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At the Houston date of the blink-182 tour, Pete Wentz mentioned that the Fall Out Boys felt like midgets next to blink-182.

They are. Proof )

Play For Keeps' EP arrived today, and the return address looks suspiciously like a residential Las Vegas address. Cash Colligan, are you taking lessons from Tom Conrad in encouraging stalker fans?


So far this week I've gotten home at 9pm, 10pm, 11pm, and 8pm after work. I am contemplating skipping the Drive By Truckers show at HOB tomorrow just so I have some quiet time at home to exercise and get some chores and some fanfic writing done.

What's up with y'all?
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Urgh. I am off to work after going back to work for an hour after the never-ending, oh-my-god-will-they-just-hurry-up What-Happens-In-Vegas-is-fucking-slow show last night, but I have to say that the internets did not disappoint in keeping us up to date about the Blink/FOB/Panic show in Milwaukee.

he had the time of his life )

I approve of New Guy )

*grumpy face*

There is not enough coffee in the world right now.
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So, mostly these are the things I've been thinking about in order not to completely lose my temper today. Which, IDK, maybe it's PMS? I am really cranky over stupid little shit (and some bigger shit).

+ Legs crossed toward each other is ABSOLUTELY an Unequivocal Sex Invite, as has been pointed out by numerous people. This just means I spent half the morning casting Clueless AU in my head and via text.

+ IDEK, Nick Scimeca.

+ Matt Kiser's comparison of New Perspective and Change; I am particularly amused by the "what did these guys keep in the divorce" part for P!ATD: The exclamation point, the arm garters, the band member who can actually sing.

+ J texting me that her Twitter moment of the day was a convo about why Wincest is good but not HPtwincest. Me: LOL, ppl have to draw the line somewhere - it's okay for hot boys who are brothers to kiss as long as they're not twins, apparently? (Y'all can guess my opinion on that one.)

Fic that I want to read, but no one is writing for me:

+ fic wherein the switch between singer and bassist that was made by Tim McIlrath and Pete Wentz is discussed, along with their appreciation for spoken-word additions to songs. Or, you know, entire songs based on spoken-word poetry rather than singing, and the success vs. failure of some such. (compare fan bases, compare political content of their lyrics, compare commercial success and explore their continuing friendship/acquaintance)

+ domestic fic! Spencer buying Brendon's socks and underwear (he likes the bright colors, and wants to expand to patterns)! Brendon sneaking a pair of boy-jeans into Spencer's closet! (they are totally easier to get on and off when they are loose. shut up, he's not the one who has to take his own off)

+ Spencer/Brendon Cyrano fic. Spencer has body issues and is too shy to woo Brendon himself so he helps Ryan do so! Brendon falls in love with the writer of his letters, never realizing that it was Spencer! (OK, maybe I don't really want this fic. Maybe what I want is Ryan being Cyrano. Yes? Yes? MFYes? Except that Spencer can't die like Christian does.)

+ gen fic involving Mikeyway learning Japanese. (mostly b/c I love that his MFW shirt has now been translated)

(Me, demanding? No!)

Cabbabies tomorrow, yes? :D
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So here, FIC!

Brendon/Ian || ~950 words || teen
written via text message and IM by me and [ profile] why_me_why_not, self-beta'd
fake, as in not real and never happened
Set around the time Ian auditioned to join The Cab? IDK, the IMs started like this: you know that Ian crashed with Bden & Shane, b/c Shane has family obligations, he has to let him. And Shane's busy with work, so it's up to Bden to keep him entertained.


Anyway. Here are snippets from two of the WIPs on my laptop. Tell me which I should work on.

not-skeezy-Gabe, would have been my BigBang fic )

Or untitled Brendon/Spencer fic )

There are bunches more unfinished fics - biting fic? Criminal Minds/bandom cross-over? Weasley twin/Harry potions incident? Jensen Ackles/Chris Kane porn? All just waiting for me to get inspired and finish them.

