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~ Soundgarden. They played the Bayou Music Center Friday night. It was an okay show. IDK, Ben Shepherd was phoning it in, the guitar didn’t sound crisp (I’m not sure if it was Thayil’s playing or the sound system), and they need to either project stuff or have a light show, not both. The song choice was good until the very end, when instead of performing something like Outshined or Slaves and Bulldozers or basically ANYTHING upbeat, they performed Like A Suicide and Rowing. Most. Depressing. Songs. Ever. I had tickets to the show in Austin on Saturday, but didn’t feel like making the drive for a lackluster repeat.

+ The Hush Sound. River City Extension opened for them. I’m perplexed about why they were all shirtless, and I thought they used to have more members, including an actual trumpet player? But I like their music and energy. Did not care AT ALL for Hockey. Just, boring lyrics, too much 80s influence, weird vocals effects.

+ The French Open has begun! This is great, as we ‘ve reach the point in the season where there is no longer hockey every night. I’m excited to see if Sharapova can repeat or if Serena will maintain the stranglehold she’s had on clay this spring. And if Rafa’s return takes him back to the finals.

~ Work stuff. I applied to a couple of jobs in Chicago this weekend. And updated my past employers, since they will probably be contacted by future employers. It’s weird; my thesis advisor has been sitting on a paper for 13 years, not doing any work on it. She’s a serious procrastinator. When I applied for faculty positions back in the day, I got notices from various institutions that they’d love to interview me but they were still waiting on her letter of reference. You can imagine how much I appreciated that. So I emailed the prof the other day expecting to get zero response, but she replied WITHIN ONE DAY. And she’s got a student who’s interested in the subject of that last paper, so it MIGHT ACTUALLY GET PUBLISHED SOME DAY. It’s been so long, and other papers have been published on the topic, so what I wrote will have to be re-evaluated. But it might not hide on a shelf forever. I’m excited about that!

+ Star Trek: Into Darkness. I didn’t have high expectations for this movie, because it’s Star Trek. The even-number movies always suck. But I enjoyed it for what it was, despite some annoyances, particularly the flip in Kirk’s and Spock’s roles between this movie and original The Wrath of Khan.

+ Lagunitas' Gnarlywine. Delicious. I'm not always a fan of Lagunitas, but I'd drink this one again. But probably not much of it, because at 9% alcohol it knocked me on my ass.
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Do I need to go to Chicago the first weekend in February to see The Hush Sound and Empires? Probably not. But there's a relatively cheap airfare, it wouldn't use any vacation days, and I have enough points with my credit card to have a free room downtown. But Aaron doesn't want "to travel just to see a band", even though he really liked The Hush Sound, more than either of the members' subsequent projects.

Gah. If it doesn't cause too much strife, I might just go by myself. Anyone else planning on attending? :D?
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While LJ's behaving...

+ I forget to post over there, mostly, but I am favoritemistake over on DW.

+ Been re-reading Snarry and Snarry/Weasley fic. How much do I love [ profile] anal_cram_ink's Beaters & Seekers? A LOT.

+ My schedule for the next week:

Today: work
Saturday: work briefly, play at the Alley
Sunday: work (at least four uninterrupted hours with the Nikon A1)
Monday: work (four more hours with the A1)
Tuesday: work (four more hours with the A1), dentist appt
Wednesday: work (four MORE hours with the A1 if I can wangle them from the imaging facility manager), pack
Monday: fly back to Houston, work

What's up with y'all?
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1. Hello, internet! My laptop's fan is running over time. I'm somewhat concerned that this means the end is nigh. I've only checked LJ sporadically lately, over my phone, and I'm terrible about commenting since I hate to do extensive typing on the tiny touch-screen, but if I've missed something important, please let me know!

2. For [ profile] thespatz, some BRMC. My internet connection is really slow - it took over an hour to get these three uploaded - but here are BRMC, Take Them On, On Your Own, and Live In London. I'll try to get Baby 81 and Beat The Devil's Tattoo up soon, also.

3. Um. I had all sorts of stuff to say about HP & the Deathly Hallows, but it feels too belated to post about it now. On the surface I was entertained. McGonagall! Neville! But there's so much that just ended up being ignored or glossed over, and in the end we got one "it's okay if you're sorted into Slytherin, son" instead of addressing the marginalization of an entire House. Which, OK, JKR did in the books, so the movie was limited in how it could tell the story. But still. \o/ /o\

4. Work. Spent a full day there yesterday, despite it being a Saturday. At least this way I can use one less vacation day for the Lolla?

5. Empires. Please let them actually play a show during Lollapalooza. SVV said they were trying to set something up when I asked, but who knows if it'll actually happen.


