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a) I... am not a nice person. I have just spent 30 minutes amusing myself with the artist summaries for Bandom Big Bang, LOLing at how there's going to be some amazingly good fic and some amazingly bad bad!fic. When did I become such a snob?

b) I am not a fan of the weird epaulette things with a tie, but I will probably obtain a copy of the GQ in which photos from this shoot are published. Unf.

c) LUDO! I am ridic excited that Stamps & Tommy and the High Pilots (and Without a Face, for the TX shows) are on that tour!

d) D: Empires did not make the final round of the Rolling Stone cover contest. Neither did Fictionist, the other band I liked. Oh well, it still got them tons of exposure, right?

e) Killjoys on Friday. :D :D :D

In the meantime... prompt me? I need to kickstart creativity, else I'll wallow in work misery even when I'm not at work. So, yeah. Fandom, pairing, phrase or photo, and I'll write a sentence, a drabble, or something. American Idiot, GK, bandom, SPN, HP, CM or House. (Or Andrew/Jesse.)
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I feel like all I ever do here now is whine about work. :( BUT FOR THIS POST, NO WHINING!

1. SXSW in less than one week. Stamps! Gold Motel! Empires! Hopefully Electric Touch and Taddy Porter and Discos! I don't think I'll get there in time for the Black Cards show, but that's alright. At least four days of music music music.

2. [ profile] harriet_vane has tempted me into comment fic about Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield accidentally cuddling and going on shellfish dates. IDEK.

3. Paper should go out to MCB Oncogene tomorrow. FUCK, YES. I want it off my desk.

4. Indian Wells. :D :D :D J is there (or going to be this afternoon, rather) so I expect full reports on Ana and Nole and SStosur and Rafa and Nando's fauxhawk.

5. I didn't really have a fifth point, but for symmetry reasons I like it as the number of items on a list. Um... prompt me? I feel like I really am coming out from my fandom hibernation.
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J sent me this link about ink before I even had a chance to check my newsfeed.

It's interesting, as social commentary about the acceptance of body mods, and I have thoughts about it relative to my own ink (I still get comments from the ppl I work with, esp the older administrative staff and profs) but I have to skedaddle to get to work for my 9am meeting, so they'll have to wait.

In the meantime:

give me a prompt, a photo, a line of lyrics, some poetry, with fandom and pairing. I'll see if I can write a sentence, a drabble or a ficlet.

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My sleep schedule is totally messed up. Sleeping 5 am to 9am is not going to be very useful for work purposes this week.

A list of all gift suggestions, holiday card requirements, and baking has been achieved. Now I just have to work on crossing items off said list.

In the meantime, the drabble/ficlet prompt post will remain open, because I excel at justifying procrastination as inspiration and stimulation.

Thus far:

untitled bandom drabble, empires, 100 words, for [ profile] junebug_waltz
deadly drunken tree fairy, SPN, 115 words, for [ profile] koshweasley
flip flop smiles, GK, Walt/Brad in the college AU, 189 words, for [ profile] pjvilar
touch/sight/speech, GK, Brad/Nate, 333 words, for [ profile] idrilka
paying it forward, American Idiot, vaguely Will/Tunny, 497 words, for [ profile] pjvilar
it follows, GK, Brad/Nate, 126 words, for [ profile] lickingbeads

ETA b/c I'm pretty much sitting at my laptop with heart-eyes:

:D Discos' livestream from Germany. I have missed their stupid faces and bad stage banter.

:D A Dean/Castiel fanvid to Matchbox 20's Push.
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I had the TV on while I exercised last night. I don't care what's on, generally; I can't actually watch something that's going to require attention to plot or dialogue. My iPod is usually cranked. I just like having something to look at. TBS was airing Twister.

One line of dialogue (well, it's one line, but it sets up the rivalry between the storm-chasing groups, so really it's an implicit assumption that colors the entire film) really irks me: the comment that Bill makes about Jonas getting a corporate sponsor, not being in tornado/weather research for love of science, but for money. In which I rant )

Now that I'm done ranting...

My fandom participation quotient is still low, but I did write a couple of drabbles for the [ profile] we_pimpin drabble party post last week and this week.

Here, here, here, and here. Gen, gen(ish) with undertones, Brad/Nate, and Brad/Ray, respectively.

War Ray Coffee is the motherfucking answer. I'm going to go refill my mug.
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Five Scenes
set in the About A Girl 'verse

These were written for [ profile] why_me_why_not's meme. They are in chronological order. The first one takes place during the course of the main fic, but the others are tidbits of the as-yet unwritten future that lives in my head.

Feel free to ask questions if there's something you're not clear on; I have so much backstory and future for this story in my head, and I'm not sure it'll ever be written properly.

