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~ Student's MS defense was Thursday at 10am, and he told precisely NO ONE other than his committee about it. (He passed.) If I didn't ask the boss, I wouldn't've known. It's like he's already completely dissociated. Which would be great if only he had finished his fucking project, instead of leaving a bunch of stuff for me and the boss to complete. I should just tell myself that at least it's one more paper on my CV, right? RIGHT?

+ Picked up Hero again. Interesting read so far (I'm about halfway through it). All I can say is that TE Lawrence had some serious mommy issues.

~ I am so behind on Supernatural, Castle, and pretty much everything media-related right now, it's not even funny. Last night A suggested that we watch Iron Man and Iron Man 2 so I'd be prepared for The Avengers (b/c [personal profile] shutyourface is awesome, and I get to be her +1 for a fangirl meet-up at an early showing) but Netflix Instant Queue only had the second movie. Need to see them in order for my brain to appreciate.

+ Having said that, I am noting for immediate viewing: Patrick Stump will be on House MD on the 16th. And NYC-22 premieres on the 15th.

- Pretty much everyone at work EXCEPT researchers have this afternoon (Good Friday) off. Even A has holiday today. IDGAF about today as a religious holiday, but WTF, UT?

~ In last few days, three separate people have called me "young lady". Two of them were at least a decade younger than me, while the other was probably about my age. I'm sort of confused as to why I would merit this address.

+ As a longtime fan of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Henry Jenkins' post about it interests me.

*peeks in*

Dec. 29th, 2011 11:42 am
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I hope everyone had a great solstice/Christmas/whatever-they-celebrate. I was at my in-laws', where I had next-to-no phone service, and their internet was out, so other than the odd text or tweet that got through, I missed SO MUCH. I've got chores to do and fic to read (!!! all that [community profile] yagkyas fic, unread!), but I need to say one thing.

Given the absence of other entertainment, I read a lot.

Plowed through Jim Butcher's Dresden books. I only just started Ghost Story, but I have to say this: cut for spoilers )


I'm going to start catching up on various media forms, but if I missed something important, please comment, text, tweet, or email me about it.

(Also, why did the import from LJ to DW only bring my default icon, and none of the others?
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1. Rough draft of my [ profile] we_pimpin fic is pretty much done. It needs a day before I go back and edit, then ship it off to beta.

2. Lesa & Katie (you can see her photos here) both wrote up the PStump shenanigans, and I don't have much to add. Except that I'm really excited for his next tour. And I am still ridiculously amused by the height difference here (HE IS SO TINY!), but at the time it felt weird to be so gigantic in comparison, so I slumped a bit the next time.

3. I want to read or write something to go with this photo. Yes? I don't even care what fandom, or if it's original fic. Just. The hands, and the pose.

4. I sort of want to take a bite out of Sam Stosur's biceps. They just look so firm and delicious.

And with that random comment, I believe I shall go watch the Ivanovic/Williams match, and then get ready to go up to the CWMP for Seether and A7X.

I hope everybody in the States is having a good Labor Day!
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Thank you, Poppop. I miss you every day.

Thank you, Uncle Eddie and Uncle Paul. You are missed, too.

Thank you, Uncle John.

Thank you, Shawn, and please keep safe while you're at home and on your next deployment.
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...but I have no holiday icons. So. You get Spencer Smith sticking out his tongue instead. That's just as smile-inducing as an approaching holiday/vacation, right? Esp. if you were there when that photo was taken. :D

+ today's socks are dark blue, with snowmen and red-nosed reindeer (OMG, I just typed reigndeer first. WTAF?)

+ Aaron informed me last night that today's half-day is the last day he works until 3January; I believe this means that he should finish addressing holiday cards, house-cleaning and gift-wrapping next week, since I do NOT have the week off

+ delivered pumpkin bread, home-brew and such to colleagues this afternoon \o/

+ we (the lab, obvsly) have spent an appalling amount of money on antibodies in the last four months. APPALLING. Thank goodness for the CPRIT M&O budget, which dwarfs the NIH R01 M&O budget (and how tragic is that, since the NIH is the premiere public funding agency for life-science-related research?)

+ I remain fascinated by word/phrase usage in spin, and the way even supposedly neutral media outlets like Yahoo slant political news: Bipartisan bill preventing big tax hikes heads to Obama today. As if these would be *new* taxes, not the end of the Shrub-sponsored crap that took the US from a budget surplus to a budget deficit, and also as if it weren't *increasing* taxes for the very lowest incomes while maintaining significant benefits for the wealthiest 1% of Americans

+ feeling an overpowering urge to have risotto for supper. Decision: make it myself, or head to happy hour at Mia Bella?


