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I only had two posts that hadn't been cross-posted from LJ, but for completeness:

2014 list )
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One paper published, one in prep. Two grants submitted.

No change in personal health, really, although I joined a gym and have started a weekly training session to mark/enforce progress.

Was more social with colleagues and other acquaintances.

books, movies, shows, fic round-up )
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Sad truth: it is possible that I like Luther, at least the episodes I've watched so far, because Luther's relationship (such as it is) with Alice Morgan is almost as fucked up as Archie Sheridan's relationship with Gretchen in Chelsea Cain's Beauty Killer series.
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+ The new washer has been installed. It's supposed to be more energy and water efficient, but it takes longer to do a load than the old standard. Whatever, I really appreciate not visiting the laundromat on a regular basis. The nearest one was pretty sketchy.

+ The Aeros played the first of a four-game home stand Sunday. They lost in a shoot-out, but that's better than I expected. They looked tired and flat in the first two periods, like the back-to-back-to-back with a seven-hour roadtrip in between had done them in. And apparently they called up another D-man from Allen? He dressed and warmed up with them, but was a healthy scratch (along with Granlund, Brodin, Scandella, and multiple other scratches D:). Also, holy crap, it's one thing to see in his stats that Baldwin, the guy they called up from Orlando on Saturday, is 6'5" and it is something else entirely to see him up close and personal. And that's not even talking about when he lays a hit on someone right at the glass. GIANT. Also giant? The brand new video screen scoreboard at the Toyota Center.

+ Pizza with green peppers and extra cheese.

+ Early voting, accomplished! GO VOTE! I don't care who you vote for, just do it. (OK, that's a lie: I care. And if you are female and vote Romney/Ryan I don't understand at all, because one of the bases for their platform is about making people who were were born with a uterus second class citizens. But it's your vote. USE IT.)

+ After tomorrow, all the horrible adverts on TV and auto-dial phone calls and emails bombarding me with pleas for donations of time or money for political campaigns will stop. Or at least slow down until the next election cycle.

+ Spencer Smith's tweets are making me happy right now. You are a gentleman and a scholar. (And probably a really good older brother.)

+ Nathan Fillion trolling Firefly on tonight's episode of Castle: A+++++++
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I've been feeling sort off, had a fever last night, so I emailed my boss that I wasn't feeling well, took NyQuil, and meant to go back to bed. But instead I'm trolling the internet.

a. Fuck yeah, Ecuador.

b. Darling husband, please don't make me argue about how the Nike "gold digging" t-shirts are sexist bullshit. Don't tell me that the gold-medal beach volleyball team has diggers on it, so that makes them okay. That's not who this is marketed for.

c. ;__; Rafa.

d. They're everywhere - I'm glad I saw them before they got this big, really - and it's still a creepy song (it's totally on my "this song is not as cheerful as you think" playlist, with Every Breath You Take, Pumped Up Kicks, and Make Damn Sure, but here's fun. doing We Are Young the other night on the Colbert Report. DAMN, JACK. Also, that smirk on Nate's face at the end, when the crowd is singing the lyrics. Like, "Yes, this is how I expect crowds to be: knowing ALLLLL MY LYRICS.

e. LOL, Yardbarker making me all cranky. PK Subban is not a "pretty dirty player", he's not any cockier than any other NHL player, and fuck you for making the unspoken but obvious comparison to Chris Pronger. I didn't realize I hadsuch strong feelings about RL!PK until I read that in my news feed.

Seriously, if one of my other fandoms doesn't start making news soon, I am going to drown in NHL preseason angst. Will they lock out? Will the NHLPA and the owners come to an agreement? Will the Habs come to their senses and make PK Subban a better offer? What are the Pens and the Devils going to do to fill the voids left by their off-season losses and machinations?
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~ Student's MS defense was Thursday at 10am, and he told precisely NO ONE other than his committee about it. (He passed.) If I didn't ask the boss, I wouldn't've known. It's like he's already completely dissociated. Which would be great if only he had finished his fucking project, instead of leaving a bunch of stuff for me and the boss to complete. I should just tell myself that at least it's one more paper on my CV, right? RIGHT?

+ Picked up Hero again. Interesting read so far (I'm about halfway through it). All I can say is that TE Lawrence had some serious mommy issues.

~ I am so behind on Supernatural, Castle, and pretty much everything media-related right now, it's not even funny. Last night A suggested that we watch Iron Man and Iron Man 2 so I'd be prepared for The Avengers (b/c [personal profile] shutyourface is awesome, and I get to be her +1 for a fangirl meet-up at an early showing) but Netflix Instant Queue only had the second movie. Need to see them in order for my brain to appreciate.

