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My sleep schedule is totally messed up. Sleeping 5 am to 9am is not going to be very useful for work purposes this week.

A list of all gift suggestions, holiday card requirements, and baking has been achieved. Now I just have to work on crossing items off said list.

In the meantime, the drabble/ficlet prompt post will remain open, because I excel at justifying procrastination as inspiration and stimulation.

Thus far:

untitled bandom drabble, empires, 100 words, for [ profile] junebug_waltz
deadly drunken tree fairy, SPN, 115 words, for [ profile] koshweasley
flip flop smiles, GK, Walt/Brad in the college AU, 189 words, for [ profile] pjvilar
touch/sight/speech, GK, Brad/Nate, 333 words, for [ profile] idrilka
paying it forward, American Idiot, vaguely Will/Tunny, 497 words, for [ profile] pjvilar
it follows, GK, Brad/Nate, 126 words, for [ profile] lickingbeads

ETA b/c I'm pretty much sitting at my laptop with heart-eyes:

:D Discos' livestream from Germany. I have missed their stupid faces and bad stage banter.

:D A Dean/Castiel fanvid to Matchbox 20's Push.
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a) There was a great deal of TV-watching this week. Most of it was delayed, as Aaron was on a business trip, and I've managed to con him into watching House, Criminal Minds, Castle, Supernatural, and The Big C with me. cut for spoilers )

b) I'm still trying to see if I can get a refund for the Austin STP/BRMC show. *sigh* Like I told people in the email chain, The Backyard refuses to refund money for a rescheduled show, and they force purchasers to give a ticket-holder's name to match to ID, so I don't know if I can sell them. I sent them an email, but got a form "thanks for your inquiry" reply. If I can't sell them, I guess I'll sell the Bush tickets for that same night, since they're plain old TM tickets. In either case, I am not ever giving The Backyard my money again. (As an aside, I am not even slightly surprised that STP had to delay the tour. They were an hour late coming on stage last week, and Scott Weiland was clearly altered, a train wreck waiting to happen.)

c) Ludo and Tommy & The High Pilots were awesome. I'm sorry that my body decided to hate me yesterday so that I couldn't drive to Austin to see them a second time. But Tommy et al. will be back in December, so.

d) Even though I know I cannot go, I have priced tickets to NYC for the weekend, just so that I could see Billie Joe Armstrong as St. Jimmy. This is so so SO wrong.

e) I posted fic! Five moments in the birth and maturation of a "thing". (Sorry, it's community-locked. I'll post it at my fic journal or here shortly and link to it again.) Generation Kill, Mike Wynn/OFC, adult, ~2600 words. Mike is a leg man, okay?

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1. I think we all saw this coming.

2. D: Rain

3. I am watching Gasland. Because watching the news about the oil spill in the Gulf isn't demoralizing enough.

4. Discos' twittering is awesome and all, but GIMME NEW MUSIC ALREADY, GODDAMMIT.

5. Fic rec: Play It All Night Long, SPN AU, Dean/Castiel. The link takes you to the master post, which has the summary.

6. happy-making photos for the week, courtesy of the Spanish Armada )
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1. I disconnected myself from Twitter b/c I'm watching the SPN season finale late - had to go for a run first. real-time babble and squee )

2. Mom and extended family have been going through Mommom & Poppop's house. Things that were given to them as gifts are being returned to the children/grandchildren who originally gave them, and everyone is entitled to one other item before everything gets assigned to the estate. I asked for a set of decoys. For as long as I can remember, the living room had a map of the Susquehanna Flats marking known local decoy carvers, with a set of decoys on the brick hearth on the near wall. Through every change of carpet, paint, paneling, and furniture, those decoys remained. Decoys belonged in Mommom and Poppop's house. It seemed weird to Mom when I asked for them, because decoys are not something I'm into at all - I collect music and books, and that's about it - but it's not about the decoys as OBJECTS so much as it's about them as an accessory to memory.

So. They're sitting on the buffet in the dining room at the moment. I had a Serious Discussion with the cats (most notably Sandy, who was studying them with an "oooh, birds!" gleam in her eye), explaining that it would be a sad, sad day with tragic consequences if I came home to find the decoys molested or otherwise disturbed. They meowed at me and went on their merry way.

3. >:/ I am not amused by all the FoxNews-type attacks on Elena Kagan before she's even gotten to a confirmation hearing. I know she's the most conservative of Obama's short-list, and clearly she was chosen because she's the most easily confirmable. The Court is pretty conservative at this point, and I'd hoped for a more liberal nominee, but we can't know how she'll vote for certain. I mean, Kennedy ended up being far more conservative than expected, right? And Eisenhower nominated Warren thinking he'd be conservative (IDKwhy) and he ended up being pretty liberal. But I digress. I'm tired of the harangues about Kagan already.

