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I know, I know. Everyone's having totally crappy days/weeks/years.

My day didn't start off terribly, but then I spent three hours in the tissue culture hood on an experiment that gave me a dubious result. And I got into an email argument with my father, who insists on sending me articles and links to political asshattery that falls on his side of the conservative spectrum. Which pretty much a complete 180 from mine.

After being at work for 10 hours, I was trying to shut everything down for the day, but my boss came in and wanted to talk. He seems to forget that just because he got to work at 9:30am, I do not, and I have a bus to catch and shit to do that does not involve him or science in any way. >:/

But on the bright side:

1. Flight & hotel for trip to NYC on President's Day weekend: booked. Tickets for Richard III at BAM, confirmed. (Kevin Spacey as Richard, OMGGGGG. I don't care if the play is a ridic piece of political propaganda used to make the Tudors look good. KEVIN SPACEY.)

2. Zack loves us. I know you've seen them. I'm reposting them anyway. whatever we did to make him post these? we need to keep doing )

3. Butch Walker tweeted about some tour dates? IDK, I'm not going to get my hopes up too high. But Ludo's going to announce some shows soon too. So the concert drought will be ending soon, hopefully. For sure Matt Nathanson and Brandi Carlile are in town next week.


Um. I was going to post about the Australian Open, but then work got busy, and my gathering of links and pics of Rafa, Andy, Nole, & Fed was interrupted by life. By which I mostly mean work. And somehow finding myself reading in the Suits fandom, although I've never seen an episode of the TV show.

Hope your Monday was better than mine. ♥
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+ Worked today. A's traveling on business, and I'd rather save the holiday/vacation day for next week, when we go to Bonnaroo. (\o/ 8 days! And then right after we drive back from that, it's time for a fangirl confab for Panic! At The Palladium & House of Blues.)

- Lab is actually quieter and more pleasant when not so many folks are around. *sigh* After the last week, I believe that we may have a(nother) lab discussion about doing things like signing up for equipment use, turning the microscope lamp off when you're done using it, replacing the bench paper when you've soaked it, making more of common reagents (not just putting empty bottles back on shelves and in the fridge), and not leaving piles of used glassware in common areas.

+ I keep refreshing the tracking info to see if my pre-ordered copy of Ilona Andrews' Magic Slays is going to arrive tomorrow. Probably not, but I can still hope, right?

+ I also want to know when these awesome shoes are going to arrive. Seriously, everyone needs 3-inch red heels, right? :D? (Yes, I know. My shoe addiction is showing. Whatever, they are WORK ATTIRE. Totally justifiable. And I've been packing my lunch and not going to the 'Bucks for coffee, so totally within my budget.)

+ Radio Roland Garros is working fine online, but the app that was updated for 2011, not so much. Each time I try to listen via my phone, it cuts out. Even so, I've been following the tournament. NGL, each time the cameras pan out to the Eiffel Tower, I want to visit Paris again. It is possible that I spent an hour doing paperwork this morning so that I could hear the end of the Ferrer/Monfils match. Oh, Daveeeed. It is also possible that I have been collecting photos from each day's matches. Maybe someday I'll organize a picspam of awesome athletes. Or, you know, maybe just the pretty ones. ;)

- How did BUrie manage to break his ankle on stage the other night? Tripping over his shoelaces? Oh, boys. And still he managed to finish the show?

+ I was considering organizing all the Dallon-containing photos from my horribly disorganized Discos-on-tour folder for a picspam, but then the interwebs informed me that there was a [ profile] daily_dallon comm, and I got distracted. Thank you, LJ & tumblr. No, really, thank you.

Anyway. As seen elsewhere (thanks, [ profile] schlicky):
Leave me a fandom or an AU 'verse I've done, a pairing, and ONE LINE from a song or poem and I will write you a three line (minimum) fic.
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I have opinions about the news that's in the headlines, but all I'm going to say is that I hope that everyone who lost a loved one on 9/11/01 or when the USS Cole or the US embassies in Tanzania and Kenya were bombed feels some closure. I'd like to believe that this means we'll extract ourselves from the untenable, unsustainable military conflicts in which we embroiled ourselves in the name of capturing OBL, but I have sincere doubts on that subject.

