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1. Rough draft of my [ profile] we_pimpin fic is pretty much done. It needs a day before I go back and edit, then ship it off to beta.

2. Lesa & Katie (you can see her photos here) both wrote up the PStump shenanigans, and I don't have much to add. Except that I'm really excited for his next tour. And I am still ridiculously amused by the height difference here (HE IS SO TINY!), but at the time it felt weird to be so gigantic in comparison, so I slumped a bit the next time.

3. I want to read or write something to go with this photo. Yes? I don't even care what fandom, or if it's original fic. Just. The hands, and the pose.

4. I sort of want to take a bite out of Sam Stosur's biceps. They just look so firm and delicious.

And with that random comment, I believe I shall go watch the Ivanovic/Williams match, and then get ready to go up to the CWMP for Seether and A7X.

I hope everybody in the States is having a good Labor Day!
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1. RL things: Sasha towed, rental car functioning, claim filed. Back at work today. Blah.

2. random Bonnaroo commentary, since I didn't take a camera )

3. Re: Panic! At The Disco (for the five people who care)

I'm still going through my photos. Spencer's cymbals blocked my view of his face 90% of the time at Dallas, so I don't have many good shots of him from the first night. I was in front of Dallon there, and between him and Brendon at Houston, so there's a lot of their shenanigans, but not so much Ian. Here, for anyone interested, are a few I've liked so far: )

I took two videos. Look, I'm going to apologize now: I wasn't aiming for anyone's crotch, I was trying to keep my elbows on the barrier so the camera didn't bounce. But, yeah, sorry. I kept looking away from the camera to see them for real rather than on an itty-bitty screen, and each time, I'd end up letting the angle drop a little bit. I blame the stage, which is pretty high at the HOB, relatively speaking. Or myself for being the wrong height. IDK. Also, I had a hard time deciding whether to keep focusing on Brendon or look at Dallon. Either way, Nearly Witches and C'mon. (Oh, Nate.) As soon as they are done uploading (my internet connection is wicked slow tonight) I'll post the embeds.

4. I have two Ludo tickets in my wallet that are not mine. [ profile] shutyourface gets one - there's a receipt with her name on it. To whom does the other belong? [ profile] vic_ramsey? [ profile] playfullips? I just want to be sure I give them to the appropriate people when that date rolls around.
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I'm sure there's stuff I'm supposed to be doing, but my sofa and a few more episodes of The West Wing are calling my name. (Ugh, I didn't think I drank that much last night, but wow, sluggish and slow to move this morning.)

And, uh, okay, even though the idea of Rafa doing sexy underwear ads seems sort of mottsy, and I'm not going to run out and buy any Armani briefs for A, I really want to thank AX for the behind the scenes photos )
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This week has sucked, work-wise. I've worked 11-12 hour days every day. No such thing as overtime.

As I disembarked from the train this morning I realized I didn't have my office or lab keys (b/c they are on a separate key ring from my car and house keys, and I didn't clip them to my carabiner this morning). Getting into the building isn't an issue; huge, connected labspaces mean getting into lab isn't a problem. Waiting for security to come let me into my office, and then figuring out how to secure everything so I could leave the office unlocked for back-and-forth traffic during the day? Pain in my ass.

I should've just turned around and gone home, because the day did not improve.

At ~6pm, my boss came in and told me that he hoped I was getting out of lab soon (Me, too!) and that I should take a day off when we get the last bit of data for the paper.

He doesn't know it yet, but I am taking next Friday and the following Monday off, whether or not the third replicates work. I HAVE A FLIGHT, A HOTEL, AND PLANS TO CLING TO J AND SEE [ profile] harriet_vane, among other things.

Anyway, I was waaaaaay cranky. There were further contretemps with Post-Doc W. I think she has radar: she only asks me to help her at the EXACT moment that I can't stop what I'm doing without fucking up my own experiments, and she managed that three (yes, 3) times today.

I'm tired. Tired of work. Tired of winter, in that the days are so short. Tired of being inactive in fandom. But I don't have the energy to participate right now. I fell asleep watching the recorded episode of the other night's White Collar, and I watched last night's Criminal Minds mostly impatiently, hoping that it wasn't implying anything about Reid's behavior over the rest of the season.

The one happy place for the day? these dudes, who spend their days swatting at fuzzy yellow-green balls )

So, yeah. I hope your week has been far, far better. What's making you smile, lately?
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I haven't posted many pics of the US Open because I've been sending them to the ladies in the daily email chain, but here are a few from tonight's final match )

Not impressed by CBS & ESPN's coverage and broadcast choices. Hopefully this year's delays and associated problems will help convince them not to push things later just to try and get the prime-time viewership.

