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+ Write Bradley Manning a birthday letter. Seriously, the dude's been essentially in solitary for almost two years for allegedly sneaking classified data to Wikileaks. Send him some positive thoughts.

+ Rec: In good times and bad by rsadelle. Hockey RPF, Boston Bruins. In which Tyler can no longer play hockey and ends up as Segs' househusband. It's cute, and it made me smile.

- Work today. But if I work today I'll feel less guilt about taking off early later in the week. Plus, trying to get replicate experiments finished before the holiday break.

+ Followed by Aeros vs Peoria at the TC. Hackett was strong in goal the other night, and Zucker scored his second GWG in overtime. Hopefully the winning streak will continue.
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!!!! [ profile] goshemily has written the fic of my heart. Bravo Two as a punk band. On Warped. They play Gilman. (ETA: fyi, Tim McIlrath is ALWAYS the correct choice. Always.)

I haven't commented on it yet because I haven't finished reading - dammit, why did I have too much scheduled to take a long lunchbreak today? - and my MacBook is currently at the depot having its logic board replaced, making my phone (with its hatefully awkward touchscreen) the default web access for me. BUT I WILL. OH, I WILL. I commented. But not with all the flailing in my heart.

Also deserving of !!!!: PLEASE LET THIS BE REAL.

Not deserving exclamation marks: the live-cell imaging worked technically, but it will not yield an answer to our question. *sigh* Days of work, and hours of confocal time, all for naught.
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So, it's possible that I've spent the morning pondering fic to go with this photo )

+ another, NSFW )

Anywho. I'm going to go for a run, then find a gift bag and wrap a gift and head to the Kelvin Arms for a birthday get-together.

ETA: I forgot! I meant to rec this. If Dionne Warwick Starts Singing, I'm Totally Kicking Your Ass, by [ profile] romanticalgirl. Pete & Gabe, set starting in December 2009. THIS IS THE FRIENDSHIP FIC OF MY HEART. *changes icon to the appropriate one*

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Anne of Green Gables fandom: Rilla Blythe's Wedding: A Not Entirely Comprehensive Account. I cried and cried when I read Rilla of Ingleside as a teenager. But this story has a tone that acknowledges the grief that the Blythe family and the world are trying to forget in the wake of World War I, and at the same time, makes it RIGHT. (Plus, the gossiping of the Four Winds/Glen St. Mary's matrons is spot-on.)

Sports Night fandom: The Offside Rule. This is Dan/Casey fic, and I love the banter. Plus, SOCCER.

Bandom: One Step Forward (Two Steps Back). This is early-Panic fic. It was written for the 2009 Bandom Big Bang, but since it's a sort of weird pairing (Jon Walker/Brent Wilson), I didn't read it for the longest time. I like the outsider view of the Discos and TAI as they got popular and started to fall apart.

Tennis RPF: Ferris Wheel Lights On. Novak/Rafa. Not explicit. I pretty much love any fic that captures Rafa's playfulness and young wisdom.

Atlas Shrugged fandom: Breaking Dawn. Oh, man. There is so much I like about this fic. It's what we DON'T see in the book when Hank Reardon leaves "civilization" for Galt's Gulch, what happens when he gets there. I love the job he takes, I love where he ends up living, becoming better friends with Francisco D'Anconia, and there's a scene with John Galt that is just perfect.

Temeraire fandom: Gemology. Emily Roland is going to be an amazing Long-wing dragon-captain when she grows up. But this is not that story. This is about the garnets that Laurence's mother sent her, and about what they mean.
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The best thing about Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was the score. Yay for Green Day and Linkin Park.

Reading bigbang fics. Two things. First? "You and I" is actually NOT always grammatically correct. Second? Per say is not a word or phrase. I think you're looking for "per se".

SPN bigbang rec: Apocalyptic Love Songs. Dean/Castiel, spoilers up to 4.17. I really enjoyed the way Arthurian legend and mythology were combined here.

Star Trek rec: You'll Get There In The End (It Just Takes A While) by [ profile] seperis. This is Kirk/Spock, which is not normally my thing, but I like the way the relationship builds slowly and the way the story is told by going back-and-forth in the timeline.

