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First things first! It is November, and thus time for NaNoWriMo. I'm trying to get back into the habit of writing, so if anyone's still here, give me a fandom, character or pairing, and three words. I might write a sentence, I might write a paragraph, or I might find a picture or gif that's appropriate. Yes? OK.

The rest:

:( I'm still looking for a job.

:) I went to a Chicago Wolves/Rockford IceHogs game! It was odd. Because the Wolves were the home team, but the Hogs are the bb!Blackhawks, and they're so close to home that the audience was pretty evenly split. The lady next to me is a season ticketholder, but she was utterly clueless, because she kept saying that she didn't recognize any of the names of the players or their faces, and she didn't know what was going on. Um. The team that was the Chicago Wolves last year was the affiliate of the Canucks, and is now in Utica. This team is St Louis's AHL affiliate, and they were the Peoria Rivermen last year. So yeah, none of these dudes SHOULD be people she recognizes. But I just nodded and ignored her. And waved to Michael Davies (tiny forward is tiny), former Badger, who saw Aaron's UW sweater and came over to give us a nod.

:)) FRANK TURNER. Cool venue, great show.

:))) Tabby will be in the Chicagoland area soon. And Butch Walker is playing at the House of Blues next week.

I put a bunch of stuff up on craigslist, but if anyone here wants a table and 4 chairs, some bar stools, a butcher-block, or random band memorabilia (MCR Day of the Dead mask, signed and unsigned posters, etc), let me know. I really just want this stuff to stop cluttering our space.

I think that's pretty much it at the moment.
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I only have 2 months to get through a) paper revisions and experiments therein, b) grant proposal experiments, c) organizing the lab for whoever gets my job later, so my boss shouldn't be giving more experiments to do, right? RIGHT.

Instead of panicking about the work to be done, plus finding a new job in Chicago, plus dealing with the house, I am spending my lunch break listening to the Backhand Shelf podcast (ILU, REligh, JGoldsbie and JNoone).

Also, a meme.

I currently have 71 works archived at AO3 (because I am lazy about transferring drabbles, comment fics, and some older works that were posted elsewhere). Pick a number from 1 (the most recent) to 71 (the first thing I posted there), and I’ll tell you three things I currently like about it.

Oh god. I need to run so many miles until I can think or breathe any more, maybe that will make me feel better about life right now. Possibly? Hopefully?
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+ I posted the never-revealed fic I wrote for [profile] happyhockeydays over at AO3 (Shortest distance between two points, hockey rpf, Jeff Skinner/Eric Staal/Tanya Staal, mature), and the response has basically been yay, but GIVE ME THE 3SOME PORN. Which I guess is gratifying, because when I wrote it I was really not satisfied with the characterization. Partly because I was still sort of iffy on the subject of including a non-famous (or non-internet-famous) spouse in RPF, and I meant to write the porn (it's outlined) but I was up against a deadline so I polished what I had and submitted it.

~ The Aeros took 3 points out of 6 available this weekend. Granlund's already gone, and half the d-men plus at least three of the forwards are expected to get invitations to the Wild training camp, so I'm assuming next weekend's games will include a ton of dudes called up from Orlando.

+ The NHL is back. (Yes, I'm still happy about this. Even though I probably won't make it to a single game this season.)

- I am that person who doesn't use sick days unless I can't get out of bed, because I always feel like there's so much that MUST BE DONE. So today I went to work despite a cough and fever. Hey, at least my throat and ears were feeling better! And the fever broke mid-afternoon. But now my sinuses have decided to become a mucus factory. So I made some tea and I'm going to curl up with a book and a replay of the Great Lakes Invitational. And maybe think about writing. So, poll time:

I should write:

a) the porn that follows the 3some
b) the "sharing a bed" prompt for trope_bingo
c) the next bit in the outline of "5 guys Jess Skinner banged"
d) something to be explained in a comment
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How did I not know that [community profile] trope_bingo exists? ♥_♥

OK. Off to the gym.
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Self, you were supposed to spend the bus-ride to work plotting your happyhockeydays fic, not pondering more commentfic about the bb!Oilers. :|
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+ Turkey Day was a success. We ended up having 13 people spread over two rooms, and we're stilling eating leftovers. One guest brought Savannah cream cake with homemade bourbon ice cream, and it was DELICIOUS. Must get the recipe.

