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1. Work. It makes me tired to think about it right now. The part of medical publishing I'm working in isn't really that much writing so much as it's editing and processing paperwork and getting authors to agree on the changes. Which goes about as well as herding cats. There's one abstract I'm trying to push through approvals for release that the authors have seen (and thus implicitly approved) no less than three times, and NOW they decide they don't like something. Dear Person-Who-Probably-Wasn't-Paying-Attention-Before: TOO LATE. At this stage no content can be altered, only disclosures and author order changed.

2. Maleficent. I liked it, but it a) had some issues and b) borrowed heavily from other Disney movies (not just Sleeping Beauty).

3. Music: Riot Fest tickets went on sale. Rise Against and The Offspring and The Cure and and and. The awesome of the line-up makes me feel less sad about not going to Bonnaroo this year.

4. More music: Indigo Girls were at the House of Blues last night. They have a lady touring with them playing fiddle and she was AMAZING. They closed the set with a cover of the Devil Went Down to Georgia instead of Closer to Fine (that was next to last :D) and the combination of her fiddle and Emily Saliers' guitar. Unf.

5. And still more music: On the subject of the HOB... Empires are playing a show there in a couple of weeks. I kept thinking that the music hall was a super big venue for them to be playing, but I think that it's actually NOT as big as the Houston HOB's main venue. But larger than the Peacock Room.

6. The last thing I'll say about music (for this post): Elvis Costello, come to me. :))))) NEXT WEEK.

OK. Now I'm gonna go changing into running clothes and go sweat for a while.
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First things first! It is November, and thus time for NaNoWriMo. I'm trying to get back into the habit of writing, so if anyone's still here, give me a fandom, character or pairing, and three words. I might write a sentence, I might write a paragraph, or I might find a picture or gif that's appropriate. Yes? OK.

The rest:

:( I'm still looking for a job.

:) I went to a Chicago Wolves/Rockford IceHogs game! It was odd. Because the Wolves were the home team, but the Hogs are the bb!Blackhawks, and they're so close to home that the audience was pretty evenly split. The lady next to me is a season ticketholder, but she was utterly clueless, because she kept saying that she didn't recognize any of the names of the players or their faces, and she didn't know what was going on. Um. The team that was the Chicago Wolves last year was the affiliate of the Canucks, and is now in Utica. This team is St Louis's AHL affiliate, and they were the Peoria Rivermen last year. So yeah, none of these dudes SHOULD be people she recognizes. But I just nodded and ignored her. And waved to Michael Davies (tiny forward is tiny), former Badger, who saw Aaron's UW sweater and came over to give us a nod.

:)) FRANK TURNER. Cool venue, great show.

:))) Tabby will be in the Chicagoland area soon. And Butch Walker is playing at the House of Blues next week.

I put a bunch of stuff up on craigslist, but if anyone here wants a table and 4 chairs, some bar stools, a butcher-block, or random band memorabilia (MCR Day of the Dead mask, signed and unsigned posters, etc), let me know. I really just want this stuff to stop cluttering our space.

I think that's pretty much it at the moment.
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+ Bonnaroo happened. I didn't take pics, really, and I'm not going to talk about each act, but Frank Turner was as amazing as always. Nas never disappoints. I still don't get the appeal of Macklemore. And I'm not even a casual Beatles fan, but JFC, Paul McCartney can put on a show. Three hours. It was like watching living history. And really, who else in the world can tell a story about a show with Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton and not come off sounding like a name-dropping douche? At one point a stuffed walrus doll landed on stage, and he propped it up on his piano and serenaded it. Yeah. What more can I say?

+ Paper #2 of 2013 is officially out, and we got the proofs for #3. Paper #4 was resubmitted in my absence. There are a few things I will correct if/when it is accepted and proofs arrive.

~ The house is listed. There's been an open house. No offers yet, but I'm not going to give up hope.

+ Now You See Me. I really enjoyed it.

~ I appear to have developed an Andrew Shaw problem. I blame Tabby.

- Aaron's car is in the shop until Tuesday at the earliest. Life in the 'burbs does not make two-people-one-car at all convenient, especially when it comes to meeting pre-existing goals in differing locations.