+ Having said that, I am noting for immediate viewing: Patrick Stump will be on House MD on the 16th. And NYC-22 premieres on the 15th.

- Pretty much everyone at work EXCEPT researchers have this afternoon (Good Friday) off. Even A has holiday today. IDGAF about today as a religious holiday, but WTF, UT?

~ In last few days, three separate people have called me "young lady". Two of them were at least a decade younger than me, while the other was probably about my age. I'm sort of confused as to why I would merit this address.

+ As a longtime fan of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Henry Jenkins' post about it interests me.
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♣ I posted fic! This was written for [livejournal.com profile] schlicky in the [livejournal.com profile] we_pimpin Fall Festival Exchange.

the next Spielberg (AO3) or here, at the comm
Ray/OFC, Brad/Walt
teen to mature || ~3100 words
It's lack of porn that fucks countries up. Lack of porn is the root fucking cause of all global instability. (Or: Ray’s ultimate career choice is down to Brad and Walt.)

[[livejournal.com profile] schlicky, I plotted an entire alternate reality Casablanca crossover, where the civil war never ended b/c the Confederacy never invaded the Union - Ray was the equivalent of Sam, Brad was Rick, and Nate was Ilsa - but I fail at follow-through, and that's why you got something specific for the picture without much plot. Sorry, bb.]

♣ Killer Elite. IDK, I was expecting one thing, given the content of the trailers I'd seen, and what the movie delivered was... not quite that? Not bad. Clive Owen and Jason Statham got to be bad-asses, with lots of fighting, anyway.

♣ Finished reading the book about the Rehnquist/Roberts Court. I should probably move on to Oryx and Crake, since a bunch of friends are doing a bookclub and that's the next book, but I have Rafa and CJ Chivers' The Gun and Ilona Andrews' On the Edge, so I'm having a hard time settling on a single book.

♣ New seasons of Criminal Minds and Castle both started this week. I thought both were fairly predictable, but at least with Criminal Minds premiere, that story arc is finished. I’ve never been particularly fond of JJ as a character, but the way that CBS got rid of her and Prentiss was cheap, and now that they’re back hopefully the show will go back to episodic individual cases, which I much prefer.

Houston BestFest is happening in midtown this weekend! Local bands plus national ones. (Against Me! :D :D :D CAKE :D :D :D) 10-10 today, 10-8 tomorrow. Rail service is cancelled b/c of construction in the med center (again), but if parking is full near the park, there’s still a bus that will get you there.
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♥ A++++, Brian Fallon. I have had Elsie on repeat all day.

:( Fail, USTA. FAIL. The last two days have been nothing but fail.

Rafa was not amused.

Nor was Daveeed.

Rafa overcame his annoyance to trounce Gilles Muller today, but Daveeed, not so much.

♥ Did I mention I started taking the bus when Houston Metro opened a new park & ride about a mile from my house? I LOVE IT. Someone else can worry about traffic while I sit and read or check my f-list. And the extra bonus: I cannot stay late, working extra hours, because of the limited schedule. Which I would do if/when I drove to work, even though overtime does not exist for my position.

♥ In my possession:
- airfare to BWI for Halloween week
- tickets for the DC show on the Tour Of Glee & Flailing
- possibly tickets for Philadelphia and Sayreville
- notice that I am taking leave for the TX/NOLA/East Coast shenanigans

Internet. If you could pick any single song that Patrick Stump and BUrie would perform together, ANY SONG AT ALL, what would it be?
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+ J is going to visit in October. \o/

+ I've flailed about Rise Against before. There are no heart-eyes big enough to express my love for this band. Seriously. Tim McIlrath was on HLN's Showbiz News the other night before the MTV premiere, and he's blogged about this song and its video, which was a collaborative effort with the It Gets Better project.

+ I had something to say about songs that are popular right now (including some of Rise Against's and Lady Gaga's Born This Way) vis a vis 33 Revolutions Per Minute, but my brain is fried.

+ Also had some thoughts about Emily's Army's debut album, but haven't really collected them. Except that I am pretty amused by Asslete.

+ Wimbledon! I haven't been able to watch much (just the first few games of Serena and Venus Williams the past couple of days - they were up and down but triumphed), but the Radio Wimbledon app is working pretty well. Far better than Radio Roland Garros did, actually. Rafa made it through with no problems today, as did Deliciano, but Fernando lost to Haase in the second round. Daveeeed plays Ryan Harrison tomorrow. \o/

- Work. I'm so tired of my lab mates. As I explained to the email chain, this happened today. )

+ White Collar. This week's ep? Diana is a badass, y/y/mfy?

+ St. Arnold's Pub Crawl, Saturday. Downtown. I know where I will be!