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Jul. 4th, 2010 11:42 am
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♥ For ppl in the US, happy Independence Day! Go forth, re-read Master Jefferson's opus, and then commemorate!

Me, I started the day watching tennis. Last Rafa picture post here for a while, since he's taking time off before the US Open )

♥ In other news... I saw this sentence in a SPN/J2 Big Bang fic.

"I spent a lot of time in terrorist countries."

What exactly does that mean?

The character speaking is an ex-Navy SEAL who had spent time deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, so I understand that the author probably means he's spent time in areas where terrorists/insurgents were operating or taking shelter. But "terrorist countries"? Does that mean "countries where terrorists operate"? Because the way it's phrased makes it sound like "countries that ARE terrorist". Which, unless you're talking about being in a country where terrorism (against other countries) is state-sponsored, sort of bothers me.

And yes, it's dialogue, and people SAY things in ambiguous ways, but. Slightly more precise phrasing would be awesome.

/being a picky bitch

♥ Almost done with S3 of The Wire. Benjamin Bush is really good at leaning or standing in a way that seems menacing. Or lazy. Well done, David Simon, for using that skill. Did he learn that at Marine Corps OCS?

There's so much I enjoy about this series. First, Idris Elba. Stringer Bell might be my favorite villain ever. Drug dealer, economics student, glasses-wearing enforcer of Robert's Rules of Order. McNulty continues to be an asshole, with no apologies. I love the Carcetti storyline, with its not-so-subtle pokes at the Schmoke/O'Malley rivalry. And the fact that whoever is playing Lt Mello is CLEARLY actually from or is a long-time resident of Balmer, given his accent. (I'd guess east side if pressed, but that's just speculation on my part.) OMAR.

♥ M'kay. Gonna go figure out what to throw on the grill this afternoon, since the skies might remain clear long enough to do so. :)
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1. [ profile] we_pimpin. My brain is so wrong. It's poking me to write Ray/Dirty Earl fic for the Ray/Rare Pair challenge. (Ray's been exploited by his betters. And he enjoyed it, okay? STFU.)

2. I am intrigued by skater boys, but their sparkle and bitchery has not inspired me to write. Or to break my no WIPs rule. BBB needs to get here soon and jump-start my fandom participation again.

3. None of these are new pictures, not really. And they're not bandom or skaters, they're tennis dudes and actors. But here: pictures that have made me happy for the last few days )

4. What I've been listening to lately. Again, not necessarily new. Track listing, not necessarily in order. )

5. I recorded Letterman again last night for The Hold Steady's performance (gimme that new album, boys!) and there was bonus David Beckham. I don't really care what he was talking about - he is very pretty. And his suit was also very pretty.

OK. I'm going to go run a few miles. *puts on the Citius, Altius, Fortius mix*

Hope y'all are having a good weekend. ♥
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First, thanks to [ profile] inkandchaos, [ profile] vic_ramsey, [ profile] xingou, and the anons who sent me snowflakes! ♥

Second, someone needs to tell me to save money (and don't freeze my ass off) and not go to Chicago/Urbana to see Empires and Gold Motel at the end of January.

Third, meme-ishness.

Day 01 → My favorite song
Day 02 → My favorite movie
Day 03 → My favorite television program
Day 04 → My favorite book
Day 05 → My favorite quote
Day 06 → Whatever strikes my fancy
Day 07 → A photo that makes me happy

What photo(s) made me happy today? )

M'kay. Now I'm gonna go look over something [ profile] why_me_why_not sent, then read some Gabe/William fic.

Have a good evening, y'all.

And remember, midnight CST, BANG. :)
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At the Houston date of the blink-182 tour, Pete Wentz mentioned that the Fall Out Boys felt like midgets next to blink-182.

They are. Proof )

Play For Keeps' EP arrived today, and the return address looks suspiciously like a residential Las Vegas address. Cash Colligan, are you taking lessons from Tom Conrad in encouraging stalker fans?


So far this week I've gotten home at 9pm, 10pm, 11pm, and 8pm after work. I am contemplating skipping the Drive By Truckers show at HOB tomorrow just so I have some quiet time at home to exercise and get some chores and some fanfic writing done.

What's up with y'all?
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~ The Get Up Kids' library arrived, thanks to Vagrant Records. I clicked a link on their Twitter ages ago and entered a drawing for free tickets, and ended up with the tickets and all of their CDs for free. I'm pretty stoked to see them.

~ Boys Like Girls did a video session at LiveDaily? I need to rip this.

~ Mat Kearney was a good show. The best description I can think of for him is a cross between Bruce Hornsby and Jackson Brown. His guitarist was really talented. Also? The Foundation Room at the House Of Blues is pretty swank, but I felt like a poor cousin next to the people who have proper memberships, rather than winning a pass.