Finally? There are some pairings that should not exist in this world like Brendon/Lil Wayne and Singer/Shane and Singer/Justin Timberlake. And for some reason, they are suddenly all being written. If I have to keep bleaching my brain when I look at the comms on my f-list, I'm eventually going to do permanent damage.
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The squeaky squealing you just heard was me, expressing my glee that [ profile] why_me_why_not posted her barista!Jon fic!

(Why, yes, it *does* deserve exclamation marks!)

an instance of having the wrong idea
Bandom || Jon/Spencer, Brendon/Tom || Teen || ~4500 words
If it wasn't for Brendon, Jon wouldn't even have to try; Spencer would be all over him as soon as he smiled.
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This weekend I:

+ baked cookies (mmm, ginger snaps)
+ cleaned
+ finished holiday shopping
+ worked
+ watched Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room; none of the facts were news to me, but it still gave me indigestion to watch it
+ exchanged holiday gifts with MrIris, so he could actually use his - a GPS - he's so directionally challenged it's not even funny
+ listened to When The World Comes Down a ridiculous number of times (WHY IS EVERYONE SQUEEING OVER FOLIE A DEUX AND NOT THIS ALBUM? IT'S AMAAAAAAZING.)

I've been spectacularly unmotivated to finish any of the bajillion fics that are in-progress, but have a rec:

Autofocus, by [ profile] why_me_why_not. A sequel to 8 x 10. Bandom, Tom/Cassie/Jon, adult, ~1700 words.

ETA: Except that I *did* write a drabble for [ profile] why_me_why_not's prompt suggesting cookies, silver, cold, Brendon.
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Today has been the sort of day that has my nerves vibrating like a plucked string, and I've got a(n extensive) rant building, but [ profile] why_me_why_not just posted something that is extemely happy-making. For me, anyway. She's been working on amnesia fic for a while, and it's finally done!

Little Spencer Lost
adult, ~7300 words
bandom, Brendon/Spencer

Spencer remembers his mom. He remembers Ryan. He even remembers Pete Wentz – not on a personal basis, but he knows who he is. But Brendon… Spencer has no fucking clue who Brendon is.

Dear Tabby,
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
That is all.
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+ [ profile] a_carnal_mink posted SPN fic! Other than a drabble she wrote a while back, I think it's the first SPN fic she's posted. GO READ, IT'S AWESOME. It's Sam and Dean and it's [ profile] a_carnal_mink's brilliant writing. Just. GO, okay?

The Disconnect, NC17 for consensual m/m incest. Spoilers for S2.

+ An awkward conversation, another ficlet in the About A Girl 'verse, is finally posted. I'm not sure I'm really happy with it, because while I think communication is really important in a relationship, I'm not convinced that 20-yr-olds agree. Then again, when I was 20, I wasn't looking for communication or relationships, I was looking to pick up random guys at bars and parties. So what do I know? And this needed to get posted so the other snippets I have in my head make sense, so. Posted. On to the next bit.

+ Also, there's an untitled Spencer/Brendon drabble written for [ profile] vic_ramsey, because she was absolutely correct when she pointed out that "SPENCER CAN OBVIOUSLY, EASILY HOLD BRENDON AGAINST A WALL."

In *other* news )

ETA: OK, which of you guys has a copy of Metallica's leaked Death Magnetic and wants to share? *flutters eyelashes* Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
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I slacked, didn't take any prompts from [ profile] slashfest in the last round, but [ profile] why_me_why_not did, and she posted the results today.

Criminal Minds, Reid/Morgan
(S2, The Big Game/Revelations) When Hankel tortured Reid and accused him of being a sinner, Morgan said we all have sins. What sins have he and Reid committed that Reid might have confessed to?
521 words
rated teen
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I'd say it'll cheer you up, but given the nature of the crossover, you'll see that that's maybe not an accurate statement.

Omega by [ profile] vorpalblades
SPN/I Am Legend crossover
spoilers for all of S2 of SPN, death!fic
gen, PG13

Sam and Dean are brothers to the end.

Also? My cats have figured out how to open the kitchen cupboards. They particularly like to climb into the one that holds serving dishes and platters. They hide in there and wait for someone to walk by, then leap out in a cat-ambush.

