them, but Alkaline Trio wins, hands down.

3. Sold the Muse tickets. Aaron's going to be out of town, and if he's not here, I'd rather go to SXSW and see The Whigs. ILU, Matthew Bellamy, but you can't compete with an entire city of live music.

4. This needs to be photoshop'd. With this, I think:

Yes? No? I can't be the only person who's thought of this.

5. Happy hour at Mia Bella. Mmm. Wine. Risotto. Good conversation.

6. \o/ Julian Casablancas has some TX dates, including one at Houston's HOB. Tell me more about Last Nite, sir. Please.
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No, it's more not!fic. I'm unlikely to ever turn this into a complete fic, so.

Here, have some famous actor!Brendon and fan!Spencer. Unbeta'd. Txt-fic for [ profile] why_me_why_not, [ profile] shutyourface, and [ profile] vic_ramsey.

~2900 words, guys. IDEK. )
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1. My boss is gone, and the labs in my part of the building are empty. I was hoping the University would give us the afternoon off, but sadly that does not appear to be on the agenda. *sigh*

2. We exchanged gifts last night. :D Aaron liked his Led Zeppelin collector's edition thingamabob and UW sweatshirt, and appreciated the socks and boxers (boxers with yetis on them; he has no idea how close he came to NOT receiving them!) and fancy almond-chocolates. I really really like my leather jacket, even if I'll only need to wear it twice a year in Houston and when we travel elsewhere. (Like tomorrow, YAAAAAAY!)

3. I would really really like it if the big storm hitting the West and Midwest didn't delay us in our travels to Charm City tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

4. My heart eyes at re-watching (and seeing the deleted scenes from) It Might Get Loud, let me show you them: ♥_♥

5. Julian Casablancas also deserves heart eyes, but I'm refraining.

6. I want all the domestic holiday fic about Brendon and Spencer and Bogart in the WORLD. Why isn't bandom cooperating and giving it to me? *pokes the internets*

7. I'm getting more and more excited about new MCR. It seemed so far off, before. Now, Spring 2010 is RIGHT THERE.


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