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+ Bush. Reliving my university years, musically. Still, the bassline to Come Down will always make me pause to listen.

+ People watching at BuzzFest XXX. Worth the price of admission.

- My knee is swollen and my calf is super tight. Ugh. Maybe I'll do something lower impact this afternoon.

+ The Aeros made the playoffs! They need to win tonight and the Checkers to lose if they want home-ice for the first round (doubtful), but whatever. Playoffs for their last season in Houston!

+ Mostly cleaned up the coffeeshop AU, so that might be posted soon?

+ [personal profile] why_me_why_not is the best. Last night I texted her I need someone to tell the story of Jeff Skinner, Secret Romantic. His favorite book is essentially an adventure/romance! The rest of the guys laugh about him taking dates to see chick flicks, but he actually doesn't mind? (Also, he gets laid a lot because ladies think he's sweet and sensitive on top of being a hot young athlete, so he wins all the way around. And, predictably, we spewed ideas at each other on the topic until long past we both should have been asleep.

+ Rafa's making a come back (crossing my fingers, anyway) in his match against Djokovic at Monte Carlo. Vamos!
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So this happened. (LOL, "Each sent the Moody Theater audience -- which seemed more local and more fan-heavy than most SXSW crowds -- into howls and even some moshing." Because the pit was composed almost entirely of Green Day fans who guaranteed that if they got tickets, they would show up, else be blacklisted to future events.)

I missed FOB, but I think Green Day was a worthwhile exchange.

And then this happened. )

I returned home to find that Aaron hadn't suffered a relapse (he was just whining about being left to entertain himself), and this happened )

And I posted some fic: Celebration's impossible, genderswap hockey RPF, filling the "celebratory kiss" square on my trope bingo card.

One other good thing? BRMC's new album is out, synced to my iPod for the day's listening.

Now I'm going to go do some lab work, and tonight's the Revival Tour's stop in H-town. And possibly ponder vampire or werewolf fic. (Or porn.) It's Tabby's fault. And she's awesome for it. :)
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Patrik Elias calls Adam Henrique "Rico". Something about this sent me immediately to Rico Suave, and now I can't get the idea out of my head. Not a good thing.

Fic-ish things to think about:

1. Nail Yakupov and AGally and cultural isolation, and the differences in their experiences being "Russian"
2. accidentally married fic set in GK fandom, probably a woke-up-in-Vegas thing that's Brad/Ray
3. 5 times Jess Skinner and Justin Faulk didn't share a celebration kiss and one time they did
4. that other 5 times Jess Skinner fic that's been outlined and half finished forever

Good things for the day:

1. Rafa returns to singles competition today. Vamos!
2. Rumor has it that Charlie Coyle has replaced Dany Heatley on the first line.
3. Tickets for the Houston Fall Out Boy show are reserved! (Hopefully OCK doesn't have any problems with my request.)
4. Aiming to get a manuscript submitted by the close of work today. Fingers crossed.
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+ live music, A+, with a side of family dysfunction )

+ So, after THAT, we drove back to Houston in time to see The Mountaintop. Appropriate on the day before MLK Jr Day. I enjoyed the set a lot, and I really liked the first half of the play, but when it turned a little surreal, I started to check out. Until the final scene, which was gorgeously done.

+ On the subject of hockey: #mnwild's Granlund scored his first NHL goal, Parise scored (I was the saddest panda, staring at the pic of his stall in the Wild dressing room [I just typed staal, guys, idek] and Wild jersey, you don't even know), the NJ Devils won. And SUCK IT, FLYERS. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that if the Devils are my "husband" team, the "boyfriend" team is going to be the Wild this year. Sad side note: please do not let the Aeros fail to renew the lease for Toyota Center, because I don't want them to move to Des Moines. D:

~ What is going on with Michael Phelps' face? Seriously. (Related, in that the pic I saw of him was in a Deadspin article about the Ravens winning the AFC championship: already so tired of the Harbaugh bros storyline. Thank fuck there's hockey and tennis to distract me.)