Jun. 11th, 2013 07:50 pm
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+ Fall Out Boy in Texas happened. Patrick Stump's solo efforts really changed the way he works a stage. And it's weird, because I never really watched Pete Wentz that closely (I usually aimed for Joe's side of the stage in the past, but was in front of Pete for 2 out of 3 shows this weekend), but now I wonder how much his stage manner has changed with Patrick's evolution. Holy hell, Patrick's vocal range. When he belts out the lines in Save Rock & Roll that Elton John sang on the album? UNF.

+ I had a [personal profile] why_me_why_not for the weekend! Except she is gone now, and I feel like we didn't have enough time to just chill and watch hockey together.

+ The house is listed!

+ Bonnaroo is a thing that is happening this week. \o/ /o\

+ I finished the imaging for Other Post-Doc's paper resubmission today. The rebuttal is due Monday. No rush, or anything.

+ Apparently PK Subban is going to win the Norris? IDK IDK, I wish there was an award for highest scoring defenseman separate from being a great defensive defenseman. But whatever. Good for him.
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~ Soundgarden. They played the Bayou Music Center Friday night. It was an okay show. IDK, Ben Shepherd was phoning it in, the guitar didn’t sound crisp (I’m not sure if it was Thayil’s playing or the sound system), and they need to either project stuff or have a light show, not both. The song choice was good until the very end, when instead of performing something like Outshined or Slaves and Bulldozers or basically ANYTHING upbeat, they performed Like A Suicide and Rowing. Most. Depressing. Songs. Ever. I had tickets to the show in Austin on Saturday, but didn’t feel like making the drive for a lackluster repeat.

+ The Hush Sound. River City Extension opened for them. I’m perplexed about why they were all shirtless, and I thought they used to have more members, including an actual trumpet player? But I like their music and energy. Did not care AT ALL for Hockey. Just, boring lyrics, too much 80s influence, weird vocals effects.

+ The French Open has begun! This is great, as we ‘ve reach the point in the season where there is no longer hockey every night. I’m excited to see if Sharapova can repeat or if Serena will maintain the stranglehold she’s had on clay this spring. And if Rafa’s return takes him back to the finals.

~ Work stuff. I applied to a couple of jobs in Chicago this weekend. And updated my past employers, since they will probably be contacted by future employers. It’s weird; my thesis advisor has been sitting on a paper for 13 years, not doing any work on it. She’s a serious procrastinator. When I applied for faculty positions back in the day, I got notices from various institutions that they’d love to interview me but they were still waiting on her letter of reference. You can imagine how much I appreciated that. So I emailed the prof the other day expecting to get zero response, but she replied WITHIN ONE DAY. And she’s got a student who’s interested in the subject of that last paper, so it MIGHT ACTUALLY GET PUBLISHED SOME DAY. It’s been so long, and other papers have been published on the topic, so what I wrote will have to be re-evaluated. But it might not hide on a shelf forever. I’m excited about that!

+ Star Trek: Into Darkness. I didn’t have high expectations for this movie, because it’s Star Trek. The even-number movies always suck. But I enjoyed it for what it was, despite some annoyances, particularly the flip in Kirk’s and Spock’s roles between this movie and original The Wrath of Khan.

+ Lagunitas' Gnarlywine. Delicious. I'm not always a fan of Lagunitas, but I'd drink this one again. But probably not much of it, because at 9% alcohol it knocked me on my ass.
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It's been a while since I posted anything other than the notice about moving, so in the last couple of weeks:

1. This happened. It was a pretty great show. One of the best parts was that there was an 11-yr-old kid next to me at the barrier with his dad, and he was the big TGA fan, somehow had conned his dad into letting him see multiple shows on the tour. (I was sort of horrified that he didn't have earplugs, though. Come on. That's permanent damage you're doing to your kid, man.)

2. And so did this (not my video, I was busy doing chin-hands at them from the next spot over on the barrier). Shortly after that song, BRMC invited the entire crowd to come around the barrier because we were too far away.

3. Saw IM3. More eloquent folks than I have reviewed it, so I'll just say that while I thought there were some flaws, it was a vast improvement over IM2, I enjoyed the portrayal of Tony post-Avengers events, and I'm curious to see how the ending is integrated into the next Avengers movie.

