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I was trying to explain to Post-Doc that I have to use the confocal microscope to take slices of the cells I'm imaging because they are mitotic and therefore round like beach-balls, where interphase cells are relatively flat, and that various parts of the cellular structure wouldn't be in focus if I simply focused on one plane.

She suggested that I "squish the coverslip to the slide" to flatten it and get everything in one plane. And she was completely sincere about this being good advice.

I was speechless. Seriously. Squish them flat. Because that'll maintain all the 3D structure I'm trying to investigate. Really. How did she earn a Ph.D.? HOW?


Apr. 24th, 2013 01:04 pm
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Staal collective, in full glory. I... don't really see the point?

I guess this is to make roster space for the Checkers, who are heading into Calder Cup playoffs this weekend, and would probably like to have the skills of Riley Nash and Tim Wallace back, while the Canes are basically done when the regular season is over?

And to set an NHL record when/if all four Staals are technically on the team rosters when the Canes play the Rangers tomorrow, even though Marc Staal is still hurt?
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Shame is for other people, right? Right. I posted some porn. victors/spoils. Genderswap hockey RPF. Je(ss) Skinner/Justin Faulk, post-game 6March2012.

bits and pieces in this 'verse that may or may not become fic at some point )
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So this happened. (LOL, "Each sent the Moody Theater audience -- which seemed more local and more fan-heavy than most SXSW crowds -- into howls and even some moshing." Because the pit was composed almost entirely of Green Day fans who guaranteed that if they got tickets, they would show up, else be blacklisted to future events.)

I missed FOB, but I think Green Day was a worthwhile exchange.

And then this happened. )

I returned home to find that Aaron hadn't suffered a relapse (he was just whining about being left to entertain himself), and this happened )

And I posted some fic: Celebration's impossible, genderswap hockey RPF, filling the "celebratory kiss" square on my trope bingo card.

One other good thing? BRMC's new album is out, synced to my iPod for the day's listening.

Now I'm going to go do some lab work, and tonight's the Revival Tour's stop in H-town. And possibly ponder vampire or werewolf fic. (Or porn.) It's Tabby's fault. And she's awesome for it. :)
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So, I'm linking to these pics because I feel weird about reposting when a) there's a "don't reuse" request and b) the photographer's kid is in them.

JStaal with small human.

JSkins with same small human.

Can we discuss height differences, and how awesome they are? Also, somehow as time goes on I'm being incepted into thinking that Skinner's flow is not as terrible as I first thought it was when he returned to Raleigh.
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S: Are you doing the St. Arnold's Heights pubcrawl Saturday?

Me: Depends on whether I get tickets to the All Star thing downtown.

S: I didn't know you were a basketball fan.

Me: I'm not particularly, but Fall Out Boy are performing.

S: Aren't they a boy band? I didn't know you were into that sort of thing.

Me: ...


Feb. 12th, 2013 01:18 pm
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Darcy Kuemper got recalled by MN today, might play in the game against the Canucks tonight. WHAT?

Tangential: Hockey Wilderness, in cooperation with other hockey blogs, ran a series yesterday about concussions, including the effects on Derek Boogaard. Interesting reading. (That link is to the first in the series.)

Now back to our regularly scheduled science-ing for the day: RNA prep, qPCR, and setting up a ChIP. :|
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Patrik Elias calls Adam Henrique "Rico". Something about this sent me immediately to Rico Suave, and now I can't get the idea out of my head. Not a good thing.

Fic-ish things to think about:

1. Nail Yakupov and AGally and cultural isolation, and the differences in their experiences being "Russian"
2. accidentally married fic set in GK fandom, probably a woke-up-in-Vegas thing that's Brad/Ray
3. 5 times Jess Skinner and Justin Faulk didn't share a celebration kiss and one time they did
4. that other 5 times Jess Skinner fic that's been outlined and half finished forever

Good things for the day:

1. Rafa returns to singles competition today. Vamos!
2. Rumor has it that Charlie Coyle has replaced Dany Heatley on the first line.
3. Tickets for the Houston Fall Out Boy show are reserved! (Hopefully OCK doesn't have any problems with my request.)
4. Aiming to get a manuscript submitted by the close of work today. Fingers crossed.
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~ I fell asleep before the Sharapova/V. Williams match. And the Ferrer/Baghdatis match. I swear, I will watch more than just some Andy Murray beat-downs! Except for how NBCSports is airing Yale/Harvard tonight, and probably somewhere I can find a stream of the UND/Minnesota match up (this weekend is the last ever regular-season conference series between these two teams :( ).

+ Saturday: time to make the trip to ATX for music. HELLO, TADDY PORTER, I AM LOOKING AT YOU. I love indoors shows at Stubb's.

+ My brain. Seriously, this bit about jStaal and eStaal in the N&O (They won’t sit side-by-side in the Canes’ newly renovated locker room at PNC Arena – "He doesn’t want me that close to him all the time," Jordan jokes – but they will see enough of each other.) sent me straight to wondering if Skinner still has the stall next to eStaal, and it all devolved into fic-related ideas from there.

? Science query. I'm doing some RT-PCR, and we spec all our samples with a nanospec before calculating how much to use in each subsequent step of the process. But my question is: if I spec RNA, then do first-strand synthesis for cDNA and spec it again... how does the nanospec differentiate between free, unused dNTPs and ssDNA, which becomes the template for the next step? It's all based on absorbance at 260 and 280, right?
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If the Kovalchuk rumors are true (and I'm taking them with a grain of salt right now), how screwed would the Devils be for offense? Of their top five scorers in the 2011-12 season, Kovy was #1, Elias #2, Parise #3, Henrique #4, Clarkson #5. That'd be two gone completely, plus Henrique only just got the cast off his hand last week and won't be done rehabbing for the start of the season. And isn't Elias in the last year of his contract? At least Clarkson is back? :D?