Dear Pundits: a) Several notable justices had little or no experience on the bench (John Jay, for instance, served a mere two years on the NY Supreme Court; Thurgood Marshall was a judge for five years; Taney - notable for Dred Scott - wasn't a judge at all, I think, nor was John Marshall, best known for Marbury v. Madison, or Earl Warren, whose court ruled on Brown v. Board of Education and gave us Miranda) before being nominated to the Supreme Court. b) Sexual orientation didn't appear to be relevant for (supposedly, unquestioned) straight men. No one asked Alito or Roberts if they would be unduly influenced because they had a wife and/or children. STFU, conservative assholes. Also? Playing softball does not equal lesbian. DIAF, Pat Buchanan.
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1. Happy Winchester Day! I have mixed feelings about the direction I think last week's ep will take S6, but overall I'm happy with it. (And will be happier when this entire f-ing apocalypse story arc is DONE.)

2. Also? Happy Earth Day! Do something green! I'm not eating meat and *am* walking/taking the stairs whenever possible. I know, not that different from usual, right? I feel like a hypocrite. What're you doing to help Mother Earth today?

3. On that note, is airing a special about Green Day all day today. I'm recording it for later viewing, but I have to ask: I thought Green Day's name was unrelated to being green or earth-friendly. It's a reference to weed, y/n?

4. I cannot stop listening to Aya. I don't know if it's the distorted bass, the cowbell, or the rhythm - it's not the lyrics, which are vaguely contradictory and creepy - but I love it.
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Things I did today:

1. picked out new carpet for the living room
2. purchased furniture to replace the 15-yr-old stuff in our living room
3. worked for three hours in lab

Things I still need to do this weekend:

1. another two hours of lab work
2. laundry
3. find and air out my sleeping bag
4. vacuum
5. wash the Snowflake (Eh. Cleaned out the interior. Didn't get to the exterior.)
6. shop for various items, including Aaron's birthday gift and a new car-charger for my phone and iPod
7. go to Super Happy Fun Land to see Cavashawn and other acts in the SXSW spillover show (more on this after I watch the first installment of The Pacific :DDD)
8. read and edit the manuscript sent by a collaborator to whom I sent data more than seven years ago
9. run at least 4 miles

We went to the Alamo Drafthouse last night to see Green Zone. Random thoughts about the movie, cut for spoilers )

ETA: Also? I can't listen to Damn Thing's Over (yes,I know there's no apostrophe in the song title as written by empires, but THERE SHOULD BE, so I'm adding it) without thinking of Dean/Castiel now. Damn you, fandoms colliding!

ETA2: There are grown men spending their evening shooting at zombies on my TV. Do you think they'd notice if I sneak out, instead of hanging out and making them supper?
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+ Green Day are filming a second video to 21 Guns? Didn't they already win a VMA for that?

+ Their first album hasn't even been out a week, and Them Crooked Vultures are already planning their second? Hopefully there will be lots of touring going on to support both, right? Right? :D???

+ Gimme that new Alkaline Trio! I know, I know, not until February. I'm intrigued, b/c I thought they were label-less now that their Epic contract was up, and that Matt Skiba was going to have a solo album out this winter. But then they signed to Epitaph, and suddenly there are plans. :D

+ Kripke is a magnificent bastard, of course. I have mixed feelings about the results of this episode for a variety of reasons, but mostly I'm all A;SLKDJFA;LKDSFJ NO MORE SPN UNTIL JANUARY?

+ I'm trying to find a polite way to tell my half-sister that I would prefer not to receive her "Christian" chain emails. No, really, that word is normally in the subject line. A) I hate chain emails. B) I am not Christian. I've already had this discussion with my father with respect to his political (ie, GOP-loving, Obama-bashing) chain emails, but apparently I need to repeat it with her.

+ I sort of really love my new glasses. I've had them a week, and it's still weird to see the frames at the periphery of my vision after having wireless frames for so long. Every time MrIris sees me in them, he serenades me with, "Ooh-ooh, she looks just like Buddy Holly." I'm not sure that's a compliment. But whatever.

+ Chicago this weekend: :DDD (IDK what we're doing other than seeing the Wisconsin/Northwestern game on Saturday. Don't even care. Autumn in a place that actually has seasons. Shopping on Michigan Ave. Trying to convince ppl to check out whoever's at Beat Kitchen or Subt.)

[Poll #1487998]
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Comment and I'll give you a letter. You have to list 10 things you love that begin with that letter. Afterwards, post this in your journal.

Tabby gave me "S".

∞ Science! As much as I complain about the people and the ridiculous constraints set by the institution, I love doing science every day.

∞ Supernatural. You knew that was coming, right? Last night's episode really reminded me why I fell in love with this TV series.