And my new iPod Touch is the shiniest, prettiest piece of technology ever. MrIris indulges me shamelessly. (eta: I listen to it all day at work, and it holds charge. YAY!)
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Fandom is crack, I swear.


multifandom fangirl chat + discussion of kinks + SNL with MCR = "OMGbrain, did you see Frank's hands around Bob's neck? There's the breathplay you were wanting RIGHT THERE." And, hello, Bob Bryar's birthday, which makes my brain say, "See, there needs to be birthday breathplay."

I had to turn off the Blaqk Audio, because Between Breaths made me physically stop what I was doing to imagine it.

Someone give me a SPN or CM prompt that might work instead also? Please?

Also, I have been pretty slow to read some of the Merry_Smutmas fics, but there's a magnificent bit of Fred/George art work (totally NWS) done for [ profile] anise that twinfans might appreciate. (Other than a Fred/George/Draco, it's the only Fred/George in that fest this year, which makes me a bit sad.)

Title: The Old Extendables
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Fred/George, Ginny
Summary: Ginny happens upon her brothers in a compromising position.
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I'm cleaning out my text message mailbox. Here are some random messages:. . . )

Heh. Some of them will likely be developed into fic... at some point.

What else?

There's new bandom fic over at the journal shared w/ Tabby, Part VII of the Epic Love Story. Brendon/Frank hurt/comfort and porn.

And I have a bandslash rec. Seriously.

The Pete Wentz Fic Club.
by [ profile] secrethappiness, PG, containing pretty much all the FBR/Decaydance bands
The whole thing starts after their second CD comes out and Pete discovers there are entire Livejournal communities named after him.

Why am I rec'ing this? It doesn't even matter if you're into bandom, if you're in any fandom, the idea of the people you fangirl reading your fic must cross your mind at some point, right? Especially if they're conversant in using social networking sites. Which Pete Wentz is. The best thing about this fic is that I can see it happening, because Pete and Ryan are/were total LJ stalkers, and Gabe as much as admitted in his Out interview that they've read fanfic. So, yeah. This made me smile very wide.
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A really long time. But I can't use it for my own writing, because that's just not right. Plus, hey, it's hard to think of my own writing as hot once it's set down on paper. Somehow the transition from in my brain to on the paper or screen drains the appeal, and I am left worrying about mechanics.


[ profile] why_me_why_not wrote the hottest bandom threesome porn EVER.

A Pair of Handcuffs And a Good Idea
Written by [ profile] why_me_why_not for [ profile] ciceronian_00
Frank/Gerard/Patrick, NC-17, ~2250 words
Frank "kidnaps" Patrick because Pete keeps stealing Mikey. Somehow this leads to sex.

And then, just to pimp, I finally posted the threesome porn I dreamt wrote while on vacation. How long ago was that? Yeah, I'm slower than molasses.

Three's Company, part of the Epic Love Story 'verse
NC-17, ~5000 words, Jon/Cassie, Jon/Spencer/Cassie
The tour brings Panic! to Chicago, and Cassie takes in a show.

ETA: AND! From the files of "this exchange's masterlist was made public right while I was wigging out on vacation", here, more het smut.

An Acceptable Outlet for Aggression to fulfill [ profile] kirasha's request
R-ish, ~2000 words, Bill Weasley/Hermione Granger
Bill has a hard time readjusting to life at the Burrow after the War, but Hermione's got it all under control.
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I hear and obey [ profile] angela_snape.

List seven songs you are into right now, no matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your LiveJournal along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

clicky )

And hey, remember long ago when I requested links to glasses porn? Found some. Here's one I particularly enjoyed.

[ profile] annella wrote Oral Optometry a while back, in which Dean gets glasses. Sam likes them. (adult)

If you need a visual aid, go look at these pics.


Jul. 11th, 2007 08:23 am
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Are you guys following the [ profile] sunandsmut exchange? Lots of lovely HP fan fiction of all sorts of different pairings, het and slash, for your delectation. It's not got a lot of press, but there's some good stuff being posted, and it's getting very few reviews/comments.

