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So this happened. (LOL, "Each sent the Moody Theater audience -- which seemed more local and more fan-heavy than most SXSW crowds -- into howls and even some moshing." Because the pit was composed almost entirely of Green Day fans who guaranteed that if they got tickets, they would show up, else be blacklisted to future events.)

I missed FOB, but I think Green Day was a worthwhile exchange.

And then this happened. )

I returned home to find that Aaron hadn't suffered a relapse (he was just whining about being left to entertain himself), and this happened )

And I posted some fic: Celebration's impossible, genderswap hockey RPF, filling the "celebratory kiss" square on my trope bingo card.

One other good thing? BRMC's new album is out, synced to my iPod for the day's listening.

Now I'm going to go do some lab work, and tonight's the Revival Tour's stop in H-town. And possibly ponder vampire or werewolf fic. (Or porn.) It's Tabby's fault. And she's awesome for it. :)
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1. Aaron has pneumonia. Apparently there's a mini-epidemic in our 'burb of runners coming down with it, and their expanded lung capacity makes them not realize how sick they are until they are REALLY sick. The doc gave him a shot and a scrip for an inhaler and antibiotics, and he was noticeably better last night, so I think he'll be okay in the next day or two.

2. Reviews back on the last manuscript submitted. The suggested experiments from two reviewers do not appear too onerous.

3. GREEEEEEN DAY. (I'm still going to SXSW for Friday and Saturday at the very least, even though this has turned into the most hectic week at work and home.)

4. Flyers vs. Devils tonight. I'm hoping that the Devils' recent slump has reached its end, and they'll put the Flyers into the bottom of the Atlantic division in their next couple of games.

5. Jason Zucker :( Chances that Granlund goes back to MN? I favor sending Larsson up instead, or maybe Fontaine, because I don't think Granlund's fast enough to contribute the way Zucker does, but Larsson's solid enough offensively and defensively and Fontaine's right behind him in terms of scoring, while Granlund would benefit from more playing time back with Houston.
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:D :D :D

Fuck yeah, SXSW.

OK. Now back to the fic I was poking at. Maybe something more will fall out of my brain now that I've jostled it with a ridiculous dance of glee.
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~ I obtained a free Kindle via a promotion with a vendor at work! I've got the book I had been reading on my phone (Assassins' Gate) and Pride & Prejudice loaded onto it. Y'all should a) tell me where to go to download out-of-copyright books, if there's a better place than the Gutenberg Project, and b) suggest names for what is sure to become my new constant companion.

~ Wrong on the internet. I get that asking readers to choose the "greatest" means it's going to be a popularity contest, but once Green Day Authority got involved, it was all over 'cept the shouting. I mean, seriously, I love Green Day, but ranking them above the Ramones and the Clash? And then we could argue more about what makes a band great: longevity, popularity, sheer musical talent, the volume of their catalog, etc., without even touching on the conflict between global popularity and the original alternative goals of the punk aesthetic & ethic.

~ Leaving for Chicago tomorrrrrrrow! It's possible that I am excited about this. Can you tell? Chicago's weather should be a full 20 degrees cooler than Houston's. And we're staying with friends we haven't seen in a while. AND LOLLA. :D :D :D Just one more day of work to get through. Then cleaning the house and packing a bag.
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1. accidental holiday travel )

2. work )

3. Lollapalooza's full lineup has been announced! In addition to Muse & Foo Fighters being headliners, PStump, Gold Motel, Smith Westerns, Ellie Goulding, Fitz & the Tantrums, Best Coast, Explosions in the Sky, and and and.... :) <- me

4. Petraeus to CIA? Uh. Really? I mean, I get the other shifts: Panetta to DoD to ease them into budget cuts that Gates alluded to. Allen to ISAF makes sense. Ditto Crocker to Afghanistan. But seriously, what's the payout of bringing Petraeus to the CIA, other than, you know, getting him out of Afghanistan? He's not political. He's never been political, at least in terms of electoral politics. I don't think he'd voice any complaints or make any endorsements in the upcoming re-election campaign, so why the shift?