4. Watched a lot of hockey. (I probably should stop doing so while on the treadmill; one day I'm going to flail over a goal or lose my balance watching the puck move across the ice in a direction that opposes the one I'm going. But this way I can watch and exercise, so.) I'm sad that the Wild lost, but not surprised. There's lots of heat on Yeo, but a) he's a second-year coach and b) the Wild had more problems than signing one star forward and one stud defenseman could solve in a single shortened season. Brodin is magic, Darcy might grow up to be a good goalie, and I hope to watch Zucker run his mouth, chew on his mouthguard, and lay out bigger dudes like Brent Seabrook again, but just getting to the playoffs was a milestone for them, I think. To be honest: I picked the 'Hawks to win in 5 for my bracket, because I'm a realist, no matter how much I'd've liked the Wild to win.

The Art Car Parade is the weekend, rain or shine. And I'd like to see Harvest of Empire (I meant to see it last weekend but ended up seeing IM3 again). And there's cleaning to do, and I need to start sorting through things that will be donated to Goodwill or put onto Craigslist or whatever. Plus I should probably read The Good Earth for bookclub. I read it years ago, in school, but have no memory of it whatsoever.

Hope all's well with anyone who's still here. ♥
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+ Bush. Reliving my university years, musically. Still, the bassline to Come Down will always make me pause to listen.

+ People watching at BuzzFest XXX. Worth the price of admission.

- My knee is swollen and my calf is super tight. Ugh. Maybe I'll do something lower impact this afternoon.

+ The Aeros made the playoffs! They need to win tonight and the Checkers to lose if they want home-ice for the first round (doubtful), but whatever. Playoffs for their last season in Houston!

+ Mostly cleaned up the coffeeshop AU, so that might be posted soon?

+ [personal profile] why_me_why_not is the best. Last night I texted her I need someone to tell the story of Jeff Skinner, Secret Romantic. His favorite book is essentially an adventure/romance! The rest of the guys laugh about him taking dates to see chick flicks, but he actually doesn't mind? (Also, he gets laid a lot because ladies think he's sweet and sensitive on top of being a hot young athlete, so he wins all the way around. And, predictably, we spewed ideas at each other on the topic until long past we both should have been asleep.

+ Rafa's making a come back (crossing my fingers, anyway) in his match against Djokovic at Monte Carlo. Vamos!
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1. Work! Boss is out of town at a professional meeting, so there have been no "I know you're busy, but can you please do this too?" conversations. I appreciate this.

2. Aeros. :( They still haven't (and probably won't) signed a new lease with Les Alexander and the Toyota Center. It's 99% certain that they're moving to Des Moines after this season.

3. Also Aeros: Eric Haula is supposed to play in his first AHL game tonight. :) Curious to see the Gophers' leading scorer at this level. And there are plenty of guys he's played with or against on the team, so.

4. Leftover birthday cake for breakfast: still an excellent life choice, no matter how much my trainer disapproves.

5. As much as I'm enjoying Empires' Live In Chicago, I still feel that this must be said: GIMME THAT NEW MUSIC. I KNOW YOU'VE RECORDED IT.

6. Apparently it's a good week for music on the internet: Frank Turner's live EP is streaming, and so is Fall Out Boy's Save Rock and Roll. WELL DONE, BUTCH WALKER. WELL. DONE.

7. Clayton Stoner. Why is he still playing? Oh, right, because apparently the Wild only have three useful defensemen, and they need warm bodies. Can't they call up Kampfer? Scandella? Mara, even? Ugh, that pass was so ugly.
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So this happened. (LOL, "Each sent the Moody Theater audience -- which seemed more local and more fan-heavy than most SXSW crowds -- into howls and even some moshing." Because the pit was composed almost entirely of Green Day fans who guaranteed that if they got tickets, they would show up, else be blacklisted to future events.)

I missed FOB, but I think Green Day was a worthwhile exchange.

And then this happened. )

I returned home to find that Aaron hadn't suffered a relapse (he was just whining about being left to entertain himself), and this happened )

And I posted some fic: Celebration's impossible, genderswap hockey RPF, filling the "celebratory kiss" square on my trope bingo card.

