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This week has sucked, work-wise. I've worked 11-12 hour days every day. No such thing as overtime.

As I disembarked from the train this morning I realized I didn't have my office or lab keys (b/c they are on a separate key ring from my car and house keys, and I didn't clip them to my carabiner this morning). Getting into the building isn't an issue; huge, connected labspaces mean getting into lab isn't a problem. Waiting for security to come let me into my office, and then figuring out how to secure everything so I could leave the office unlocked for back-and-forth traffic during the day? Pain in my ass.

I should've just turned around and gone home, because the day did not improve.

At ~6pm, my boss came in and told me that he hoped I was getting out of lab soon (Me, too!) and that I should take a day off when we get the last bit of data for the paper.

He doesn't know it yet, but I am taking next Friday and the following Monday off, whether or not the third replicates work. I HAVE A FLIGHT, A HOTEL, AND PLANS TO CLING TO J AND SEE [ profile] harriet_vane, among other things.

Anyway, I was waaaaaay cranky. There were further contretemps with Post-Doc W. I think she has radar: she only asks me to help her at the EXACT moment that I can't stop what I'm doing without fucking up my own experiments, and she managed that three (yes, 3) times today.

I'm tired. Tired of work. Tired of winter, in that the days are so short. Tired of being inactive in fandom. But I don't have the energy to participate right now. I fell asleep watching the recorded episode of the other night's White Collar, and I watched last night's Criminal Minds mostly impatiently, hoping that it wasn't implying anything about Reid's behavior over the rest of the season.

The one happy place for the day? these dudes, who spend their days swatting at fuzzy yellow-green balls )

So, yeah. I hope your week has been far, far better. What's making you smile, lately?
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a) There was a great deal of TV-watching this week. Most of it was delayed, as Aaron was on a business trip, and I've managed to con him into watching House, Criminal Minds, Castle, Supernatural, and The Big C with me. cut for spoilers )

b) I'm still trying to see if I can get a refund for the Austin STP/BRMC show. *sigh* Like I told people in the email chain, The Backyard refuses to refund money for a rescheduled show, and they force purchasers to give a ticket-holder's name to match to ID, so I don't know if I can sell them. I sent them an email, but got a form "thanks for your inquiry" reply. If I can't sell them, I guess I'll sell the Bush tickets for that same night, since they're plain old TM tickets. In either case, I am not ever giving The Backyard my money again. (As an aside, I am not even slightly surprised that STP had to delay the tour. They were an hour late coming on stage last week, and Scott Weiland was clearly altered, a train wreck waiting to happen.)

c) Ludo and Tommy & The High Pilots were awesome. I'm sorry that my body decided to hate me yesterday so that I couldn't drive to Austin to see them a second time. But Tommy et al. will be back in December, so.

d) Even though I know I cannot go, I have priced tickets to NYC for the weekend, just so that I could see Billie Joe Armstrong as St. Jimmy. This is so so SO wrong.

e) I posted fic! Five moments in the birth and maturation of a "thing". (Sorry, it's community-locked. I'll post it at my fic journal or here shortly and link to it again.) Generation Kill, Mike Wynn/OFC, adult, ~2600 words. Mike is a leg man, okay?

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The trip to NYC with [ profile] vic_ramsey was AWESOME. There was Butch Walker, and [ profile] harriet_vane & [ profile] wordsalone & [ profile] munkykiss & [ profile] danacias and dinosaurs (at AMNH) and Magna Carta and American Idiot. I forgot to take my camera, so I have no photos; I'll probably make a post babbling about Butch Walker (and Locksley) and AI at some point. But I am currently watching last week's episodes of House, Criminal Minds, and Castle. Mostly because I am procrastinating about exercising and admitting that I have to go to work tomorrow.

The French Open has started. I eagerly await Rafa and FeVer and Feli photos and gossip. To spam y'all with, of course. ;)

(Also? HI, MGG, Spencer Reid's new haircut looks GOOD on you. Work the tousled sex-hair look!)
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Today I was going to go to work for a half-day, to check my cells and see if the autoclave had been repaired (doubtful). I haven't done the last few days of that 30-day meme yet, either. I also need to write out the other half of the holiday cards that weren't begun until after Christmas.

