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+ There should be a countdown on my phone:

11Oct - PWTs, Houston HOB
18Oct - Panic/Patrick, San Antonio
19Oct - Panic/Patrick, Austin
20Oct - Panic/Patrick, NOLA
21Oct - Jack's Mannequin, Houston HOB
22Oct - Buzzfest, Houston (Bush, Evans Blue, Chevelle, Filter, etc.)
28-30Oct - Voodoo Experience, NOLA (28th - Soundgarden, My Chem, Fitz & the Tantrums, the Wombats, Mates of State, Ani DiFranco; 29th - Social D, blink-182, Snoop Dogg, Girl Talk, XX; 30th - The Raconteurs, TV on the Radio, Fatboy Slim, Cheap Trick)
31Oct - Panic/Patrick, DC
3Nov - Panic/Patrick, Philadelphia
4Nov- Panic/Patrick in Sayreville OR Frank Turner in Philadelphia

Theoretically, I should be completely done the last round of experiments for a paper by the Texas Disco dates, but I guess we'll see. Things never work out quite the way I hope, in terms of timing. I'm taking off for them and for Voodoo + a trip to the east coast for Discos and family-time whether or not the paper is submitted. Already requested leave.

- How does a president who has received the Nobel Peace Prize justify continued support of a government that sentences its health care workers to years of imprisonment for doing their jobs? Oh, yeah, the Fifth Fleet. That explains that. /cynicism

(On a related note, holy hell, the twitter sniping going on at Jeremy Scahill for his critique of the Awlaki assassination... O.O)

- A teeny, tiny fire ant bit me on the foot at BestFest last Saturday. (I squished it viciously in retaliation.) It itched for a few days, but that subsided. Now a purply-red welt the size of a penny surrounds the raised, darkened spot of the original bite. This cannot possibly be normal... Is it?

+ GameDay for ESPN is in Madison this week for the big red battle. It is entirely possible that we will be homebodies on Saturday night so we can watch Wisconsin play Nebraska at Camp Randall. I cannot even IMAGINE what the stadium will be like - it was crazy enough for the rare night game (I think we played Purdue and Oregon at night while I was there) but for it to be such a good match-up, ranking-wise, and for GameDay to be there (I think they only came to UW for the Michigan game back then)? State St will be soooo rowdy, OMG.

+ Sign-ups for [ profile] yagkyas are open! Go on, you know you want some.

+ It's been that kind of week at work. I believe I am going to go drink some Stone 15th Anniversary Black IPA. Mmmmm.
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1. I think Henry Jenkins has an interesting point here, and I'm really pleased with the examples of White Collar, House MD, and Castle that he chose to illustrate his point.

2. *sigh* Wanted to go see Guster and Jukebox The Ghost tonight, but I'm still grumpy about LiveNation & HOB, so no. Not giving them my money.

3. I sorta love that JScahill won the Twitter Fight Club final round against Andrew Exum. The sockpuppet twitters of AbuMuqawamaPMC and ExumRangerBeard were clever and hilarious.

4. Anthony Shadid on Democracy Now this morning. I didn't have a chance to watch the TV interviews he'd done the past few days, so. I'm glad he's still going back, to stay the head of the Beirut bureau.

5. The [ profile] we_pimpin Spring Fling fics were posted on Sunday! I decided to ration them: one per day instead of reading them all in a fit of gluttony. But then LJ started being wonky b/c of the DoS, and I got busy, so I have only read one, ONE of the fics.

6. LOL, random: for some reason my TV was set to one of the Spanish-language HBO station, so when I turned it on this evening, Avatar was on in Spanish. But it was at the point when they're speaking in the natives' language, so I couldn't really understand the audio, and I was even more confused by the subtitles being in Spanish. *facepalm*
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+ Jeremy Scahill and Josh Foust on Democracy Now this morning, in the wake of JScahill's piece on Yemen. IDK, as someone who'd sort of forgotten about Yemen's place in military/foreign policy strategy after the USS Cole until the Wikileaks revelation that Petraeus had verbalized a deal with Saleh, I found it educational.