∞ Spencer Smith. Again, no surprise there, right? His snark in interviews, his shiny hair, his drumming. (Can I add [ profile] shutyourface to this entry? She'd appreciate being lumped in with Spencer Smith, I'm sure.)

∞ Saporta, Gabe. What? That totally counts! Srsly, this can't surprise anyone. He has his own tag, okay? I love his life philosophy, I love that he sang the Jersey scene a love song as a goodbye on Cobra Starship's first album, I love that he fanboys his label and friends so hard. Also? He looks pretty in a suit, and when he sings in Spanish I don't even care that I only get half of what he's saying, it makes me swoon.

∞ Socks! I have two drawers in my dresser just for socks. I love little bitty footies and ankle socks and knee highs, plain colors, stripes, crazy patterns. I have Tigger socks and candy corn socks (I have a lot of Halloween socks, tbh) and socks with little red crabs on them. Socks with high heels shoes, socks with sparkly snowflakes.

Swim, by Jack's Mannequin. I'm at work, or I'd share this song. The piano and the lyrics slay me.

Sense and Sensibility. I love the book and all of the movie/tv versions, although I am not really fond of Hugh Grant as Ferrars. Then again, the Grant/Thompson version has Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon, which goes a long way in ameloriating any negatives associated with Grant.

∞ Sushi. Every time I think about returning to vegetarianism, I remember I'd have to give up sushi. Never gonna happen. I like my wasabi-soaked massago and fresh tuna too much.

∞ Stoker, Bram. He wrote the best. Vampire book. Ever.

∞ Suzanne Vega. Her lyrics. Esp. The Queen and The Soldier and Undertow and Gypsy. I also have a soft spot for Calypso.

Wanna play?
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SPN spoilers ahoy! )

IN CONCLUSION: I LOVE YOU, ERIC KRIPKE! Forever and ever, amen.


Sep. 10th, 2009 05:17 pm
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~ I cleaned off The Idiot's bench this afternoon. In addition to a dozen dried-out, crusty, label-free bottles, he had four pairs of scissors, six sets of forceps, eight stirbars, three PAP pens (IDK why he had these or the Koplin jars - he didn't do any IHC), and twelve open boxes of pipette tips.

Then I dumped out and bleached the contents of his trap, and found the most monstrous colony of mold EVER growing on the stopper. Not even in the waste medium. ON THE STOPPER. Using rubber and whatever aspirated liquid reached it. Groooossssssss.

~ Possibly unpopular opinion: Jack White's best work has been with The Raconteurs. Please to be climbing down from the drum kit and pushing that Mosshart chick aside for the Dead Weather set at ACL, Mr. White. (No, really, I'm really REALLY hoping that Jack Lawrence is doing the live-action drumming, and White will be playing guitar and singing whenever possible.)


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So, mostly these are the things I've been thinking about in order not to completely lose my temper today. Which, IDK, maybe it's PMS? I am really cranky over stupid little shit (and some bigger shit).

+ Legs crossed toward each other is ABSOLUTELY an Unequivocal Sex Invite, as has been pointed out by numerous people. This just means I spent half the morning casting Clueless AU in my head and via text.

+ IDEK, Nick Scimeca.

+ Matt Kiser's comparison of New Perspective and Change; I am particularly amused by the "what did these guys keep in the divorce" part for P!ATD: The exclamation point, the arm garters, the band member who can actually sing.

+ J texting me that her Twitter moment of the day was a convo about why Wincest is good but not HPtwincest. Me: LOL, ppl have to draw the line somewhere - it's okay for hot boys who are brothers to kiss as long as they're not twins, apparently? (Y'all can guess my opinion on that one.)

Fic that I want to read, but no one is writing for me:

+ fic wherein the switch between singer and bassist that was made by Tim McIlrath and Pete Wentz is discussed, along with their appreciation for spoken-word additions to songs. Or, you know, entire songs based on spoken-word poetry rather than singing, and the success vs. failure of some such. (compare fan bases, compare political content of their lyrics, compare commercial success and explore their continuing friendship/acquaintance)

+ domestic fic! Spencer buying Brendon's socks and underwear (he likes the bright colors, and wants to expand to patterns)! Brendon sneaking a pair of boy-jeans into Spencer's closet! (they are totally easier to get on and off when they are loose. shut up, he's not the one who has to take his own off)

+ Spencer/Brendon Cyrano fic. Spencer has body issues and is too shy to woo Brendon himself so he helps Ryan do so! Brendon falls in love with the writer of his letters, never realizing that it was Spencer! (OK, maybe I don't really want this fic. Maybe what I want is Ryan being Cyrano. Yes? Yes? MFYes? Except that Spencer can't die like Christian does.)

+ gen fic involving Mikeyway learning Japanese. (mostly b/c I love that his MFW shirt has now been translated)

(Me, demanding? No!)

