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+ live music, A+, with a side of family dysfunction )

+ So, after THAT, we drove back to Houston in time to see The Mountaintop. Appropriate on the day before MLK Jr Day. I enjoyed the set a lot, and I really liked the first half of the play, but when it turned a little surreal, I started to check out. Until the final scene, which was gorgeously done.

+ On the subject of hockey: #mnwild's Granlund scored his first NHL goal, Parise scored (I was the saddest panda, staring at the pic of his stall in the Wild dressing room [I just typed staal, guys, idek] and Wild jersey, you don't even know), the NJ Devils won. And SUCK IT, FLYERS. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that if the Devils are my "husband" team, the "boyfriend" team is going to be the Wild this year. Sad side note: please do not let the Aeros fail to renew the lease for Toyota Center, because I don't want them to move to Des Moines. D:

~ What is going on with Michael Phelps' face? Seriously. (Related, in that the pic I saw of him was in a Deadspin article about the Ravens winning the AFC championship: already so tired of the Harbaugh bros storyline. Thank fuck there's hockey and tennis to distract me.)

OK. Now I'm going to go switch back and forth between the Li Na/Radwanska QF match at AO (and then Daveeeeed's QF match) and the Red Wings/Blue Jackets game. And think about the next square to be filled in my trope_bingo card.
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+ Last weekend when we went to SATX for the family ~thing, StepMom loaned us the DVDs for all seven seasons of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Time to marathon a season or two?

~ Work is work. Two post-docs are on maternity leave + Student defends his masters thesis next week, so we're experiencing temporary shrinkage. We're hiring a technician to help with some chores and animal care/characterization (b/c the one thing I stipulated when I was hired was no animal care. ever.) and I'll have a summer undergrad, so we'll be full-up again soon.

~ I finally finished the March bookclub book, The Thirteen Tale. Eh. Sort of gothic mystery, Jane Eyre meets... IDK, Rebecca? I was not impressed. It took multiple instances of picking-up and putting-down before I settled into it, and the ideas expressed about twins irked me. Like, REALLY. I don't care if it was supposed to be early 20th century psychology of twins, it was just lame. a) Don't compare non-twinned people to amputees, missing something they need; if they never had a twin to begin with, they don't know they're missing anything, unlike an amputee. (The narrator's ~issues feel sort of inflated, and I know she has them to parallel what the Missus thinks re: twins, but if she hadn't been a sneak and found info as a kid, would she ever have known? I doubt it.) b) Don't act like there's some amount X of empathy that an embryo has in the womb, and if all of it goes to one twin then the other won't get any. Physical =/ emotional. Also, if pyschology DOES have some basis in genetics, identical twins start with identical genes. Someone's got some weird ideas. But I did enjoy the way, in the story within the story, the narrator's pronoun choice signaled shifts and gave clues to the ultimate outcome.

+ Apparently we are brewing beer this weekend? There's still imperial stout on tap, but the double IPA didn't age well. Whatever, as long as I don't have to be the person organized and alert at 8am on my day off, I don't care.

+ New music! AAR's album, Empires' EP, and The Used album all dropped on Tuesday! Anyone else I'm missing? I'm sure there is. I feel like my twitter feed was pretty chatty about this topic earlier in the week.

~ I feel like there was something else I was going to say... maybe about tennis? Rafa + Daveed both made it to the QFs at Miami. The Williams sisters lost, but I was super impressed that Venus made it as far as she did, and have high hopes for the rest of her season. And I'm hoping that Sharapova delivers a smackdown to Wozniacki today. Even as I type. Or... IDK, maybe that Electric Touch is at HOB tomorrow, and I haven't decided if I'm going to go see them or not? Memory, the first thing to go!
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+ J is going to visit in October. \o/

+ I've flailed about Rise Against before. There are no heart-eyes big enough to express my love for this band. Seriously. Tim McIlrath was on HLN's Showbiz News the other night before the MTV premiere, and he's blogged about this song and its video, which was a collaborative effort with the It Gets Better project.

+ I had something to say about songs that are popular right now (including some of Rise Against's and Lady Gaga's Born This Way) vis a vis 33 Revolutions Per Minute, but my brain is fried.

+ Also had some thoughts about Emily's Army's debut album, but haven't really collected them. Except that I am pretty amused by Asslete.

