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In the past whenever I used a gym, it was always one that run by the university by which I was employed or educated, and the equipment was not particularly new or fancy. In fact, if I was planning on running, I preferred to go outside or to use the indoor track rather than a treadmill, because treadmills :(.

Last night, after listening to the Aeros game for most of my workout (DAMN YOU, JUSTIN FAULK, AND YOUR GAME-TYING GOAL. DAMN YOU!), I decided to plug my iPod into the treadmill I was using for the cardio portion of the evening's activities.

As I told [personal profile] shutyourface, I may never run outside again. Seriously. Any movie or video on my iPod, playing on the display while I run, bike, or whatever the motion is for the elliptical?


It was all well and good until the Discos' set at Hove Festival was over and my iPod shuffled over to the video of MCR's I Don't Love You.

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1. Is TYV's hiatus officially a break-up, or just, you know, them doing other things? For a really long time. JWalk's interview made me wonder.

2. Browsing the tour dates for the Foo Fighters. How bummed am I that they aren't coming anywhere near me? Pretty bummed, especially since Rise Against are one of the openers.

But look at this list of arena names: Nationwide, Sprint, Izod, HSBC, Quicken Loan Arenas. I'm pondering the likely unvoiced opinions of Tim McIlrath on playing venues sponsored by the financial giants. I mean, they refused to play a festival where the stage was an advert for the military recruiters/reserve. But they play Stubb's on a regular basis (LOL, a bunch of vegans and vegetarians walked into a BBQ joint...). How to reconcile political & philosophical differences with earning a paycheck and being visible for fans?

How many hours before I can has fangirls and Killjoys?
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a) I... am not a nice person. I have just spent 30 minutes amusing myself with the artist summaries for Bandom Big Bang, LOLing at how there's going to be some amazingly good fic and some amazingly bad bad!fic. When did I become such a snob?

b) I am not a fan of the weird epaulette things with a tie, but I will probably obtain a copy of the GQ in which photos from this shoot are published. Unf.

c) LUDO! I am ridic excited that Stamps & Tommy and the High Pilots (and Without a Face, for the TX shows) are on that tour!

d) D: Empires did not make the final round of the Rolling Stone cover contest. Neither did Fictionist, the other band I liked. Oh well, it still got them tons of exposure, right?

e) Killjoys on Friday. :D :D :D

In the meantime... prompt me? I need to kickstart creativity, else I'll wallow in work misery even when I'm not at work. So, yeah. Fandom, pairing, phrase or photo, and I'll write a sentence, a drabble, or something. American Idiot, GK, bandom, SPN, HP, CM or House. (Or Andrew/Jesse.)
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+ On Friday afternoon the department chair fired the last administrative assistants who had been hired before his tenure. One of them was, admittedly, not the most efficient at her job. But the other two? They handled the administrative needs for 9 professors, plus coordinated the curriculum the department covers for the graduate school. I'm really curious to see who they hire (and how many) to replace them.

+ There is tennis on my TV. I know the results (damn you, Twitter!), but I am still going to pour myself a glass of wine and ogle a certain Spaniard while I wait for dinner to cook.

+ It is really hard to converse intelligently with a seminar speaker on their research when you spent half of their presentation pondering porn.

+ I'd rather Ticketmaster and Live Nation decreased ticket prices instead of giving me a "free download" of an album I've already pre-ordered. Now I have an extra download code for My Chemical Romance's Danger Days. I assume most people around here have the leak or purchased a copy already, but if anyone wants it, let me know, and I'll pass it on.