OK. Now I'm going to go switch back and forth between the Li Na/Radwanska QF match at AO (and then Daveeeeed's QF match) and the Red Wings/Blue Jackets game. And think about the next square to be filled in my trope_bingo card.
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~ I fell asleep before the Sharapova/V. Williams match. And the Ferrer/Baghdatis match. I swear, I will watch more than just some Andy Murray beat-downs! Except for how NBCSports is airing Yale/Harvard tonight, and probably somewhere I can find a stream of the UND/Minnesota match up (this weekend is the last ever regular-season conference series between these two teams :( ).

+ Saturday: time to make the trip to ATX for music. HELLO, TADDY PORTER, I AM LOOKING AT YOU. I love indoors shows at Stubb's.

+ My brain. Seriously, this bit about jStaal and eStaal in the N&O (They won’t sit side-by-side in the Canes’ newly renovated locker room at PNC Arena – "He doesn’t want me that close to him all the time," Jordan jokes – but they will see enough of each other.) sent me straight to wondering if Skinner still has the stall next to eStaal, and it all devolved into fic-related ideas from there.

? Science query. I'm doing some RT-PCR, and we spec all our samples with a nanospec before calculating how much to use in each subsequent step of the process. But my question is: if I spec RNA, then do first-strand synthesis for cDNA and spec it again... how does the nanospec differentiate between free, unused dNTPs and ssDNA, which becomes the template for the next step? It's all based on absorbance at 260 and 280, right?
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I've been feeling sort off, had a fever last night, so I emailed my boss that I wasn't feeling well, took NyQuil, and meant to go back to bed. But instead I'm trolling the internet.

a. Fuck yeah, Ecuador.

b. Darling husband, please don't make me argue about how the Nike "gold digging" t-shirts are sexist bullshit. Don't tell me that the gold-medal beach volleyball team has diggers on it, so that makes them okay. That's not who this is marketed for.

c. ;__; Rafa.

d. They're everywhere - I'm glad I saw them before they got this big, really - and it's still a creepy song (it's totally on my "this song is not as cheerful as you think" playlist, with Every Breath You Take, Pumped Up Kicks, and Make Damn Sure, but here's fun. doing We Are Young the other night on the Colbert Report. DAMN, JACK. Also, that smirk on Nate's face at the end, when the crowd is singing the lyrics. Like, "Yes, this is how I expect crowds to be: knowing ALLLLL MY LYRICS.

e. LOL, Yardbarker making me all cranky. PK Subban is not a "pretty dirty player", he's not any cockier than any other NHL player, and fuck you for making the unspoken but obvious comparison to Chris Pronger. I didn't realize I hadsuch strong feelings about RL!PK until I read that in my news feed.

Seriously, if one of my other fandoms doesn't start making news soon, I am going to drown in NHL preseason angst. Will they lock out? Will the NHLPA and the owners come to an agreement? Will the Habs come to their senses and make PK Subban a better offer? What are the Pens and the Devils going to do to fill the voids left by their off-season losses and machinations?
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1. I am really really loving Automatic Systematic Habit a lot. That link is to the mini movie. It was a free download from iTunes last week. Might still be? Garbage performed it on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night. I asked twitter this, but seriously, WTAF is Shirley Manson wearing? Did she sacrifice her grandma's sofa slipcover or drapes to make it?

I am hopeful that they will rescheduled the post-poned Houston show soooooon.

2. It's like the music gods are looking into my brain. Tim McIlrath and Brian Fallon on the same tour again? I made squeaky noises of glee yesterday when I heard the news.

3. Cleaned out my closet. Does that mean that it's okay to buy these shoes in nude/burgundy after all? Ugh. I want them, but I don't NEED more shoes. Except for black flats, because the soles of the pair I have are separating from the upper.

4. Oh, Daveeed. I was all set to watch an epic 3-hour match this morning, but he squandered at least nine break points in the first set. Rafa was sort of sloppy early on. And then once he won the tie-break, Daveeed's wheels came off. (I have the Nole/Fed match on now, and holy crap the Italian fans are vocal about their love for Nole.)

5. Live music pimp! Without A Face is playing a free show at 9pm tonight at Fitzgerald's. It's not a very convenient venue in terms of location or parking, but free music!