+ Wimbledon! I haven't been able to watch much (just the first few games of Serena and Venus Williams the past couple of days - they were up and down but triumphed), but the Radio Wimbledon app is working pretty well. Far better than Radio Roland Garros did, actually. Rafa made it through with no problems today, as did Deliciano, but Fernando lost to Haase in the second round. Daveeeed plays Ryan Harrison tomorrow. \o/

- Work. I'm so tired of my lab mates. As I explained to the email chain, this happened today. )

+ White Collar. This week's ep? Diana is a badass, y/y/mfy?

+ St. Arnold's Pub Crawl, Saturday. Downtown. I know where I will be!

+ A entered a couple of his beers in a local competition. Their names? Glory Hole Golden Ale and Cock-eyed Porridge (oatmeal stout). I laughed until I cried when he told me what he named them.
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Thank you, Poppop. I miss you every day.

Thank you, Uncle Eddie and Uncle Paul. You are missed, too.

Thank you, Uncle John.

Thank you, Shawn, and please keep safe while you're at home and on your next deployment.
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a. LJ is still not sending comment notifications. This sorta sucks.

b. The manuscript is OUT. \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ (We'll ignore how angry I was that the Chief waited until last night to ask me to re-analyze every data point from four replicates of an experiment, which involved requantifying pixel intensities for at least ten cells for each of the four conditions tested.)

c. J is the awesomest. (That is totally a word. If you look it up in a dictionary, I'm fairly certain her photo - or one of a woman ducking away from a camera - will be in the entry.) She sent me photos of the practice courts at Indian Wells today. Nole! Rafa! :D :D :D

d. I am going to go have the world's biggest margarita, and then I am going to sit upstairs in the balcony at the House of Blues and laugh at whatever jokes John Oliver tells, because it has been that kind of day.

e. It is entirely possible that there are two tickets for the final show of American Idiot in my name. :)

f. I'm assuming there's going to be a [ profile] help_japan set up, if there isn't already? In any case, I hope everyone's heard from any loved ones they might have in the vicinity, and my thoughts and good wishes are with them/you/everyone in Japan.
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:( Dropped J at the airport on my way to work. We were unable to cling as desired b/c a stern member of the security force was directing people to parking spots and ordering them on as fast as possible.

:( Also said goodbye to Aaron for the week, as he's got meetings in Austin until Friday. I am tempted to see if there's anyone playing Emo's or Stubb's that I'd like to see this week, and drive out to stay with him. I can work on figures and writing the experimental section of the paper from anywhere, right? Why, labwork?

:/ It is supposed to hit 79F today? With 95% humidity. UGH. This is November. It is Not Right.

:) Butch Walker and Brendon Urie quoting Leslie Nielsen jokes at each other on twitter? A+ distraction while sitting stuck in traffic.

:) PSA: Restrepo is going to air on the National Geographic Channel tonight at 9pm Eastern time.

WikiLeaks )


Got coffee.

Science to do. I'm on it.
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+ On Friday afternoon the department chair fired the last administrative assistants who had been hired before his tenure. One of them was, admittedly, not the most efficient at her job. But the other two? They handled the administrative needs for 9 professors, plus coordinated the curriculum the department covers for the graduate school. I'm really curious to see who they hire (and how many) to replace them.

+ There is tennis on my TV. I know the results (damn you, Twitter!), but I am still going to pour myself a glass of wine and ogle a certain Spaniard while I wait for dinner to cook.

+ It is really hard to converse intelligently with a seminar speaker on their research when you spent half of their presentation pondering porn.

+ I'd rather Ticketmaster and Live Nation decreased ticket prices instead of giving me a "free download" of an album I've already pre-ordered. Now I have an extra download code for My Chemical Romance's Danger Days. I assume most people around here have the leak or purchased a copy already, but if anyone wants it, let me know, and I'll pass it on.

+ J will be here in three sleeps. I'm fairly certain that we will cling to each other as if we hadn't just seen each other last month. I am looking forward to this. Last year we didn't get to spend our birthday together - for perfectly logical reasons - and I was sulky and cranky for the entire holiday.
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1. \o/ for Judge Walker and California!

2. /o\ for Google and Verizon signaling the beginning of the end of Net Neutrality.

3. Is anyone surprised that the USMC declined to embed Hastings with a unit in Afghanistan? I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, Hastings cannot be surprised. Didn't his momma ever tell him not to shit where he eats? Even if he were allowed to embed, does he really think anyone would be comfortable or trust him, and speak openly in his presence? But on the other, I think this was an opportunity for the USMC to take the high road, and say, "Look, we can heal the media/military relationship issues, and this is one step on the way," if they let him go as planned. (Plus, they've let a Rolling Stone reporter embed with them before, and although the brass were not particularly happy with the book that resulted, I don't remember there being a huge uproar at the time the articles came out. I actually subscribed to the paper form of the magazine back then.)