+ J will be here in three sleeps. I'm fairly certain that we will cling to each other as if we hadn't just seen each other last month. I am looking forward to this. Last year we didn't get to spend our birthday together - for perfectly logical reasons - and I was sulky and cranky for the entire holiday.
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a) Yeah, still loving the 2-minute tease MCR gave us.

b) So, instead of spending far more than my Jeep is worth for a fix that will only be temporary, we went car shopping this afternoon. Meet the new occupant of our two-car garage. S/he needs a name. I have to drive it a bit before I can make that decision. I will say, however, that is it WAY easy to speed without realizing it, in comparison to my lumbering Snowflake. And the turning radius is a bit broader.

c) Insights from the Afghan field. A book-rec, but also a really interesting read about cultural differences/memory and imperial mistakes, and how US military/foreign policy has repeated them in the last ten years.

d) I finally read Henry Jenkin's interview with Mary Gray about her book, Doing Drag in Wal-Mart and Other Stories of Rural Queer Youth, which I've had bookmarked forever. I need to add the book to my to-be-read list.

e) I've had the same bit of porn stuck in my head for days, and haven't written it out. I have no idea what my problem is, but I am ridiculously unmotivated. I thought I'd do it today, but we see how that worked, right?

f) M'kay. I'm going to read another chapter of Steven Saylor's Empire, then stir-fry some broccoli and other assorted veggies for supper.

(Re: post title? The Badgers are gonna fall in the rankings after today's debacle, even if they pulled out the win in the end.)

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Things that made me :DDD in the last 24 hours:

1. MCR (as seen pretty much all over my f-list). THANK YOU. I was beginning to fear that we'd NEVER get the new album. Mikeyway working the blond! Geeway and that fuschia mess (if ever there were a hot mess, he is it in the vid)! Frankie's all long-haired and hot again! (NGL, I totally would've lost Iero sex-chicken while he was in Leathermouth mode, but apparently becoming a daddy of twins is working out well for him.)

2. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

3. BRMC released a live session at iTunes. (Also, I get to see them twice this week.)

4. Luuuuuudo in less than one week.

Things that made me :D then :(

1. The Dear Jack Foundation First Annual Benefit Concert was announced. This is a charity that I definitely support for a variety of reasons, and both Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate will be performing so I'd love to go, but it's in LA, on a date that I absolutely cannot travel.

Things that made me >:/

1. Work. Dear Tutorial Grad Student: I should not have to tell you to put some damn gloves on EVERY OTHER MINUTE. Also, if you've weighed something out and it's too much, DO NOT put it back into the reagent bottle, especially if it's touched a surface you touched with your bare, naked fingers. And FYI, that thing you just weighed out is a neurotoxin in high enough quantities. I WASN'T KIDDING WHEN I TOLD YOU TO PUT ON SOME EFFIN' GLOVES.

2. Work. Yes, I'm listing it twice. Because I'm just that annoyed by the introduction of a new student for me to guide on a project that does not dovetail with mine AT ALL, at a time when The Chief is pushing me to finish the last replicates of experiments so we can get another paper out before the end of October.

3. I'm taking the Snowflake for service (again) tomorrow. More $$$ unbudgeted. The air-conditioning is blowing hot air. Which wouldn't be a big deal except this is Houston in September, and it's still supposed to be over 90F for the next week, at least.

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1. Unpopular fandom opinion: I am not fond of Gee Way with that blond hair. And WTF is up with the Hawaiian shirt? Also, I'm glad he's successful and all with The Umbrella Academy, but GIMME THAT NEW ALBUM, GODDAMNIT.

2. [ profile] why_me_why_not's brain is my favorite place to be. Somehow even though we're not writing fic, we're... writing fic? We've sort of got two Generation Kill-related fic universes going in an email chain, one gen and one decidedly not. It's been my happy place for a few days.

3. Taddy Porter, my new favorite band (for a little while, until Discos GIMME THAT NEW MUSIC). First, because they're named after a beer. And second, because they are trying to be a cross between Led Zeppelin and Bad Company. Third, because the bassist is this tiny redhead who rocks the fuck out when they are on stage.

4. I want someone to tell me the story of Gunny Wynn when 1st Recon redeployed to Iraq, when Bravo Company was assigned with the rest of the battalion to Fallujah, and it's like the invasion all over again, doing things that even Battalion Command isn't happy with, ignoring the plan they'd laid out in favor of an emotional, intemperate response at the behest of JTF and the Commander-in-chief. I want the story of Gunny Wynn in a unit that has no Nate Fick (although he'll allow that Brent Morel isn't a bad platoon commander), no Brad Colbert, no Ray Person, no Poke, no Reporter, no Pappy, but does have Redman and Kocher and Hasser, at least. NOT the story of what happens when Morel, Eddie Wright and Kocher are injured by an IED. But I'd like someone's view of whether it'd be at all different, going with different personnel, as an occupation rather than an invasion. Compared to his experience in Somalia, for example.