5. The third round of Rolling Stone's cover contest is underway. Empires made it through! So did Fictionist, who I didn't know before the contest, but am now quite enjoying. Go vote!


Apr. 24th, 2011 10:07 pm
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Came to see the last show of American Idiot and a Green Day concert broke out.

Fucking A+
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a. LJ is still not sending comment notifications. This sorta sucks.

b. The manuscript is OUT. \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ (We'll ignore how angry I was that the Chief waited until last night to ask me to re-analyze every data point from four replicates of an experiment, which involved requantifying pixel intensities for at least ten cells for each of the four conditions tested.)

c. J is the awesomest. (That is totally a word. If you look it up in a dictionary, I'm fairly certain her photo - or one of a woman ducking away from a camera - will be in the entry.) She sent me photos of the practice courts at Indian Wells today. Nole! Rafa! :D :D :D

d. I am going to go have the world's biggest margarita, and then I am going to sit upstairs in the balcony at the House of Blues and laugh at whatever jokes John Oliver tells, because it has been that kind of day.

e. It is entirely possible that there are two tickets for the final show of American Idiot in my name. :)

f. I'm assuming there's going to be a [ profile] help_japan set up, if there isn't already? In any case, I hope everyone's heard from any loved ones they might have in the vicinity, and my thoughts and good wishes are with them/you/everyone in Japan.
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Item the first: LJ username change! (ETA: irisgirl12000 -> asimplechord) I've been thinking of changing it forever. Actually, I kept hoping that the name I originally wanted (favoritemistake) would become available, because the person who has it has zero posts. But that doesn't seem to be the case, and I'm tired of waiting, so I chose another relevant phrase. DW (favoritemistake), Yahoo email (irisgirl12000), and gmail account names are not changing, FYI. Twitter is, to match.

Second. Missed the Golden Globes entirely tonight. Instead, saw the Alley/Seattle Rep production of God of Carnage. They modified it slightly, setting it in Houston rather than Brooklyn or Paris. HILARIOUSLY accurate portrayal of modern humanity.

Third. AO has started. GIMME THAT SPANISH ARMADA! Verdasco's match is at ass o'clock tonight. I'll probably fall asleep waiting for the coverage to start, but whatever. SHINY!

Um. I am going to go read more of John LeCarre's Our Kind of Traitor and think about some American Idiot fic set to these lyrics, because you all know how I feel about Rise Against:

All because of you,
I believe in angels.
Not the kind with wings,
No, not the kind with halos,
The kind that bring you home,
When home becomes a strange place.
I'll follow your voice,
All you have to do is shout it out.
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1. I thought more than once about extending my visit to NYC when I got the NDP notice and then the pre-sale code for the Discos' show at the Bowery, but I seriously cannot spend that time off without consequences - the day and a half I'm taking are being made up by working MLK Jr Day and the thirteen hours I spent in lab on Tuesday. (As an aside, J is going to be in town that weekend too. Cling-time! :D :D :D)

2. New post-doc arrived. SO TIRED OF ANSWERING QUESTIONS. It would be okay if it were just her, but I have literally spent hours the last three days showing other people how to do things. It's not like I have, you know, shit of my own to do.

3. I keep thinking about writing something, anything, but by the time I get home from work, I can't be bothered to think straight.

4. Almost through S2 of The West Wing. It's funny in a sad way how a decade after these episodes aired, NONE of the issues they confront have altered significantly. (And I still love CJ like burning.) [ETA: The more I watch, the less I care for Bartlet. To me he comes off as a predictable, pompous ass who relies on a bottomless well of useless trivia, his own opinion, and the bible more than anything else.]

5. Rise Against's new album comes out the same week as GD's Awesome As Fuck? Good music week. Actually, I think that's the week of SXSW, so it'll be a FABULOUS music week. :D :D :D (Also, did I ever flail here about Another Station; Another Mile? My heart eyes over them, I can't even explain.)