4. :DDDDDD I am tempted to skip work entirely, but I need to passage some cells and do some ordering and other paperwork before we head to the airport.

5. My half-sister is getting married at the Sandals in St. Lucia in March. I think that will be a prime opportunity for the first actual vacation we'll have taken since... since we went to Australia in 2007? OMG, that was a long time ago!
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1. I disconnected myself from Twitter b/c I'm watching the SPN season finale late - had to go for a run first. real-time babble and squee )

2. Mom and extended family have been going through Mommom & Poppop's house. Things that were given to them as gifts are being returned to the children/grandchildren who originally gave them, and everyone is entitled to one other item before everything gets assigned to the estate. I asked for a set of decoys. For as long as I can remember, the living room had a map of the Susquehanna Flats marking known local decoy carvers, with a set of decoys on the brick hearth on the near wall. Through every change of carpet, paint, paneling, and furniture, those decoys remained. Decoys belonged in Mommom and Poppop's house. It seemed weird to Mom when I asked for them, because decoys are not something I'm into at all - I collect music and books, and that's about it - but it's not about the decoys as OBJECTS so much as it's about them as an accessory to memory.

So. They're sitting on the buffet in the dining room at the moment. I had a Serious Discussion with the cats (most notably Sandy, who was studying them with an "oooh, birds!" gleam in her eye), explaining that it would be a sad, sad day with tragic consequences if I came home to find the decoys molested or otherwise disturbed. They meowed at me and went on their merry way.

3. >:/ I am not amused by all the FoxNews-type attacks on Elena Kagan before she's even gotten to a confirmation hearing. I know she's the most conservative of Obama's short-list, and clearly she was chosen because she's the most easily confirmable. The Court is pretty conservative at this point, and I'd hoped for a more liberal nominee, but we can't know how she'll vote for certain. I mean, Kennedy ended up being far more conservative than expected, right? And Eisenhower nominated Warren thinking he'd be conservative (IDKwhy) and he ended up being pretty liberal. But I digress. I'm tired of the harangues about Kagan already.

Dear Pundits: a) Several notable justices had little or no experience on the bench (John Jay, for instance, served a mere two years on the NY Supreme Court; Thurgood Marshall was a judge for five years; Taney - notable for Dred Scott - wasn't a judge at all, I think, nor was John Marshall, best known for Marbury v. Madison, or Earl Warren, whose court ruled on Brown v. Board of Education and gave us Miranda) before being nominated to the Supreme Court. b) Sexual orientation didn't appear to be relevant for (supposedly, unquestioned) straight men. No one asked Alito or Roberts if they would be unduly influenced because they had a wife and/or children. STFU, conservative assholes. Also? Playing softball does not equal lesbian. DIAF, Pat Buchanan.
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+ What, precisely, is Joe Trohman going to fill four hours of air time with every week?

+ Left work early today. Felt like crap. So tired of feeling feverish and run-down.

+ BUT. I got a really cool result this week. :)

+ Heading down toward Rockport this weekend to see the grandparents-in-law. Um, yay?

+ Have been immersed in Generation Kill. Read some fic, read Nate Fick's book, watched some YouTube of the "making of", rewatching the miniseries. NGL, I could watch ASkars pretty much non-stop and not ever get tired of him.

+ My [ profile] bandomvalentine fic is plotted (if one can use "plot" when really it's just porn) in my head. Now I just need to actually type it out.
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Christmas day! My family is Christian, although I am not, so we celebrate this day together.

Woke up and had coffee at J's. Clung for a while. Regrouped & drove up to Cecil County to Mom's. Had brunch, exchanged family gossip, opened gifts. Went to see Mommom at the nursing home. She is frail and tired, but as well as can be expected. After she fell asleep, we went over to Favorite Uncle's place to socialize. Clung to J some more. Spent the rest of the day & evening there with extended family. Sleepy. Had too much wine and a slice of poundcake that I probably shouldn't've.

Happy holidays, y'all.

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We finally arrived at J's after a 3 hour delay (mechanical, not weather-related) and missing luggage issues. Clinging. Having belated birthday cake. Watching Empire Strikes Back.