5. I am very curious to see what Danger Room and Best Defense have to say about the WikiLeaks release of the Afghanistan War Logs tomorrow. Mostly because the headlines over at The Guardian... are not earthshatteringly unsuspected. Pakistan's ISI has links to the Taliban? SHOCKING. Maybe, though, making Americans (or Britons, or whoever) more aware will make them more participatory in their government, and say something about tax dollars and soldiers (and civilians) being used so wastefully. Maybe? Yeah, doubtful, right?

6. Stark Bunker Sands, you are ridiculously adorkable, and still I can't help but be charmed by you.
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1. My boss is gone, and the labs in my part of the building are empty. I was hoping the University would give us the afternoon off, but sadly that does not appear to be on the agenda. *sigh*

2. We exchanged gifts last night. :D Aaron liked his Led Zeppelin collector's edition thingamabob and UW sweatshirt, and appreciated the socks and boxers (boxers with yetis on them; he has no idea how close he came to NOT receiving them!) and fancy almond-chocolates. I really really like my leather jacket, even if I'll only need to wear it twice a year in Houston and when we travel elsewhere. (Like tomorrow, YAAAAAAY!)

3. I would really really like it if the big storm hitting the West and Midwest didn't delay us in our travels to Charm City tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

4. My heart eyes at re-watching (and seeing the deleted scenes from) It Might Get Loud, let me show you them: ♥_♥

5. Julian Casablancas also deserves heart eyes, but I'm refraining.

6. I want all the domestic holiday fic about Brendon and Spencer and Bogart in the WORLD. Why isn't bandom cooperating and giving it to me? *pokes the internets*

7. I'm getting more and more excited about new MCR. It seemed so far off, before. Now, Spring 2010 is RIGHT THERE.
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So, [ profile] harriet_vane and [ profile] sunsetmog both have declared the next few days (weeks?) WIP amnesty, and as my previous post mentioned, one of my major talents is half-finishing fic.

This particular not!fic has been half-finished for... maybe two years? I started it after watching a rebroadcast of MCR's SNL performance. You know that moment at the end, when they're all milling about on stage, and Frank is on Bob's back, and he half-chokes him?

Uh-huh. I loved the idea of this, exploring s/D and how to handle needs when you're crammed on a bus with at least four other dudes for a year, but I have to admit that I am never going to flesh it out into more than the porn it is now. I just don't have the inclination or skill to write it.

So, here. Have 1760 words of not!fic!

Warnings: Breathplay. Without a beta, and without plot. Also, completely fictional. Consider yourself warned, okay?

What? Don't tell me you didn't think the same thing when you watched SNL that night )
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So, mostly these are the things I've been thinking about in order not to completely lose my temper today. Which, IDK, maybe it's PMS? I am really cranky over stupid little shit (and some bigger shit).

+ Legs crossed toward each other is ABSOLUTELY an Unequivocal Sex Invite, as has been pointed out by numerous people. This just means I spent half the morning casting Clueless AU in my head and via text.

+ IDEK, Nick Scimeca.

+ Matt Kiser's comparison of New Perspective and Change; I am particularly amused by the "what did these guys keep in the divorce" part for P!ATD: The exclamation point, the arm garters, the band member who can actually sing.

+ J texting me that her Twitter moment of the day was a convo about why Wincest is good but not HPtwincest. Me: LOL, ppl have to draw the line somewhere - it's okay for hot boys who are brothers to kiss as long as they're not twins, apparently? (Y'all can guess my opinion on that one.)