Cabbabies tomorrow, yes? :D
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The best thing about Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was the score. Yay for Green Day and Linkin Park.

Reading bigbang fics. Two things. First? "You and I" is actually NOT always grammatically correct. Second? Per say is not a word or phrase. I think you're looking for "per se".

SPN bigbang rec: Apocalyptic Love Songs. Dean/Castiel, spoilers up to 4.17. I really enjoyed the way Arthurian legend and mythology were combined here.

Star Trek rec: You'll Get There In The End (It Just Takes A While) by [ profile] seperis. This is Kirk/Spock, which is not normally my thing, but I like the way the relationship builds slowly and the way the story is told by going back-and-forth in the timeline.

Finally? There are some pairings that should not exist in this world like Brendon/Lil Wayne and Singer/Shane and Singer/Justin Timberlake. And for some reason, they are suddenly all being written. If I have to keep bleaching my brain when I look at the comms on my f-list, I'm eventually going to do permanent damage.
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<3333 Amy Ray and Emily Saliers. I don't know what more to say about them.

Random Supernatural rant:

I'm reading John Winchester's Journal. At one point, he notes that only rock salt is good for protecting from spirits, not iodized, because it (iodized salt) "contains impurities".

Dear Alex Irvine,

Ask a scientist (or fucking Google it) before you write shit you don't know. Rock salt? IMPURE. Mostly NaCl cocrystallized with sulfates and other ions. INCLUDING IODIDE.

Iodized salt? NaCl + trace amounts of NaI or KI. More pure.

No love,
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+ I hate being the only sober person when we're out.

+ Misery Signals tomorrow at Java Jazz. I sorta hate that it's way the hell on the north side, and I'm south of town. But if we get out of the crawfish boil early enough, I might go.

+ Babies' first headlining tour. I know I was sort of critical of Cassadee's bounciness, but I think she has good stage presence, and if the aerobics-instructor vibe wears off, she'll be a pretty good front-person. (And I'll keep ignoring faux-Marshall over there on his guitar.)

+ I can't listen to Obvious now without remembering Pete Wentz fondling his crotch and singing along that "right here is where the party starts". This is so wrong.

+ When's the official announcement for the What Happens In Vegas tour?

+ Last night's SPN... made me yearn for S1 and S2, when I actually cared about Sam, even though I was even then absolutely a Dean girl. Now? Like Dean, I'm just tired.

+ Wednesday's CM? Hey, hi, PLOT HOLE. cut for spoiler )

+ ETA: ALSO? My crazy fundamentalist cousin had her seventh baby today. Yesterday. Whatever. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT. HER SEVENTH. 7th. JFC, I don't even know what to say about that.
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1. Random stranger sat down next to me on the light rail and started talking to me about the book I was reading (Lawrence Lessig's The Future Of Ideas: "Oh, that looks serious. Is it?").

a) I had my iPod earbuds in my ears and an open book in my hands, which are clear signs that I'm not interested in idle chatter.

b) Unless you're *with* someone, you do not just start conversation on the commuter rail. It's just one of those things, and as far as I can tell (from SLC to Chicago to DC) it's pretty universal. Public transportation faux pas, okay?

2. Dear Fandom,
Please keep amusing me with (y)our over-invested ideas and interpretation of public twitters (without considering that it's entirely possible that they're communicating OFF twitter). Honestly, this almost as good as the OMG-they're-so-mean-to-Bden-the-band-is-going-to-break-up flailing that happened when the PR stuff for Pretty.Odd went down last year. And as far as I can see in the pics Shane's posted? Panic is still Discoing.

3. Again, fandom: I don't understand outrage about last week's SPN episode. If we can't laugh at our obsessions, maybe we *are* that creepy.

4. 11 DAYS!
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On the light rail platform tonight there was a woman with a tote bag with this logo:

Walker and Crawford
Personal Injury Attorneys

Can't you just imagine Ian and Jon as ambulance chasers?

... no, really. Really!

SPN babble )
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(really really necessary today)

♥ new episodes of Supernatural (Oh, Dean. Also? HAHAHA, did anyone else see the trend in the names the perp used when they lured the first four victims?)

Headfirst Slide. (I know most of you probably have this song already, but on the off chance that someone doesn't... click.) Even though the lyrics are not cheerful, I could listen to this on a loop just for Patrick Stump's voice, and the way he belts out the "does your husband know"s.

♥ Alex DeLeon, you precious, precious failboat

ridiculous t-shirts that are inappropriate for work (I wore it anyway)

boyfriends who are married and share clothing

The Line, by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

♥ knowing that a copy of Chelsea Cain's Sweethearts is on its way (from J)

♥ bow-tie pasta with peppers and peas in vodka-cream sauce
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Also? &DEAN;

And XO is available for preorder now. Just sayin'.


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