It suits my fancy to offer hugs and best wishes and hopes for a happy, safe holiday to everyone who is celebrating. ♥

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OMG, Thanksgiving. Srsly? I spent it with my stepmom's family. IDEK what to say except that these are the two key phrases uttered during the course of the day:

a. "Go sit on your vibrator!" to step-mom's mother

b. "She clearly misunderstood when I said I was into pussy." to my father by MrIris

Minnesota bandboys tomorrow. I am sort of excited about this. In the meantime, sushi and wine. What's not to like?

(Gary Oldman is on my TV right now. It means that I'm procrastinating about leaving for drinks and sushi. GARY OLDMAN AS COMMISSIONER GORDON IS THE SHIT, OK? Plus, Heath Ledger.)
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+ Green Day are filming a second video to 21 Guns? Didn't they already win a VMA for that?

+ Their first album hasn't even been out a week, and Them Crooked Vultures are already planning their second? Hopefully there will be lots of touring going on to support both, right? Right? :D???

+ Gimme that new Alkaline Trio! I know, I know, not until February. I'm intrigued, b/c I thought they were label-less now that their Epic contract was up, and that Matt Skiba was going to have a solo album out this winter. But then they signed to Epitaph, and suddenly there are plans. :D

+ Kripke is a magnificent bastard, of course. I have mixed feelings about the results of this episode for a variety of reasons, but mostly I'm all A;SLKDJFA;LKDSFJ NO MORE SPN UNTIL JANUARY?

+ I'm trying to find a polite way to tell my half-sister that I would prefer not to receive her "Christian" chain emails. No, really, that word is normally in the subject line. A) I hate chain emails. B) I am not Christian. I've already had this discussion with my father with respect to his political (ie, GOP-loving, Obama-bashing) chain emails, but apparently I need to repeat it with her.

+ I sort of really love my new glasses. I've had them a week, and it's still weird to see the frames at the periphery of my vision after having wireless frames for so long. Every time MrIris sees me in them, he serenades me with, "Ooh-ooh, she looks just like Buddy Holly." I'm not sure that's a compliment. But whatever.

+ Chicago this weekend: :DDD (IDK what we're doing other than seeing the Wisconsin/Northwestern game on Saturday. Don't even care. Autumn in a place that actually has seasons. Shopping on Michigan Ave. Trying to convince ppl to check out whoever's at Beat Kitchen or Subt.)

[Poll #1487998]
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New music! Them Crooked Vultures' CD and Believers Never Die were waiting for me when I got home last night. I listened to TCV, then put the BND DVD on and got about half-way through the band commentary before forcing myself off my ass to exercise. My primary response: oh, boys.

The Get Up Kids tonight :D

White Collar. Possibly unpopular opinion: I could make Elizabeth/Peter/Neal an OT3, but otherwise, not so much with the Peter/Neal.

House, MD. Cameron needs to stop being a hypocrite. Um, yeah. That's all I have to say about last night's episode.


OK. I am going to go calibrate my pipettemen and measure scratch width in my wounded cells. Hope y'all are having a good day.
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1. I agree completely, Eric.

2. My mom is hanging out at home. I asked if she wanted to drop me at work and go to the zoo or museums or shopping or something, but she said she wanted to watch HGTV and enjoy her day off, and she'd cook dinner tonight. Um, okay? I feel like a bad hostess, just leaving her to her own devices, but I can't skip work today since I'll be gone to the AACR meeting for the rest of the week.

3. Poster in poster tube. "Security document" printed, since it's not an official boarding pass. I need to wash some clothing so I can dress like a grown-up at this conference instead of wearing jeans and band t-shirts, my usual work attire.

4. Dear Sigma-Aldrich, I would like to give you money in exchange for antibody that you produce. However, when I log onto your website to do so, the site tells me that product does not exist. If I log off I can then find the item in question, complete with pricing in British pounds (even though the website recognizes from my IP address that I am in the US). Does that mean you will not sell it to my institution? Or is there some other issue? Please to be explaining.

5. Firefighter!Spencer and EMT!Brendon not!fic is still my happy place, although I have not had a chance yet to scribble more.


Oct. 8th, 2009 10:15 pm
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+ Is Andrew Lloyd Webber trying to make me weep and Gaston Leroux roll over in his grave? I mean, really? The Phantom relocated to Coney Island? SERIOUSLY?

+ Poster done. Breast cancer lab meeting postponed. Guest room cleaned for mother's occupancy tomorrow. Am I forgetting anything?

+ [ profile] vic_ramsey is responsible for this not!fic )


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