+ The Sony Ericsson Open has a Roger/Rafa match-up in the semi-finals in the offing, if they each win their quarterfinal matches today. In any case, my plan for this evening is to watch Rafa's match against Tomas Berdych, which ESPN2 is scheduled to broadcast.

+ Work. \o/ /o\ I spent yesterday going through a bunch of old data, for the project that was mine before the Chief decided that we really needed to get the Idiot's abandoned project consolidated and shipped out for publication. A year and a half later... yeah. I'd completely forgotten some of the experiments I'd done. I did a metric fuck-ton of work on this, and it links to the Idiot's stuff, so that time was not wasted, but I'm still angry that I had to stop working on the biochemistry that interested me to finish his shit. Beyond that, we've sifted through a ton of mass spec data, and I feel like there's SO MUCH that could be done, if only there were more hours in the day. Or I could clone myself.

+ Trying to decide if I feel up to dealing with the crowds at the Discovery Green two days in a row. I don't care so much about tomorrow's headliners, but The Hold Steady are playing a set at 7pm. Ditto for Saturday: I've seen Kings of Leon, but I'm totally willing to get there early enough for a good spot to see Panic! At The Disco.

+ CHRIS CORNELL. Saturday. (Really, I don't think that requires any more commentary.)

+ A's birthday Monday. He can't decide what sort of birthday cake he wants, or where he'd like to go for his birthday supper. Suggestions for a restaurant that will not require travel anywhere near Reliant Park during the NCAA Final?
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In a single commercial break switching between Meet The Press and Fareed Zakaria's GPS, I saw ads for Boeing, Bank of America, and the oil & natural gas industry.

And people think mainstream media is impartial?


Oh, hey, Tom Ricks is on MTP, I guess I won't turn it off just yet.

ETA: Aaaaand, in a second commerical break, ads for:
Northern Trust, wealth managers who seek to minimize taxes (their words)
America's Natural Gas organization
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1. I thought more than once about extending my visit to NYC when I got the NDP notice and then the pre-sale code for the Discos' show at the Bowery, but I seriously cannot spend that time off without consequences - the day and a half I'm taking are being made up by working MLK Jr Day and the thirteen hours I spent in lab on Tuesday. (As an aside, J is going to be in town that weekend too. Cling-time! :D :D :D)

2. New post-doc arrived. SO TIRED OF ANSWERING QUESTIONS. It would be okay if it were just her, but I have literally spent hours the last three days showing other people how to do things. It's not like I have, you know, shit of my own to do.

3. I keep thinking about writing something, anything, but by the time I get home from work, I can't be bothered to think straight.

4. Almost through S2 of The West Wing. It's funny in a sad way how a decade after these episodes aired, NONE of the issues they confront have altered significantly. (And I still love CJ like burning.) [ETA: The more I watch, the less I care for Bartlet. To me he comes off as a predictable, pompous ass who relies on a bottomless well of useless trivia, his own opinion, and the bible more than anything else.]

5. Rise Against's new album comes out the same week as GD's Awesome As Fuck? Good music week. Actually, I think that's the week of SXSW, so it'll be a FABULOUS music week. :D :D :D (Also, did I ever flail here about Another Station; Another Mile? My heart eyes over them, I can't even explain.)

6. I was earwormed today by Wisdom, Justice, and Love. First when Tavis Smiley & Amy Goodman got into it on Democracy Now this morning (and wasn't that a total lovefest?) and then when my iPod kept cycling through A Thousand Suns. [There was a thought somewhere about violent political rhetoric and the long war and the political assassinations of the 60s, but I'm too tired to connect the dots now.]

7. A reminder from J had me all excited: the new Mercy Gunderson novel is out! And Amazon said that my copy had been delivered. But there is no package on my doorstep, in my mailbox, or in my neighbor's house. The USPS is not being particularly helpful at the moment, but I suppose that's because it's after hours. *sigh* I guess I'll keep slogging through Aftermath and Learning To Eat Soup With A Knife in the meantime.