- Now for my least favorite time of year/holiday. Ugh, can I just sleep through all the festivities?

+ I finally figured out what I'm writing for YAGKYAS. I only wrote about 100 words. Yesterday. When [personal profile] jmc_bks declared that we could not go shoe-shopping or out for sushi unless I made some progress. But still. Manageable, now that I know what I'm aiming for.


+ This week: I give lab meeting (must make slides) and am helping a dissertation student practice his defense presentation, in addition to normal lab duties.

+ Thursday and Friday: OKC Barons are in town. Gimme those bb Oilers! (OK, really I just want to see Schultz play, since I never got to see him in the cardinal and white. But if Eberle and RNH want to score while they're at my end of the ice, that'd be cool too.)

+ Checked out the LA Fitness nearest home, since I'm reluctant to run outside in the dark, and taking the bus makes using the fitness center at the med student housing inconvenient. Clean, shiny, plenty of equipment, clean locker room. Will probably join.
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I have a vague idea of something to write for my YAGKAS fic, but I am just not feeling inspired. I think I need to rewatch a few episodes of Generation Kill to get inspired or something. Blah. Partly the problem is that the pairing my recipient requested is really really not one I can write, but the back-up gen fic idea needs something more specific, some single thing as a plot point for the rest of the story to bloom from or towards. Urgh. Seriously, the "sometimes it's like pulling teeth" tag is my writing tag for a reason.

On the other hand, the idea of writing a bb!Oilers Star Wars AU is sort of eating my brain. Which is sad, because Jess Skinner's story is outlined and half-written, but unlikely to be posted as anything except snippets and comment fic.

So, our new-ish washer? Is supposed to only use high efficiency detergent. I stopped by Target and picked up a bottle of Tide (because that's what they had with the little HE label) and we've been using it for the last few weeks, and I kept getting this whiff of watered-down lemon, a sort of Dawn dish soap-y smell that I did not like, but it wasn't consistent. Then I washed our sheets and put them directly back on the bed. Crawled into bed that night and realized that the odor I'm really not liking is the detergent, and sometimes it's stronger than others because the clothes in my closet are a mix of recently washed and washed-before-we-switched. D: I hate to waste an entire bottle of detergent, but I really do no like the smell.

More data analysis today. \o/? At least being stuck at my desk yesterday meant I could listen to the Aeros game. WTF, puck dropping at 10:30am on a weekday? Also, why does the the Aeros powerplay suck so hard at home but they lead the the AHL west in % PPG on the road?
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I am the worst.

I meant to sign up for the hockey big bang and didn't.

Thought about doing NaNo but really am not.

Have a holiday exchange to write for, but have only pondered and plotted, not written.

So obviously I should be focusing on that.



PROMPT ME. ANY FANDOM YOU'VE TALKED TO ME ABOUT. (Although you are more likely to get fic if it's Castle, Generation Kill, or hockey RPF. Just sayin'. Also? FUCK YES, AEROS.)


aaaaaand, i think it is time for more wine, kthnx.
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a. The Toxic Avenger. As you might imagine from the name - it's based on the Troma film - it skirts on edge of offensive - hot blind girl = marketable handicap - but with hilarious results. Nancy Opel was amaaaaazing as Ma Ferd/the Mayor, especially her rendition of Bitch/Slut/Liar/Whore. This song made me uncomfortable on one level - I hate the way "slut" and "whore" are used so casually, and in ways that are misogynistic - but the performance, with her doing two different characters' voices going back and forth, was just fabulous. Houston peeps, the Alley's running a special: some show/seats are $25.

b. Work D: Manuscript reviews are back. Sooooo much work suggested. Easily six months of work if we want to send it back to MCB. This is the same manuscript that we submitted in March, then reworked and resubmitted at the end of November. I am sorely tempted to recommend simply repackaging it and sending it to a lower impact journal, because I want to be shut of it. The Chief is busy with grant stuff, so he's left it to me for the moment. I'm not sure how he'll feel about that option.

c. Still work :( Grant application deadline is 1Feb. So of course on Friday afternoon, the Chief came to me and asked me to do one more experiment to generate a figure (that would address a point I've been arguing with him about forever; he ignored my argument until a professor made it also, and THEN he wanted me to do an experiment that I suggested weeks ago but that he said wasn't necessary) in time for him to rewrite a section and still submit it before the deadline. The experiment will take a minimum of five days. Fuck you very much, I'm glad my input is so valued.