Fic that I want to read, but no one is writing for me:

+ fic wherein the switch between singer and bassist that was made by Tim McIlrath and Pete Wentz is discussed, along with their appreciation for spoken-word additions to songs. Or, you know, entire songs based on spoken-word poetry rather than singing, and the success vs. failure of some such. (compare fan bases, compare political content of their lyrics, compare commercial success and explore their continuing friendship/acquaintance)

+ domestic fic! Spencer buying Brendon's socks and underwear (he likes the bright colors, and wants to expand to patterns)! Brendon sneaking a pair of boy-jeans into Spencer's closet! (they are totally easier to get on and off when they are loose. shut up, he's not the one who has to take his own off)

+ Spencer/Brendon Cyrano fic. Spencer has body issues and is too shy to woo Brendon himself so he helps Ryan do so! Brendon falls in love with the writer of his letters, never realizing that it was Spencer! (OK, maybe I don't really want this fic. Maybe what I want is Ryan being Cyrano. Yes? Yes? MFYes? Except that Spencer can't die like Christian does.)

+ gen fic involving Mikeyway learning Japanese. (mostly b/c I love that his MFW shirt has now been translated)

(Me, demanding? No!)

Cabbabies tomorrow, yes? :D
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+ It was a shitty day at work. I had to deal with a fuck-up The Idiot left (which further convinced me that he was infuckingcapable of planning experiments logically). And five people (all admin/support staff) got fired. So I'm glad happier stuff happened elsewhere today.

+ New Perspectives. Everybody in bandom's already talked about this, but. Well. Yeah. My first thought was, "Did he really just sing about someone fast-forwarding to go down on him?" and when [ profile] vic_ramsey texted me more lyrics, I replied: Lolol, Bden wrote an entire song about sex with Spence? only to decide that I'm immature enough to hope that the whole album is less-than-subtle innuendo about sex, come, and facials. Thanks, bb.


+ Gabe's "serious" blog.

+ Ludo. Broken Bride Tour. Houston. 14November.

+ Swim's official video is out. I haven't watched it enough to comment intelligently. I'm still at the Andrew! Dr. J! Bobby! SISKY! flailing phase. And I like the Japanese wave art over the drawing style that continues through the rest of the video.

Jack's Mannequin "Swim"

+ ETA: Ray fucking Toro! (even if I don't know what the hell you're tracking)
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+ New student joined the lab today. He won't officially start doing lab work for a couple of weeks, but we cleared some of The Idiot's overflow off the vacant bench for him. IDK how this is going to work out. I'm nominally in charge of directing his project, since it's one that I started. There's not a personality clash or a language barrier, but New Student was seriously addicted to texting when he did his tutorial. Which probably sounds hypocritical coming from me, right? But I usually leave my phone in my desk drawer, and check it on breaks. (Having an office away from lab is actually really good for curbing my email and text addiction, I think.) He would pause *while I was telling him how to do an experiment* to read/send texts. I tried to explain: if you are not listening to me, that tells me you don't need my help, in which case, I have better things to do than hold your hand. It was to the point that The Chief noticed, and planned to address that in his "these are my expectations" speech. Also, New Student is diabetic, and it's really uncontrolled. Like, there would be points in the day when his blood sugar was so low that I could *see* that he was disconnected from reality - could not think straight - and that's dangerous in lab. He doesn't control his sugar well, and he isn't careful about his diet. I guess we'll see.

+ Bandit? Really? I shouldn't be surprised, I suppose.

+ ♥ Nick Scimeca & De'Mar Hamilton & Daniel Castady's cover of Modern Love
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A few days back, [ profile] redorchids picked these icons when I volunteered for her meme. So. Six icons, six drabbles. Sorry it took me so long.

HG/SS, Potterverse, 265 words )

Jepha/Bob, bandom, 247 words )

Spencer/Brendon, bandom, 127 words )

Patrick/Brendon, bandom, 150 words )

Gabe and Pete, bandom, 178 words )

Ryan gen, bandom, 156 words )

So. You can volunteer for this yourself and I'll pick 6 of your icons, or you can tell me six additional icons that should be drabble fodder for me.
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Today was a long, long day, and although there is a list of stuff I need to do, I'm procrastinating.

By looking through my "glasses/shades" subfolder in my photo files.

99% bandom. No repeats from my last glasses picspam, I hope.