7. Sign-ups for [ profile] we_pimpin's next fic exchange are open! Go check it out!

8. I just read KA Mitchell's No Souvenirs. Recs for m/m (e)books?
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1. I had to be at work relatively early Monday morning, so I missed seeing Stamps perform on Fox News. Actually, it's just as well, because I would've been conflicted about breaking my "never ever will I watch Fox News" rule. But then Stamps linked to their performance. (I'm still conflicted about visiting a Fox News site, tbh.) It's... sort of strange? The anchorperson is this super awkward dude, and I don't think Ren Patrick's voice comes over well in the video. But still. Publicity. And a new song.

2. Awesome As Fuck really is that awesome. I got the download and listened to it Monday night, but I didn't have a chance to watch the Tokyo concert until tonight. I like that it's straight through, unlike Bullet In A Bible. (Also? The video to the Tokyo performance of When I Come Around is available for free download from iTunes right now.)

3. I know everyone's been linking to the interviews and reviews on LJ and tumblr, so I won't spam y'all with repeats of pics and such, but seriously. Vices & Virtues is going into the DVR after the Green Day disc is finished. And, yeah. BOYS. Nobody ships you like YOU ship you.

4. SCIENCE! Yesterday I received a gargantuan file of mass spec data, and it is FABULOUS. I spent the afternoon and most of today sifting through protein IDs, trying to parse which ones I think will be the most interesting, relevant interactors to pursue. Probably tomorrow or Friday The Chief and I will get a couple of coffees and compare notes to map out the direction I should steer my project.

5. My head still aches from spending the day with dilated pupils. But apparently my optic nerves are healthy, the intraocular pressure is low-to-normal, and my prescription is actually slightly *better* than it was last year.

6. [ profile] passe_simple posted Jesse/Andrew baby-fic that has been open in a tab on my computer since Monday evening, and I will read it tonight.

7. US vs. Spain Davis Cup will be in Austin in July. ROAD-TRIP! RAFA and FeVer and Daveeeeed. Plus Andy Roddick, I guess?
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Theoretically there will be a post about SXSW, but I am doing laundry and contemplating the drive up to Cypress to see Stamps perform at some crawfish-related festival or something at Cypress Saloon. Am I fated to only see Stamps perform at restaurants? (Seeing a band gig at TGIFriday's bar will never stop being a source of amusement, although I thought the performance was outstanding.)

So you get two least-blurry phone pics.

This happened. )

And so did this. )
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I feel like all I ever do here now is whine about work. :( BUT FOR THIS POST, NO WHINING!

1. SXSW in less than one week. Stamps! Gold Motel! Empires! Hopefully Electric Touch and Taddy Porter and Discos! I don't think I'll get there in time for the Black Cards show, but that's alright. At least four days of music music music.

2. [ profile] harriet_vane has tempted me into comment fic about Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield accidentally cuddling and going on shellfish dates. IDEK.

3. Paper should go out to MCB Oncogene tomorrow. FUCK, YES. I want it off my desk.

4. Indian Wells. :D :D :D J is there (or going to be this afternoon, rather) so I expect full reports on Ana and Nole and SStosur and Rafa and Nando's fauxhawk.

5. I didn't really have a fifth point, but for symmetry reasons I like it as the number of items on a list. Um... prompt me? I feel like I really am coming out from my fandom hibernation.
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I had stuff to say about last night's show at the House of Blues, and how awesome (and hot) Tim Lopez growing into a bigger role on-stage is, but that was superceded by a cursory examination of the SXSW artist list.

DISCOS at SXSW. No details about day or venue yet, but.

:D :D :D :D

[ profile] arielchan and I discussed this possibility a while back, and now it is happening, and OMG, GIMME THAT ALBUM AND THAT STEAMPUNK AESTHETIC AND TOUR DATES SO THE FANGIRL ROADTRIPS MAY BEGIN!

ETA: While I'm thinking about it! Help Stamps get to SXSW. If you don't know them, they are Robert Morris (formerly of the Hush Sound), Ren Patrick, and Adam James. (Also, Ian Crawford played guitar on their first EP, but has since parted ways (to tour with the Discos).)

ETA2: (17Feb2011) Discos' entry on the schedule has vanished, and the link is dead. D: D: D:
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I'm gonna go watch the TiVo'd Olympics before I say much about tonight's show, but I have to tell you guys three things.

1. Ian + glasses + guitar = OT3

2. MrIris turned to me as The Cab were setting up and said, "They have to be gay. They're too pretty not to be." And then later, "There must be flaming orgies on their bus. Look at them."

NO LIE. He doesn't even know about Cab bandslash (although he *does* know about my slash proclivities, generally). Should I introduce him to GSF? Y/N?

3. Bob Morris, please to be shaving that thing off your face. It's acceptable on JWalk, marginally so on Spencer Smith or Bob Bryar. Please get rid of it.


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