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Things that I've been reading:

1. Enemy Mine, by Rassaku. The Dresden Files, Harry/Marcone. Harry gets invited on a date by everyone’s favorite mob boss, and then things get weird. Canon-compliant through Small Favor, with some uses of info from Turn Coat.

2. Chrysalis, by Starcrossedgirl. Harry Potter, Snape/Harry, adult. In which Harry is a tad messed up after the war, but Snape gives him a run for his money. Or: an epic tale of PTSD, recovery and gay porn! PLEASE READ THE WARNINGS. EWE.

3. I Seem To Be A Verb (A Notting Hill AU). Inception, Arthur/Eames, WIP. Scroll to the bottom - [personal profile] bookshop has posted a link to a PDF of all the installments thus far. IDEK how many words it is, or how much longer it'll be, but at this point it's 60-some comments worth of fic. HOTTTT.

4. The Julie Collins, PI, series by Lori Armstrong. These novels are suspense with a relationship thread to them. The thing that interests me most is that Julie, like the main character Armstrong's other series, is not your average nice-girl heroine. She's a heavy drinking, chain smoking, hard living woman with a lot of flaws. Alcohol and violence are permanent fixtures in her life, and she makes no excuses for that.

Other stuffs:

- Left my phone at work yesterday. At least, I hope that's where it is. :/

- Aaron received an iPod Touch for Christmas. He is hilariously addicted to playing Scrabble and Angry Birds. And I do mean addicted. He has no room to criticize when it comes to me being dependent on my iPhone now.

- This cough & congestion needs to GTFO. So tired of needing tissues and cold medicine and drugging myself to sleep.

- Um, go Texans? IDK, I don't much care about the NFL, but it's a good excuse to hang out with friends and drink beer.
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1. Hello, internet! My laptop's fan is running over time. I'm somewhat concerned that this means the end is nigh. I've only checked LJ sporadically lately, over my phone, and I'm terrible about commenting since I hate to do extensive typing on the tiny touch-screen, but if I've missed something important, please let me know!

2. For [ profile] thespatz, some BRMC. My internet connection is really slow - it took over an hour to get these three uploaded - but here are BRMC, Take Them On, On Your Own, and Live In London. I'll try to get Baby 81 and Beat The Devil's Tattoo up soon, also.

3. Um. I had all sorts of stuff to say about HP & the Deathly Hallows, but it feels too belated to post about it now. On the surface I was entertained. McGonagall! Neville! But there's so much that just ended up being ignored or glossed over, and in the end we got one "it's okay if you're sorted into Slytherin, son" instead of addressing the marginalization of an entire House. Which, OK, JKR did in the books, so the movie was limited in how it could tell the story. But still. \o/ /o\

4. Work. Spent a full day there yesterday, despite it being a Saturday. At least this way I can use one less vacation day for the Lolla?

5. Empires. Please let them actually play a show during Lollapalooza. SVV said they were trying to set something up when I asked, but who knows if it'll actually happen.


7. Sign-ups for [ profile] we_pimpin's next fic exchange are open! Go check it out!

8. I just read KA Mitchell's No Souvenirs. Recs for m/m (e)books?


Nov. 22nd, 2010 09:36 pm
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Just received a comment on a Harry Potter fanfic that I was writing and posting serially four years ago.

FOUR YEARS AGO. It's Snarry, with background Harry/Snape/Hermione and implied future Hermione/Charlie Weasley. OBVIOUSLY totally AU, since it was plotted, outlined, and mostly-written before Deathly Hallows came out.

(I write "plotted". But you know how bad I am with plot; it was mostly porn, with a little bit of plot.)

If you've been around here any length of time, you probably know that the release of book 7 induced sincere dismay in Harry Potter canon, dismay that fandom did not overcome. I posted a note at the bottom of the latest chapter that I was suffering serious fandom apathy and it was unlikely that the story would ever be finished.

Someone asks NOW if I'm going to regain my interest and finish it?

Um, honestly? DOUBTFUL.