9. 30Jan shows of American Idiot are/will be sold out b/c it's BJA as St. Jimmy and it's most likely Michael Esper's last show, y/n?

10. Fanta orange soda + Dripping Springs vodka = A+ supper choice
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1. I feel like I've lost my porn-fu. Ugh, it took me FOREVER to write some comment-fic porn, and I can't tell if it's because it's a pairing I've never written before or if I'm getting stuck on mechanics and description. (Please note that I have not written any more of my exchange fic. My brain's squarely focused on things that have no deadline and/or are complete crack. Like the porn that would go with item #12 of the girl!Brad not!fic.)

2. Last night's show at Fitzgerald's was stellar. I appreciate Amanda Palmer's solo work, but her + Brian Viglione = so fucking much more energy. It's not multiplicative or additive, it's exponential. They were on stage for 2.5 incredible hours. Coin-Operated Boy, Gravity, the Jeep Song, Missed Me, all that stuff, with the bonus of a performance of War Pigs as the finale. ***That's not video of last night - I didn't have my camera, and no-one's uploaded it, that I can find.

Every time AFP's internet hubbub annoys me and I tell myself I'm not going to bother with her or DD again, I remember how fantastic the live shows are, and remain willing to pay the venue's entry fee.

(Girl In A Coma opened. Ungh, Nina Diaz. Your VOICE. Especially on the cover of For What It's Worth.)

3. Totally unrelated to music or fiction. Sort of. Nir Rosen debated Max Boot on Fareed Zakaria's GPS this morning. It was painful to watch, because clearly neither could or would concede any ground, and if you believe the thinkers at CFR, well, I guess I have to ask if you've drunk the Kool-Aid. But on a purely visual level, I was interested in the contrast between them: Boot in his suit and shorn hair seated at an angle to Rosen, who was wearing jeans and a casual shirt and jacket, if I recall correctly, and a pair of Chucks.

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a) BRMC's Live In London DVD is on sale. If you pre-order from the band's website, there's an immediate download of the audio files. I have no words for what the live version of Aya does to me. Just. Yeah. I'll be... over there. *waves helplessly*

b) Vacuuming, dusting, dishes are done. Laundry's mostly done.

c) 100 pages more read of Aftermath. I could pretend that I have something profound to say about it, but mostly right now I'm pondering how very small the world of punditry, analysis, and journalism is, given all the comments from other folks whose blogs I follow. Interesting to read Rosen's analysis of the surge in Iraq, and of Petraeus, and compare to previous authors' opinions.

d) Instead of writing my [ profile] yagkyas exchange fic, I spent the day pondering a GK Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves AU.

I can feel you judging me, and all I can say in my defense is that Alan Rickman was AWESOME in that movie.

And that you know you'd read a thousand words of shenanigans involving swordfights and ambushes in the woods if it included Brad blowing into Nate's ear when he's about to win the archery contest.

e) Gabe Saporta's love for Mikeyway will never cease to entertain me. He encapsulates everything that drew me to bandom bands, back in the day, before I realized bandom even was a fandom.
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a) I assume y'all know this, but I keep LJ separate from FB and Twitter, so I won't be crossposting, and I'd appreciate the same courtesy.

b) Also, as a reminder, I am [personal profile] favoritemistake over on DW. I keep forgetting to crosspost there, but I suppose if there's another mass migration, I'll start doing so.

c) Godammit. My sister is evil. )

d) I have listened to Are We The Waiting an unhealthy number of times since the AOL session with the American Idiot cast was released. I've got it in a loop with the cast CD, the American Idiot CD, and the Bullet In A Bible version [Did you know it's listed as We Are The Waiting there? I couldn't figure out why it wasn't with the other versions when I arranged the titles alphabetically. And also, b/c I listen to the CD version more than I watch the DVD, I'd forgotten that Billie Joe Armstrong introduces the song as St. Jimmy, so I was all "wut?" when I watched it again the other night, and saw/heard that.] and I need to set the iPod down and just Step. Away.

e) I'm gonna go write the next bit of the 5 Times fic that's living in my brain right this second.

f) And watch Jeremy Scahill on Countdown with Keith Olbermann.

