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2013 in review:
books, movies, shows, etc. )

Fewer plays: because we moved from Houston and had to basically use the 2013-14 Alley Theatre subscription as a tax write off.

Fewer books: because I default to re-reading books and comfort-read fics when I am stressed.

No idea why I saw fewer movies this year, but the shows were because a) we skipped Lolla, ACL, AND Voodoo, and my budget is tight while we're a one-income family.

This year, I wrote the fewest words since beginning to participate in fandom. I don't know why: stories exist in my head. Motivation to spew them out: nearly on-existent.

Other things accomplished in 2013:

1. Published four papers, three of them first-author.
2. Ran a personal best for 7 miles.
3. Consistently ran 5 miles in 41:30.
4. Packed and moved >1000 miles.
5. Watched all the hockey. ALL OF IT.
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1. To-do list for the weekend:
3-9am:find & watch stream of NHLN's broadcast of the WJC gold & bronze medal games
9:30am: haircut
go to the gym, grocery shop, make something edible for wine thingy
1-2pm: transfect cells
2-6pm: pretend to be a grown-up at wine thingy
7pm: return to work briefly (rinse off transfection mix)
listen to Aeros' game against the Rampage

sleep in?
10-12: work (set up inverse invasion assay)
gym, laundry, maybe find some new athletic shoes? (compensating for whatever I did to my ankle a couple of weeks ago is causing blisters elsewhere)
4-4:30pm: rinse off non-adherent cells and let the invasion go
see Promised Land or Argo

2. Tonight's Aeros' game: bleh. Some SPECTACULAR defensive fail. (Medvec, Fredheim, and Connolly, I am looking at you.) When are Scandella and Brodin coming back? Ditto for Foucault and Fontaine. The only reason the score wasn't 5-1 was Hackett, who totally deserved to be one of the stars of the game.

3. :D :D :D TROPE BINGO. I'm willing to take suggestions for pairings/fandoms for these tropes.

poker/strip poker rivals to lovers accidental baby acquisition fuck or die celebratory kiss
mind control telepathy / mindmeld amnesia au: all-human accidental marriage
au: hooker / porn / stripper au: other FREE

time travel sharing a bed
animal transformation wingfic au: magic immortality / reincarnation kiss to save the day
fake relationship au: band au: steampunk soul bonding / soulmates holiday
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I don't usually do New Year's resolutions, because I don't think they work. But I thought that maybe this year I'd set some goals. They're not very ambitious, but they're still things I'd like to accomplish.

1. Consistent gym attendance. I go through phases where I am good about exercise, and then some event happens that I use as an excuse to stop. Try not to do that this year. And instead of just running, do more strengthening.

2. Clean out home office. An effect of having extra space: I can set my laptop up wherever, so I do, and let paper, concert tickets, books, etc. pile up. Stop that.

3. Read more books. Slackadaisical. Too often, instead of picking up a book from the to-be-read pile, I end up going back to comfort-reads of long-fics I have on my Kindle. Stop that.

4. As part of #2. Make scrapbook of Italy trip (I kept notes, ticket stubs, etc., and have pics in iPhoto and Aaron's fb) and concerts (tickets, set lists, etc).

5. Write more. I need to not just stop when I've got an outline and have told myself the story in my head. Actually write out some of the fic that's lived in my head forever.
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One paper published, one in prep. Two grants submitted.

No change in personal health, really, although I joined a gym and have started a weekly training session to mark/enforce progress.

Was more social with colleagues and other acquaintances.

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Today's to-do list:

grocery shopping
clean the bathroom
vacuum bedroom
avoid the kitchen while beer-bottling is happening
record & watch the Rafa/Nole match in Rome

finish reading Prince of the Marshes
Neon Trees @ HOB
decide on ACLfest vs. seeing Soundgarden in Chicago, Las Vegas, or Seattle
check if PStump/Janelle Monae tickets are still available (there are; I might go to the box office on the day of the show and see what I can get rather than paying a ridic "expedited delivery fee"))
make lasagne or other casserole to serve as lunch during the work-week

ETA: Whoops! Got distracted by the rest of S4 of The West Wing. No Neon Trees for me!
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Things I did today:

1. picked out new carpet for the living room
2. purchased furniture to replace the 15-yr-old stuff in our living room
3. worked for three hours in lab

Things I still need to do this weekend:

1. another two hours of lab work
2. laundry
3. find and air out my sleeping bag
4. vacuum
5. wash the Snowflake (Eh. Cleaned out the interior. Didn't get to the exterior.)
6. shop for various items, including Aaron's birthday gift and a new car-charger for my phone and iPod
7. go to Super Happy Fun Land to see Cavashawn and other acts in the SXSW spillover show (more on this after I watch the first installment of The Pacific :DDD)
8. read and edit the manuscript sent by a collaborator to whom I sent data more than seven years ago
9. run at least 4 miles

We went to the Alamo Drafthouse last night to see Green Zone. Random thoughts about the movie, cut for spoilers )

ETA: Also? I can't listen to Damn Thing's Over (yes,I know there's no apostrophe in the song title as written by empires, but THERE SHOULD BE, so I'm adding it) without thinking of Dean/Castiel now. Damn you, fandoms colliding!