IN HAPPIER NEWS. [ profile] pjvilar posted a picture that makes me FINALLY feel the urge to write, for the first time in months. If I can squeeze it in around my work hours, which have once again grown to encompass far more than the 40 for which I am paid.

AND. Seriously, did we magick Panic! At The Disco into being with our will, bandom? Because this video. SERIOUSLY. It's a half-dozen different musicals and Disney movies for a single 3-minute song, and I LOVE IT. I cannot wait for June. Or for the autumn tour with Black Cards and Neon Trees.

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1. So, that happened last night. I love it when they troll us. And I wonder if Zack encourages it or yells at them for killing fangirls (and parts of the internet) dead with their antics.

2. There is tennis on my TV and coffee in my mug and [ profile] eckerlilas linked to a finished 70k fic on the TSN kinkmeme, so I am so totally not getting to work on time today. (My desire to go to work is inversely proportional to all the stuff I have to do. Maybe you've noticed this? I'm feeling sort of stressed about all the experiments I have to do for 3 separate projects, and I haven't even told my boss yet that I'm taking the Friday and Monday of Easter weekend off - not for any religious reason, but because we're going to NYC to see The Book of Mormon and the very last show of American Idiot, and because we haven't had a weekend away where A's away from his work Blackberry in a long time.)

3. I created an account at AO3! LJ's lack of reliability the last couple of weeks made me decide to archive fic, and since I don't even know if OWL's affiliate archives are still open (and even if they are they absolutely don't take RPF), I figured I should choose an alternative. Of course, this means actually re-reading some of the fic I wrote YEARS AGO, and I am seriously facepalming at myself. OMGWTF was I thinking?

OK. I have a tab of fic that I promised [ profile] why_me_why_not I'd beta two days ago, and there's the TSN fic to read, and Rafa is now on screen in all his Un-Cola glory, so I should get going on my morning activities, yes?

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1. MOAST IMPORTANT. [ profile] jmc_bks posted more in her Brad/Ray AU: A Steady Diet of Sodapop & Ritalin. :D :D :D

2. LOL, yes, this, exactly. But I also judge when inappropriate apostrophes are used.

3. Work is closed for non-essential personnel, but research staff are exempt from that rule. I have a bunch of stuff to do, but since all the roads I'd normally take to work are closed or have overpasses onto which police are admitting cars one at a time, I believe I will wait until later. Also? I can't find the ice-scraper that I kept in the Snowflake when I lived in Utah, so I have to defrost Sasha manually. Another reason to wait until it warms up.

4. In the meantime, I am going to watch the videos of the Discos in 104.5's studio over and over again. The sound and video quality are better than the Live Q&A vid from the other day. DAMN, I'M GLAD TO SEE THEIR STUPID FACES, AND TO HEAR BDEN'S VOICE (whatever his GF's doing, she needs to keep doing, b/c he looks and sounds awesome and happy), AND TO LAUGH AT HOW BEING RELEGATED TO TAMBOURINEMAN STILL MAKES SPENCER CRANKY. Now gimme those tour-dates! (Or, you know, be sure to come to SXSW.)
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Awesome As Fuck? Really? I mean, I knew the live album/DVD would be out in the spring, but I didn't realize that was the name. I really need to check into GDA more often.
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ILU, Dave Grohl. For a variety of reasons, up to and including giving the world an album with Josh Homme singing Mind Eraser, No Chaser.

But also for quotes like this:

On recording with Butch Vig:
Going back to make an album with a producer you've worked with before is not unlike going back and fucking a girlfriend you had 20 years ago. It can either be really good or a total fucking disaster.

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1. I'm really enjoying Butch Walker's new album. The whole thing entertains me, but I'm particularly infatuated with She Likes Hair Bands. B/c A) yes, and B) I really want to hear that song performed live. Preferably with Brendon Urie singing along. (STFU, you can't tell me the white board in the video wasn't a hint.)