Come a little closer, baby; let me look into your eyes )

ETA: [ profile] why_me_why_not suggested I add some non-bandom pics, but since this was already so dialup-unfriendly, she made her own post here.
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because it's Watchmen and it's got Jeffrey Dean Morgan, this makes me even more excited.

Seriously, their live version of Desolation Row was stunning (and you know how I feel about covers!); I can't even imagine what a studio-produced version will be like.

Jeez, it's empty here. And I'm getting SO MUCH WORK DONE, can you tell?
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+ Dear Buzz DJ's: Shut up about Papa Roach's "distinctive sound" already. They sound like every other hard rock band you play, with an extra dash of Motley Crue in their lyrics. I appreciate the way the new song and video skewer Paris Hilton and other tabloid trash, but it's not so awesome that you need to spend an hour talking about it and about how Jacobi is a Genuine Rock Star nowadays.

+ I am ready for the mutant death plague to be DONE. Of course, I'm really bad about doing anything other than taking ibuprofen and living through the coughing, shivering, and sniffling that it brings. It made the Steel Train show miserable - why does the Warehouse keep the temp so low? - and I was so tired and cold I didn't stay after to hang out with the band.

(Also? There were, like, maybe 60 people there. I realize that lots of folks were probably over at Verizon seeing Kings of Leon, but still. Pitiful.)

+ I am sooooo excited to see the next episode of Criminal Minds. (REID!) This week's... not so much. I thought that the writers went to great effort in exposition for things that were pretty fucking obvious.

+ I am not going to flail about Northern Downpour. Except that I am: Jon playing air-piano! Spencer slapping bumperstickers on cars! Them all being sneaky together! <3333

+ Oh, Bob. :D

+ Where are the links to the Bounce video? Is it online yet?
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I read an interview with Rise Against recently where they discuss the new album and talk about how some of the music was inspired by My Chemical Romance, with whom they enjoyed touring very much in 2007. And now I can't find it. Anyone know the interview I'm talking about?

Also? The video of Re-education (Through Labor) was released today. I am currently making ♥__♥ at Tim McIlrath on my monitor for quoting JFK at us.

(the making of the video)
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+ [ profile] a_carnal_mink posted SPN fic! Other than a drabble she wrote a while back, I think it's the first SPN fic she's posted. GO READ, IT'S AWESOME. It's Sam and Dean and it's [ profile] a_carnal_mink's brilliant writing. Just. GO, okay?

The Disconnect, NC17 for consensual m/m incest. Spoilers for S2.

+ An awkward conversation, another ficlet in the About A Girl 'verse, is finally posted. I'm not sure I'm really happy with it, because while I think communication is really important in a relationship, I'm not convinced that 20-yr-olds agree. Then again, when I was 20, I wasn't looking for communication or relationships, I was looking to pick up random guys at bars and parties. So what do I know? And this needed to get posted so the other snippets I have in my head make sense, so. Posted. On to the next bit.

+ Also, there's an untitled Spencer/Brendon drabble written for [ profile] vic_ramsey, because she was absolutely correct when she pointed out that "SPENCER CAN OBVIOUSLY, EASILY HOLD BRENDON AGAINST A WALL."

In *other* news )

ETA: OK, which of you guys has a copy of Metallica's leaked Death Magnetic and wants to share? *flutters eyelashes* Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
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delayed squee )

It is Wednesday, and the work week is more than half-way over.

We are officially being released from work at noon tomorrow to begin the Independence Day holiday early. Sadly, my experiment will require that I not avail myself of the opportunity to get the hell out of lab early. But that'll be four extra hours of vacation time, so maybe I can justify a trip to Austin after all. :)

We're grilling/picnicking with friends Friday and Saturday, and WARPED IS SUNDAY. Not even capslocking expresses my glee appropriately.

What're y'all doing?

ETA: So, when Black Gold say that this is Eric's last tour with PATD, does that mean Panic are going to find a new pianist to tour with them for the Australian tour, or for the rumored autumn swing through the US again? Have Brendon (or Jon?) play those parts rather than guitar whenever possible? Come up with new arrangements that are less keyboard-intensive?


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