ETA: Also? Going through some of those old fic posts. Some of my early writing efforts - and later ones as well - make me shudder in horror. How did I think it was OK to write that? Just. Ugh, self, what were you thinking? I guess what my first composition professor told me is true: writing is like any other exercise, it gets better with practice.

day 15

Dec. 15th, 2009 08:00 pm
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Day 01 → My favorite song
Day 02 → My favorite movie
Day 03 → My favorite television program
Day 04 → My favorite book
Day 05 → My favorite quote
Day 06 → Whatever strikes my fancy
Day 07 → A photo that makes me happy
Day 08 → A photo that makes me sad
Day 09 → A photo that I took
Day 10 → A photo of me, taken at least 10 years ago
Day 11 → A photo of me, taken recently
Day 12 → Whatever strikes my fancy
Day 13 → A fictional book
Day 14 → A non-fictional book

Day 14 →A fanfic

The first fanfic I ever read (if we're not counting things like Wide Sargasso Sea and Scarlett) was Kalina Lea's The Buried Life. I found it accidentally, when I was searching for something related to Laurie King's Mary Russell series. I put "Russell/Holmes" into google, and got hits for Kalina Lea's fanfic. The Russell/Holmes fanfic didn't interest me, but I was fascinated by the idea of Severus Snape and Hermione Granger as a pairing.

Thus began my trip down the garden path from HP fanfic to SPN to RPS to bandom.

I didn't linger with the Snape/Hermione shippers, but Snape was and still is my very favorite Harry Potter character, in the books and in fanfic. (Although the Weasley twins are a close second.)
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:D Vegetable skillet + Valpolicella + sofa cuddles while watching Criminal Minds = good way to spend the evening, but that means that tomorrow night will be occupied by vacuuming and such in time for [ profile] why_me_why_not and [ profile] snarkyrainbow's visit

:D Dear Jack yet to be watched

:D Raditude and Say Anything still to be listened to

:D Two more sleeps until [ profile] why_me_why_not and The Used :D

:D I got a sort of cool result at work, doing an assay that's relatively new (for me)

:D Mm, leftover Tootsie Rolls from Halloween

:D Tomrad needs to stop telling me about the prints that are on sale at Forevernever. I don't have any more wall space to hang things, not even in my office. I already have signed posters that are still sitting in poster tubes. I don't NEED a Panic print or an empires one. Right? Not even as a birthday gift.

:D I started re-reading a Snape-adopts-Harry Harry Potter fic that I liked back in the day, and now I'm thinking OMG, WHY did I like that? It's over-wrought, over-written, and three times as long as it needs to be. Every bad thing that could be done (short of non-con, b/c it's a PG13 fic) to Harry is done to him - worse that JKR's wretched treatment of her hero. It clearly crosses the line from hurt/comfort to badfic. I was so easily pleased when I first got into HP fandom. But evidently people still like this fic, b/c there's a sequel that gets tons of comments and lots of praise for each installment. I am sort of boggled.


Oct. 31st, 2009 12:51 pm
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I was just browsing [ profile] hp_cross_fest, and I'm sort of boggled by one of the warnings.

WTF does "non official non-con" mean?

oh, man

Aug. 29th, 2009 11:00 am
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I just started re-reading Lightning Wave's Sacrifices series, which is a Slytherin Harry AU.

It reminds me how very much I miss the plotting involved in HP fanfic.

It was my reward for sweeping, vacuuming, and weeding the flower beds this morning.

Now I'm going to see District 9, and then brave the grocery store and Spec's. The wine fridge is looking bare.
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We saw HP & the HBP the other night! I thought it was going to be a regular date night, but it turned out that [ profile] vic_ramsey and [ profile] eckerlilas and [ profile] shutyourface came to the show, too! Cut for HP rambling )

Ugh. I am so stiff and sore, it's ridiculous. My ribs hurt, and I've bruises on my hips and arms and knees where the crowd surge (and the dude next to me, who thought I was going to give up my spot front and center at the barrier to him just 'cause he overshadowed me by 8 inches and 100 lbs) pushed me against the grated part of the barrier. Screw that. My elbows are pointy and I don't mind using them. Rancid and Rise Against were worth it.

I recorded the AAR performance on Friday's Today show and watched yesterday. Dear Tyson, thanks for giving me all kinds of happy thoughts about you and Nick holed up in a cabin in the woods, maxed out on coffee and wine, to write When the World Comes Down, and for being so ridiculous as to say you have a band logo tattoo in the "chesticle area".