6. Bonnaroo tickets arrived! And the set times have been released! That means I will be off work for a WEEK soon, with nothing but music to do. :DDD

7. Um. I thought I had another thing to say, but it was probably just bitching about work, and no one needs that negativity in their life, including me.
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+ Last weekend when we went to SATX for the family ~thing, StepMom loaned us the DVDs for all seven seasons of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Time to marathon a season or two?

~ Work is work. Two post-docs are on maternity leave + Student defends his masters thesis next week, so we're experiencing temporary shrinkage. We're hiring a technician to help with some chores and animal care/characterization (b/c the one thing I stipulated when I was hired was no animal care. ever.) and I'll have a summer undergrad, so we'll be full-up again soon.

~ I finally finished the March bookclub book, The Thirteen Tale. Eh. Sort of gothic mystery, Jane Eyre meets... IDK, Rebecca? I was not impressed. It took multiple instances of picking-up and putting-down before I settled into it, and the ideas expressed about twins irked me. Like, REALLY. I don't care if it was supposed to be early 20th century psychology of twins, it was just lame. a) Don't compare non-twinned people to amputees, missing something they need; if they never had a twin to begin with, they don't know they're missing anything, unlike an amputee. (The narrator's ~issues feel sort of inflated, and I know she has them to parallel what the Missus thinks re: twins, but if she hadn't been a sneak and found info as a kid, would she ever have known? I doubt it.) b) Don't act like there's some amount X of empathy that an embryo has in the womb, and if all of it goes to one twin then the other won't get any. Physical =/ emotional. Also, if pyschology DOES have some basis in genetics, identical twins start with identical genes. Someone's got some weird ideas. But I did enjoy the way, in the story within the story, the narrator's pronoun choice signaled shifts and gave clues to the ultimate outcome.

+ Apparently we are brewing beer this weekend? There's still imperial stout on tap, but the double IPA didn't age well. Whatever, as long as I don't have to be the person organized and alert at 8am on my day off, I don't care.

+ New music! AAR's album, Empires' EP, and The Used album all dropped on Tuesday! Anyone else I'm missing? I'm sure there is. I feel like my twitter feed was pretty chatty about this topic earlier in the week.

~ I feel like there was something else I was going to say... maybe about tennis? Rafa + Daveed both made it to the QFs at Miami. The Williams sisters lost, but I was super impressed that Venus made it as far as she did, and have high hopes for the rest of her season. And I'm hoping that Sharapova delivers a smackdown to Wozniacki today. Even as I type. Or... IDK, maybe that Electric Touch is at HOB tomorrow, and I haven't decided if I'm going to go see them or not? Memory, the first thing to go!
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+ work. I love being in lab when no one else is. As I get older, I like people in my work-space less and less. Mostly I think this is because I like having things just so, and some of the folks I work with are a) messy and b) inconsiderate of common spaces and reagents. Today, I am the only person in the joint space shared by five different groups. I appreciate this. *turns on the PStump CD and cranks the volume*

+ books. Read some short stories by the same person who wrote The Memory Keeper's Daughter, thinking I'd give her a second chance. Eh. One I enjoyed, the rest didn't strike a chord. Started Founding Rivals: Madison vs. Monroe, The Bill of Rights and the Election That Saved A Nation. Thus far I am entertained, more from the excerpts DeRose chose than anything else. From a Jefferson-to-Madison letter, on the subject of the British invasion of Virginia: Should this army from Portsmouth come forth and become active (and as we have no reason to believe they came here to sleep) our affairs will assume a very disagreeable aspect. LOL, understatement. Also, funnier than I always expect a historical figure to be.

+ Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Give me allllll the Gary Oldman. ALL OF HIM. I enjoyed the way the movie was shot, to give it a feel like, yes, it was 1973/4. And the cast. Oh, Tom Hardy with long blond hair. But I must admit, I still don't get the Benedict Cumberbatch phenomenon. I don't watch BBC's Sherlock for a variety of reasons, so I was thinking maybe this movie would show me what it is that everyone loves. But sadly, no.