~ The Bravery tonight! :D

~ Photos! I'm going to apologize - these are a little out of order. My iPhoto split the modified from the originals, so any vertical photos had to be added separately.

photos from the PWTs & Snow Patrol show a few weeks ago )

Then for the AP fall ball? I took a few photos of each band, but we were off to the side at stage left, and they're not very good. I took far more of TAI. Because they're TAI. But there are a lot of Mike Carden. Sorry, [ profile] shutyourface. TAI photos, with only a little commentary )

~ [ profile] why_me_why_not (and The Used) in less than two weeks! :D
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Urgh. I am off to work after going back to work for an hour after the never-ending, oh-my-god-will-they-just-hurry-up What-Happens-In-Vegas-is-fucking-slow show last night, but I have to say that the internets did not disappoint in keeping us up to date about the Blink/FOB/Panic show in Milwaukee.

he had the time of his life )

I approve of New Guy )

*grumpy face*

There is not enough coffee in the world right now.
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+ cut, just in case: Star Trek babble )

+ At the bookstore the other day, MrIris picked up a copy of Cassandra Clare's novel from the table with the "if you liked Twilight" sign on it. He mentioned wanting to read it, and I had to stop him and explain why no, I could not allow money to be spent on that. There was a mom and her teenaged daughter standing right there, and they totally looked at me like I was a freak when I told him about the Draco trilogy and the plagiarism and the fan wank.

+ The Farther From Earth Tour, Stubb's, 10May09 )

+ I think I promised to upload some Midtown a while back, so here: Living Well Is The Best Revenge and Forget What You Know.

+ I am currently reading Pygmy. I... feel like I am reading a completely different language.

OK. I'm going to go beta some fic. (\o/, it's been ages since I seriously beta'd something, and I'm sort of excited)
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1. Dallas. Wretched weather on the drive up with [ profile] vic_ramsey and [ profile] playfullips, but it cleared up once we were there. We met up with [ profile] eckerlilas, [ profile] fiddleyoumust, and [ profile] shutyourface and others whose LJ and/or real names I cannot remember. Because I'm just that forgetful. [ profile] wendy and [ profile] phaballa dropped [ profile] why_me_why_not when they were done seeing the Hannah Montana movie. (I think that's what they saw, anyway.)

- The venue and tour management made the early entry/meet&greet entry a total clusterfuck. Dear Charlie, please come back and tour manage, because Beaver Productions are failing hard-core.

- Better yet, could Zack Hall please come work his magic for Fall Out Boy? Panic's m&g/ee work with military precision in comparison.

- I forget how tiny the Fall Out Boys all are. I knew it as a fact, but then they stood there next to me, and they were shorter than me as a reality, and I was like, "Really?"

- Personal bubble issues: I realize it's a m&g photo op, but I really was not expecting Pete Wentz to put his arm around me. (And to have to reach up to touch my shoulder, HAhahahahahaha!)

- Mosh pit dudes: please mosh the other direction. Every time I inched away, you expanded toward me. You broke my shoes and my big toenail is cracked all the way down to the base. If I wanted to mosh, I'd join you. Please don't follow me. Especially to Saturday, okay? THAT IS NOT A SONG TO WHICH MOSHING SHOULD BE DONE.

2. Houston's cancellation: sad, but understandable. I think that the organizing for entry at that venue would have been just as bad or worse than Dallas if the show hadn't been canceled, because the person at the gate was fucking CLUELESS, and there didn't appear to be much communication between her and venue management and/or tour management.

3. New Orleans. Totally made up for Houston's fail.

- The drive from Houston? Longest, boringest drive ever. And I've driven through Kansas, Nebraska, north Texas, the Utah desert, and other empty stretches of the US. Plus: terrible road, unbelievably wretched stink, and NO SOURCES OF COFFEE until we actually hit NOLA.

- I realize it's not the venue, it's the tour management, but still. Having a security dude tell us that there was no m&g or early entry when we asked for details? Not cool. The situation ended up being messy, but not the cluster that Dallas was.

- Hey, hi, center of the barrier. I like you, I'd like to have you as my spot for all FOB shows for the rest of my life.

- FOB can be as political as they like, as far as I'm concerned. In the grand scheme of political punk (heh, isn't that sort of redundant?), they barely even register a blip. But because they are popular and have a relatively young fan base, i guess any political message earns criticism. Whatever. I didn't take the spiel as being aimed at govt; it was aimed at individual and societal greed. JMO.

A'right, photos. These are generally chronological. I am not a particularly good photographer, and I don't have a particularly good camera, by way of warning.

Believers Never Die Part Deux, Dallas, 17April09 )

Believers Never Die Part Deux, New Orleans, 19April09 )
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I am trying not to think about my stolen credit and debit cards (credit card canceled; debit card not b/c the bank's "24-hr line" doesn't actually have people there 24 hours a day even though their website says to call IMMEDIATELY if your card is stolen; police report filed), so I'm going through my photos.

