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+ Bonnaroo happened. I didn't take pics, really, and I'm not going to talk about each act, but Frank Turner was as amazing as always. Nas never disappoints. I still don't get the appeal of Macklemore. And I'm not even a casual Beatles fan, but JFC, Paul McCartney can put on a show. Three hours. It was like watching living history. And really, who else in the world can tell a story about a show with Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton and not come off sounding like a name-dropping douche? At one point a stuffed walrus doll landed on stage, and he propped it up on his piano and serenaded it. Yeah. What more can I say?

+ Paper #2 of 2013 is officially out, and we got the proofs for #3. Paper #4 was resubmitted in my absence. There are a few things I will correct if/when it is accepted and proofs arrive.

~ The house is listed. There's been an open house. No offers yet, but I'm not going to give up hope.

+ Now You See Me. I really enjoyed it.

~ I appear to have developed an Andrew Shaw problem. I blame Tabby.

- Aaron's car is in the shop until Tuesday at the earliest. Life in the 'burbs does not make two-people-one-car at all convenient, especially when it comes to meeting pre-existing goals in differing locations.


Jun. 11th, 2013 07:50 pm
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+ Fall Out Boy in Texas happened. Patrick Stump's solo efforts really changed the way he works a stage. And it's weird, because I never really watched Pete Wentz that closely (I usually aimed for Joe's side of the stage in the past, but was in front of Pete for 2 out of 3 shows this weekend), but now I wonder how much his stage manner has changed with Patrick's evolution. Holy hell, Patrick's vocal range. When he belts out the lines in Save Rock & Roll that Elton John sang on the album? UNF.

+ I had a [personal profile] why_me_why_not for the weekend! Except she is gone now, and I feel like we didn't have enough time to just chill and watch hockey together.

+ The house is listed!

+ Bonnaroo is a thing that is happening this week. \o/ /o\

+ I finished the imaging for Other Post-Doc's paper resubmission today. The rebuttal is due Monday. No rush, or anything.

+ Apparently PK Subban is going to win the Norris? IDK IDK, I wish there was an award for highest scoring defenseman separate from being a great defensive defenseman. But whatever. Good for him.
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So this happened. (LOL, "Each sent the Moody Theater audience -- which seemed more local and more fan-heavy than most SXSW crowds -- into howls and even some moshing." Because the pit was composed almost entirely of Green Day fans who guaranteed that if they got tickets, they would show up, else be blacklisted to future events.)

I missed FOB, but I think Green Day was a worthwhile exchange.

And then this happened. )

I returned home to find that Aaron hadn't suffered a relapse (he was just whining about being left to entertain himself), and this happened )

And I posted some fic: Celebration's impossible, genderswap hockey RPF, filling the "celebratory kiss" square on my trope bingo card.

One other good thing? BRMC's new album is out, synced to my iPod for the day's listening.

Now I'm going to go do some lab work, and tonight's the Revival Tour's stop in H-town. And possibly ponder vampire or werewolf fic. (Or porn.) It's Tabby's fault. And she's awesome for it. :)
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1. this Gally-squared primer
2. the Devils finally won one last night (even if it was in a shoot-out. against the Sabres)
3. running 6 miles in 54 minutes consistently (shut up, I know that's slow; I can either run fast or I can run that long, not both)
4. putting on a pair of trousers that used to be too uncomfortable to wear and realizing they fit perfectly now
5. this morning's surprise awesome result (SCIENCE!)
6. chat-fic with Tabby in which the Staals are a vampire clan, and Jordan's friendship with Jeff is making EStaal cranky

And I think this will continue the happy-making: seeing a local band, Hounds of Jezebel, tonight.

Now I'm going to finish my lunch and listen to the rest of the BHS podcast. As you do.
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I drabbled this a week or so ago, when [ profile] why_me_why_not needed some schmoop for cheering up. I meant to post it then but got side-tracked, and I was reminded of it when I checked Danger Room this morning.

So, here, from the Chart Your Way universe.