As always, this is fiction, and is meant to imply absolutely nothing about the folks whose names are utilized.

For Tabby

Jul. 29th, 2009 10:23 pm
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She promped me with question, rain, key, and this is what she gets: a snippet from the werewolf 'verse:

Tom wakes to the patter of rain on the window. Sean is curled against his chest, his head tucked under Tom's chin, and Ryan is plastered to his back, one arm thrown across both their chests. They're sleeping soundly, so that can't be what woke him. He has a niggling feeling that something is wrong, though, and he can't shake it. He lies there, trying to relax back into slumber-they'd been up all night hunting, and he was exhausted when they fell into bed after dawn-but it's impossible.

Finally he edges out from under Sean, shushing his unconscious grumblings, and finds fresh clothes, letting himself out of the bedroom and apartment quietly. He's still a block from his old place, which he hasn't sublet yet, despite not sleeping there in months, when he spies Jon on the stoop. He's wet and miserable, his face drawn and tired, and Tom feels questions bubbling up in his throat immediately.

"Sorry. I forgot my spare key." Forgot his windbreaker, forgot that it was autumn in a city that had real seasons, forgot his *boys*. Tom mentally rearranges his questions.

"No problem, Jonny. I can get you another one. Let's get inside. I haven't had any coffee yet, and you look like you could use some."


ETA: As I just told [ profile] why_me_why_not, canon is screwing with my ability (small as it was to begin with) to write, especially happily-ever-after fic.
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A few days back, [ profile] redorchids picked these icons when I volunteered for her meme. So. Six icons, six drabbles. Sorry it took me so long.

HG/SS, Potterverse, 265 words )

Jepha/Bob, bandom, 247 words )

Spencer/Brendon, bandom, 127 words )

Patrick/Brendon, bandom, 150 words )

Gabe and Pete, bandom, 178 words )

Ryan gen, bandom, 156 words )

So. You can volunteer for this yourself and I'll pick 6 of your icons, or you can tell me six additional icons that should be drabble fodder for me.
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10 Nov 2008, the night that both the Sassyback Tour and Rock Band Live had nothing scheduled, and according to Gabe were in the same city...

What city were they in? I know they were in Florida - RBL had just finished a series of dates there, and their Louisiana date was canceled, so they had a couple of days to go to the beach and such, and Cobra were on their way from Houston to their gig in Tampa. So. Tampa? Orlando, Panic's last date? Elsewhere?

Also, a drabble: Tabby said Bden/JWalk, Baltimore, tshirt when I requested pairing/city/item of clothing )
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We all know I have a thing about guys in glasses, right? I was cleaning up my laptop (avoiding the last of the chores as I get the house ready for MrIris's grandparents), and found an entire folder called guys in glasses.


What? You know you think they're hot. Got more to share? Link me!

Also, because [ profile] why_me_why_not said Guh. YES PLEASE. when I txted her Bden/Shane/Patrick studio shenanigans, y/n?, I posted an untitled ficlet. 540 words, D/s undertones, Shane's POV.
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This weekend I:

+ baked cookies (mmm, ginger snaps)
+ cleaned
+ finished holiday shopping
+ worked
+ watched Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room; none of the facts were news to me, but it still gave me indigestion to watch it
+ exchanged holiday gifts with MrIris, so he could actually use his - a GPS - he's so directionally challenged it's not even funny
+ listened to When The World Comes Down a ridiculous number of times (WHY IS EVERYONE SQUEEING OVER FOLIE A DEUX AND NOT THIS ALBUM? IT'S AMAAAAAAZING.)

I've been spectacularly unmotivated to finish any of the bajillion fics that are in-progress, but have a rec:

Autofocus, by [ profile] why_me_why_not. A sequel to 8 x 10. Bandom, Tom/Cassie/Jon, adult, ~1700 words.

ETA: Except that I *did* write a drabble for [ profile] why_me_why_not's prompt suggesting cookies, silver, cold, Brendon.
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+ Firstly, bandom drabbles to go with the three word prompts are done. It took an ungodly long time to post, even though they were written a week ago.

Mostly MCR with a dash of Panic. In no particular order:

bandom/QaF crossover, 100 words for [ profile] why_me_why_not

Ryan/Spencer gen, 118 words for [ profile] wearethestars

Frank/Mikey, 291 words for [ profile] inkandchaos

Gerard/Frank, 272 words for [ profile] ciel_vert

These comprise domestic fic, AU, and crossover fic. They are, however, still fictional.