ETA2: There are grown men spending their evening shooting at zombies on my TV. Do you think they'd notice if I sneak out, instead of hanging out and making them supper?
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1. laundry
2. bake banana bread and pumpkin bread
3. vacuum
4. wrap holiday gifts for shipment to Mom's
5. go for a 5-mile run to make up for yesterday's sloth-like behavior


1. package to USPS
2. drop off dry cleaning

3. follow-up on delivery estimate for MrIris's gift

ETA: Meant to write holiday cards too, but I realized that my card collection was in the cupboard that flooded when the water heater died last spring, so we threw them all out. DDD:
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stuff that made me frown today:

+ taking Cipro means no caffeine, which means no coffee, which is tragic for my caffeine addiction

+ it + codeine also mean no alcohol, which means having stout on tap is a waste (although I'm guessing beer isn't what my dr meant when she said to drink lots of fluids)

+ The Hold Steady are not coming to Houston on their summer tour (again)

stuff that made me smile:

+ my Jeep's A/C is fixed, and it cost less than I had budgeted

+ MrIris made me toast and caffeine-free tea for breakfast

+ photos of GWay and LynZ with AFP and Neil Gaiman together at a party (that's too much awesome for one spot, right?)

+ Pat Benatar and Blondie will be in Houston in August

+ I took a 3 hr nap and didn't cough myself awake even once

+ started reading [ profile] inell's Two Men and a Motorbike series, which is ST-reboot Kirk/McCoy

The Alamo Drafthouse is hosting Rocky Horror Picture Show tonight. I'm hoping to feel well enough that I can wheedle MrIris into going. :D
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Not good:

- arriving at and leaving work in the dark

- earaches and sore throats

- no internet at home

- forgot to pack my InvisAlign braces when I took them out to have coffee this morning

- The Fray and Jack's Mannequin @ Woodlands Pavilion in July - DNW them @ that venue

Good (or at least funny):

+ Fleet Foxes

+ Italian roast coffee in my travel mug

+ even though the matter he discusses is serious, I smile at the comparison this makes:
As of today, America has spent seven years (2,557 days---yes, I keep count) under the watchful eye of Sauron the federal government's color-coded Homeland Security Advisory System.


+ Indigo Girls' new album / tour

+ Jack White's other side project

+ NIN and JA's touring partner: Tom Morello's new band
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[ profile] why_me_why_not's tickets are booked for the Believers Never Die roadtrip. \\O//

♥ our manuscript is going to rest over the weekend; we'll re-read and edit, then submit Monday (I hope)

♥ home-made imperial stout on tap

♥ Badger hockey; I miss the Kohl Center

♥ Dante on my lap

♥ Cash's twitter

no ♥ for getting up in time to leave at 7am tomorrow to drive down to Rockport

Eric Clapton, Brandi Carlile, and The National

♥ Pete Wentz fanboying Matt Skiba

this pic from the 2006 VMAs )
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♥ Henry Jenkins' blog posts about gift/shared economies. LJ what?

♥ Gabe Saporta. IDK, guys, I'm listening to Midtown's stuff again, just for the lyrics for characterization purposes, and I don't understand - he out-emo'd Pete Wentz, how does everyone not love him? Why is he always characterized as skeevy and gross?

Speaking of Midtown, does anybody have their split albums? I've got the four full-length ones to trade, if you're interested.

♥ WGN and its rebroadcasts of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Q!

♥ the sweet new out-of-lab office space I will have when we move
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I'll probably add to this as the day goes on:

Hampshire College. (They were also the first US college to divest from apartheid South Africa three decades ago.)

♥ whoever nominated my fic, Look At Me, for an OWL award

♥ French roast

♥ Pian di nova (mmm, Super-Tuscans)

♥ sun-dried tomatoes
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♥ the Plain White Ts' Daytrotter session - one of the mp3s is a cover of Runaway

♥ cracked pepper potato chips

♥ Chelsea Cain's Sweetheart - Archie and Gretchen and Susan are fucked up and I LOVE THEM.

♥ free trial versions of GraphPad/Prism

no ♥ for the x-ray film developer, though
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I am trying not to bitch about work (again) right now. Instead, here's my happy list for the day:


♥ mojitos

♥ The Cab's new t-shirt, which follows in the FBR tradition of being both ugly and nonsensical

♥ mojitos

♥ college hockey on my tv

♥ Madeleine Peyroux

♥ did I mention mojitos?

♥ MrIris yelling at the tv: "That guy totally slashed him! Where's the whistle?" *cough*
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(really really necessary today)

♥ new episodes of Supernatural (Oh, Dean. Also? HAHAHA, did anyone else see the trend in the names the perp used when they lured the first four victims?)

Headfirst Slide. (I know most of you probably have this song already, but on the off chance that someone doesn't... click.) Even though the lyrics are not cheerful, I could listen to this on a loop just for Patrick Stump's voice, and the way he belts out the "does your husband know"s.

♥ Alex DeLeon, you precious, precious failboat

ridiculous t-shirts that are inappropriate for work (I wore it anyway)

boyfriends who are married and share clothing

The Line, by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

♥ knowing that a copy of Chelsea Cain's Sweethearts is on its way (from J)

♥ bow-tie pasta with peppers and peas in vodka-cream sauce


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