+ The Australian Open started. :D Yes, it is likely that I will continue to tweet with a #wishIwereinmelbourne tag for the next two weeks. Last night, Rafa and Fed laid smack-downs on their first match opponents. Fernando Verdasco melted down in the late stages of a five-setter. Maybe he just wanted to get off the court and out of the heinous, eye-searing red and yellow kit Adidas has designed. I just don't get it: why do they put such attractive people in such ugly clothing. He looked like a refugee from Ronald McDonald-land. I'm currently debating whether I will go home after work to watch Daveeed's opening match (he is my favorite right now), or head to Murder By The Book for the reading/signing that Douglas Preston & Lincoln Childs are doing for their new book, Gideon's Corpse.

+ music. Rise Against's in Austin tomorrow night, but I have an 8am meeting Wednesday, so I don't think I'm going to be able to make that round-trip trek. Alternatively, the Old 97's are at the House of Blues. Totally different genres, but still. Live music. I haven't had any in my ears in a month (other than the cover band that played NYE), and I'm feeling the lack.

+ We are currently debating where to go for our 10th anniversary trip (other than our standard Bonnaroo attendance on the actual anniversary date). Originally we'd thought Italy, but A's sort of concerned that an economic meltdown in the EuroZone will make things disorganized or difficult or something (IDK, I think that might make travel cheaper, to lure tourist trade in, but whatever - I've been to Italy before, so I'm not the one missing out). So now we're kicking around: Peru, New Zealand, Australia again (likely Adelaide, Perth, and/or Darwin after a brief stop in Melbourne or Sydney to acclimate), or the UK. Suggestions?
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1. Last week when I stopped at Sbux for coffee (for the first time in ages, because taking the commuter bus changes my proximity to caffeinated temptation) the barista gave me a receipt with info to take a survey in return for a free drink. Took the survey. On Sunday, when I came to work (uninterrupted time with the workstation in the imaging facility; I spent a half-day doing image deconvolution, which actually was a productive use of time) I stopped in for a tall black-eye. The barista waiting on me saw the free drink note and asked why I didn't get a large or a fancier drink, since it was free. Because I won't drink a venti black-eye before it gets cold, and I don't generally like the fancier drinks unless I'm looking for dessert. But she didn't understand that. "But you could get a large." "Yes, but it'd be a waste." "But..." "No, really. Thanks for the tall." Is it that hard to understand that I don't NEED a large, just because it's available? I blame McDonald's and super-sizing.

2. There was not enough flailing on my part or LJ's part (possibly there was on tumblr, but I have to avoid it b/c it's rage-inducing) about Patrick Stump on Leno. The keyboardist with the hair (Studz? I can't remember his name.) was back! Matt had the mega-bass! Mike Day looked dapper! And Patrick in the blue tuxedo!!!! Sometimes bands (*cough* Cobra Starship *cough*) don't sound particularly good when they do a tv show - it's a difficult thing to balance sound so that it's good for the studio audience and the tv audience - but I thought they sounded decent. It is possible that I will make [ profile] jmc_bks watch the last five minutes of the recording over and over when she visits later this week for birthday and turkey-day shenanigans. (She will be here in one-and-a-half days. :D)

3. In addition, it is quite likely that we will watch the London ATP finals. Roger and Rafa get their tennis on against each other today. :D :D Daveeed won yesterday, I understand, although I have not yet had a chance to watch the match.

4. If you care enough about a fic idea to write 80k words, why don't you care enough to make sure it's not sloppily punctuated, missing words, or that a historical figure's name is not mis-spelled (multiple times/ways)?

5. Book club. D: We discussed Room the other night. I suggested The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, but was vetoed because it's non-fiction. The group wants to read a romance or erotica. Which is fine, but I asked that it at least be well-written. So instead of the people who want to read a romance choosing a book, they asked me to.

Yeah. I've got nothing against the idea, but that's not really the genre of books I follow in any consistent way. Most of the romance or porn I read is on the internet.

Why don't the people who DO read regularly in that category suggest a book? IDK. But I've got a list of author suggestions, and the request that the books be contemporary (urban fantasy is okay) but not m/m romance. And with lots of sex. Just... SRSLY? If you've got a specific request you pick the damn book, and I'll pick something I want to read for my turn.

6. Work. This manuscript is going out in the next 48 hours. Other than final edits, I AM DONE WITH IT.

7. There were hangtimes with [ profile] eckerlilas and her adorable boys. I missed [ profile] shutyourface b/c I had to leave early, but hopefully we'll all get together again some time sooooon. We need to get on this fangirl commune thing, because only seeing each other when it's tour-time isn't cool.

