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today's to-do list:

request copy of last paycheck
inquire about pay for accumulated vacation leave
donate blood
sign/post paperwork for the mortgage for the house in Chicago
read at least one review on follicle development
clean out the closet that holds home improvement odds and ends and holiday decorations
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+ live music, A+, with a side of family dysfunction )

+ So, after THAT, we drove back to Houston in time to see The Mountaintop. Appropriate on the day before MLK Jr Day. I enjoyed the set a lot, and I really liked the first half of the play, but when it turned a little surreal, I started to check out. Until the final scene, which was gorgeously done.

+ On the subject of hockey: #mnwild's Granlund scored his first NHL goal, Parise scored (I was the saddest panda, staring at the pic of his stall in the Wild dressing room [I just typed staal, guys, idek] and Wild jersey, you don't even know), the NJ Devils won. And SUCK IT, FLYERS. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that if the Devils are my "husband" team, the "boyfriend" team is going to be the Wild this year. Sad side note: please do not let the Aeros fail to renew the lease for Toyota Center, because I don't want them to move to Des Moines. D:

~ What is going on with Michael Phelps' face? Seriously. (Related, in that the pic I saw of him was in a Deadspin article about the Ravens winning the AFC championship: already so tired of the Harbaugh bros storyline. Thank fuck there's hockey and tennis to distract me.)

OK. Now I'm going to go switch back and forth between the Li Na/Radwanska QF match at AO (and then Daveeeeed's QF match) and the Red Wings/Blue Jackets game. And think about the next square to be filled in my trope_bingo card.
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I am the worst.

I meant to sign up for the hockey big bang and didn't.

Thought about doing NaNo but really am not.

Have a holiday exchange to write for, but have only pondered and plotted, not written.

So obviously I should be focusing on that.



PROMPT ME. ANY FANDOM YOU'VE TALKED TO ME ABOUT. (Although you are more likely to get fic if it's Castle, Generation Kill, or hockey RPF. Just sayin'. Also? FUCK YES, AEROS.)


aaaaaand, i think it is time for more wine, kthnx.
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a) I... am not a nice person. I have just spent 30 minutes amusing myself with the artist summaries for Bandom Big Bang, LOLing at how there's going to be some amazingly good fic and some amazingly bad bad!fic. When did I become such a snob?

b) I am not a fan of the weird epaulette things with a tie, but I will probably obtain a copy of the GQ in which photos from this shoot are published. Unf.

c) LUDO! I am ridic excited that Stamps & Tommy and the High Pilots (and Without a Face, for the TX shows) are on that tour!

d) D: Empires did not make the final round of the Rolling Stone cover contest. Neither did Fictionist, the other band I liked. Oh well, it still got them tons of exposure, right?

e) Killjoys on Friday. :D :D :D

In the meantime... prompt me? I need to kickstart creativity, else I'll wallow in work misery even when I'm not at work. So, yeah. Fandom, pairing, phrase or photo, and I'll write a sentence, a drabble, or something. American Idiot, GK, bandom, SPN, HP, CM or House. (Or Andrew/Jesse.)


Feb. 11th, 2011 08:21 pm
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I was supposed to go to Austin to see Girl In A Coma tonight, but everyfuckingthing at work conspired against me. Someone horned in on my TC time, a piece of equipment malfunctioned, Post-Doc W had some issues, and then another colleague wouldn't take my word for it that it would be faster if she just let me collect the data for her this first time rather than spending over an hour showing and re-showing her how to use another instrument (which really is not that complicated).

I finally escaped from the building at ~7:15. I got to my car by 7:40. Doors were supposed to open at 8pm.

Fuck work. For SXSW I'm taking vacation days, none of this I'll-get-out-of-work-early bullshit.

So instead I am at home. I have a bottle of cider open, and if A wants anything more complicated than a veggie burger, he's going to have to make it himself.
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1. I thought more than once about extending my visit to NYC when I got the NDP notice and then the pre-sale code for the Discos' show at the Bowery, but I seriously cannot spend that time off without consequences - the day and a half I'm taking are being made up by working MLK Jr Day and the thirteen hours I spent in lab on Tuesday. (As an aside, J is going to be in town that weekend too. Cling-time! :D :D :D)

2. New post-doc arrived. SO TIRED OF ANSWERING QUESTIONS. It would be okay if it were just her, but I have literally spent hours the last three days showing other people how to do things. It's not like I have, you know, shit of my own to do.