As Tabby has said, I do not understand why there aren't volumes more slash fic on those two.

Who's excited about the new video for Swim? Seriously, I think that song could be the song that describes my life. Also, I'm trying to decide if I want to go to the Pavilion next week to see Jack's Mannequin, even though they're not the headliners and I don't even like The Fray, the headliners.

On that note. Tell me: if you could describe yourself with one song, what would it be?
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+ Ugh, budget crap. I hate that the granting cycle for our NIH budget doesn't overlap with the state's fiscal year. HATE. Because money gets encumbered but some companies (like Invitrogen, which I am convinced will someday be one of three remaining biochemical suppliers in the world) don't bill in a timely manner, so that money is lost and the bill has to be paid from the new cycle's acct balance, fucking up my record keeping and budgeting, and then it happens again when accts payable is clearing open orders at the end of the fiscal year.

Plus, we've spent a fuckton more money this year than we normally would, partly because we've started a new project that's really antibody intensive (seriously, $6k in new antibodies in the last six months; that's normally more than a year's worth of antibody budget) and partly because we've had more people in the lab than we really had funding for. (Because The Chief does things like agreeing to house a student from a lab whose PI left the institution, who takes up space and resources without contributing publications or knowledge to the grant that's paying for things.)

+ Did someone rec my Potter-verse drabbles somewhere? I've gotten more reviews from OWL for them in the last week than I got before... ever. Seriously.

+ Tomorrow morning I have a dentist appt @ 7:30am to have a tooth filled. Yay. Except for how that messes up my caffeine intake for the day.

+ How sad is it that it's only Monday and I'm already looking forward to the weekend?

Friday: date night: me and MrIris at the Alamo to see HP & the HBP

Saturday: RISE AGAINST :DDDD (I'm going to the Hard Rock for lunch, then hanging out at the venue so I can get a good spot for Tim McIlrath et al.)

Sunday: shop for a dress for SIL's wedding (Eh, not a 'yay' activity, but must be done.)

+ Oh, HEY. Did I mention that this is The Idiot's LAST WEEK IN THIS LAB? :DDD
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+ It is a sign of how out-of-touch I am with the HP fandom that it occurs to me only now why I haven't seen much squee about Dan Radcliffe's being BFF with a drag queen.

+ Star Trek tonight at the Alamo. :D

+ Matt Nathanson and Jack's Mannequin at Stubb's on Sunday. One bonus to not living close enough to family that I have obligatory Mother's Day plans: I can go to this show without feeling guilty.

+ I have a couple of Dreamwidth invite codes, if anyone still needs one. Lemme know.


I have two tickets to see the Indigo Girls at Stubb's on the 21st. Originally we'd planned to go to Austin for the weekend, but for a few reasons (related to work and the ppl we were going to stay with) we're not, now.

Butch Walker is at Stubb's on the 20th. I could go, but I can't take the 21st off, so I'd have to come back to Houston for work. And then drive BACK to Austin for the Indigo Girls' show the next night.

So, I'm thinking of giving up our tickets to the Indigo Girls' show at Stubb's, so I can see Butch Walker there the night before, and then we'll see Amy & Emily in Houston. Less driving, lower stress.

Anyone interested in the tickets?

Fuck it. I'm going to Austin for both shows. I've got months of sick leave, and I work enough extra hours that I don't get paid for.
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A few days back, [ profile] redorchids picked these icons when I volunteered for her meme. So. Six icons, six drabbles. Sorry it took me so long.

HG/SS, Potterverse, 265 words )

Jepha/Bob, bandom, 247 words )

Spencer/Brendon, bandom, 127 words )

Patrick/Brendon, bandom, 150 words )

Gabe and Pete, bandom, 178 words )

Ryan gen, bandom, 156 words )

So. You can volunteer for this yourself and I'll pick 6 of your icons, or you can tell me six additional icons that should be drabble fodder for me.
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1. *eyes Ike sternly* STAY! (So far, only the low-lying area where MrIris's company is located is under mandatory evacuation, and that's because of possible flooding, not because the eye is likely to pass over it. We're far enough inland and on high enough ground that we should be unaffected. But people get crazy when stuff like this happens.) 7pm: Mandatory evacuation for all of Brazoria County starting at 8am tomorrow morning. Traffic is going to be FUCKED.