I am sure there's other stuff I was going to say, but I should probably post this before it hits the two-week mark in my drafts folder. ♥
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~ Gah! I hate it when a fic I submitted for a fest is posted and I find a TON of things I want to change but I CAN'T.

But on the plus side, the [ profile] we_pimpin exchange fics are live. Anonymous wrote me some awesome Ray/Walt fic! Then It Gets Good. Go give them some love if Generation Kill is your thing!

~ Spain vs. France Davis Cup action tomorrow! Rafa. Daveeed. I'm sad that there will be no Gael Monfils. (NGL, mostly I watch him to see if he melts down spectacularly. So much athletic possibility there, steered awry by his head.)

~ Contagion, Saturday.

~ Tattoo & Body Art Expo on Sunday, possibly?

~ Someday Bush (the band, not the former president, who is known hereabouts as the Shrub) will come to Houston and NOT play a festival at my least favorite venue in town. Sadly, the next time they're in town is not that day. *sigh*

~ Spencer Smith: big troll or biggest troll? Thanks for letting your fans know you need more than one cock in your household.
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♥ A++++, Brian Fallon. I have had Elsie on repeat all day.

:( Fail, USTA. FAIL. The last two days have been nothing but fail.

Rafa was not amused.

Nor was Daveeed.

Rafa overcame his annoyance to trounce Gilles Muller today, but Daveeed, not so much.

♥ Did I mention I started taking the bus when Houston Metro opened a new park & ride about a mile from my house? I LOVE IT. Someone else can worry about traffic while I sit and read or check my f-list. And the extra bonus: I cannot stay late, working extra hours, because of the limited schedule. Which I would do if/when I drove to work, even though overtime does not exist for my position.

♥ In my possession:
- airfare to BWI for Halloween week
- tickets for the DC show on the Tour Of Glee & Flailing
- possibly tickets for Philadelphia and Sayreville
- notice that I am taking leave for the TX/NOLA/East Coast shenanigans

Internet. If you could pick any single song that Patrick Stump and BUrie would perform together, ANY SONG AT ALL, what would it be?
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+ The grant is submitted, so at this point there is absolutely nothing that can be added to my work to-do list. This is a good thing.

+ We brewed (I say that, but really A brewed today, a wheat IPA, while I cleaned), and smoked a brisket (beef: not my thing, but it's his, so whatever), and instead of being social, we're going to hang out at our house tonight. Friends are having a party, but one of the people involved pissed me off: last week he told me that my ink "looks nice in comparison to most prison tatts". Uh. Yeah. My response: you are drunk, so I'm going to point you toward your wife (who was also annoyed, b/c he was the designated driver for the evening) instead of shoving my beer and my fist in your face. I just. Yeah. Lots of people comment on my ink, people I know and strangers alike, and mostly it doesn't bother me; I'm patient about explaining what it means if they ask. But for an acquaintance to deliver what he probably meant as a joke in his drunk mind but came off as insult? When he's been semi-insulting to me about them in the past? No. I'm done. He can fuck right off.

+ Mmm, banana bread with pecans.

+ Tropic of Chaos by Christian Parenti. Interesting topic, but a book published by someone who writes for The Nation? I expect to be copy-edited well enough that the South American nation's name is appropriately spelled. Colombia, not Columbia.

+ NCAA lacrosse finals on my TV. MD/VA. Totally making me want to write more about Brad/Nate in the college AU. Y/Y/MFY?

+ Rafa/Nole tomorrow. Breakfast at Wimbledon? We might even have some strawberries to mix with cream.

+ Fireworks Monday at Tinsley Park. We'll probably hang out at the Flying Saucer beforehand, if anyone wants to meet for beers and then walk over by the Allen Parkway.
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+ J is going to visit in October. \o/

+ I've flailed about Rise Against before. There are no heart-eyes big enough to express my love for this band. Seriously. Tim McIlrath was on HLN's Showbiz News the other night before the MTV premiere, and he's blogged about this song and its video, which was a collaborative effort with the It Gets Better project.