ETA: Operation New Dawn. Is that another installment of the Twilight saga, or a military political/diplomatic mission?
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a) ESPN & Tennis Channel SUCK. Rafa and Fed and Nole played tennis this afternoon/tonight, and what were they airing? WTA in Cincy and freakin' Agassi: Between the Lines.

b) I have been disappointed many times by how centrist Obama is on a variety of issues, but today he made me proud of the office of President.

c) Arthur/Eames fic (and the pretty that is Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt) of the Inception variety has eaten my brain. But I hope to have a GK ficlet pieced together and posted some time this weekend.

d) My brain. I can't even explain the wrong that is an RPF AU spinning in there right now.

e) Time to go see if the speech Jeremy Scahill was scheduled to give this afternoon really was covered by CSPAN1. My journalistic crush, let me show you it.
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1. A ton of photos from the other night's Broadway Impact fundraiser appeared in the FYAI tumblr overnight, filling my googlereader inbox, making me happy. :D But I have to ask... why was Christina Sajous wearing what looks like a wedding gown? No, really: the pearls, the beading, the bodice's fit. What's up with that?

2. It is really hard to focus on science when I want to be writing out the porn that's on repeat in my head. Just sayin'.

3. Appropriate timing: I just read the exchange between Abizaid and Mattis to which Ricks refers here in No True Glory.

4. BRB, laughing at the little coincidences in life. I read one of the tabs I have open, a [ profile] combat_jack GKbattle fic for the "fog of war" prompt, last night before going to bed, and then I checked my googlefeed first thing this morning and found an op-ed piece by Andrew Exum in the NYT, Getting Lost In Afghanistan's Fog Of War. Fandom and news media converge once again. (Exum is inevitably tied to Fick in my brain, even though he has absolutely nothing to do with Generation Kill. It's just one of those leaps that, once made, my brain cannot un-make.)

5. DNW to go spend a few hours in the cold room. *sigh* But I suppose Mick Jagger has the right of it.

6. [ profile] why_me_why_not just posted some skating!RPS threesome fic. If I told you I was drunk. Johnny/Stephane/AdamR. You should check it out, if you're into the skating thing.
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+ Hastings earned a contract for a book about his adventures in Afghanistan? The cynic in me wonders if this was the reason for the controversial article, to generate noise and interest. (I haven't read his memoir of Iraq. Anyone have an opinion on it?)

+ The Snowflake turned over 100k miles on my commute to work yesterday. \o/?

+ I have no idea what was in the pocket of these pants when I washed them, but I put my phone in one, and when I took it out, there was something sticky on its screen. And when I put my hands into any of the pockets - front or back - they come out sticky, with something that feels like drying glue on them. D:

+ I'm not sure if it's an editing error or a type-setting error, but there have been several instances of letter inversion in my copy of The Gamble: General David Petraeus and the American Military Adventure in Iraq, 2006-2008 (do NOT get me started on the use of the word "adventure" to describe the invasion and its aftermath, just don't), with the most recently observed being:
Cook[...] had several extensive conservations with Sarhan, beginning on the first day of 2008.

Um, really? Do you mean conversations?
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So, let's put the Marines in charge in pulling our asses out of Afghanistan."

*waves upward* That's a quote from a comment at Abu Muqawama's blog entry. It sort of amuses me. A LOT.

I picked up Waging War In Waziristan: The British Struggle in the Land of Bin Laden, 1849-1947 again after finishing This Man's Army, and this sentence from tonight's reading struck me as particularly appropriate, given the uproar over McChrystal's Rolling Stone interview:
[T]he relationship between the military and politicals was not always harmonious.

No, really? That's so (not) different, a century later.