6. I was earwormed today by Wisdom, Justice, and Love. First when Tavis Smiley & Amy Goodman got into it on Democracy Now this morning (and wasn't that a total lovefest?) and then when my iPod kept cycling through A Thousand Suns. [There was a thought somewhere about violent political rhetoric and the long war and the political assassinations of the 60s, but I'm too tired to connect the dots now.]

7. A reminder from J had me all excited: the new Mercy Gunderson novel is out! And Amazon said that my copy had been delivered. But there is no package on my doorstep, in my mailbox, or in my neighbor's house. The USPS is not being particularly helpful at the moment, but I suppose that's because it's after hours. *sigh* I guess I'll keep slogging through Aftermath and Learning To Eat Soup With A Knife in the meantime.


9. 30Jan shows of American Idiot are/will be sold out b/c it's BJA as St. Jimmy and it's most likely Michael Esper's last show, y/n?

10. Fanta orange soda + Dripping Springs vodka = A+ supper choice
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Awesome As Fuck? Really? I mean, I knew the live album/DVD would be out in the spring, but I didn't realize that was the name. I really need to check into GDA more often.


Dec. 8th, 2010 12:49 pm
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Tunny is a super-sekrit American Idol fan, y/n? Will thinks it's hilarious that there's a playlist of Kris Allen and Adam Lambert songs hidden amongst the Black Flag and Rancid.

Totally unrelated: Americans? If you have an opinion on DADT, call your senator and tell them so TODAY, because Harry Reid's trying to bring the defense authorization bill to the floor for a vote tonight, with the DADT repeal clause still attached. ETA: Dead until tomorrow, at this point.

ETA2: Dead totally, unless Joe Lieberman (Lieberman. My O_O, let me show you them.) works some magic in a stand-alone bill.

hump day!

Sep. 29th, 2010 08:10 am
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1. Finally finished Steven Saylor's Empire. Historical fiction, interesting read, tons of details about life in imperial Rome, but parts felt like they dragged, and 100 pages probably could've been cut without harming the story. It follows one family from Augustus to Hadrian, and highlights the blessings and perils of being noticed by Caesar.

This morning, as I was reading the last bit of it, I was struck by the Saylor's description of the way Christians were treated by the legal system:
These people are not to be sought out. If brought before you and found guilty, they must be punished.[...] Anonymous accusations must play no role in any prosecution; such practices are a discarded relic of a previous time. The official policy regarding the Christians, in a nutshell, may be summed up thusly: 'Ask not, tell not.' (emphasis mine)

I have no idea if that was official policy. At the time (Trajan was the emperor in that chapter) Christians were certainly growing but still not the dominant religious sect.

But I enjoy Saylor's point: DADT has been around a long long time, just applied to different aspects of life.

2. Last night's working rehearsal of Peter Pan at the Alley was awesome. I'd only ever seen dress rehearsals of high school and college plays. This was literally the first run-through on the set in costume while the director adjusted the lights and sound and they figured out how to navigate the set - it's pretty elaborate - and made sure that none of the blocking made any seats unviewable. The cast and crew got through one scene in the hour we watched. Apparently it normally takes about sixty hours to get through the play the first time they do a working rehearsal? I am really excited - I've only ever seen the musical version, never the actual *play* before.

3. BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG. Word is you were entertaining, and quite different from Tony Vincent in the way you play St. Jimmy. (Obviously.)I wish I could see you this week. *sigh*

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a) There was a great deal of TV-watching this week. Most of it was delayed, as Aaron was on a business trip, and I've managed to con him into watching House, Criminal Minds, Castle, Supernatural, and The Big C with me. cut for spoilers )

b) I'm still trying to see if I can get a refund for the Austin STP/BRMC show. *sigh* Like I told people in the email chain, The Backyard refuses to refund money for a rescheduled show, and they force purchasers to give a ticket-holder's name to match to ID, so I don't know if I can sell them. I sent them an email, but got a form "thanks for your inquiry" reply. If I can't sell them, I guess I'll sell the Bush tickets for that same night, since they're plain old TM tickets. In either case, I am not ever giving The Backyard my money again. (As an aside, I am not even slightly surprised that STP had to delay the tour. They were an hour late coming on stage last week, and Scott Weiland was clearly altered, a train wreck waiting to happen.)