Tell me which you'd like to read.
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+ I love The Cab, but I don't know how anyone was surprised that Ian and Cash and the Alexes would part ways. [ profile] why_me_why_not and I have discussed this before: Ian's musical interests clearly lay in a different direction from Alex DeLeon's. One wants to be Jimmy Page when he grows up, the other wants to be Justin Timberlake. There's nothing wrong with either desire, but they are not necessarily compatible. It's sad, but it's better that it happen amicably now than acrimoniously later.

+ There are tickets for Bonnaroo IN MY HANDS. I am, in fact, petting them and calling them my preciousssss at this very moment. It makes typing difficult.

+ You'd think family would get it right. But no. We received a check from my dad for his ACL tickets addressed to Heather Sanders. Which is not my name. I did not take MrIris's last name. Never planned to. Never considered it. Never even came up in conversation. I had a credit history in my name; I published with my name; my degree was granted to me with my name. Why should I change it to follow an antiquated tradition? I understand that casual acquaintances might not know that if they're introduced to us by our first names. But family members? Really?

+ Link courtesy of J: I find this cake disturbing on multiple levels. First because it doesn't really even look like him, but second because you'd be eating his face. (eta: this just appeared at the PATD comm, even as I was posting)
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+ I hate being the only sober person when we're out.

+ Misery Signals tomorrow at Java Jazz. I sorta hate that it's way the hell on the north side, and I'm south of town. But if we get out of the crawfish boil early enough, I might go.

+ Babies' first headlining tour. I know I was sort of critical of Cassadee's bounciness, but I think she has good stage presence, and if the aerobics-instructor vibe wears off, she'll be a pretty good front-person. (And I'll keep ignoring faux-Marshall over there on his guitar.)

+ I can't listen to Obvious now without remembering Pete Wentz fondling his crotch and singing along that "right here is where the party starts". This is so wrong.

+ When's the official announcement for the What Happens In Vegas tour?

+ Last night's SPN... made me yearn for S1 and S2, when I actually cared about Sam, even though I was even then absolutely a Dean girl. Now? Like Dean, I'm just tired.

+ Wednesday's CM? Hey, hi, PLOT HOLE. cut for spoiler )

+ ETA: ALSO? My crazy fundamentalist cousin had her seventh baby today. Yesterday. Whatever. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT. HER SEVENTH. 7th. JFC, I don't even know what to say about that.
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I am trying not to think about my stolen credit and debit cards (credit card canceled; debit card not b/c the bank's "24-hr line" doesn't actually have people there 24 hours a day even though their website says to call IMMEDIATELY if your card is stolen; police report filed), so I'm going through my photos.

And I have a question - I'm remarkably ignorant about We The Kings, so if this is obvious, just tell me. What is the symbol on Drew's bass? )


Dear Singer,
Please stop bending over into my line of sight right when I'm trying to get a good shot of Ian, because I really don't need to see your ass, your crotch, or your underwear any more than I already have, and I don't really want stealth!Singer shots - I get enough of you as it is. Got it? Kthnx.
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I was trying to post every day in February, but visiting in-laws in Rockport thwarted me yesterday.

+ We attended the Lamar Volunteer Fire Dept's fundraiser, a Mardi Gras celebration. There was a band, Whiskey Bent Joseph, which looked to be two kids and their dads & friends. Seriously, the drummer boy was maybe fourteen, and the guitarist was possibly sixteen, and the guitarist. OMG, he SANG. He opened his mouth and this VOICE came, singing the blues, and I did a double take. Like, that voice is coming from that kid? And "shred" isn't the right word for blues guitar, but he was AMAZING, and it was so cute to see him look over at his dad, who was sort of fingering the frets of his own guitar, not playing but gesturing, encouraging him.

+ Eric Ronick's opening a studio in LA? With which of the Discos? (*pointedly avoids comparing canyon living to other people who apparently now live in a canyon in LA*)

+ I am not particularly a Singer fan, but sometimes his twitters and blogs just make me want to hug him. Not a creepy I'm-really-into-you kind of a hug, but an everything-will-be-alright kind of hug. He seems so needy. I'm almost embarrassed for him, which makes NO SENSE AT ALL.

+ I had more to say, but I am blanking completely. Gah. More later. Maybe.