Unrelated: \o/ Rafa won today! Sadly, Hot Sauce did not. And at least one other member of the Armada lost as well. Radio Wimbledon has an iPhone app, if any of y'all are closet tennis fans. And actually, I think it's a bit better than the French Open app (possibly b/c of the differences in funding/backing between the two tourneys? IDK) - the radio has a general radio station, a feed from Centre Court, and one from Court One, so you're not stuck listening to a match you're not interested in.

The CD for the Broadway Cast's recording of American Idiot finally found its way into the stereo in the living room. SurroundSound is an amazing thing.

OK. I'm going to go see what Jon Stewart has to say about today's events and try not to stress about how long and hard a day tomorrow is going to be. ♥
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We speak of innocence like it is something to be "lost" only in tragedy, something we should do our best to hold on to no matter what. But what if innocence is something to be shed as we get older and wiser, an outer layer of skin that protects us when we are young but ultimately keeps us from seeing the world as it is?

-Andrew Exum

Hm. Hmm hmm hmm.
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Disorganized thoughts about Sebastian Junger's WAR. )

OK, I'm gonna read about some Amelia Peabody shenanigans for a while before I pry myself off the sofa and finish the weekend chores.
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I was going to post the other night, but I got distracted.

Friday night! Aaron and I went to see Tyrone Wells, and who should be there but [ profile] shutyourface, who was up front to see Tony Lucca! I didn't even know Tony Lucca was one of the openers until we got there. (Once again, we arrived when the show was supposed to be starting, and the opening act was already near the end of their set. I didn't know them, so it wasn't a big deal, but that does not give me a positive impression of the venue. Two thumbs way down, House of Blues.)

TYRONE WELLS. I don't know what to say other than he's a tall, bald, white dude (named Tyrone) who beatboxes AND yodels in the same set.


Most amusing moment: TW started the intro to Remain, and Aaron asked if he just said the name of the song was Romaine.

Me: Yes, he's going to sing to us about his love for lettuce. He's a big big fan of Caesar salads. :D

For the rest of the weekend I:

- watched most of S2 of The Wire (oh, Ziggy)

- cleaned out my closet & boxed things for Goodwill

- vacuumed and dusted the house (*sigh* Why can't the cats learn to vacuum? Or, you know, NOT SHED.)

- hung out with [ profile] mercurybard & [ profile] eckerlilas & her bbs

- did a wee bit of lab work

- watched UC's Conversations With History video of Nate Fick. I need to not have watched it, tbqh. B/c him saying that he believed that US foreign policy was generally a force for good? Uh. Um, okay, if you ignore manifest destiny, and essentially occupying and dethroning a monarch in order to aid US corporations like Dole/United Fruit, etc., among other things, I suppose you could see it that way. I was amused by minutes 21-23, when he discusses methods of dealing with mortality & danger in-theater. Who can he possibly know who uses the "superman" vs. "dead man walking" method, hm? ;)

- tried to read Lone Survivor, which is an autobiographical narrative of the loss of Seal Team Ten in Afghanistan, but I had to put it down. a) The general tenor of the author's descriptions, including calling their mission "God-given" when it was no such thing - it was mandated by the Shrub (about whom the author writes in glowing terms), not any deity - makes my blood pressure sky-rocket. b) It's told in a way that reads like a casual conversation, with a limited vocabulary and scope, and that's pretty disappointing after the last few military-related books I've read.

I also tried to read The White Queen, which is a fictional account of Elizabeth Woodville's life. She seems like she could've been really interesting, right? Wife of Thomas Grey, widowed, then wife of Edward IV, mother of the two murdered princes. But it's told in the first person. Yeah, no. Not working for me.

What else did I have to say?

:(( PStump's showcase looks like it'll be wicked difficult to get into. But. EMPIRES! They have a show that night. (Also, you should go buy BANG if you haven't already.)

Monday... was Monday. I found a water spot on the ceiling in the foyer, which I hope doesn't mean the roof needs to be replaced. But it's nearly 15 years old, so it probably does. There's also a growing mud-puddle in the side yard, right where the main pipe brings water to the house from the street, and I'm afraid *that* means the pipe needs to be excavated and replaced as well. Awesome. Just when we were thinking that our tax-return could be used to replace the living room furniture we've had for a decade, another necessity appears to suck it away.