400 words )

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Five Times People Realized Brad and Nate Were Together
PG-13 || ~4500 words
beta'd by [personal profile] why_me_why_not; remaining mistakes (including POV switches that I couldn't figure out how to fix and still convey all that I wanted to convey) are my own
Set in the same universe as Out of sync at the beginning, Steal (the rhythm) while you can, and this ficlet.
Based on the actors' portrayals and meant to imply absolutely nothing about real people.

see what I let you see )

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1. I posted fic last night, and then forgot to pimp it here!

Steal (the rhythm) while you can
[ profile] irisgirl12000 and [ profile] why_me_why_not
Brad/Nate (Generation Kill) || adult || ~2200
Based on the performances of actors associated with the HBO series, meaning nothing about real people.

Follows Out of sync at the beginning. Porn without much plot, but the little dialogue that is present will make more sense if you've read the previous fic. Title from Soundgarden.

Brad's snoring softly when Nate wakes up. He lies there a while, enjoying the way Brad's body heat keeps the breeze from the ceiling fan from creating a chill.

2. >:/ libraries in NJ

3. :D Books! Chalmers Johnson's new book should arrive on my doorstep tomorrow! It's a follow up to the trilogy about blowback and American empire. Along with it, I'm expecting The Fourth Star. I suppose I should hop to, and finish reading Washington Rules instead of messing about with Inception fanfic, right?

4. The thing that bothers me most about the uproar over Cordoba House is that the people who object most strenuously to a mosque at Ground Zero are the same people who will wave a copy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights in defense of the right to bear arms; somehow they forget that the First Amendment of that very same document guarantees the right to religious freedom. Or, IDK, they stop being strict constructionists and say that the founders didn't mean it the way we're interpreting it. (I sincerely doubt that, since James Madison was part of Jefferson's cohort, and as has been quoted pretty much everywhere lately, TJ's the one who wrote that "it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.") The First Amendment also guarantees that if a mosque is built there, haters can protest it to their hearts' content. But still. Muslims have EVERY RIGHT to build a mosque there. Beyond that, I don't see why someone who is not a resident of the area thinks they should have any say in the matter. Who gives a shit what Sarah Palin thinks? Why is Newt Gingrich's opinion important? Do they live there? Are they family members of those who died? Did they suffer when the towers fell? How is their objection relevant in any way?

ETA: ♥ Jon Stewart & John Oliver on this topic. /ETA

5. Also on the political level: hmmm, Stan McChrystal. I can't help but compare a possible political future for him to Petraeus, who vowed once again that he would not go into politics in his interview with David Gregory this weekend. (I was tickled by Gregory's use of Grant and Grant's quotes re: going into politics to broach the subject, esp. since Petraeus has spent a great deal of time reading/studying Grant.)

6. My mom forwarded the address of a cousin who is deployed in Iraq, with the suggestion that he might like to receive some mail. I honestly have NO IDEA what to write. This is a cousin I haven't seen in at least five years, and saw infrequently for the decade before that. I can babble about random stuff, I suppose, but is a guy who's been deployed for over a year really going to give a shit about daily life and family events in the 'burbs, especially for the cousin that he probably only vaguely remembers as being a babysitter and homework-aid when he was a kid?
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1. I had every intention of writing a thinky post comparing House To House and No True Glory, two books that chronicle the US military's battles in Fallujah. There are even post-its and page-markers where I took notes! But I've already started reading another book, and I am not feeling very analytically inclined, so. Not-so-thinky comment, instead. The two books are markedly different, as one is a first-hand account by one of the soldiers involved in the second battle, while the other is a narrative collated from multiple different participants and analysts, written by a retired Marine officer. It took me far longer to read No True Glory for a variety of reasons, including the fact that at some points the book was so generally uncritical with respect to Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, and their complete lack of a plan to deal with a populace that wasn't grateful and subservient, and the way the military's need for unity of effort with the diplomatic side was completely ignored; I had to put it down before I threw it at the wall in anger. (Also? West is the biggest Mattis/Conway/USMC-wife ever.) Bellavia's account makes no effort whatsoever to analyze the politics or policy: he tells the reader what he did, what his men did. Of the two, I definitely preferred his telling.