+ A entered a couple of his beers in a local competition. Their names? Glory Hole Golden Ale and Cock-eyed Porridge (oatmeal stout). I laughed until I cried when he told me what he named them.
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1. I think Henry Jenkins has an interesting point here, and I'm really pleased with the examples of White Collar, House MD, and Castle that he chose to illustrate his point.

2. *sigh* Wanted to go see Guster and Jukebox The Ghost tonight, but I'm still grumpy about LiveNation & HOB, so no. Not giving them my money.

3. I sorta love that JScahill won the Twitter Fight Club final round against Andrew Exum. The sockpuppet twitters of AbuMuqawamaPMC and ExumRangerBeard were clever and hilarious.

4. Anthony Shadid on Democracy Now this morning. I didn't have a chance to watch the TV interviews he'd done the past few days, so. I'm glad he's still going back, to stay the head of the Beirut bureau.

5. The [livejournal.com profile] we_pimpin Spring Fling fics were posted on Sunday! I decided to ration them: one per day instead of reading them all in a fit of gluttony. But then LJ started being wonky b/c of the DoS, and I got busy, so I have only read one, ONE of the fics.

6. LOL, random: for some reason my TV was set to one of the Spanish-language HBO station, so when I turned it on this evening, Avatar was on in Spanish. But it was at the point when they're speaking in the natives' language, so I couldn't really understand the audio, and I was even more confused by the subtitles being in Spanish. *facepalm*
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In a single commercial break switching between Meet The Press and Fareed Zakaria's GPS, I saw ads for Boeing, Bank of America, and the oil & natural gas industry.

And people think mainstream media is impartial?


Oh, hey, Tom Ricks is on MTP, I guess I won't turn it off just yet.

ETA: Aaaaand, in a second commerical break, ads for:
Northern Trust, wealth managers who seek to minimize taxes (their words)
America's Natural Gas organization
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I'm sure there's stuff I'm supposed to be doing, but my sofa and a few more episodes of The West Wing are calling my name. (Ugh, I didn't think I drank that much last night, but wow, sluggish and slow to move this morning.)

And, uh, okay, even though the idea of Rafa doing sexy underwear ads seems sort of mottsy, and I'm not going to run out and buy any Armani briefs for A, I really want to thank AX for the behind the scenes photos )
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This week has sucked, work-wise. I've worked 11-12 hour days every day. No such thing as overtime.

As I disembarked from the train this morning I realized I didn't have my office or lab keys (b/c they are on a separate key ring from my car and house keys, and I didn't clip them to my carabiner this morning). Getting into the building isn't an issue; huge, connected labspaces mean getting into lab isn't a problem. Waiting for security to come let me into my office, and then figuring out how to secure everything so I could leave the office unlocked for back-and-forth traffic during the day? Pain in my ass.

I should've just turned around and gone home, because the day did not improve.

At ~6pm, my boss came in and told me that he hoped I was getting out of lab soon (Me, too!) and that I should take a day off when we get the last bit of data for the paper.

He doesn't know it yet, but I am taking next Friday and the following Monday off, whether or not the third replicates work. I HAVE A FLIGHT, A HOTEL, AND PLANS TO CLING TO J AND SEE [livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane, among other things.

Anyway, I was waaaaaay cranky. There were further contretemps with Post-Doc W. I think she has radar: she only asks me to help her at the EXACT moment that I can't stop what I'm doing without fucking up my own experiments, and she managed that three (yes, 3) times today.

I'm tired. Tired of work. Tired of winter, in that the days are so short. Tired of being inactive in fandom. But I don't have the energy to participate right now. I fell asleep watching the recorded episode of the other night's White Collar, and I watched last night's Criminal Minds mostly impatiently, hoping that it wasn't implying anything about Reid's behavior over the rest of the season.

The one happy place for the day? these dudes, who spend their days swatting at fuzzy yellow-green balls )

So, yeah. I hope your week has been far, far better. What's making you smile, lately?
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+ My [livejournal.com profile] yagkyas fic is finished! It's been beta'd. I'm letting it sit for a day before I look at it again, make any additional changes, and then submit it. \o/

+ All holiday shopping (minus one pair of liners for crocs) is complete. Multiple loaves of pumpkin-pecan bread are cooling, and banana-walnut batter is waiting to be poured into the baking tins when they become available. \o/

+ I still haven't addressed any holiday cards yet. /o\

+ I'm most of the way through S1 of The West Wing. I might be the only person in the world who didn't watch it when it was being broadcast. Between 1996 and early 2004, I watched college football, hockey, and the occasional episode of ER, and that's pretty much it; I read a fuck-ton of books and scientific papers, though. Anyway. I am in love with CJ. Seriously, my competence kink, she hits it EVERY EPISODE. And 1.7, the state dinner episode where she's in the gorgeous grey silk gown, barefoot in her office? I needed a moment. (Aaron thinks this is hilarious; for some reason he - who watched TWW with Rachel - thought Sam would be my favorite. Um. No.) I have to ask: is Danny Concannon based on the actual WaPo WHPC rep, or a nod to Danny Schechter, News Dissector?