But today is Tuesday. Tuesday is going to be a better day, right? RIGHT? :D?

I just sat through two hours of meetings. Time to get some lab work done before the next meeting.


my brain

Jan. 29th, 2010 09:17 am
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Listening to today's broadcast of Democracy Now made me want fic in which Jeremy Scahill has some reason to interview Nate Fick, CEO of CNAS. Brad has absolutely no reason to be apprehensive about this when he gets a Google alert about it, right? Because a) they were never with Blackwater, they're MARINES and b) Scahill's just a liberal media dicksuck. (Shut up about him setting a Google alert to Nate's name.) But somehow Scahill and Nate end up being the Beltway's new darlings, and they do the circuit of Sunday morning talking heads for weeks, taking up Nate & Brad's usual together time, and he is Not Amused.

Now back to contemplating how so much talent was packed into the tiny body of one Patrick V. Stump. And work, of course.


Nov. 20th, 2008 10:41 am
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I heart Jeremy Scahill so much, you guys don't even know.

Thank you for writing what I've been thinking, each time I hear a new announcement of possible cabinet secretaries and transition team members and advisors.
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The last 10 days of work have been unbelievably craptacular. My stash of TGFb must have gone through too many freeze-thaw cycles (b/c someone who shall remain nameless keeps leaving the freezer door hanging open), b/c it didn't actually activate the receptor, and all of last week's experiments were useless. This week, one sort of worked, and one sort of didn't, and the fucking luminometer, which we let stupid fucking clinicians from Internal Medicine use, was clogged with old reagent because said idjit clinicians don't know to clean up after themfuckingselves, and I spent hours last night and most of today getting it working again.

It's just this one last series of experiments, meant to hook the biochemistry with the cell biology with the physiological *point* of the proteins we study, that's being a pain in my ass.


I need a happy list like you would not believe.

Right now, what's making you guys happy?


♥ Left Hand Milk Stout for supper

♥ Dante purring on my lap

♥ the possibility that we might move into shiny new lab space that will have windows (our current lab space was built in that era when architects apparently thought it was a good idea to have profs' offices at the perimeter and laboratories in the center of the building, with no access to sunlight)

The Story, Brandi Carlile live. (courtesy of the random chick at the Brandi Carlile/Indigo Girls gig back in June; thanks for the signed CD)

♥ Robert Fisk's The Age of the Warrior.


Meme: When you see this, post an excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

Oh, god. Do you know how many WIPs I have on my laptop and desktop?

Bandom: Brendon/Shane/Regan fluffnsmut )

Bandom: vampire!Jon/Brendon )

CW RPS: Jensen/Steve )

Harry Potter: Fred/George/Harry, potions incident leads to porn )

Harry Potter: more Fred/George )

There's probably more, but some is almost finished, some is collaborative, and one is an exchange fic. So. Tell me what should get worked on, where you think they should go.
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So, I've babbled before about how much I love John Cusack, right?

I heart him even more now.

A few weeks ago he was interviewed on Democracy Now to promote his new movie, War, Inc., and today he did a live chat with WaPo in which he discussed the movie and other items political.

I just. YES. (Plus, I think his very last sentence is all too accurate.)

It's playing in limited cities. PLEASE LET IT COME TO HOUSTON.

WaPo link courtesy of J
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I am flailing like a flaily thing AGAIN.

Jeremy Scahill is doing a book signing in Houston after all, as a fundraiser for KPFT/Pacifica Radio. TOTALLY GOING, OKAY? He, Robert Fisk, Amy Goodman, and Bill Moyers are my journalist crushes. (Yes, I'm dork like that. STFU, their honesty and integrity turns me on.)


TONIGHT. Indigo Girls. Stubbs. 7pm.

And tomorrow after work we leave for Bonnaroo. I will have no sleep after driving straight back from Austin and going to work as usual, but that's fine. Because, hello, BONNAROO.

If anyone wants/needs concert calls, tell me now.


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