2. ♥ Alkaline Trio's This Addiction. I am afraid their Houston show is on the same night as one of the Sweet Sixteen games we have tickets for. I sincerely hope the Badgers are not playing, b/c I love them, but Alkaline Trio wins, hands down.

3. Sold the Muse tickets. Aaron's going to be out of town, and if he's not here, I'd rather go to SXSW and see The Whigs. ILU, Matthew Bellamy, but you can't compete with an entire city of live music.

4. This needs to be photoshop'd. With this, I think:

Yes? No? I can't be the only person who's thought of this.

5. Happy hour at Mia Bella. Mmm. Wine. Risotto. Good conversation.

6. \o/ Julian Casablancas has some TX dates, including one at Houston's HOB. Tell me more about Last Nite, sir. Please.
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Day 01 → My favorite song
Day 02 → My favorite movie
Day 03 → My favorite television program
Day 04 → My favorite book
Day 05 → My favorite quote
Day 06 → Whatever strikes my fancy
Day 07 → A photo that makes me happy
Day 08 → A photo that makes me sad
Day 09 → A photo that I took
Day 10 → A photo of me, taken at least 10 years ago
Day 11 → A photo of me, taken recently
Day 12 → Whatever strikes my fancy
Day 13 → A fictional book
Day 14 → A non-fictional book
Day 15 → A fanfic
Day 16 → A song that makes me cry (or almost)
Day 17 → A piece of art
Day 18 → Whatever tickles my fancy
Day 19 → A talent of mine
Day 20 → A hobby of mine
Day 21 → A recipe
Day 22 → A website
Day 23 → A YouTube video
Day 24 → Whatever tickles my fancy
Day 25 → My day, in great detail
Day 26 → My week, in great detail

Day 27 → This month, in great detail

Really? I didn't blog enough about this? It was mostly work, with a couple of servings of concerts and holiday disgruntlement.

Day 28 → This year, in great detail

Again, really? OK.

January: work, mostly

February: work, some fanfic writing

March: more work, more shows

April: paper accepted (more work), fangirl funtimes (gimme that Patrick Stump!)

May: work, plus some good concerts (BUTCH WALKER, GUYS)

June: a little bit of work, interrupted by Bonnaroo and pneumonia

July: pneumonia continued, back to work

August: work, with a whole lot of travel in between, including a family wedding & Chicago/MSP for fangirl funtimes and Discos (done, and done!)

September: work, travel, work, Falloutboys

October: work, travel, work, family visits, ACL (more Dave Grohl, plz), work, travel for work

November: Ludo, Thanksgiving

December: posting every day

Day 29 → Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days

I don't really do resolutions, as such, because I find them counterproductive. I'd like to be happy and healthy and still employed in the new year, and wish the same for everyone else here.

Day 30 → Whatever tickles your fancy

Well, I'm pretty tickled by this twitpic. I just can't help but smile. I mean, really? How many people can you fit into a bathroom safely, along with sharp objects and a cameraphone? And om nom hair?
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~ The Revolting Cocks are touring with Blownload? There's a joke there, I'm sure of it.

~ JWalk just made me ♥_♥ at him for the first time in a long while.

~ Gabe has his own clothing line too? IDEK what to say. Except that I hope it doesn't include purple hoodies and other day-glo attire.

~ I know this isn't news: Ticketmaster is such a rip-off. Fuck you, no, I'm not paying $10 in fees on a $15 ticket. I'll pick it up from the box office when I'm in the vicinity for some other show reason.

~ \o/ Angels! (Even if I missed House b/c of scheduling conflicts with your epic game.)

~ I would like work-related people to stop following me on Twitter. It makes it awkward when I bitch about work problems.