+ I had something to say about songs that are popular right now (including some of Rise Against's and Lady Gaga's Born This Way) vis a vis 33 Revolutions Per Minute, but my brain is fried.

+ Also had some thoughts about Emily's Army's debut album, but haven't really collected them. Except that I am pretty amused by Asslete.

+ Wimbledon! I haven't been able to watch much (just the first few games of Serena and Venus Williams the past couple of days - they were up and down but triumphed), but the Radio Wimbledon app is working pretty well. Far better than Radio Roland Garros did, actually. Rafa made it through with no problems today, as did Deliciano, but Fernando lost to Haase in the second round. Daveeeed plays Ryan Harrison tomorrow. \o/

- Work. I'm so tired of my lab mates. As I explained to the email chain, this happened today. )

+ White Collar. This week's ep? Diana is a badass, y/y/mfy?

+ St. Arnold's Pub Crawl, Saturday. Downtown. I know where I will be!

+ A entered a couple of his beers in a local competition. Their names? Glory Hole Golden Ale and Cock-eyed Porridge (oatmeal stout). I laughed until I cried when he told me what he named them.
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1. So, that happened last night. I love it when they troll us. And I wonder if Zack encourages it or yells at them for killing fangirls (and parts of the internet) dead with their antics.

2. There is tennis on my TV and coffee in my mug and [ profile] eckerlilas linked to a finished 70k fic on the TSN kinkmeme, so I am so totally not getting to work on time today. (My desire to go to work is inversely proportional to all the stuff I have to do. Maybe you've noticed this? I'm feeling sort of stressed about all the experiments I have to do for 3 separate projects, and I haven't even told my boss yet that I'm taking the Friday and Monday of Easter weekend off - not for any religious reason, but because we're going to NYC to see The Book of Mormon and the very last show of American Idiot, and because we haven't had a weekend away where A's away from his work Blackberry in a long time.)

3. I created an account at AO3! LJ's lack of reliability the last couple of weeks made me decide to archive fic, and since I don't even know if OWL's affiliate archives are still open (and even if they are they absolutely don't take RPF), I figured I should choose an alternative. Of course, this means actually re-reading some of the fic I wrote YEARS AGO, and I am seriously facepalming at myself. OMGWTF was I thinking?

OK. I have a tab of fic that I promised [ profile] why_me_why_not I'd beta two days ago, and there's the TSN fic to read, and Rafa is now on screen in all his Un-Cola glory, so I should get going on my morning activities, yes?

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+ Jeremy Scahill and Josh Foust on Democracy Now this morning, in the wake of JScahill's piece on Yemen. IDK, as someone who'd sort of forgotten about Yemen's place in military/foreign policy strategy after the USS Cole until the Wikileaks revelation that Petraeus had verbalized a deal with Saleh, I found it educational.

+ The Sony Ericsson Open has a Roger/Rafa match-up in the semi-finals in the offing, if they each win their quarterfinal matches today. In any case, my plan for this evening is to watch Rafa's match against Tomas Berdych, which ESPN2 is scheduled to broadcast.

+ Work. \o/ /o\ I spent yesterday going through a bunch of old data, for the project that was mine before the Chief decided that we really needed to get the Idiot's abandoned project consolidated and shipped out for publication. A year and a half later... yeah. I'd completely forgotten some of the experiments I'd done. I did a metric fuck-ton of work on this, and it links to the Idiot's stuff, so that time was not wasted, but I'm still angry that I had to stop working on the biochemistry that interested me to finish his shit. Beyond that, we've sifted through a ton of mass spec data, and I feel like there's SO MUCH that could be done, if only there were more hours in the day. Or I could clone myself.

+ Trying to decide if I feel up to dealing with the crowds at the Discovery Green two days in a row. I don't care so much about tomorrow's headliners, but The Hold Steady are playing a set at 7pm. Ditto for Saturday: I've seen Kings of Leon, but I'm totally willing to get there early enough for a good spot to see Panic! At The Disco.

+ CHRIS CORNELL. Saturday. (Really, I don't think that requires any more commentary.)