+ [ profile] why_me_why_not posted a Gabe Saporta picspam to inspire me. :D Seriously, every time I think I'm going to make some progress on my bigbang fic, some new shiny distracts me. This will maybe keep my eyes on the Gabe!shiny.
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[ profile] why_me_why_not's tickets are booked for the Believers Never Die roadtrip. \\O//

♥ our manuscript is going to rest over the weekend; we'll re-read and edit, then submit Monday (I hope)

♥ home-made imperial stout on tap

♥ Badger hockey; I miss the Kohl Center

♥ Dante on my lap

♥ Cash's twitter

no ♥ for getting up in time to leave at 7am tomorrow to drive down to Rockport

Eric Clapton, Brandi Carlile, and The National

♥ Pete Wentz fanboying Matt Skiba

this pic from the 2006 VMAs )
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DDD: <- me earlier, b/c I wanted to be in Lubbock or Corpus Christi right now

:DDDD <- me now, because Rise Against/Rancid tour dates were finally announced, and they're in Austin and Houston on a Friday and Saturday - and b/c Billy Talent are opening for the July dates

Now I'd just like AAR and the PWTs to announce the rest of their summer tours, so I can see which dates overlap and where I'm going to waste my vacation days.

Also, do I need a "Blame Tabby" icon? Or an "I surrender; bandom wins" icon?
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I am trying not to bitch about work (again) right now. Instead, here's my happy list for the day:


♥ mojitos

♥ The Cab's new t-shirt, which follows in the FBR tradition of being both ugly and nonsensical

♥ mojitos

♥ college hockey on my tv

♥ Madeleine Peyroux

♥ did I mention mojitos?

♥ MrIris yelling at the tv: "That guy totally slashed him! Where's the whistle?" *cough*
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(really really necessary today)

♥ new episodes of Supernatural (Oh, Dean. Also? HAHAHA, did anyone else see the trend in the names the perp used when they lured the first four victims?)

Headfirst Slide. (I know most of you probably have this song already, but on the off chance that someone doesn't... click.) Even though the lyrics are not cheerful, I could listen to this on a loop just for Patrick Stump's voice, and the way he belts out the "does your husband know"s.

♥ Alex DeLeon, you precious, precious failboat

ridiculous t-shirts that are inappropriate for work (I wore it anyway)

boyfriends who are married and share clothing

The Line, by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

♥ knowing that a copy of Chelsea Cain's Sweethearts is on its way (from J)

♥ bow-tie pasta with peppers and peas in vodka-cream sauce
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P.S. Twittering about it not once but twice? Really?
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IP begun.

Fridge delivered. Installed.

Seminar attended.

Procrastinating - I've got an hour or so of work to do in the cold room. DNW. But it's required.

So in the meantime, here, have some cooing over the TAI/Cab cover of Santeria )

ETA: Also, when are the Rancid/Rise Against tour dates going to be announced? And the official HCT announcement? *whines*
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Why are the TX dates all WEEK NIGHTS? I can't go to Dallas and San Antonio and miss that many days of work.
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I met a bunch of awesome folks, like [ profile] vic_ramsey, [ profile] xingou, [ profile] eckerlilas, [ profile] fiddleyoumust, and [ profile] shutyourface on Thursday and Friday. Actually, I met more people, but I can't remember all the real names and LJ names (and someday my brain is going to explode from the cognitive dissonance of dual identity, just so you know). Others who saw the Texas RBL dates plus the PWTs/The Cab show at the Meridian on Friday will probably write epic reviews and include pictures, so I'm not going to do a whole recap.

a few little things )

Do I need to go to Dallas on the 30th to see The All-American Rejects?


Nov. 5th, 2008 07:44 am
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I was just looking through the work/home calendars to figure out the events of the next couple of weeks, and realized that we totally missed The Secret Order at the Alley on Sunday. I thought it was next Sunday. *facepalm*

the list )

these are luring me to Dallas )

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*sputters incoherently*

Plain White Ts at the Meridian on 14November.




I know that the Warehouse is booked for a private event that night, and I'm not sure what's going on at Verizon, but seriously, there must be somewhere they could book to do another show, right? but Verizon Wireless is NOT, according to LiveNation's calendar.

Surely they can reschedule. Right? RIGHT?


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