Instead? I have:

1. made and consumed an entire pot of coffee

2. caught up on the [ profile] cm_exchange fic and a bunch of Kirk/McCoy fics that were written/posted for the holidays

3. laughed at our ridiculous cats, who actually FARTED while sitting on my lap

4. written more AU not!fic (I blame this all on [ profile] why_me_why_not and [ profile] harriet_vane)

5. dug through the mini's hard-drive to see if I ever actually typed up a Brendon/Frank ficlet set in the Epic Love Story verse (I hadn't)

6. downloaded BRMC's holiday gift songs (:D)

Now I'm going to go exercise, and then stop by work before we meet some friends for sushi and The Gourds at the Continental Club. Unwashed and well-read, y'all.

None of this precludes more pondering of ranch!AU fic or domestic fic. Which pretty much always ends in porn in my head, because that's just the way my brain is. (*points at's song choice* See, even my music thinks riding lessons in the ranch!AU should be considered, and then, you know, pornified.)
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+ I sort of love that Nathan Fillion is a zombie book reader. I enjoyed World War Z, and would love to see a movie version of it. With Nathan Fillion in it. As the narrator, preferably.

+ I get [ profile] why_me_why_not and [ profile] snarkyrainbow and [ profile] shutyourface and [ profile] vic_ramsey and The Used (plus Drive A and The Almost) tonight! It will be worth dragging myself out of bed at the ass-crack of dawn to get all my work done early today.

+ Fangirl commune tomorrow with the above, @ [ profile] eckerlilas's to see her and BBs, yes?

+ Someone needs to turn my computer off and take away iChtaca, b/c every time I have a break during my experiment this morning, I've been web-surfing.

+ Some (possibly spoilery) photos of the 100th episode of Criminal Minds are available. Lookit the pretty. Hotch. Reid. Oh, there are other characters in that episode?

+ Jack White didn't want to sing on Slash's album? Uh, his choice, I guess. If he said he'd do anything BUT sing, why didn't Slash take him up on it?

+ MIA is working on a new album? I swear that when we saw her a couple of years ago at Bonnaroo she said it was the last tour she was doing. Make up your mind!

+ Why aren't there any Weezer/Jack's Mannequin dates in Houston? WHY? (Yes, I am spoiled.)

+ ETA: I have spent the last two days showing New Student how to do two experiments. Neither is technically demanding, but he still doesn't *get* that samples need to be kept cold (you're in the cold room working in a tub of ice for a reason) and the processing should be done as fast as possible (so no, do not stop for lunch, to text, keep going). I've tried to stress these two factors, but I think he's going to have to have a couple of failed experiments before it sinks in. Plus? In addition to the constant snorting of phlegm, he has been chewing gum with his mouth open. Srsly, cow + cud. OMG WTF did he learn no manners as a child?

+ AND? Hoard does not mean the same thing as horde, okay? I've seen this word misused in blogs, in tweets, in fanfic, in BOOKS over the last few weeks. Check the damned dictionary, people!
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+ The exchange servers for users with first names DEW – IRH at work are not working. Eh, okay, I hope there was nothing urgent in my work email that needed tending.

+ Dear vendor: If you cannot be bothered to spell "competitive" correctly on your advert, why should I pay you to tend to expensive equipment?

+ It is lunchtime. I am going to go read [ profile] sunsetmog's new fic, and the Dean/Castiel that [ profile] why_me_why_not linked me to this AM. And think about shower-sex. Just because.

+ One more week until the season premiere of Criminal Minds. (Yes, I'm counting down.)

OMG, can we talk about how we're all ♥__♥ right now? Cuddling. In front of cameras. Why is The Pop Show not airing until NEXT WEEK?
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+ I hate being the only sober person when we're out.

+ Misery Signals tomorrow at Java Jazz. I sorta hate that it's way the hell on the north side, and I'm south of town. But if we get out of the crawfish boil early enough, I might go.

