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Birthdate:Nov 23
Location:Houston, Texas, United States of America
User formerly known as irisgirl12000. :)


This is mostly going to be comments about fanfiction, interspersed with rants about work, politics, and other random acts of stupidity.

I've been accused of being a flaming liberal. I was not insulted. Feel free to disagree with me, but please do so politely.

Still here?

My current incarnation is as a research assistant/post-doc in a cancer biology lab in the UT medical school at the Texas Medical Center. It's a switch, because my training began with inorganic chemistry, migrated to bioinorganic chemistry, and then drifted on to yeast biochemistry; now I'm doing cell biology, and I miss the basic chemistry. Most of the students I work with never really learned chemistry, so there'll be a rant here or there about that lack, I'm sure. But all in all, the academic life isn't so bad.

Fandom, what?

The main point of this LJ, when I started it? Fandom.

What fandoms?

Harry Potter
House, MD
Criminal Minds
Queer as Folk
Sherlock Holmes
Generation Kill

I used to post fic at my other journal, [info]iris_scribbles or a shared journal, [info]tabby_and_iris, but I'll post notices whenever I update, in case there's anyone who's just looking for fic, not the RL babble.

Obligatory warning:

Just so everyone knows, there's discussion of Real Person Fiction here, in addition to media-based fiction ranging from that appropriate for all audiences to adult-rated. If you are not of age to read this, or have moral issues with same sex relationships, don't click the link or the cut. Also, remember what FICTION means, okay? NOT REAL.


There's a list of interests below, so here's a list of some of my dislikes: summer colds, people talking on mobiles in public really loudly or about inappropriate topics, rude people, tepid tea, disorganized presentations of data, Monday mornings, cooked spinach, runny eggs, pushy salespeople, John Travolta (can't even look at him, ick), rap music, 'pro-life' advocates who only have one X chromosome (it's none of their business), intelligent design.


ZQ moodtheme by [info]kingsnvagabonds.

Current layout via [info]thefulcrum.

Over at DW, I am favoritemistake, although I forget to post there most of the time.
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