One other good thing? BRMC's new album is out, synced to my iPod for the day's listening.

Now I'm going to go do some lab work, and tonight's the Revival Tour's stop in H-town. And possibly ponder vampire or werewolf fic. (Or porn.) It's Tabby's fault. And she's awesome for it. :)
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1. Aaron has pneumonia. Apparently there's a mini-epidemic in our 'burb of runners coming down with it, and their expanded lung capacity makes them not realize how sick they are until they are REALLY sick. The doc gave him a shot and a scrip for an inhaler and antibiotics, and he was noticeably better last night, so I think he'll be okay in the next day or two.

2. Reviews back on the last manuscript submitted. The suggested experiments from two reviewers do not appear too onerous.

3. GREEEEEEN DAY. (I'm still going to SXSW for Friday and Saturday at the very least, even though this has turned into the most hectic week at work and home.)

4. Flyers vs. Devils tonight. I'm hoping that the Devils' recent slump has reached its end, and they'll put the Flyers into the bottom of the Atlantic division in their next couple of games.

5. Jason Zucker :( Chances that Granlund goes back to MN? I favor sending Larsson up instead, or maybe Fontaine, because I don't think Granlund's fast enough to contribute the way Zucker does, but Larsson's solid enough offensively and defensively and Fontaine's right behind him in terms of scoring, while Granlund would benefit from more playing time back with Houston.
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:D :D :D

Fuck yeah, SXSW.

OK. Now back to the fic I was poking at. Maybe something more will fall out of my brain now that I've jostled it with a ridiculous dance of glee.
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D: The coffee shop in the ground floor of my building used to sell a small coffee (12 oz) for $1 (with tax). As of today, it is now a Starbucks location, and a small coffee costs $1.72. *sigh* Sbux, I liked my not-corporate, cheap coffee in the morning.

? What constitutes "new artist" for the Grammy's? Because Some Nights was fun.'s second album, and I remember a couple of years ago when Katy Perry was nominated that she'd released several albums as her inspirational/Christian incarnation before remaking herself into a pop singer.

+ Go, Devils. :)

+/- Still hoping that some of us will get off the waitlist onto the "yes you have tickets" list for the All Star thingy on Saturday. FOB what.
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+ live music, A+, with a side of family dysfunction )

+ So, after THAT, we drove back to Houston in time to see The Mountaintop. Appropriate on the day before MLK Jr Day. I enjoyed the set a lot, and I really liked the first half of the play, but when it turned a little surreal, I started to check out. Until the final scene, which was gorgeously done.

+ On the subject of hockey: #mnwild's Granlund scored his first NHL goal, Parise scored (I was the saddest panda, staring at the pic of his stall in the Wild dressing room [I just typed staal, guys, idek] and Wild jersey, you don't even know), the NJ Devils won. And SUCK IT, FLYERS. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that if the Devils are my "husband" team, the "boyfriend" team is going to be the Wild this year. Sad side note: please do not let the Aeros fail to renew the lease for Toyota Center, because I don't want them to move to Des Moines. D:

~ What is going on with Michael Phelps' face? Seriously. (Related, in that the pic I saw of him was in a Deadspin article about the Ravens winning the AFC championship: already so tired of the Harbaugh bros storyline. Thank fuck there's hockey and tennis to distract me.)

OK. Now I'm going to go switch back and forth between the Li Na/Radwanska QF match at AO (and then Daveeeeed's QF match) and the Red Wings/Blue Jackets game. And think about the next square to be filled in my trope_bingo card.
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~ I fell asleep before the Sharapova/V. Williams match. And the Ferrer/Baghdatis match. I swear, I will watch more than just some Andy Murray beat-downs! Except for how NBCSports is airing Yale/Harvard tonight, and probably somewhere I can find a stream of the UND/Minnesota match up (this weekend is the last ever regular-season conference series between these two teams :( ).

+ Saturday: time to make the trip to ATX for music. HELLO, TADDY PORTER, I AM LOOKING AT YOU. I love indoors shows at Stubb's.