2. So, we had planned on going to San Antonio this weekend because The Gourds are doing a show there Saturday. I tried to convince MrIris to leave early on Thursday so that we could catch opening night of the Why So Serious? tour - The Cab babies' opening night of their first ever headlining tour! - but he was not swayed. Then friends reminded us that he'd promised to help paint and tile their new condo, so we canceled the plans. But now they might beare being forced to evacuate Freeport to avoid the dirty side/storm surge of Ike, so we're going to San Antonio after all. I still have not convinced him to leave early Thursday, though. :( He wants to leave as early as possible Thursday, so I'm going to do what I need to do at work, then skedaddle.

3. Random quote of interest from the RNC, from someone discussing John McCain: "...he can best run the company." The guy corrected himself, but you know, I think that wasn't a slip, it was correct. The problem I have with many Republican "conservatives" is that they want government to run like a business, to be an investment, to earn them money and secure their comfortable life over others', not, you know, GOVERN. For everyone equally.

4. The Lexicon/JKR lawsuit. I'm only about half-way through the decision. Urgh, legal-ese is harder for me to parse than science-ese.

5. Watched the season premiere of Fringe last night. OMG, pseudo science AT ITS HEIGHT. Is it supposed to be the new X-Files?

6. Was I supposed to receive artwork with my copy of The Quilt, or was that sent by accident? I don't remember ordering anything but the CD, but the package came with limited edition cover art. Only one listen, all the way through, but... NRGH, Disashi. The reggae beat to Blinded By The Sun gets me past the sampling of Sunglasses At Night. My early favorite songs are Like Father Like Son and Live A Little.
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[ profile] why_me_why_not is at Warped RIGHT NOW, and I wish I were with her.

hold your breath now )
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NO, REALLY. Portus might actually jolt me out of my uninspired Potter-fic rut.

She picked song #69 in my iTunes, which is Love Love, Kiss Kiss by Alkaline Trio (m4a format).

And the prompts were Snaco, stone.

Do you curse the happy couple?
Do you cringe at wedding bells?
Do you drink up all the punch while you wish 'em all to hell?

200 words )
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I fail at keeping up with folks on InsaneJournal, right?

I hadn't checked in a couple of days, so I didn't realize that my submission (written for [ profile] the_minx_17) for the Snarry SmutSwap was posted.

Title: Look. At. Me.
Rating: R
Warnings: angst, character death, dubious consent, chan (Harry is 15)
Summary/Notes: What was Snape trying to see in the moment before his death? A nonlinear look at canon and missing moments in canon. Many thanks to [ profile] lilyeyes for her super-quick turnaround, and for convincing me to switch the last two scenes.

Please ignore the mistake I forgot to fix before submitting. *head/desk*
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Note to self: Remember to bring Deathly Hallows to work tomorrow so the lab tech next door can read it.

I've got a thought about HP interest in regular readers vs. non-readers that relates to people I socialize and work with, but it needs more time to marinate.
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So, I've been mostly away from LJ since reading Deathly Hallows, and I'm sure some of this has been covered elsewhere, so if you can point me to the appropriate discussion, I'd appreciate it.

spoilers below )


Jul. 14th, 2007 08:19 pm
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Ages and ages ago, we signed up for a bike ride at the Mosquito Festival, a local thing in the town MrIris works in. It is the 21st of July. The ride starts at 7:30am and will likely go until noon or later.

Friends are having a house-warming party (same town as the bike ride, about 45 minutes' drive from our house) at 5pm. MrIris wants to drive down in the morning and stay there all day, shower at friends' house before the party.


He obviously does not understand the importance of the date.
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Author: [ profile] irisgirl12000 (posted over at [ profile] viridescent_eye)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters/Pairings: Ginny Weasley, Harry Potter
Rating: varies from G to R
Warnings: slash, het, incest/threesome implied, sexual activity
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me; they are the property of J. K. Rowling.




Sloth and Greed


Wrath (This one contains some Harry/twins goodness, so if you're not interested in Ginny's obsession or its development, skip to this one to read what happens when she "sees" some of what happened during An ecstasy of fumbling.)

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