3. I keep thinking about writing something, anything, but by the time I get home from work, I can't be bothered to think straight.

4. Almost through S2 of The West Wing. It's funny in a sad way how a decade after these episodes aired, NONE of the issues they confront have altered significantly. (And I still love CJ like burning.) [ETA: The more I watch, the less I care for Bartlet. To me he comes off as a predictable, pompous ass who relies on a bottomless well of useless trivia, his own opinion, and the bible more than anything else.]

5. Rise Against's new album comes out the same week as GD's Awesome As Fuck? Good music week. Actually, I think that's the week of SXSW, so it'll be a FABULOUS music week. :D :D :D (Also, did I ever flail here about Another Station; Another Mile? My heart eyes over them, I can't even explain.)

6. I was earwormed today by Wisdom, Justice, and Love. First when Tavis Smiley & Amy Goodman got into it on Democracy Now this morning (and wasn't that a total lovefest?) and then when my iPod kept cycling through A Thousand Suns. [There was a thought somewhere about violent political rhetoric and the long war and the political assassinations of the 60s, but I'm too tired to connect the dots now.]

7. A reminder from J had me all excited: the new Mercy Gunderson novel is out! And Amazon said that my copy had been delivered. But there is no package on my doorstep, in my mailbox, or in my neighbor's house. The USPS is not being particularly helpful at the moment, but I suppose that's because it's after hours. *sigh* I guess I'll keep slogging through Aftermath and Learning To Eat Soup With A Knife in the meantime.


9. 30Jan shows of American Idiot are/will be sold out b/c it's BJA as St. Jimmy and it's most likely Michael Esper's last show, y/n?

10. Fanta orange soda + Dripping Springs vodka = A+ supper choice
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Today's things:

1. I must've scratched my eye taking out my contact last night b/c it stings and it's red and I want to whine.

2. BRMC's Live In London is awesome to work to, but half the songs have too slow a rhythm to make them good workout music. Which is really unfortunate, as that's the DVD I stuck in the player when I climbed onto the elliptical tonight. I found myself slowing down whenever the song changed. D:

3. This is happening the weekend I'm going to NYC to see Time Stands Still before it closes. John Gallagher Jr? Sounds like an item to add to my itinerary.

4. Antonin Scalia, you make me so fucking cranky, OMG. Be a strict constructionist or don't, but pick a side and stick to it. And also? If the rights of women and gay people aren't protected by the Constitution, how can it be consistent that those of a corporation are?

5. Everyone at work is sick with a hacking cough. If I pick up this bug, I will whine even more.

6. Post-holiday fandom apathy has set in. I keep opening the file for the college AU or Five Times Mike Wynn Didn't Ask, eyeing the text, and closing them again. HELP!

7. Patrick Stump was pretty much my happy place for the afternoon. What's making y'all smile today?
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I have a ton of random snippets of fic that will never be rounded out into actual stories. In an effort to clear my hard-drive (and because my OCD and antisocial tendencies needed indulgence after a week in a loud, disorganized, people-occupied place) I spent the last hour deciding what to toss and what I might reasonably work on. That stuff is staying.

These are the snippets of stuff that I finally admit will never be written in their entirety.

Bandom, Brendon/Spencer, Pure Country AU. Outlined, but only one scene actually written. )

Brendon/Regan/Shane. Yeah, this is NEVER getting finished. Ever. )

Brendon/Spencer, bandom firefighter/EMT AU )

GK, Brad/OFC with Brad/Nate UST )
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...but I have no holiday icons. So. You get Spencer Smith sticking out his tongue instead. That's just as smile-inducing as an approaching holiday/vacation, right? Esp. if you were there when that photo was taken. :D

+ today's socks are dark blue, with snowmen and red-nosed reindeer (OMG, I just typed reigndeer first. WTAF?)

+ Aaron informed me last night that today's half-day is the last day he works until 3January; I believe this means that he should finish addressing holiday cards, house-cleaning and gift-wrapping next week, since I do NOT have the week off

+ delivered pumpkin bread, home-brew and such to colleagues this afternoon \o/

+ we (the lab, obvsly) have spent an appalling amount of money on antibodies in the last four months. APPALLING. Thank goodness for the CPRIT M&O budget, which dwarfs the NIH R01 M&O budget (and how tragic is that, since the NIH is the premiere public funding agency for life-science-related research?)