c) Ludo and Tommy & The High Pilots were awesome. I'm sorry that my body decided to hate me yesterday so that I couldn't drive to Austin to see them a second time. But Tommy et al. will be back in December, so.

d) Even though I know I cannot go, I have priced tickets to NYC for the weekend, just so that I could see Billie Joe Armstrong as St. Jimmy. This is so so SO wrong.

e) I posted fic! Five moments in the birth and maturation of a "thing". (Sorry, it's community-locked. I'll post it at my fic journal or here shortly and link to it again.) Generation Kill, Mike Wynn/OFC, adult, ~2600 words. Mike is a leg man, okay?

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I was gathering up thoughts and links and such to make a proper post, but right now I'm afloat in a sea of wantwantWANT.

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a) I assume y'all know this, but I keep LJ separate from FB and Twitter, so I won't be crossposting, and I'd appreciate the same courtesy.

b) Also, as a reminder, I am [personal profile] favoritemistake over on DW. I keep forgetting to crosspost there, but I suppose if there's another mass migration, I'll start doing so.

c) Godammit. My sister is evil. )

d) I have listened to Are We The Waiting an unhealthy number of times since the AOL session with the American Idiot cast was released. I've got it in a loop with the cast CD, the American Idiot CD, and the Bullet In A Bible version [Did you know it's listed as We Are The Waiting there? I couldn't figure out why it wasn't with the other versions when I arranged the titles alphabetically. And also, b/c I listen to the CD version more than I watch the DVD, I'd forgotten that Billie Joe Armstrong introduces the song as St. Jimmy, so I was all "wut?" when I watched it again the other night, and saw/heard that.] and I need to set the iPod down and just Step. Away.

e) I'm gonna go write the next bit of the 5 Times fic that's living in my brain right this second.

f) And watch Jeremy Scahill on Countdown with Keith Olbermann.

ETA: Operation New Dawn. Is that another installment of the Twilight saga, or a military political/diplomatic mission?
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1. A ton of photos from the other night's Broadway Impact fundraiser appeared in the FYAI tumblr overnight, filling my googlereader inbox, making me happy. :D But I have to ask... why was Christina Sajous wearing what looks like a wedding gown? No, really: the pearls, the beading, the bodice's fit. What's up with that?

2. It is really hard to focus on science when I want to be writing out the porn that's on repeat in my head. Just sayin'.

3. Appropriate timing: I just read the exchange between Abizaid and Mattis to which Ricks refers here in No True Glory.

4. BRB, laughing at the little coincidences in life. I read one of the tabs I have open, a [ profile] combat_jack GKbattle fic for the "fog of war" prompt, last night before going to bed, and then I checked my googlefeed first thing this morning and found an op-ed piece by Andrew Exum in the NYT, Getting Lost In Afghanistan's Fog Of War. Fandom and news media converge once again. (Exum is inevitably tied to Fick in my brain, even though he has absolutely nothing to do with Generation Kill. It's just one of those leaps that, once made, my brain cannot un-make.)

5. DNW to go spend a few hours in the cold room. *sigh* But I suppose Mick Jagger has the right of it.

6. [ profile] why_me_why_not just posted some skating!RPS threesome fic. If I told you I was drunk. Johnny/Stephane/AdamR. You should check it out, if you're into the skating thing.
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1. Unpopular fandom opinion: I am not fond of Gee Way with that blond hair. And WTF is up with the Hawaiian shirt? Also, I'm glad he's successful and all with The Umbrella Academy, but GIMME THAT NEW ALBUM, GODDAMNIT.