2. Saw Inception this weekend. I think maybe it was overhyped to me, because I enjoyed it and am interested in the metaphor it presents, but the plot did not have much of a twist. Am I too jaded a movie viewer? In any case, I want all the Arthur/Eames banter-filled fic in the world, now.

3. Tabby posted Bravo's Baby Belle, which is Generation Kill gen. Baby!fic, if you couldn't tell from the title. Brad's not a baby person. He really has no idea what to do with a baby. Yet, here he is, left with a diaper bag, a list of instructions, and a baby with Ray’s eyes. He needs to call in reinforcements before this situation gets out of control.


5. Also, there is a possibility that I will be in Austin for a professional meeting at the same time Social Distortion is playing Stubb's. Is it self-indulgent to plan on seeing them there, then driving back to Houston and seeing them again?

6. Are you still here? You should go check out the Combat Jack community challenge: 25 things about my sexuality. Read, write. Some characters don't have threads yet. Doesn't Doc Bryan deserve some love?

fic post!

Aug. 3rd, 2010 09:00 pm
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Out of sync at the beginning
by [ profile] irisgirl12000 & [ profile] why_me_why_not
Generation Kill || Brad/Nate || Adult || ~3300 words
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction based on the portrayal of characters in Generation Kill by Alexander Skarsgard and Stark Sands, and is meant to imply nothing about the real people who bear these names.

Summary: When Ray tells Nate to fix whatever's between him and Brad, Nate has to figure out if Ray's fucking with him, and if not, how to get Brad where he wants him.

A/N: As one does - or maybe it's just as we do - we accidentally created a 'verse based on a random comment. This is the beginning of... something. Originally written mostly as textfic. There are other bits and bobs in various email and phone logs, and we'll get to posting them as we clean them up, but this can stand on its own. We beta'd this ourselves, so hit us up with any mistakes. Title paraphrased from The National's Slow Show.

Nate knows something’s Not Right when he gets home, but he’s certain he can defend himself against whatever it is that’s causing the uneasy feeling.

Sorry if you happen to be seeing this multiple times.
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1. A ton of photos from the other night's Broadway Impact fundraiser appeared in the FYAI tumblr overnight, filling my googlereader inbox, making me happy. :D But I have to ask... why was Christina Sajous wearing what looks like a wedding gown? No, really: the pearls, the beading, the bodice's fit. What's up with that?

2. It is really hard to focus on science when I want to be writing out the porn that's on repeat in my head. Just sayin'.

3. Appropriate timing: I just read the exchange between Abizaid and Mattis to which Ricks refers here in No True Glory.

4. BRB, laughing at the little coincidences in life. I read one of the tabs I have open, a [ profile] combat_jack GKbattle fic for the "fog of war" prompt, last night before going to bed, and then I checked my googlefeed first thing this morning and found an op-ed piece by Andrew Exum in the NYT, Getting Lost In Afghanistan's Fog Of War. Fandom and news media converge once again. (Exum is inevitably tied to Fick in my brain, even though he has absolutely nothing to do with Generation Kill. It's just one of those leaps that, once made, my brain cannot un-make.)

5. DNW to go spend a few hours in the cold room. *sigh* But I suppose Mick Jagger has the right of it.

6. [ profile] why_me_why_not just posted some skating!RPS threesome fic. If I told you I was drunk. Johnny/Stephane/AdamR. You should check it out, if you're into the skating thing.
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1. Unpopular fandom opinion: I am not fond of Gee Way with that blond hair. And WTF is up with the Hawaiian shirt? Also, I'm glad he's successful and all with The Umbrella Academy, but GIMME THAT NEW ALBUM, GODDAMNIT.

2. [ profile] why_me_why_not's brain is my favorite place to be. Somehow even though we're not writing fic, we're... writing fic? We've sort of got two Generation Kill-related fic universes going in an email chain, one gen and one decidedly not. It's been my happy place for a few days.

3. Taddy Porter, my new favorite band (for a little while, until Discos GIMME THAT NEW MUSIC). First, because they're named after a beer. And second, because they are trying to be a cross between Led Zeppelin and Bad Company. Third, because the bassist is this tiny redhead who rocks the fuck out when they are on stage.