+ I remain fascinated by word/phrase usage in spin, and the way even supposedly neutral media outlets like Yahoo slant political news: Bipartisan bill preventing big tax hikes heads to Obama today. As if these would be *new* taxes, not the end of the Shrub-sponsored crap that took the US from a budget surplus to a budget deficit, and also as if it weren't *increasing* taxes for the very lowest incomes while maintaining significant benefits for the wealthiest 1% of Americans

+ feeling an overpowering urge to have risotto for supper. Decision: make it myself, or head to happy hour at Mia Bella?


+ I need inspiration - give me a fandom, character or pairing, and word/phrase/other prompt, and you'll get... something in response, no promises what
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It is possible that my caffeine addiction is out of control. Had a raging headache all afternoon that Advil, aspirin, a dark, quiet office, and copious amounts of water could not touch.

I finally realized that I had only had one medium-sized dark roast today. (My usual is a tall black-eye first thing in the morning and then another cup of dark roast mid-morning and with lunch, if I don't make and consume the full pot at home in the morning. It's worse over the holidays, because I make coffee continuously when we and guests are at home all day.)

Stopped and got a red-eye on my way home.

So much better now.


Nov. 22nd, 2010 09:36 pm
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Just received a comment on a Harry Potter fanfic that I was writing and posting serially four years ago.

FOUR YEARS AGO. It's Snarry, with background Harry/Snape/Hermione and implied future Hermione/Charlie Weasley. OBVIOUSLY totally AU, since it was plotted, outlined, and mostly-written before Deathly Hallows came out.

(I write "plotted". But you know how bad I am with plot; it was mostly porn, with a little bit of plot.)

If you've been around here any length of time, you probably know that the release of book 7 induced sincere dismay in Harry Potter canon, dismay that fandom did not overcome. I posted a note at the bottom of the latest chapter that I was suffering serious fandom apathy and it was unlikely that the story would ever be finished.

Someone asks NOW if I'm going to regain my interest and finish it?

Um, honestly? DOUBTFUL.

ETA: Also? Going through some of those old fic posts. Some of my early writing efforts - and later ones as well - make me shudder in horror. How did I think it was OK to write that? Just. Ugh, self, what were you thinking? I guess what my first composition professor told me is true: writing is like any other exercise, it gets better with practice.
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1. I feel like I've lost my porn-fu. Ugh, it took me FOREVER to write some comment-fic porn, and I can't tell if it's because it's a pairing I've never written before or if I'm getting stuck on mechanics and description. (Please note that I have not written any more of my exchange fic. My brain's squarely focused on things that have no deadline and/or are complete crack. Like the porn that would go with item #12 of the girl!Brad not!fic.)

2. Last night's show at Fitzgerald's was stellar. I appreciate Amanda Palmer's solo work, but her + Brian Viglione = so fucking much more energy. It's not multiplicative or additive, it's exponential. They were on stage for 2.5 incredible hours. Coin-Operated Boy, Gravity, the Jeep Song, Missed Me, all that stuff, with the bonus of a performance of War Pigs as the finale. ***That's not video of last night - I didn't have my camera, and no-one's uploaded it, that I can find.

Every time AFP's internet hubbub annoys me and I tell myself I'm not going to bother with her or DD again, I remember how fantastic the live shows are, and remain willing to pay the venue's entry fee.

(Girl In A Coma opened. Ungh, Nina Diaz. Your VOICE. Especially on the cover of For What It's Worth.)

3. Totally unrelated to music or fiction. Sort of. Nir Rosen debated Max Boot on Fareed Zakaria's GPS this morning. It was painful to watch, because clearly neither could or would concede any ground, and if you believe the thinkers at CFR, well, I guess I have to ask if you've drunk the Kool-Aid. But on a purely visual level, I was interested in the contrast between them: Boot in his suit and shorn hair seated at an angle to Rosen, who was wearing jeans and a casual shirt and jacket, if I recall correctly, and a pair of Chucks.

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1. I posted fic last night, and then forgot to pimp it here!

Steal (the rhythm) while you can
[ profile] irisgirl12000 and [ profile] why_me_why_not
Brad/Nate (Generation Kill) || adult || ~2200
Based on the performances of actors associated with the HBO series, meaning nothing about real people.

Follows Out of sync at the beginning. Porn without much plot, but the little dialogue that is present will make more sense if you've read the previous fic. Title from Soundgarden.

Brad's snoring softly when Nate wakes up. He lies there a while, enjoying the way Brad's body heat keeps the breeze from the ceiling fan from creating a chill.