Anyway. I won't ramble, because I'm sure that the awesome of TWW is already known to most of you.

+ I have eight different tabs of poetry open. I would love for someone to write GK fic based on Frost's Not To Keep.

+ Since the exchange fic is done, I am allowing myself to think more about the college AU, or maybe a vampire-politics AU. Here, have a fic-bit of the former. How Nate meets Brad in the college AU )
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:( Dropped J at the airport on my way to work. We were unable to cling as desired b/c a stern member of the security force was directing people to parking spots and ordering them on as fast as possible.

:( Also said goodbye to Aaron for the week, as he's got meetings in Austin until Friday. I am tempted to see if there's anyone playing Emo's or Stubb's that I'd like to see this week, and drive out to stay with him. I can work on figures and writing the experimental section of the paper from anywhere, right? Why, labwork?

:/ It is supposed to hit 79F today? With 95% humidity. UGH. This is November. It is Not Right.

:) Butch Walker and Brendon Urie quoting Leslie Nielsen jokes at each other on twitter? A+ distraction while sitting stuck in traffic.

:) PSA: Restrepo is going to air on the National Geographic Channel tonight at 9pm Eastern time.

WikiLeaks )


Got coffee.

Science to do. I'm on it.
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1. I feel like I've lost my porn-fu. Ugh, it took me FOREVER to write some comment-fic porn, and I can't tell if it's because it's a pairing I've never written before or if I'm getting stuck on mechanics and description. (Please note that I have not written any more of my exchange fic. My brain's squarely focused on things that have no deadline and/or are complete crack. Like the porn that would go with item #12 of the girl!Brad not!fic.)

2. Last night's show at Fitzgerald's was stellar. I appreciate Amanda Palmer's solo work, but her + Brian Viglione = so fucking much more energy. It's not multiplicative or additive, it's exponential. They were on stage for 2.5 incredible hours. Coin-Operated Boy, Gravity, the Jeep Song, Missed Me, all that stuff, with the bonus of a performance of War Pigs as the finale. ***That's not video of last night - I didn't have my camera, and no-one's uploaded it, that I can find.

Every time AFP's internet hubbub annoys me and I tell myself I'm not going to bother with her or DD again, I remember how fantastic the live shows are, and remain willing to pay the venue's entry fee.

(Girl In A Coma opened. Ungh, Nina Diaz. Your VOICE. Especially on the cover of For What It's Worth.)

3. Totally unrelated to music or fiction. Sort of. Nir Rosen debated Max Boot on Fareed Zakaria's GPS this morning. It was painful to watch, because clearly neither could or would concede any ground, and if you believe the thinkers at CFR, well, I guess I have to ask if you've drunk the Kool-Aid. But on a purely visual level, I was interested in the contrast between them: Boot in his suit and shorn hair seated at an angle to Rosen, who was wearing jeans and a casual shirt and jacket, if I recall correctly, and a pair of Chucks.

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a) There was a great deal of TV-watching this week. Most of it was delayed, as Aaron was on a business trip, and I've managed to con him into watching House, Criminal Minds, Castle, Supernatural, and The Big C with me. cut for spoilers )

b) I'm still trying to see if I can get a refund for the Austin STP/BRMC show. *sigh* Like I told people in the email chain, The Backyard refuses to refund money for a rescheduled show, and they force purchasers to give a ticket-holder's name to match to ID, so I don't know if I can sell them. I sent them an email, but got a form "thanks for your inquiry" reply. If I can't sell them, I guess I'll sell the Bush tickets for that same night, since they're plain old TM tickets. In either case, I am not ever giving The Backyard my money again. (As an aside, I am not even slightly surprised that STP had to delay the tour. They were an hour late coming on stage last week, and Scott Weiland was clearly altered, a train wreck waiting to happen.)

c) Ludo and Tommy & The High Pilots were awesome. I'm sorry that my body decided to hate me yesterday so that I couldn't drive to Austin to see them a second time. But Tommy et al. will be back in December, so.

d) Even though I know I cannot go, I have priced tickets to NYC for the weekend, just so that I could see Billie Joe Armstrong as St. Jimmy. This is so so SO wrong.

e) I posted fic! Five moments in the birth and maturation of a "thing". (Sorry, it's community-locked. I'll post it at my fic journal or here shortly and link to it again.) Generation Kill, Mike Wynn/OFC, adult, ~2600 words. Mike is a leg man, okay?

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