[Although I guess that would leave with a ton of cap space. But still.]
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Self, you were supposed to spend the bus-ride to work plotting your happyhockeydays fic, not pondering more commentfic about the bb!Oilers. :|
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Someone needs to poke me to tell the story of Brad & Nate in an alternate reality Casablanca-like AU. The Civil War never ended, because the South didn't over-reach and try to invade the North. Instead the war of attrition has gone on for nearly a century. Brad runs a hole-in-the-wall pub/inn sort of place that is a stop on the underground railroad. Nate is his ex-CO, still serving, with a post in DC for the moment.


The backstory of Clint telling Natasha that he remembers Budapest far differently than she does. With a Clint/Coulson slant. Like, Coulson is ALWAYS their handler, but for this one mission, he's busy (dealing with the Iron Man shenanigans, when Tony's first back from Afghanistan) so Sitwell or Woo or some junior agent is their contact. And things Do Not Go According To Plan. Clint's just annoyed at first, but then they come ~this close to getting seriously injured during their exfiltration, and, yeah, he's not a fan. Natasha, while always business-like and happy when things go according to plan, also takes occasional glee and pleasure in violence.
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I have spent the last hour mentally debating whether Nate in the college AU went to the Gilman School or Calvert Hall before heading off to Dartmouth.

This Nate's family lives in Roland Park. And Gilman is in Roland Park. And those are two of the schools that anyone who is anyone in the legal profession in the Balmer area might've attended. [Baltimore is clannish, okay? J and I had this discussion the other day about how when a banker or lawyer in Baltimore asks where you went to school, they're not asking about college - if you're from there, and practice there, they want to know if you went to Gilman or Calvert Hall or the Boys' Latin School.]

a) This is not my [ profile] yagkyas fic.

b) This is not the Walt/Brad ficlet that needs to be transcribed.

c) WTAF, brain? Why are you focusing on minutiae when the bulk has yet to be written?
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I can't figure out what it is that makes me ambivalent about this photo. click for GQMF )

Prompt me.
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Why didn't anyone direct me to fuckyeahsurfers before? Seriously. Hello, inspiration.

From another tumblr entirely, this has held my attention for the last couple of days )

< /rambling >

< apply Walt's playlist >
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~ The Catholic church says more exorcists are needed. Are there more demons and possession happening nowadays? O.o I feel like that should be a fake headline on Supernatural, not in real life.

~ Finally watched the GI Joe movie last night. It was so bad it went a whole 360 and became entertaining.

~ Why, Houston promoters? Why do you have the Dresden Dolls playing up in the Heights the same night that Motion City Soundtrack & Say Anything are downtown?

~ Work. Poster draft given to printers; proof approved. The final copy should be ready tomorrow. Hotel, registration confirmed. Austin Tuesday night-Friday morning.

~ ETA: this photo of ASkars )

Got coffee. Got cat-in-lap. I'm going to go read some squatter!punk fic, then maybe work on my exchange fic.
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A Disney AU, where Bravo Company are the characters in The Fox And The Hound, or -- BETTER YET -- Lady And The Tramp.

Best distraction from work ever, y/n?
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a) BRMC's Live In London DVD is on sale. If you pre-order from the band's website, there's an immediate download of the audio files. I have no words for what the live version of Aya does to me. Just. Yeah. I'll be... over there. *waves helplessly*

b) Vacuuming, dusting, dishes are done. Laundry's mostly done.

c) 100 pages more read of Aftermath. I could pretend that I have something profound to say about it, but mostly right now I'm pondering how very small the world of punditry, analysis, and journalism is, given all the comments from other folks whose blogs I follow. Interesting to read Rosen's analysis of the surge in Iraq, and of Petraeus, and compare to previous authors' opinions.

d) Instead of writing my [ profile] yagkyas exchange fic, I spent the day pondering a GK Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves AU.

I can feel you judging me, and all I can say in my defense is that Alan Rickman was AWESOME in that movie.

And that you know you'd read a thousand words of shenanigans involving swordfights and ambushes in the woods if it included Brad blowing into Nate's ear when he's about to win the archery contest.

e) Gabe Saporta's love for Mikeyway will never cease to entertain me. He encapsulates everything that drew me to bandom bands, back in the day, before I realized bandom even was a fandom.
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I just uploaded BRMC's iTunes Session for my dad.

My dad. Because we discovered a mutual love of BRMC when we were chatting at ACLfest a couple of weeks ago, and I transferred our tickets to see them and STP @ the Backyard to him, since Aaron and I are going to Dallas to see Bush. (And probably also BRMC at a smaller-venue headlining show.)

But he only has the album with Fault Lines, so I offered him a little of their newer stuff.


Want, take. Lemme know if you have any problems.

Um. M4A format, FYI.

Also? It is possible that I have written/drabbled/texted myself into creating an entire college AU starring Brad and Nate, with guest appearances from Ray. GK fandom, what have you done to me? (I'd blame you, [personal profile] why_me_why_not, but I totally did this to myself this time.)

Finally? I'm glad tons of other people saw people at work/school/whatever wearing purple today, because I saw a grand total of two other people wearing purple. (They were med students.)

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I wanted to see the extended Meet the Press interview with Adm. Mike Mullen (military/press tension is supposed to be addressed), so I clicked through the links on the website instead of listening to the segment that included Bloomberg's bullshit about continuing the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. The video wasn't up yet (it is now), but the site led me to the JCS bio for Mullen.

His rise in the Navy started at sea.

Really, Navy/JCS PR people? Someone on your staff actually wrote and posted that line, seriously?


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