In particular, for any Snape/Weasley fans:

Inconstant Vigilance, a gift fic for [ profile] ozma_katiebell. Snape/George, R, ~8500 words.

*flail* And my JA/TW RPS got rec'd at [ profile] crack_impala. Many thanks to whoever is so awesome as to point readers my way.
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Title: As the Rush Comes and The Room Between
Rating: Adult
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters/Pairings: Dean/Jess, Sam/Jess
Timeline: AU after Pilot. Jess survives the fire.

[ profile] vinylroad does a fabulous job of using Jess to highlight differences and similiarities between Dean and Sam, and underscoring the tension between the two brothers. All three of them are broken, but I think Jess and Dean are the only ones who know it.

A third part is supposed to be posted soon.
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Did you like V for Vendetta? Then you should go read this [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang story.

title. the language of waves and radiation (or, how the dead speak to the living)
author. [ profile] moveablehistory
rating. NC-17 for graphic sexuality and subject matter.
pairing. Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles. Brief het.
notes. Approx. 23000 words

It's apocalyptic!fic, and that's normally not my scene at all, but I really enjoyed it here. And the style in which this is presented is very well done, fits very well with the theme. This excerpt explains a bit, I think:


The United Nations has been conducting an internal investigation into the activities of Jared Tristan Padalecki (b. 19 July 1982) and Jensen Ross Ackles (b. 1 March 1978), during the period of December 31st, 2007 to January 1st, 2010.

During this three year time frame, we believe that Mr. Padalecki and Mr. Ackles were engaged in espionage, extortion, and the willful destruction of United States Government property resulting in extensive and incalculable losses. The destruction of the international ECHELON program, attributed to Mr. Padalecki and Mr. Ackles, as well as the redistribution of copyrighted, classified and private information in the aftermath of the 2008-2010 Avian Influenza epidemic, has been estimated to have caused or been credited as having caused the restructurization of government policy succeeding the massive demonstrations against the reinstitution of intellectual property rights. While their work has been credited as 'kick-starting' the government rebuilding after the 2012 Sunspots, it remains that their activities were of an illegal, anarchistic and treasonous nature. (excerpt, "United Nations Field Report", May 17th, 2037)

I know I'm supposed to be writing, not reading, but this is totally worth it.
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There's been some fabulous fic and art created for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang, and this one (which I just read) broke me.

Title: The Far Side of the Sea
Author: [ profile] ellipsisblack
Artist: [ profile] slodwick
Genre: Wincest
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Summary: What's weird is that there is suddenly a twelfth century Scottish village nestled on the South Carolina shoreline. What's weirder is that none of the residents of the nearby town seem to think anything is wrong. The Winchesters swing in expecting to deal with the village and be on their way; after all, weird is their business. But then it deals with itself, vanishing with Dean inside. Suddenly, Dean is trapped in Ron Mor, and Sam is left in South Carolina, wondering how the hell to get him back. But that is only the beginning of their problems, because a month later, Dean suddenly shows up on the beach naked and disoriented, barely remembering Sam's name. Sam begins to realise that more has happened to his brother than he can possibly comprehend.

This story is haunting and spare and beautiful, and I think even people who don't read or like Wincest would appreciate it. (It's not about graphic smexing here, people. Take my word for it. I wouldn't have rated this story NC-17.) Because it's about what Dean will do to get back to his brother and his family, no matter the context of their relationship. And it's a reflection on what Sam is willing to accept and live with, for his family.
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Title: What Friends Are For
Author: [ profile] zelda_zee
Fandom/Pairing: NSYNC, JC/Lance
Rating: NC-17
Author's summary: So earlier tonight themoononastick and I were talking about the pics of JC and Lance from the Life Ball in Vienna. And I said He looks kind of pale and pinched in all his pics lately. I wish Lance would take him somewhere warm and tropical and get the boy some sun. And, you know, gay sex too, while he's at it. Wow, I could totally fic that, Lance helping JC forget his woes in the Bahamas, slathering his pretty pale skin in suntan lotion and showing him how good life is when you're okay with being gay. And Lynn thought I should fic it too, so I did, only I changed it to Gran Canarias when I discovered the Bahamas are not terribly gay-friendly.


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