2. >:/ libraries in NJ

3. :D Books! Chalmers Johnson's new book should arrive on my doorstep tomorrow! It's a follow up to the trilogy about blowback and American empire. Along with it, I'm expecting The Fourth Star. I suppose I should hop to, and finish reading Washington Rules instead of messing about with Inception fanfic, right?

4. The thing that bothers me most about the uproar over Cordoba House is that the people who object most strenuously to a mosque at Ground Zero are the same people who will wave a copy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights in defense of the right to bear arms; somehow they forget that the First Amendment of that very same document guarantees the right to religious freedom. Or, IDK, they stop being strict constructionists and say that the founders didn't mean it the way we're interpreting it. (I sincerely doubt that, since James Madison was part of Jefferson's cohort, and as has been quoted pretty much everywhere lately, TJ's the one who wrote that "it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.") The First Amendment also guarantees that if a mosque is built there, haters can protest it to their hearts' content. But still. Muslims have EVERY RIGHT to build a mosque there. Beyond that, I don't see why someone who is not a resident of the area thinks they should have any say in the matter. Who gives a shit what Sarah Palin thinks? Why is Newt Gingrich's opinion important? Do they live there? Are they family members of those who died? Did they suffer when the towers fell? How is their objection relevant in any way?

ETA: ♥ Jon Stewart & John Oliver on this topic. /ETA

5. Also on the political level: hmmm, Stan McChrystal. I can't help but compare a possible political future for him to Petraeus, who vowed once again that he would not go into politics in his interview with David Gregory this weekend. (I was tickled by Gregory's use of Grant and Grant's quotes re: going into politics to broach the subject, esp. since Petraeus has spent a great deal of time reading/studying Grant.)

6. My mom forwarded the address of a cousin who is deployed in Iraq, with the suggestion that he might like to receive some mail. I honestly have NO IDEA what to write. This is a cousin I haven't seen in at least five years, and saw infrequently for the decade before that. I can babble about random stuff, I suppose, but is a guy who's been deployed for over a year really going to give a shit about daily life and family events in the 'burbs, especially for the cousin that he probably only vaguely remembers as being a babysitter and homework-aid when he was a kid?
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I've been reading Bing West's No True Glory, an account of the military forces in Anbar Province in 2004. Well, mostly Fallujah, but also Ramadi. It's taking me a long time, because there are moments when I want to throw the book against the wall, I'm so annoyed with West's pro-Bush, pro-Rumsfeld, pro-Wolfowitz bias. Oh, and? West is the biggest Mattis fanboy EVER, jsyk.

Anyway. The primary military units for much of the time in question were 82nd Airborne Division and a Marine Expeditionary Force (1st Marine Division, to be precise), abbreviated MEF throughout the book.

I just started reading a paper about a knock-in mutation, and the knock-in mouse was used to generate mouse embryonic fibroblasts for in vitro studies.

They are abbreviated MEFs.

Feeling mildly schizophrenic after reading a chapter of the book during my lunchbreak and then going back to the paper and its supplemental data. Imagining little cells in camo migrating across my field of vision, complete with GFP- and RFP-tagged tracers.
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+ My copy of Tongues of Serpents was waiting at the front door when I got home from work. I foresee abandonment of The March Up while I gobble up the newest adventures of Temeraire and Captain Laurence.

- Adam Lambert's Houston pre-sale was sold out when I logged on at 10am. But tickets appeared on StubHub within an hour, at up to ten-times the face value. Dear Scalpers, You Totally Suck.

+ After I exercise, Aaron and I are going to cook dinner together (that hasn't happened in a while, what with work and Other Stuff going on) and watch last night's episode of White Collar.

+ Hangtimes at [ profile] eckerlilas's tomorrow. :DD Must remember S2 of QaF to exchange.


Jul. 4th, 2010 11:42 am
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♥ For ppl in the US, happy Independence Day! Go forth, re-read Master Jefferson's opus, and then commemorate!

Me, I started the day watching tennis. Last Rafa picture post here for a while, since he's taking time off before the US Open )

♥ In other news... I saw this sentence in a SPN/J2 Big Bang fic.

"I spent a lot of time in terrorist countries."

What exactly does that mean?

The character speaking is an ex-Navy SEAL who had spent time deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, so I understand that the author probably means he's spent time in areas where terrorists/insurgents were operating or taking shelter. But "terrorist countries"? Does that mean "countries where terrorists operate"? Because the way it's phrased makes it sound like "countries that ARE terrorist". Which, unless you're talking about being in a country where terrorism (against other countries) is state-sponsored, sort of bothers me.