+ Babies' first headlining tour. I know I was sort of critical of Cassadee's bounciness, but I think she has good stage presence, and if the aerobics-instructor vibe wears off, she'll be a pretty good front-person. (And I'll keep ignoring faux-Marshall over there on his guitar.)

+ I can't listen to Obvious now without remembering Pete Wentz fondling his crotch and singing along that "right here is where the party starts". This is so wrong.

+ When's the official announcement for the What Happens In Vegas tour?

+ Last night's SPN... made me yearn for S1 and S2, when I actually cared about Sam, even though I was even then absolutely a Dean girl. Now? Like Dean, I'm just tired.

+ Wednesday's CM? Hey, hi, PLOT HOLE. cut for spoiler )

+ ETA: ALSO? My crazy fundamentalist cousin had her seventh baby today. Yesterday. Whatever. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT. HER SEVENTH. 7th. JFC, I don't even know what to say about that.
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Tabby posted this pic in her picspam )


Also, this has me hankering for that bandom/Criminal Minds crossover that's on the to-be-written list. Sometimes I think we are NEVER going to get to it.
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B/c I just told J I was closing the window with the CobraCam broadcast and giving up being a creepy stalker...

Criminal Minds blather, real time )
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In the last two hours I have:

1. lit a fire in the fireplace

2. eaten half a packet of graham crackers

3. talked myself around writing the next installment of girl!Bren, which involves Alexandra Marshall, Ian, post-cabin but before recording the 2nd album. uh, and porn.

4. re-read Nothing Quite Like, by [ profile] enoughoflove, in honor of Brendon's Victoria's Secret fetish

5. watched Criminal Minds, which had a sad lack of Spencer Reid being the hero

Oh, Reid

Nov. 19th, 2008 08:22 pm
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No lie, I fell off the couch laughing at that. Spencer Reid, you poor baby. ♥
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not really spoilery, but just in case... )

Tabby, we have to write that bandom/CM fic now. HAVE TO.
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+ Dear Buzz DJ's: Shut up about Papa Roach's "distinctive sound" already. They sound like every other hard rock band you play, with an extra dash of Motley Crue in their lyrics. I appreciate the way the new song and video skewer Paris Hilton and other tabloid trash, but it's not so awesome that you need to spend an hour talking about it and about how Jacobi is a Genuine Rock Star nowadays.

+ I am ready for the mutant death plague to be DONE. Of course, I'm really bad about doing anything other than taking ibuprofen and living through the coughing, shivering, and sniffling that it brings. It made the Steel Train show miserable - why does the Warehouse keep the temp so low? - and I was so tired and cold I didn't stay after to hang out with the band.

(Also? There were, like, maybe 60 people there. I realize that lots of folks were probably over at Verizon seeing Kings of Leon, but still. Pitiful.)

+ I am sooooo excited to see the next episode of Criminal Minds. (REID!) This week's... not so much. I thought that the writers went to great effort in exposition for things that were pretty fucking obvious.

+ I am not going to flail about Northern Downpour. Except that I am: Jon playing air-piano! Spencer slapping bumperstickers on cars! Them all being sneaky together! <3333

+ Oh, Bob. :D

+ Where are the links to the Bounce video? Is it online yet?
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Sorry for spamming y'all. And sorry these are so late. I've got a few more to do yet, and some other fic to type and post.

Next drabble-type things for the Music is my boyfriend meme.

[ profile] whispers_of_me's number corresponded to Intro, from The Hush Sound's Goodbye Blues. (m4a format)

Criminal Minds, Reid/Morgan, spoilers for Elephant's Memory, 225 words.

I'll keep you safely in my arms and close your ears to not hear harm )

[ profile] randomepiphany's number corresponded to Foo Fighters' For All The Cows.

My Chemical Romance, vague Frank/Mikey and Frank/Gerard, 232 words.

Everything worn in, like it's a friend )
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So tired. I'm being unbelievably lame. Thrice and Circa Survive were playing tonight, but I didn't get out of lab until 8pm, and I had promised my mom I'd call her tonight, so I came home instead of going out. I'm setting the timer on the TV so it'll turn itself off if I fall asleep during TDS or TCR.