+ My brain. Seriously, this bit about jStaal and eStaal in the N&O (They won’t sit side-by-side in the Canes’ newly renovated locker room at PNC Arena – "He doesn’t want me that close to him all the time," Jordan jokes – but they will see enough of each other.) sent me straight to wondering if Skinner still has the stall next to eStaal, and it all devolved into fic-related ideas from there.

? Science query. I'm doing some RT-PCR, and we spec all our samples with a nanospec before calculating how much to use in each subsequent step of the process. But my question is: if I spec RNA, then do first-strand synthesis for cDNA and spec it again... how does the nanospec differentiate between free, unused dNTPs and ssDNA, which becomes the template for the next step? It's all based on absorbance at 260 and 280, right?
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a) Does the new album in March mean BRMC might be at SXSW? PLEASE YES. Although, really, empires and Butch Walker are enough inducement already.

b) :( Our friend W will not be able to make it to HTx for the marathon this weekend after all. Spouse's work travel/child care/not able to get a standby seat on the company shuttle issues. Sad, because we haven't seen him since the marathon last year.

c) My ankle is still so sore. I don't know what I did to it - it didn't pull while I was running, but I woke up one morning a few weeks ago and it was so sore it hurt to walk. I've been icing it for ~20 minutes a night, but it's still swollen half the time, and this morning I skipped the gym because it hurt just to walk down the stairs when I got up. Tonight, no excuses. I'll just have to use the elliptical instead of a treadmill to lessen impact.

d) We're supposed to stay with friends in midtown tomorrow night and then (I will) bicycle over to Allen/Montrose for brunch to cheer the marathoners (including A, who's running the half-marathon) on as they go by, but if it's really going to rain, I'm not sure I want to add biking in the rain (least favorite) + sore ankle together. Perhaps I will be a sofa slug instead. Least supportive spouse ever, that is me.

e) Finished Lori Armstrong's Merciless. On one hand, I appreciate that Mercy is a flawed human being who makes no excuses for her drinking and other behavior. But I really do not understand how the character and the author are going to reconcile her actions with her relationship with the law (in the form of her lover, the county sheriff).

f) One more gulp of coffee, then into lab I go.
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I had some stuff to ramble about, but first:

A bajillion times more awesome than Milan Lucic's bank commercial.

+ I chose the next book club book. I picked Robin McKinley's Sunshine, because even though I've already read it, I feel like it's something that most people might like? IDK, we all have such different things we look for in books that none of us has really been pleased with any of the choices, so. Eh. At least I know I liked this one the first time through. Sent the email out, and immediately got a reply: but it's not available for Kindle. My reply: DOES THAT MEAN YOU MIGHT HAVE TO ACTUALLY BUY OR BORROW A PHYSICAL COPY? OH, THE HORROR!

~ A & I talked about playing hooky and going to the day game the Aeros play against the Rampage on 11Dec, but he just realized that he has meetings he can't miss that day. I sort of want to play hooky and go by myself anyway?

+ A+ to the waiter who served us at the Queen Vic, who brought me a glass of prosecco that was probably a good 8 oz, rather than the normal flute of sparkling wine. Also, he was pretty indulgent of a group of ladies who wanted a lot of wine and to occupy his table for longer than a normal dinner would take.

- Trying to decide about going to the Cobra Starship show in ATX tomorrow. I mean, I want to, because Cobra. But a) drive, b) so much shit to do on Saturday.

+ Possibly King Animal will be on repeat for a while. Or maybe just Non-State Actor. Thank you, Kim, Ben, Matt, and Chris.
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I had an entire rant-y post about my colleagues typed out, but seriously, I need to stop the negativity, so for the entire month of November I'm going to try (TRY, I make no guarantees) to only post positive things.


+ Both Girl In A Coma and Against Me! are in town tonight. (So's Sharon Van Etten, btw, but not at a convenient locale.) They're playing separate rooms in the same venue and GIAC goes on at 8pm, while Against Me!'s openers don't go on until 9pm. So I'll get to see them both. And hopefully also have some of Lucky's nachos, which are delicious.

+ Started the third replicate of the final experiment for the manuscript resubmission. Cross your fingers!