+ Next? Random musicshare. It's been awhile - I missed June, July, and August for monthly musicsharing, so here, have some of the songs I listened to all summer. playlist )

+ While I'm talking about musicshares, did y'all see the decision granting a new trial for RIAA v. Thomas? As far as I can tell from reading it, it comes down to parsing the definition and usage of "distribution" in copyright law, and declaring that the damages that the RIAA demanded were excessive. I am *very* curious to see the outcome of the new trial. (link courtesy of J)

+ Dean Winchester + pie = OTP, yes? Also? Bobby is totally my favorite now. (Yes, I'm shallow like that. Bobby, Dean, Castiel. Who's that Sam guy? Although to be honest, I've never really been a Sam girl, and his behavior thus far in S4 isn't changing that.)

+ Skipping out on work to go to Austin. Because it's AUSTIN CITY LIMITS TIME!
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Untitled drabbles
Fred/George Weasley implied, although 2 of them can be read as gen
All fit into my [ profile] 100quills universe, which means the bad thing in Deathly Hallows NEVER HAPPENED.

Based on prompts from [ profile] lilyeyes, [ profile] twindowlicker, and [ profile] f13tch3r. I asked for three words, plus a number to correspond to the prompt grid. If the number they chose had already been used, I used the nearest unused [ profile] 100quills prompt word.

150 words, lilyeyes, fog/autumn/soup )

100 words, twindowlicker, heartache/flirty/fool )

100 words, f13tch3r, tintinnabulation/uncanny/spork )
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I meant to write smut for JWalk's birthday, but my porn was inhibited during the San Antonio trip by the presence of toddlers, relatives, and dogs. Instead, there's a drabble-type thing of domestic fluff.

Um, happy birthday?
Part of the About A Girl 'verse
325 words

familial and political bigotry? )

Burn After Reading )

Also? I texted some folks with a request for three words and a number between 1 and 50; all will be used for drabble generation. If you didn't receive a text, feel free to leave words&number in a comment here. If you're not looking for a Fred/George Weasely drabble, you can omit the number portion of prompt.
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I have no excuse. None. This was written during chat, for reasons that I cannot now recall. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

350 words of Warped Tour-inspired Drew Thomsen/Travis McCoy fic. That's right. We The Kings/Gym Class Heroes. I don't even know, guys.

Could there be a less likely pairing? Elaborate, please.

Bob is not amused. But as long as I'm not writing about his band, he'll let it slide.
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Yesterday was made of fail for so many reasons I cannot begin to explain. I consoled myself with this bit of fluff.

750 words
Shaving fic put in mind by [ profile] airgiodslv's Five Times Spencer Refused To Shave.

We've got tickets to see The Dark Knight on the IMAX, so hopefully today/tonight will be better.

ETA: Dear Richard Cohen, tattoos on young people are not the sign or cause of the collapse of the American economy. Unfettered (govt encouraged) greed is. STFU, old white man, kthnx?
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I have no excuse. None.

Brendon/Butcher, ~700 words, for the Inappropriately Timed Orgasms Meme.

Would you guys want to read it if I were to expand on a Drew/Travie (We The Kings/Gym Class Heroes) drabble?

*slinks off to finish the girl!fic*
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NO, REALLY. Portus might actually jolt me out of my uninspired Potter-fic rut.

She picked song #69 in my iTunes, which is Love Love, Kiss Kiss by Alkaline Trio (m4a format).

And the prompts were Snaco, stone.

Do you curse the happy couple?
Do you cringe at wedding bells?
Do you drink up all the punch while you wish 'em all to hell?

200 words )
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Sorry for spamming y'all. And sorry these are so late. I've got a few more to do yet, and some other fic to type and post.

Next drabble-type things for the Music is my boyfriend meme.

[ profile] whispers_of_me's number corresponded to Intro, from The Hush Sound's Goodbye Blues. (m4a format)

Criminal Minds, Reid/Morgan, spoilers for Elephant's Memory, 225 words.

I'll keep you safely in my arms and close your ears to not hear harm )

[ profile] randomepiphany's number corresponded to Foo Fighters' For All The Cows.

My Chemical Romance, vague Frank/Mikey and Frank/Gerard, 232 words.

Everything worn in, like it's a friend )
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I'm slow. But the meme-related ficlets and drabbles will eventually get posted. Promise.

So. Here, the first one.

[ profile] fleurdeliser requested Gerard/any Panic boy being domestic together, and the song number corresponded to The Messenger by Thrice.

I'm not sure this is quite the domesticity she was hoping for, but, well. Here. Entirely unbeta'd by anything but spell-check. 550 words. So fluffy and sweet, you could make a Fluff-N-Nutter with it. Also, totally fake.

I lean in closer and I close my eyes/Kiss the coals; breathe in smoke )


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