I've had this sitting in my drafts mailbox for a couple of days, so I'm posting it before I forget or too much time passes.

Thoughts about Elephant's Memory, CM 3x15 )

Re: last night's show... I had this thought last night, and I'm still thinking about it, really. I found it oddly disturbing that the line that got the loudest shout of all of Panic's set was the What a shame the poor groom's bride is a whore line of I Write Sins Not Tragedies, emphasis on whore. I've posted before about grossly misogynistic lyrics vs. angry lyrics directed at a specific woman, and about gender. The thing that bothers me in this particular instance is that the audience was predominantly young and female, and they sang that line with such glee.

Dunno. It's just sticking in my head, plucking on my nerves. Need to think about it more.
asimplechord: (glasses) wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy? (Mahatma Gandhi)

Now I remember what I was going to post about!

1. A million thanks to [ profile] randomepiphany for the bound copy of The Years Arc. I cried, literally sat at my computer and cried, when I read the final installment online.

2. Another of our papers got accepted today. *sings* Three papers in six months. Even though I only share first author credit on one of them. Still. :D

3. KPFT brought Amy Goodman to town tonight. Station fundraiser/book signing for Standing Up To The Madness: Ordinary Heroes in Extraordinary Times. I finished reading the book while I waited for the speechifying to start. If you listen to Democracy Now, none of the stories will be unfamiliar, but they're organized and told with reference to historical examples of civil disobedience and peaceful protest. (Fear the crusading librarian.)

4. [ profile] why_me_why_not will be here in less than 36 hours. :D

5. Net Neutrality, y'all. Did you realize there was a FCC meeting in Palo Alto about it and media-ownership consolidation today? Write to your congressperson and tell them you want the internet to remain free and neutral for all uses, regardless of content or service provider.

6. Last night's Criminal Minds episode, which I'm rewatching now? Spencer Reid for the WIN. Take that talisman, baby boy, you'll need it.
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Michael Stipe + Stephen Colbert might be my new OTP.

Just saying.

Also, there was a dearth of purple scarf, but I think Reid's sweater made up for it. And he--they--REID! And Garcia wins. I can't imagine Criminal Minds without her, and her character was supposed to be male, something else entirely, but Kirsten Vangness totally made it her own.
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First, the book news, since there's just one piece: Amy Goodman's going to be in Houston on the 17th to discuss her new book, Standing Up to the Madness: Ordinary Heroes in Extraordinary Times. Anybody interested in attending with me? :)

Next, the music news, gossip, and sharing.

Scott Weiland and Velvet Revolver have parted ways? I can't say I'm surprised, given the blog-comment war, but I'd sorta hoped that they'd hold it together a bit longer. Like, until I'd had a chance to see them.

Also, didja see that The Nightwatchman will be making the rounds? If two weeks of shows can be called "the rounds". None of the posted dates and locations is likely to be possible for me. *disappointed sigh*

But. At 5pm tonight tickets go on sale for Forever The Sickest Kids w/ four other bands, including Metro Station and The Cab. FTSK were just here last month for the AP tour, and I'm happy to see them again. But I'm really going so I can feel ridiculously old in comparison to the Cab kids (they're so tiny!) and to laugh at how skeezy and blatant Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso are when they're trying to pick up chicks from the audience. And to watch the MikeyWay of the group Blake do his head-bobbing, body-rocking thing at the keyboards.

March's most-played list

Playlist )

Tell me if you take it, so I can reload if necessary? Thanks!

Also. FINALLY. A NEW EPISODE OF CRIMINAL MINDS TONIGHT! I have sorely missed Spencer Reid's purple scarf.
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I slacked, didn't take any prompts from [ profile] slashfest in the last round, but [ profile] why_me_why_not did, and she posted the results today.

Criminal Minds, Reid/Morgan
(S2, The Big Game/Revelations) When Hankel tortured Reid and accused him of being a sinner, Morgan said we all have sins. What sins have he and Reid committed that Reid might have confessed to?
521 words
rated teen


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