And I have a question - I'm remarkably ignorant about We The Kings, so if this is obvious, just tell me. What is the symbol on Drew's bass? )


Dear Singer,
Please stop bending over into my line of sight right when I'm trying to get a good shot of Ian, because I really don't need to see your ass, your crotch, or your underwear any more than I already have, and I don't really want stealth!Singer shots - I get enough of you as it is. Got it? Kthnx.
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First. Chris Cornell on Sunday night? Amaaaaazing (even if I wasn't at barrier b/c MrIris doesn't like to do that - one crowd surfer gets dropped on his head and he refuses to be up front!). I was not particularly impressed by the band that opened for him, Outernational. They had a sort of funk sound, really driven by the bass-line. I'm not sure if that was deliberate, originally, or if it was because the lead guitarist wasn't that good.

Chris Cornell started his set with Part of Me, which is my least favorite song from Scream. But that meant it could all go uphill from there, right? And it did.

You guys know I'm a CC fangirl, right? Yeah. His voice. Seriously. And he sang for nearly three hours. IDEK how he does it.

He did a good mix of Soundgarden, Audioslave, his older solo stuff, and new stuff. And he covered Billie Jean and some Marley and some Zeppelin. And a medley of All Along The Watchtower, Sunday, Bloody Sunday, and... another song. The crowd was definitely more into the Soundgarden stuff, though. Even You Know My Name didn't get much response from them.

I... have to admit, I am not the world's biggest fan of his new album. It's not because it's more pop than rock, I think. Not a genre issue. I mean, I love his bluesy version of Billie Jean, and I listen to his version of Ave Maria all the time. HIS VOICE, OKAY?

He and Timbaland did a decent job writing music that suited his voice and would broaden his audience. But I think the lyrics are repetitive and simplistic than I'm used to from him. Some of it'll go into my "music to sweat to" playlist, but none of them will outstrip the Live In Sweden bootlegs for most-often-played.

So. Went home, slept three hours, stumbled to work to feed and split cells, then back home to shower, then I picked up [ profile] vic_ramsey and headed to Austin.

[ profile] vic_ramsey, [ profile] playfullips, and [ profile] arielchan have already recapped the Snakes and Suits gig, so I won't go into a ton of detail, but

a) Sean Van Vleet - Before yesterday, I'd have said he had an awesome voice and I loved his songs, but didn't find him attractive. And he's still not in the "I'd totally bang him" category, but he's got a presence, and he's personable, and yeah, I'll have another sip of that Kool-Aid.

b) I got the set list that was by Max's feet. I am inordinately amused that the last song reads "Haley", which is not the title's spelling on the album.

c) Yay for fangirling Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder with SVV approximately sixty seconds before William Beckett started his cover of Jeremy.

d) Thumbs down for the "Sexas Posse". Seriously? There are so many inappropriate jokes I could make about a bunch of high school kids using Gabe Saporta's term of... I guess you could call it affection... personally. And unironically. I am restraining myself.

e) I like Bill Beckett and his boy haircut and his little black glasses and suspenders, but twenty songs of mostly just him (including Damien Rice and Death Cab covers)? Eh. I prefer the entire band, tbqh.

f) LOL at Tom Conrad wearing bedroom slippers. Actually, during SVV's rendition of Hayley, he sat back in the corner with his head down, eyes closed - SLEEPY BOYS! - and I wanted SO MUCH to take a picture of him like that, but I felt like a creeper. So. No pic.

g) I'm still squeaking happily when I think about the fact that they have enough stuff written and plan to go back to the studio soon. And Max will be producing again. :D

Speaking of pics... )

I took one crappy picture of the This Providence guys, and I talked to them when they were at the bar because they were just STANDING THERE expectantly, and NO ONE was approaching them. But I remain unimpressed.

And finally. I filled out the comment fic that went along with The Perfect Gifts Are Little And Lacy the other day, but I didn't have a chance to edit or post it, so I'm gonna do that tonight, hopefully.


And then I've got a hot date with my pillow, with which I have not spent nearly enough quality time lately.
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Tabby posted this pic in her picspam )


Also, this has me hankering for that bandom/Criminal Minds crossover that's on the to-be-written list. Sometimes I think we are NEVER going to get to it.
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Today was a long, long day, and although there is a list of stuff I need to do, I'm procrastinating.

By looking through my "glasses/shades" subfolder in my photo files.

99% bandom. No repeats from my last glasses picspam, I hope.

Come a little closer, baby; let me look into your eyes )

ETA: [ profile] why_me_why_not suggested I add some non-bandom pics, but since this was already so dialup-unfriendly, she made her own post here.


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