+ A's birthday Monday. He can't decide what sort of birthday cake he wants, or where he'd like to go for his birthday supper. Suggestions for a restaurant that will not require travel anywhere near Reliant Park during the NCAA Final?
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1. I had to be at work relatively early Monday morning, so I missed seeing Stamps perform on Fox News. Actually, it's just as well, because I would've been conflicted about breaking my "never ever will I watch Fox News" rule. But then Stamps linked to their performance. (I'm still conflicted about visiting a Fox News site, tbh.) It's... sort of strange? The anchorperson is this super awkward dude, and I don't think Ren Patrick's voice comes over well in the video. But still. Publicity. And a new song.

2. Awesome As Fuck really is that awesome. I got the download and listened to it Monday night, but I didn't have a chance to watch the Tokyo concert until tonight. I like that it's straight through, unlike Bullet In A Bible. (Also? The video to the Tokyo performance of When I Come Around is available for free download from iTunes right now.)

3. I know everyone's been linking to the interviews and reviews on LJ and tumblr, so I won't spam y'all with repeats of pics and such, but seriously. Vices & Virtues is going into the DVR after the Green Day disc is finished. And, yeah. BOYS. Nobody ships you like YOU ship you.

4. SCIENCE! Yesterday I received a gargantuan file of mass spec data, and it is FABULOUS. I spent the afternoon and most of today sifting through protein IDs, trying to parse which ones I think will be the most interesting, relevant interactors to pursue. Probably tomorrow or Friday The Chief and I will get a couple of coffees and compare notes to map out the direction I should steer my project.

5. My head still aches from spending the day with dilated pupils. But apparently my optic nerves are healthy, the intraocular pressure is low-to-normal, and my prescription is actually slightly *better* than it was last year.

6. [ profile] passe_simple posted Jesse/Andrew baby-fic that has been open in a tab on my computer since Monday evening, and I will read it tonight.

7. US vs. Spain Davis Cup will be in Austin in July. ROAD-TRIP! RAFA and FeVer and Daveeeeed. Plus Andy Roddick, I guess?
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a. LJ is still not sending comment notifications. This sorta sucks.

b. The manuscript is OUT. \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ (We'll ignore how angry I was that the Chief waited until last night to ask me to re-analyze every data point from four replicates of an experiment, which involved requantifying pixel intensities for at least ten cells for each of the four conditions tested.)

c. J is the awesomest. (That is totally a word. If you look it up in a dictionary, I'm fairly certain her photo - or one of a woman ducking away from a camera - will be in the entry.) She sent me photos of the practice courts at Indian Wells today. Nole! Rafa! :D :D :D

d. I am going to go have the world's biggest margarita, and then I am going to sit upstairs in the balcony at the House of Blues and laugh at whatever jokes John Oliver tells, because it has been that kind of day.

e. It is entirely possible that there are two tickets for the final show of American Idiot in my name. :)

f. I'm assuming there's going to be a [ profile] help_japan set up, if there isn't already? In any case, I hope everyone's heard from any loved ones they might have in the vicinity, and my thoughts and good wishes are with them/you/everyone in Japan.
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I feel like all I ever do here now is whine about work. :( BUT FOR THIS POST, NO WHINING!

1. SXSW in less than one week. Stamps! Gold Motel! Empires! Hopefully Electric Touch and Taddy Porter and Discos! I don't think I'll get there in time for the Black Cards show, but that's alright. At least four days of music music music.

2. [ profile] harriet_vane has tempted me into comment fic about Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield accidentally cuddling and going on shellfish dates. IDEK.

3. Paper should go out to MCB Oncogene tomorrow. FUCK, YES. I want it off my desk.

4. Indian Wells. :D :D :D J is there (or going to be this afternoon, rather) so I expect full reports on Ana and Nole and SStosur and Rafa and Nando's fauxhawk.

5. I didn't really have a fifth point, but for symmetry reasons I like it as the number of items on a list. Um... prompt me? I feel like I really am coming out from my fandom hibernation.
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I'm sure there's stuff I'm supposed to be doing, but my sofa and a few more episodes of The West Wing are calling my name. (Ugh, I didn't think I drank that much last night, but wow, sluggish and slow to move this morning.)

And, uh, okay, even though the idea of Rafa doing sexy underwear ads seems sort of mottsy, and I'm not going to run out and buy any Armani briefs for A, I really want to thank AX for the behind the scenes photos )


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