+ Spent my lunchbreak watching the Cabbie Presents zookeeper shenanigans and scrolling through the hockeyplayerswithpets tumblr. I feel like this was time well spent.

+ LOL, Wisconsin insult from the MN Wild blogger in this post about the Aeros' Granlund winning the AHL rookie of the month title.
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I've been feeling sort off, had a fever last night, so I emailed my boss that I wasn't feeling well, took NyQuil, and meant to go back to bed. But instead I'm trolling the internet.

a. Fuck yeah, Ecuador.

b. Darling husband, please don't make me argue about how the Nike "gold digging" t-shirts are sexist bullshit. Don't tell me that the gold-medal beach volleyball team has diggers on it, so that makes them okay. That's not who this is marketed for.

c. ;__; Rafa.

d. They're everywhere - I'm glad I saw them before they got this big, really - and it's still a creepy song (it's totally on my "this song is not as cheerful as you think" playlist, with Every Breath You Take, Pumped Up Kicks, and Make Damn Sure, but here's fun. doing We Are Young the other night on the Colbert Report. DAMN, JACK. Also, that smirk on Nate's face at the end, when the crowd is singing the lyrics. Like, "Yes, this is how I expect crowds to be: knowing ALLLLL MY LYRICS.

e. LOL, Yardbarker making me all cranky. PK Subban is not a "pretty dirty player", he's not any cockier than any other NHL player, and fuck you for making the unspoken but obvious comparison to Chris Pronger. I didn't realize I hadsuch strong feelings about RL!PK until I read that in my news feed.

Seriously, if one of my other fandoms doesn't start making news soon, I am going to drown in NHL preseason angst. Will they lock out? Will the NHLPA and the owners come to an agreement? Will the Habs come to their senses and make PK Subban a better offer? What are the Pens and the Devils going to do to fill the voids left by their off-season losses and machinations?
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1. I am really really loving Automatic Systematic Habit a lot. That link is to the mini movie. It was a free download from iTunes last week. Might still be? Garbage performed it on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night. I asked twitter this, but seriously, WTAF is Shirley Manson wearing? Did she sacrifice her grandma's sofa slipcover or drapes to make it?

I am hopeful that they will rescheduled the post-poned Houston show soooooon.

2. It's like the music gods are looking into my brain. Tim McIlrath and Brian Fallon on the same tour again? I made squeaky noises of glee yesterday when I heard the news.

3. Cleaned out my closet. Does that mean that it's okay to buy these shoes in nude/burgundy after all? Ugh. I want them, but I don't NEED more shoes. Except for black flats, because the soles of the pair I have are separating from the upper.

4. Oh, Daveeed. I was all set to watch an epic 3-hour match this morning, but he squandered at least nine break points in the first set. Rafa was sort of sloppy early on. And then once he won the tie-break, Daveeed's wheels came off. (I have the Nole/Fed match on now, and holy crap the Italian fans are vocal about their love for Nole.)

5. Live music pimp! Without A Face is playing a free show at 9pm tonight at Fitzgerald's. It's not a very convenient venue in terms of location or parking, but free music!

6. Bonnaroo tickets arrived! And the set times have been released! That means I will be off work for a WEEK soon, with nothing but music to do. :DDD

7. Um. I thought I had another thing to say, but it was probably just bitching about work, and no one needs that negativity in their life, including me.
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1. The Fic(k) fest over at [community profile] generation_kill made me want to write something for the first time in ages. I'm not sure I'm done with [profile] goshemily's Nate, tattoo prompt, but I posted a response to it.

2. Against Me! are opening for The Cult's summer tour. I'd planned on going, but hadn't said anything to Aaron or purchased tickets. Last night, Aaron announced the Against Me! were going to be at the House of Blues in June and we should put that on the calendar so that he doesn't get scheduled to travel for business when there's a band he wants to see in town. MY WORK HERE IS DONE.

3. I've read a bunch of Avengers fic over at AO3, but that can't be all of it. Where would y'all suggest looking on LJ, other than the cap_ironman comm? Recs?

4. Today is Martin Brodeur's 40th birthday. (I know I haven't talked about hockey here in ages, but he is my favorite. :D) I'm going to go cheer for him & the Devils to win their game against the Flyers.


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