4. I want someone to tell me the story of Gunny Wynn when 1st Recon redeployed to Iraq, when Bravo Company was assigned with the rest of the battalion to Fallujah, and it's like the invasion all over again, doing things that even Battalion Command isn't happy with, ignoring the plan they'd laid out in favor of an emotional, intemperate response at the behest of JTF and the Commander-in-chief. I want the story of Gunny Wynn in a unit that has no Nate Fick (although he'll allow that Brent Morel isn't a bad platoon commander), no Brad Colbert, no Ray Person, no Poke, no Reporter, no Pappy, but does have Redman and Kocher and Hasser, at least. NOT the story of what happens when Morel, Eddie Wright and Kocher are injured by an IED. But I'd like someone's view of whether it'd be at all different, going with different personnel, as an occupation rather than an invasion. Compared to his experience in Somalia, for example.

5. I am very curious to see what Danger Room and Best Defense have to say about the WikiLeaks release of the Afghanistan War Logs tomorrow. Mostly because the headlines over at The Guardian... are not earthshatteringly unsuspected. Pakistan's ISI has links to the Taliban? SHOCKING. Maybe, though, making Americans (or Britons, or whoever) more aware will make them more participatory in their government, and say something about tax dollars and soldiers (and civilians) being used so wastefully. Maybe? Yeah, doubtful, right?

6. Stark Bunker Sands, you are ridiculously adorkable, and still I can't help but be charmed by you.
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[ profile] why_me_why_not gave me:

science Because science is fun! I talk about science a lot! Or, IDK, maybe I just feel like I talk about science a lot? I think about science a lot, in any case. I wish people felt like the science that goes on every day in their lives was more approachable and understandable. Maybe then American society would be more interested in funding science and health education than the stupid bullshit we spend our federal budget dollars on.

coffee Nectar of the gods. I'm completely and totally addicted to caffeine. And as much as I hate the corporatization of my addiction, I think the places I've been to with Tabby the most are Starbucks locations in TX and LA. ;)

cats I love our puppy cats! Sandy and Dante are really people-cats, not stand-offish at all. They want more love and attention than any ten people can give them, and any visitors are expected to worship them in the form of petting and lap-sitting.

road trips Tabby + the TX crew + tour-following. MCR, FOB, The Used. Discos. I'm willing to do it for Butch Walker, too, should it become necessary.

Brendon *points at my tags* Brendon Urie is my favorite bandom person to write. I love his stupid face and voice and geekery. He's awkward and he knows it and he owns it even as he wishes he weren't. He loves his dog like it's his kid (No, really, we actually had that discussion at a M&G). Bandom people seem to either love or hate him, with not much in between, and you see where I am in this spectrum, right? Far far far on the love side.
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Today I was going to go to work for a half-day, to check my cells and see if the autoclave had been repaired (doubtful). I haven't done the last few days of that 30-day meme yet, either. I also need to write out the other half of the holiday cards that weren't begun until after Christmas.

Instead? I have:

1. made and consumed an entire pot of coffee

2. caught up on the [ profile] cm_exchange fic and a bunch of Kirk/McCoy fics that were written/posted for the holidays

3. laughed at our ridiculous cats, who actually FARTED while sitting on my lap

4. written more AU not!fic (I blame this all on [ profile] why_me_why_not and [ profile] harriet_vane)

5. dug through the mini's hard-drive to see if I ever actually typed up a Brendon/Frank ficlet set in the Epic Love Story verse (I hadn't)

6. downloaded BRMC's holiday gift songs (:D)

Now I'm going to go exercise, and then stop by work before we meet some friends for sushi and The Gourds at the Continental Club. Unwashed and well-read, y'all.

None of this precludes more pondering of ranch!AU fic or domestic fic. Which pretty much always ends in porn in my head, because that's just the way my brain is. (*points at's song choice* See, even my music thinks riding lessons in the ranch!AU should be considered, and then, you know, pornified.)
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Thinking straight, with nothing to prove

Brendon/Tom (PATD/empires) || 4495 words || adult || plotless porn

by [ profile] irisgirl12000 and [ profile] why_me_why_not

*facepalm* Working title: Bandboys need no pants. That says it all, pretty much.