+ I need inspiration - give me a fandom, character or pairing, and word/phrase/other prompt, and you'll get... something in response, no promises what
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+ My [ profile] yagkyas fic is finished! It's been beta'd. I'm letting it sit for a day before I look at it again, make any additional changes, and then submit it. \o/

+ All holiday shopping (minus one pair of liners for crocs) is complete. Multiple loaves of pumpkin-pecan bread are cooling, and banana-walnut batter is waiting to be poured into the baking tins when they become available. \o/

+ I still haven't addressed any holiday cards yet. /o\

+ I'm most of the way through S1 of The West Wing. I might be the only person in the world who didn't watch it when it was being broadcast. Between 1996 and early 2004, I watched college football, hockey, and the occasional episode of ER, and that's pretty much it; I read a fuck-ton of books and scientific papers, though. Anyway. I am in love with CJ. Seriously, my competence kink, she hits it EVERY EPISODE. And 1.7, the state dinner episode where she's in the gorgeous grey silk gown, barefoot in her office? I needed a moment. (Aaron thinks this is hilarious; for some reason he - who watched TWW with Rachel - thought Sam would be my favorite. Um. No.) I have to ask: is Danny Concannon based on the actual WaPo WHPC rep, or a nod to Danny Schechter, News Dissector?

Anyway. I won't ramble, because I'm sure that the awesome of TWW is already known to most of you.

+ I have eight different tabs of poetry open. I would love for someone to write GK fic based on Frost's Not To Keep.

+ Since the exchange fic is done, I am allowing myself to think more about the college AU, or maybe a vampire-politics AU. Here, have a fic-bit of the former. How Nate meets Brad in the college AU )
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My sleep schedule is totally messed up. Sleeping 5 am to 9am is not going to be very useful for work purposes this week.

A list of all gift suggestions, holiday card requirements, and baking has been achieved. Now I just have to work on crossing items off said list.

In the meantime, the drabble/ficlet prompt post will remain open, because I excel at justifying procrastination as inspiration and stimulation.

Thus far:

untitled bandom drabble, empires, 100 words, for [ profile] junebug_waltz
deadly drunken tree fairy, SPN, 115 words, for [ profile] koshweasley
flip flop smiles, GK, Walt/Brad in the college AU, 189 words, for [ profile] pjvilar
touch/sight/speech, GK, Brad/Nate, 333 words, for [ profile] idrilka
paying it forward, American Idiot, vaguely Will/Tunny, 497 words, for [ profile] pjvilar
it follows, GK, Brad/Nate, 126 words, for [ profile] lickingbeads

ETA b/c I'm pretty much sitting at my laptop with heart-eyes:

:D Discos' livestream from Germany. I have missed their stupid faces and bad stage banter.

:D A Dean/Castiel fanvid to Matchbox 20's Push.
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FYI, end-of-year holidays are pretty much my least favorite holidays (other than Valentine's Day). I hate the pressure of gift-giving, and while I appreciate the time off and love to see family, travel around Xmas and NYE is a hassle, especially when my relatives and in-laws live on opposite sides of the country, and both request our presence.

I need to be poked into the card-writing and gift-giving spirit.

So. Prompt me?

Any fandom I've ever written or plotted in (HP, SPN, SPN RPF, bandom, hockey RPF, Criminal Minds, House, GK) or even ones based on a show I've watched but not written in - see my 2010 summary post for shows I've been following. Fandom, character/pairing, one phrase or up to three words, song, picture, or other inspiration.


Jul. 4th, 2010 11:42 am
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♥ For ppl in the US, happy Independence Day! Go forth, re-read Master Jefferson's opus, and then commemorate!

Me, I started the day watching tennis. Last Rafa picture post here for a while, since he's taking time off before the US Open )

♥ In other news... I saw this sentence in a SPN/J2 Big Bang fic.

"I spent a lot of time in terrorist countries."

What exactly does that mean?

The character speaking is an ex-Navy SEAL who had spent time deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, so I understand that the author probably means he's spent time in areas where terrorists/insurgents were operating or taking shelter. But "terrorist countries"? Does that mean "countries where terrorists operate"? Because the way it's phrased makes it sound like "countries that ARE terrorist". Which, unless you're talking about being in a country where terrorism (against other countries) is state-sponsored, sort of bothers me.