Sandy is perched on the back of the sofa right behind me, and she's grooming. The wet sound of her tongue against her fur makes me shudder. WHY CAN'T SHE GO DO THAT ELSEWHERE? Like, seriously, ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE HOUSE!
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a) Let me tell you how much I like the jacket Brendon wore for the fuse thing. Lookit the cuffs.

b) I would like Spencer to sit up straight. Stop slouching! He's started standing properly instead of slouching; clearly he needs some lessons in proper seated posture as well.

c) I want a bajillion words of fic describing how domestic and happy they are IN THEIR CONDO/APT/HOUSE, WITH THEIR DOG, writing THEIR music, and how they can't help touching each other and looking at each other like this, even when they're in public.


Sep. 5th, 2009 04:59 pm
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I would like a million words of fic describing the mirror that lives at the foot of Brendon's bed that makes this twitpic possible. How it came to be there, what it gets used for. Whatever.

I firmly believe he practices some of his goofy poses and expressions, and it's always been in the corner of the room and only recently got moved to its current position. But maybe it's something he bought after Spencer moved in. Tell me your theories!

(I know some people speculate that someone else took the photo. But I don't think so: his tattoo is on the wrong arm and the text on his shirt is backwards. Yes, I'm enough of a creeper to know that.)
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Did he just wink at Mark Hoppus? Really?

Oh god. Mark the cool senior thinks the flirting is HYSTERICAL, okay? Because Bden's friend Spencer is so obviously into him and Bden is oblivious and Mark's a friendly guy, but he really likes having sex with girls and not so much the cock.
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Friday was the beginning of Chicago shenanigans! (And Minneapolis, since I decided after winning M&G there to actually ATTEND that concert.)

Fangirl funtimes )

I have to get some sleep so I can be coherent for work tomorrow, so here are some pics without commentary. They're not particularly awesome pics, but if you take them and use them, let me know. I'm having issues with Photobucket and my camera, which appears to have duplicated EVERY FUCKING PICTURE, so when I get it sorted out, I'll upload more and comment about the Minneapolis show. ♥

pretty tour is pretty )

ETA: photo album is here


Aug. 2nd, 2009 12:23 pm
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Oh, Ryan Ross. Facepalm does not adequately describe my current position/facial expression. I mean, really? The coke pictures at her place weren't enough?

Congratulations, I guess.

I think the beginning of the txt conversation [ profile] shutyourface and I had this morning says it all.
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They Just Howl
by [ profile] why_me_why_not (who did the vast majority of the work here) and [ profile] irisgirl12000
bandom || Empires + Jon Walker, mentions of TAI || teen || ~3100 words
Disclaimer: FALSEHOODS AND LIES! Not meant to imply anything about the people whose names are used.
Summary: Werewolf AU of sorts. Tom has been on his own since getting kicked out of William's pack.

Srsly, guys. Werewolf fic. The wolves are sort of Dresden Files in nature. Mostly this is a finding-your-place kind of fic. And it's really all b/c of [ profile] shutyourface, so thank or blame her for seeding our brains with the idea, as you see fit.
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+ New student joined the lab today. He won't officially start doing lab work for a couple of weeks, but we cleared some of The Idiot's overflow off the vacant bench for him. IDK how this is going to work out. I'm nominally in charge of directing his project, since it's one that I started. There's not a personality clash or a language barrier, but New Student was seriously addicted to texting when he did his tutorial. Which probably sounds hypocritical coming from me, right? But I usually leave my phone in my desk drawer, and check it on breaks. (Having an office away from lab is actually really good for curbing my email and text addiction, I think.) He would pause *while I was telling him how to do an experiment* to read/send texts. I tried to explain: if you are not listening to me, that tells me you don't need my help, in which case, I have better things to do than hold your hand. It was to the point that The Chief noticed, and planned to address that in his "these are my expectations" speech. Also, New Student is diabetic, and it's really uncontrolled. Like, there would be points in the day when his blood sugar was so low that I could *see* that he was disconnected from reality - could not think straight - and that's dangerous in lab. He doesn't control his sugar well, and he isn't careful about his diet. I guess we'll see.

+ Bandit? Really? I shouldn't be surprised, I suppose.

+ ♥ Nick Scimeca & De'Mar Hamilton & Daniel Castady's cover of Modern Love


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