d. One of my friends from grad school is in town tonight, and we're going to meet him for sushi. Haven't seen him since his wedding, almost 8 years ago. He & his wife have a little boy now. I'm curious to get some news, since he returned to Madison and has stayed close to our PI. I did not, because I was so very angry with her - the last chapter of my thesis was ready for publication, and she just... never submitted it. Ever. And she sort of... published other things really slowly, if all, after she got tenure. I'm not sure how she's still funded, to be honest.

e. Yesterday Aaron made blueberry sorbet with the ice-cream maker we received for Christmas. It was delicious. Thank you, [personal profile] jmc_bks.

f. Something needs to kick my butt into writing some angsty TWW AU Andrew/Jesse/Emma porn. Or some T-Hard/Capt Fine/JGL goodness.
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~ Gah! I hate it when a fic I submitted for a fest is posted and I find a TON of things I want to change but I CAN'T.

But on the plus side, the [ profile] we_pimpin exchange fics are live. Anonymous wrote me some awesome Ray/Walt fic! Then It Gets Good. Go give them some love if Generation Kill is your thing!

~ Spain vs. France Davis Cup action tomorrow! Rafa. Daveeed. I'm sad that there will be no Gael Monfils. (NGL, mostly I watch him to see if he melts down spectacularly. So much athletic possibility there, steered awry by his head.)

~ Contagion, Saturday.

~ Tattoo & Body Art Expo on Sunday, possibly?

~ Someday Bush (the band, not the former president, who is known hereabouts as the Shrub) will come to Houston and NOT play a festival at my least favorite venue in town. Sadly, the next time they're in town is not that day. *sigh*

~ Spencer Smith: big troll or biggest troll? Thanks for letting your fans know you need more than one cock in your household.
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1. Rough draft of my [ profile] we_pimpin fic is pretty much done. It needs a day before I go back and edit, then ship it off to beta.

2. Lesa & Katie (you can see her photos here) both wrote up the PStump shenanigans, and I don't have much to add. Except that I'm really excited for his next tour. And I am still ridiculously amused by the height difference here (HE IS SO TINY!), but at the time it felt weird to be so gigantic in comparison, so I slumped a bit the next time.

3. I want to read or write something to go with this photo. Yes? I don't even care what fandom, or if it's original fic. Just. The hands, and the pose.

4. I sort of want to take a bite out of Sam Stosur's biceps. They just look so firm and delicious.

And with that random comment, I believe I shall go watch the Ivanovic/Williams match, and then get ready to go up to the CWMP for Seether and A7X.

I hope everybody in the States is having a good Labor Day!
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I have opinions about the news that's in the headlines, but all I'm going to say is that I hope that everyone who lost a loved one on 9/11/01 or when the USS Cole or the US embassies in Tanzania and Kenya were bombed feels some closure. I'd like to believe that this means we'll extract ourselves from the untenable, unsustainable military conflicts in which we embroiled ourselves in the name of capturing OBL, but I have sincere doubts on that subject.

IN HAPPIER NEWS. [ profile] pjvilar posted a picture that makes me FINALLY feel the urge to write, for the first time in months. If I can squeeze it in around my work hours, which have once again grown to encompass far more than the 40 for which I am paid.

AND. Seriously, did we magick Panic! At The Disco into being with our will, bandom? Because this video. SERIOUSLY. It's a half-dozen different musicals and Disney movies for a single 3-minute song, and I LOVE IT. I cannot wait for June. Or for the autumn tour with Black Cards and Neon Trees.

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I have spent the last hour mentally debating whether Nate in the college AU went to the Gilman School or Calvert Hall before heading off to Dartmouth.

This Nate's family lives in Roland Park. And Gilman is in Roland Park. And those are two of the schools that anyone who is anyone in the legal profession in the Balmer area might've attended. [Baltimore is clannish, okay? J and I had this discussion the other day about how when a banker or lawyer in Baltimore asks where you went to school, they're not asking about college - if you're from there, and practice there, they want to know if you went to Gilman or Calvert Hall or the Boys' Latin School.]

a) This is not my [ profile] yagkyas fic.

b) This is not the Walt/Brad ficlet that needs to be transcribed.

c) WTAF, brain? Why are you focusing on minutiae when the bulk has yet to be written?


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