And yes, it's dialogue, and people SAY things in ambiguous ways, but. Slightly more precise phrasing would be awesome.

/being a picky bitch

♥ Almost done with S3 of The Wire. Benjamin Bush is really good at leaning or standing in a way that seems menacing. Or lazy. Well done, David Simon, for using that skill. Did he learn that at Marine Corps OCS?

There's so much I enjoy about this series. First, Idris Elba. Stringer Bell might be my favorite villain ever. Drug dealer, economics student, glasses-wearing enforcer of Robert's Rules of Order. McNulty continues to be an asshole, with no apologies. I love the Carcetti storyline, with its not-so-subtle pokes at the Schmoke/O'Malley rivalry. And the fact that whoever is playing Lt Mello is CLEARLY actually from or is a long-time resident of Balmer, given his accent. (I'd guess east side if pressed, but that's just speculation on my part.) OMAR.

♥ M'kay. Gonna go figure out what to throw on the grill this afternoon, since the skies might remain clear long enough to do so. :)
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Christmas day! My family is Christian, although I am not, so we celebrate this day together.

Woke up and had coffee at J's. Clung for a while. Regrouped & drove up to Cecil County to Mom's. Had brunch, exchanged family gossip, opened gifts. Went to see Mommom at the nursing home. She is frail and tired, but as well as can be expected. After she fell asleep, we went over to Favorite Uncle's place to socialize. Clung to J some more. Spent the rest of the day & evening there with extended family. Sleepy. Had too much wine and a slice of poundcake that I probably shouldn't've.

Happy holidays, y'all.

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We finally arrived at J's after a 3 hour delay (mechanical, not weather-related) and missing luggage issues. Clinging. Having belated birthday cake. Watching Empire Strikes Back.

It suits my fancy to offer hugs and best wishes and hopes for a happy, safe holiday to everyone who is celebrating. ♥

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Dec. 23rd, 2009 07:02 pm
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We're the only people in our neighborhood who haven't decorated the house or yard for the holidays. Christmas (or whatever end-of-year religious festivities apply) is my least favorite holiday, and I see no point in dragging all that STUFF out if I'm just going to travel elsewhere anyway.

There's a contest for best lights and deco in our neighborhood. One house down the street has:

1. angels with lighted wings and trumpets
2. a nativity
3. a snowman

lit on one side of their front yard. The walkway to their front door and the base of the big pine tree are studded with multicolored lights. The other side of the front yard has

1. wire-framed reindeer
2. Santa & sleigh
3. wire-framed palm trees

decorated with twinkling lights. From edge to edge, lawn is maybe 20 ft by 30.

I just. Really? Why don't they stick a menorah or crescent or Kwanzaa-appropriate symbol out there too, to cover all their bases?

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ETA: For that 30-day meme, thing? Today I'm supposed to post/link to a YouTube video. This isn't YouTube, it's Buzznet. Here. Um, yeah. It's Gabe Saporta. I don't even know what to say, except that I laugh every time I think about a) the misheard lyrics, b) the tattoo, c) Gabe and Travie singing and recording the misheard lyrics (while Gabe shows us his cat tattoo).
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1. My boss is gone, and the labs in my part of the building are empty. I was hoping the University would give us the afternoon off, but sadly that does not appear to be on the agenda. *sigh*

2. We exchanged gifts last night. :D Aaron liked his Led Zeppelin collector's edition thingamabob and UW sweatshirt, and appreciated the socks and boxers (boxers with yetis on them; he has no idea how close he came to NOT receiving them!) and fancy almond-chocolates. I really really like my leather jacket, even if I'll only need to wear it twice a year in Houston and when we travel elsewhere. (Like tomorrow, YAAAAAAY!)

3. I would really really like it if the big storm hitting the West and Midwest didn't delay us in our travels to Charm City tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

4. My heart eyes at re-watching (and seeing the deleted scenes from) It Might Get Loud, let me show you them: ♥_♥

5. Julian Casablancas also deserves heart eyes, but I'm refraining.

6. I want all the domestic holiday fic about Brendon and Spencer and Bogart in the WORLD. Why isn't bandom cooperating and giving it to me? *pokes the internets*

7. I'm getting more and more excited about new MCR. It seemed so far off, before. Now, Spring 2010 is RIGHT THERE.
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1. laundry
2. bake banana bread and pumpkin bread
3. vacuum
4. wrap holiday gifts for shipment to Mom's
5. go for a 5-mile run to make up for yesterday's sloth-like behavior


1. package to USPS
2. drop off dry cleaning

3. follow-up on delivery estimate for MrIris's gift

ETA: Meant to write holiday cards too, but I realized that my card collection was in the cupboard that flooded when the water heater died last spring, so we threw them all out. DDD:
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I hope you all had awesome holiday funtimes! My in-laws are here for a few more days, so my online time is sketchy at best.