2. [ profile] why_me_why_not's brain is my favorite place to be. Somehow even though we're not writing fic, we're... writing fic? We've sort of got two Generation Kill-related fic universes going in an email chain, one gen and one decidedly not. It's been my happy place for a few days.

3. Taddy Porter, my new favorite band (for a little while, until Discos GIMME THAT NEW MUSIC). First, because they're named after a beer. And second, because they are trying to be a cross between Led Zeppelin and Bad Company. Third, because the bassist is this tiny redhead who rocks the fuck out when they are on stage.

4. I want someone to tell me the story of Gunny Wynn when 1st Recon redeployed to Iraq, when Bravo Company was assigned with the rest of the battalion to Fallujah, and it's like the invasion all over again, doing things that even Battalion Command isn't happy with, ignoring the plan they'd laid out in favor of an emotional, intemperate response at the behest of JTF and the Commander-in-chief. I want the story of Gunny Wynn in a unit that has no Nate Fick (although he'll allow that Brent Morel isn't a bad platoon commander), no Brad Colbert, no Ray Person, no Poke, no Reporter, no Pappy, but does have Redman and Kocher and Hasser, at least. NOT the story of what happens when Morel, Eddie Wright and Kocher are injured by an IED. But I'd like someone's view of whether it'd be at all different, going with different personnel, as an occupation rather than an invasion. Compared to his experience in Somalia, for example.

5. I am very curious to see what Danger Room and Best Defense have to say about the WikiLeaks release of the Afghanistan War Logs tomorrow. Mostly because the headlines over at The Guardian... are not earthshatteringly unsuspected. Pakistan's ISI has links to the Taliban? SHOCKING. Maybe, though, making Americans (or Britons, or whoever) more aware will make them more participatory in their government, and say something about tax dollars and soldiers (and civilians) being used so wastefully. Maybe? Yeah, doubtful, right?

6. Stark Bunker Sands, you are ridiculously adorkable, and still I can't help but be charmed by you.
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So, let's put the Marines in charge in pulling our asses out of Afghanistan."

*waves upward* That's a quote from a comment at Abu Muqawama's blog entry. It sort of amuses me. A LOT.

I picked up Waging War In Waziristan: The British Struggle in the Land of Bin Laden, 1849-1947 again after finishing This Man's Army, and this sentence from tonight's reading struck me as particularly appropriate, given the uproar over McChrystal's Rolling Stone interview:
[T]he relationship between the military and politicals was not always harmonious.

No, really? That's so (not) different, a century later.

Unrelated: \o/ Rafa won today! Sadly, Hot Sauce did not. And at least one other member of the Armada lost as well. Radio Wimbledon has an iPhone app, if any of y'all are closet tennis fans. And actually, I think it's a bit better than the French Open app (possibly b/c of the differences in funding/backing between the two tourneys? IDK) - the radio has a general radio station, a feed from Centre Court, and one from Court One, so you're not stuck listening to a match you're not interested in.

The CD for the Broadway Cast's recording of American Idiot finally found its way into the stereo in the living room. SurroundSound is an amazing thing.

OK. I'm going to go see what Jon Stewart has to say about today's events and try not to stress about how long and hard a day tomorrow is going to be. ♥
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The trip to NYC with [ profile] vic_ramsey was AWESOME. There was Butch Walker, and [ profile] harriet_vane & [ profile] wordsalone & [ profile] munkykiss & [ profile] danacias and dinosaurs (at AMNH) and Magna Carta and American Idiot. I forgot to take my camera, so I have no photos; I'll probably make a post babbling about Butch Walker (and Locksley) and AI at some point. But I am currently watching last week's episodes of House, Criminal Minds, and Castle. Mostly because I am procrastinating about exercising and admitting that I have to go to work tomorrow.

The French Open has started. I eagerly await Rafa and FeVer and Feli photos and gossip. To spam y'all with, of course. ;)

(Also? HI, MGG, Spencer Reid's new haircut looks GOOD on you. Work the tousled sex-hair look!)


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