And yes, it's dialogue, and people SAY things in ambiguous ways, but. Slightly more precise phrasing would be awesome.

/being a picky bitch

♥ Almost done with S3 of The Wire. Benjamin Bush is really good at leaning or standing in a way that seems menacing. Or lazy. Well done, David Simon, for using that skill. Did he learn that at Marine Corps OCS?

There's so much I enjoy about this series. First, Idris Elba. Stringer Bell might be my favorite villain ever. Drug dealer, economics student, glasses-wearing enforcer of Robert's Rules of Order. McNulty continues to be an asshole, with no apologies. I love the Carcetti storyline, with its not-so-subtle pokes at the Schmoke/O'Malley rivalry. And the fact that whoever is playing Lt Mello is CLEARLY actually from or is a long-time resident of Balmer, given his accent. (I'd guess east side if pressed, but that's just speculation on my part.) OMAR.

♥ M'kay. Gonna go figure out what to throw on the grill this afternoon, since the skies might remain clear long enough to do so. :)
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1. I think we all saw this coming.

2. D: Rain

3. I am watching Gasland. Because watching the news about the oil spill in the Gulf isn't demoralizing enough.

4. Discos' twittering is awesome and all, but GIMME NEW MUSIC ALREADY, GODDAMMIT.

5. Fic rec: Play It All Night Long, SPN AU, Dean/Castiel. The link takes you to the master post, which has the summary.

6. happy-making photos for the week, courtesy of the Spanish Armada )
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The trip to NYC with [ profile] vic_ramsey was AWESOME. There was Butch Walker, and [ profile] harriet_vane & [ profile] wordsalone & [ profile] munkykiss & [ profile] danacias and dinosaurs (at AMNH) and Magna Carta and American Idiot. I forgot to take my camera, so I have no photos; I'll probably make a post babbling about Butch Walker (and Locksley) and AI at some point. But I am currently watching last week's episodes of House, Criminal Minds, and Castle. Mostly because I am procrastinating about exercising and admitting that I have to go to work tomorrow.

The French Open has started. I eagerly await Rafa and FeVer and Feli photos and gossip. To spam y'all with, of course. ;)

(Also? HI, MGG, Spencer Reid's new haircut looks GOOD on you. Work the tousled sex-hair look!)
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Because it's been pretty wretched.

My day got completely fucked when the sample elevator for the gamma radiation source got stuck. One experiment completely ruined, three more down the drain if it's not fixed by Tuesday. Which, what repair company is going to mess with engine parts that are down inside a cesium source? NRGH.

So I rearranged things, and I spent an hour discussing experiments with my boss before he left (for a two-week trip to France), and I'm trying to figure out this stupid cell/colony sorting software that is NOT intuitively obvious and came with a manual written by someone who is a software engineer, not a scientific end-user (re: not user-friendly), getting more and more frustrated that each time I ran the same data file I got different answers.

I finally shut things down and headed out to the train platform, only to get stuck in the rain. Without an umbrella. Awesome.

You know, I still don't understand: storms like this happen in Houston all the time, but people STILL don't know how to drive in them. ?


So I was in a FINE mood by the time I got home.

But. My copy of War was here when I arrived. And the internets gave me this. )

I am ordering a pizza so I don't have to cook, and I'm opening some wine or some cider. A lot of wine and/or cider.

Next week is going to be better, right? RIGHT.
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So, [ profile] harriet_vane and [ profile] sunsetmog both have declared the next few days (weeks?) WIP amnesty, and as my previous post mentioned, one of my major talents is half-finishing fic.

This particular not!fic has been half-finished for... maybe two years? I started it after watching a rebroadcast of MCR's SNL performance. You know that moment at the end, when they're all milling about on stage, and Frank is on Bob's back, and he half-chokes him?

Uh-huh. I loved the idea of this, exploring s/D and how to handle needs when you're crammed on a bus with at least four other dudes for a year, but I have to admit that I am never going to flesh it out into more than the porn it is now. I just don't have the inclination or skill to write it.

So, here. Have 1760 words of not!fic!

Warnings: Breathplay. Without a beta, and without plot. Also, completely fictional. Consider yourself warned, okay?

What? Don't tell me you didn't think the same thing when you watched SNL that night )


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