I was happy to see the link for Spencer Smith's interview with AP in my inbox when I checked.

Also? MrIris's Christmas gift to me is WAAAAY better than the Bose iPod dock I was hoping for.

And, what else? Um, [ profile] why_me_why_not posted drabbles in various fandoms (bandom, Criminal Minds, Harry Potter, Jericho, Supernatural). You should check them out.
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This weekend I:

+ baked cookies (mmm, ginger snaps)
+ cleaned
+ finished holiday shopping
+ worked
+ watched Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room; none of the facts were news to me, but it still gave me indigestion to watch it
+ exchanged holiday gifts with MrIris, so he could actually use his - a GPS - he's so directionally challenged it's not even funny
+ listened to When The World Comes Down a ridiculous number of times (WHY IS EVERYONE SQUEEING OVER FOLIE A DEUX AND NOT THIS ALBUM? IT'S AMAAAAAAZING.)

I've been spectacularly unmotivated to finish any of the bajillion fics that are in-progress, but have a rec:

Autofocus, by [ profile] why_me_why_not. A sequel to 8 x 10. Bandom, Tom/Cassie/Jon, adult, ~1700 words.

ETA: Except that I *did* write a drabble for [ profile] why_me_why_not's prompt suggesting cookies, silver, cold, Brendon.
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Hello, December, my least favorite month.


I am not prepared for the holidays; I'm never prepared for them. Mostly because I hate the consumerism, but also because we're always in a rush to get things donedoneDONE at work before the university hibernates for a week, while there are also more work-related social activities in which we're expected to participate.

Today's bonus headache-maker? Monday Night Football is in Houston tonight. The satellite parking lot for the med center switches over to parking for the stadium in the afternoon. And there is essentially no way for me to go home that doesn't involve the traffic snarls caused by stadium traffic. I... believe I might stay downtown for the night.

Anyway. On a more positive note: November's musicshare

you'll find your way back )

Also? I am ridiculously excited that Blue October are supposed to debut songs off the album they just finished recording on Wednesday at the HOB/BuzzFestivus show.
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delayed squee )

It is Wednesday, and the work week is more than half-way over.

We are officially being released from work at noon tomorrow to begin the Independence Day holiday early. Sadly, my experiment will require that I not avail myself of the opportunity to get the hell out of lab early. But that'll be four extra hours of vacation time, so maybe I can justify a trip to Austin after all. :)

We're grilling/picnicking with friends Friday and Saturday, and WARPED IS SUNDAY. Not even capslocking expresses my glee appropriately.

What're y'all doing?

ETA: So, when Black Gold say that this is Eric's last tour with PATD, does that mean Panic are going to find a new pianist to tour with them for the Australian tour, or for the rumored autumn swing through the US again? Have Brendon (or Jon?) play those parts rather than guitar whenever possible? Come up with new arrangements that are less keyboard-intensive?
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Great minds think alike. Or something.

This year I got J a wheel of manchego cheese from La Tienda - it's her favorite. All things Spanish, yes?

Two days after I ordered it, MrIris greeted me with, "Your package from Tienda arrived." And I was totally pissed, because I was sure I'd specified that it was a gift to be delivered to Bal'mer.

Heh. It was. This package was J's gift to us. Mmm, tetilla.

And [ profile] twindowlicker? Your card arrived today. Thanks muchly, babe. :) *hugs*

*freaks out a little*

Xmas is only a week away!
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I've gotten a little bit accomplished today:

-g'parents off to the airport
-xmas cards written and addressed until I was out of stamps
-all holiday gifts purchased except Mom's
-cleaned off my desk
-checked mailbox - there were cards from [ profile] why_me_why_not and [ profile] animehime! THANKS, GUYS!

I'm sitting here with a work file open, completely uninspired to finish my Snarry fest fic. It's due in 6 days, which means it needs to be finished NOW so it can be beta'd and submitted. But I'm feeling really blah about it.

Instead, I'm going to post the drabble I wrote for [ profile] yodels and watch football w/ MrIris. Maybe if I do it with my laptop open, I'll get inspired? Maybe? Please? *crosses fingers*

Yodels requested Ron Weasley, holiday music )


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