I promise, I'm done spamming you for the evening.

*slinks off to work on next tidbit for WIP amnesty week*
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I am supposed to be doing something chore-related, but the washer and dryer are both full, and the kitchen is still occupied by a crazy man with hops and boiling malt, so I'm doing the icon meme-thing.

[ profile] harriet_vane picked six icons, and if you comment, I'll pick six of yours to explain. :D )
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~ The Get Up Kids' library arrived, thanks to Vagrant Records. I clicked a link on their Twitter ages ago and entered a drawing for free tickets, and ended up with the tickets and all of their CDs for free. I'm pretty stoked to see them.

~ Boys Like Girls did a video session at LiveDaily? I need to rip this.

~ Mat Kearney was a good show. The best description I can think of for him is a cross between Bruce Hornsby and Jackson Brown. His guitarist was really talented. Also? The Foundation Room at the House Of Blues is pretty swank, but I felt like a poor cousin next to the people who have proper memberships, rather than winning a pass.

~ The Bravery tonight! :D

~ Photos! I'm going to apologize - these are a little out of order. My iPhoto split the modified from the originals, so any vertical photos had to be added separately.

photos from the PWTs & Snow Patrol show a few weeks ago )

Then for the AP fall ball? I took a few photos of each band, but we were off to the side at stage left, and they're not very good. I took far more of TAI. Because they're TAI. But there are a lot of Mike Carden. Sorry, [ profile] shutyourface. TAI photos, with only a little commentary )

~ [ profile] why_me_why_not (and The Used) in less than two weeks! :D
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Tabby is my favorite right now. (This is true much of the time, but it is particularly so right now.)
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Five Scenes
set in the About A Girl 'verse

These were written for [ profile] why_me_why_not's meme. They are in chronological order. The first one takes place during the course of the main fic, but the others are tidbits of the as-yet unwritten future that lives in my head.

Feel free to ask questions if there's something you're not clear on; I have so much backstory and future for this story in my head, and I'm not sure it'll ever be written properly.

As always, this is fiction, and is meant to imply absolutely nothing about the folks whose names are utilized.

For Tabby

Jul. 29th, 2009 10:23 pm
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She promped me with question, rain, key, and this is what she gets: a snippet from the werewolf 'verse:

Tom wakes to the patter of rain on the window. Sean is curled against his chest, his head tucked under Tom's chin, and Ryan is plastered to his back, one arm thrown across both their chests. They're sleeping soundly, so that can't be what woke him. He has a niggling feeling that something is wrong, though, and he can't shake it. He lies there, trying to relax back into slumber-they'd been up all night hunting, and he was exhausted when they fell into bed after dawn-but it's impossible.

Finally he edges out from under Sean, shushing his unconscious grumblings, and finds fresh clothes, letting himself out of the bedroom and apartment quietly. He's still a block from his old place, which he hasn't sublet yet, despite not sleeping there in months, when he spies Jon on the stoop. He's wet and miserable, his face drawn and tired, and Tom feels questions bubbling up in his throat immediately.

"Sorry. I forgot my spare key." Forgot his windbreaker, forgot that it was autumn in a city that had real seasons, forgot his *boys*. Tom mentally rearranges his questions.

"No problem, Jonny. I can get you another one. Let's get inside. I haven't had any coffee yet, and you look like you could use some."


ETA: As I just told [ profile] why_me_why_not, canon is screwing with my ability (small as it was to begin with) to write, especially happily-ever-after fic.
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They Just Howl
by [ profile] why_me_why_not (who did the vast majority of the work here) and [ profile] irisgirl12000
bandom || Empires + Jon Walker, mentions of TAI || teen || ~3100 words
Disclaimer: FALSEHOODS AND LIES! Not meant to imply anything about the people whose names are used.
Summary: Werewolf AU of sorts. Tom has been on his own since getting kicked out of William's pack.

Srsly, guys. Werewolf fic. The wolves are sort of Dresden Files in nature. Mostly this is a finding-your-place kind of fic. And it's really all b/c of [ profile] shutyourface, so thank or blame her for seeding our brains with the idea, as you see fit.


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