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Things that made me :DDD in the last 24 hours:

1. MCR (as seen pretty much all over my f-list). THANK YOU. I was beginning to fear that we'd NEVER get the new album. Mikeyway working the blond! Geeway and that fuschia mess (if ever there were a hot mess, he is it in the vid)! Frankie's all long-haired and hot again! (NGL, I totally would've lost Iero sex-chicken while he was in Leathermouth mode, but apparently becoming a daddy of twins is working out well for him.)

2. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

3. BRMC released a live session at iTunes. (Also, I get to see them twice this week.)

4. Luuuuuudo in less than one week.

Things that made me :D then :(

1. The Dear Jack Foundation First Annual Benefit Concert was announced. This is a charity that I definitely support for a variety of reasons, and both Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate will be performing so I'd love to go, but it's in LA, on a date that I absolutely cannot travel.

Things that made me >:/

1. Work. Dear Tutorial Grad Student: I should not have to tell you to put some damn gloves on EVERY OTHER MINUTE. Also, if you've weighed something out and it's too much, DO NOT put it back into the reagent bottle, especially if it's touched a surface you touched with your bare, naked fingers. And FYI, that thing you just weighed out is a neurotoxin in high enough quantities. I WASN'T KIDDING WHEN I TOLD YOU TO PUT ON SOME EFFIN' GLOVES.

2. Work. Yes, I'm listing it twice. Because I'm just that annoyed by the introduction of a new student for me to guide on a project that does not dovetail with mine AT ALL, at a time when The Chief is pushing me to finish the last replicates of experiments so we can get another paper out before the end of October.

3. I'm taking the Snowflake for service (again) tomorrow. More $$$ unbudgeted. The air-conditioning is blowing hot air. Which wouldn't be a big deal except this is Houston in September, and it's still supposed to be over 90F for the next week, at least.

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:( The sample elevator in the Cs source is still non-functional. The repair company had not even scheduled their visit when I called Radiation Safety this afternoon, so two of my three experiments are trashed. I re-worked the third one, so I can do something else with those samples. Yay, I guess. The Chief will not be amused to hear this quand il revient.

:( Why aren't Something Corporate coming to Houston? There's an empty day between Dallas and their last Florida date! (Yes, I realize they need to travel. *sigh*)

:) The bartender at happy hour needed to check some bottles of Amarone - someone stored them in the 'fridge, rather than the wine cooler or the room-temp shelf, and he was worried that they were corked - so instead of the normal house red, tonight's wine was AMAZING.

:) Also, risotto.

:) I am still ridiculously amused by this photo )

:( A friend is having a party and Say Anything/Angels & Airwaves are at HOB tomorrow, but I think I have to bail on both, b/c I need to pack a bag and take care of some other errands.

:DDDD [ profile] vic_ramsey and I leave Wednesday night for NYC. We are going to see Butch Walker and American Idiot and [ profile] harriet_vane and other fanppl ([ profile] wordsalone? [ profile] danacias?). I am going to see Magna Carta. MAGNA CARTA. *flails incoherently for a few minutes* And there are a couple of Picasso exhibits happening, plus some other stuff.

I am excited. Just a little bit. OK, that's a massive understatement. I AM GLEEFUL, OK? Didn't I tell you that I'd cry travel to see Butch Walker if he didn't come to TX on this tour? Plus, AI. Gimme that Tony Vincent and John Gallagher Jr and SSands!
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ILU, Andrew McMahon, but getting home from San Antonio at 2:20am, then sleeping through the 6am alarm and barely making it to work in time for a snoozer of a Radiation Safety Committee meeting might make me seriously reconsider a mid-week roadtrip the next time you plot a tour that completely skips Houston.

I haven't even had time to flail over Butch Walker's video. THIS IS NOT RIGHT.

Also, happy birthday to [ profile] wordsalone and my cousin H today. ♥
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1. I am really enjoying The Wire. It's from the same guy who started Homicide: Life On The Streets, and it takes place in Balmer, too. It had me at the first episode, when one of the characters said you couldn't get on US currency unless you were a president.

2. I am typing up my [ profile] bandomvalentine fic. Bb Discos. Just porn, really. With always-a-girl Spencer and Brendon having sex for the first time. You can imagine how it goes. Having said that, anyone willing to beta it, once it's finished, or should I just send it in gmail to the usual group?

3. My generally negative opinion of the Hallmark-created Valentine's Day crap aside, this amuses me.

4. I really want to see Foxy Shazam's Eric and Ryan Ross on stage together. I just. How did they get paired up on a tour? As [ profile] arielchan pointed out, it would be even better in front of the huge rabbit that's painted on the wall at the White Rabbit.

5. I'm sorta sad that passes for Under Great White Northern Lights are so fucking expensive, so I'll have to hope that I can get a regular ticket at one of the bigger venues after all the badges and passes have gotten in.

6. We The Kings & Mayday Parade at HOB Monday. fun and Jack's Mannequin in San Antonio on Tuesday. Who's with me? :D

day 14

Dec. 14th, 2009 07:51 pm
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+ Currently trying to decide if I want to go to Illinois for the last weekend in January for my favorite faily boys & Greta, or if I want to wait a week and go for the 5th anniversary show TAI's doing for the release of Almost Here. I really want to see Empires, but I am not looking forward to the drive to Urbana. I can't do both b/c I'm probably going to take a day off in February to see Jack's Mannequin in San Antonio or Dallas (because they are not coming to Houston on their headlining tour AGAIN) and either a ski trip or visit to NYC to see the Austen exhibit and hang out with J on MLK Jr Day. Decisions, decisions. (I know, my life: so hard.)

+ Sign-ups for the MS150 seem to be open much longer this time around. MrIris is definitely doing the ride, and I'm happy to do the training with him, but I do not like being in a pack of 13000 bicyclists all converging on a single street in Austin.

+ My body hates me today. Why, cramps?

+ Thanks to last night's twitpic, Gabe Saporta & Adam Lambert are currently cohabiting fic-writing space in my brain. (In the compartment next door, Bden, Spence, and PStump are hanging out.) IDEK, guys.

And finally, today's installment of the 30-day meme.

Day 01 → My favorite song
Day 02 → My favorite movie
Day 03 → My favorite television program
Day 04 → My favorite book
Day 05 → My favorite quote
Day 06 → Whatever strikes my fancy
Day 07 → A photo that makes me happy
Day 08 → A photo that makes me sad
Day 09 → A photo that I took
Day 10 → A photo of me, taken at least 10 years ago
Day 11 → A photo of me, taken recently
Day 12 → Whatever strikes my fancy
Day 13 → A fictional book

Day 14 →A non-fictional book

Again the weird phrasing. My favorite work of non-fiction, one that I've read recently: Robert Fisk's The Great War for Civilization. It's a really heavy read. Long, small print. But beautifully written. As you might imagine from the title, it draws many parallels between WWI and the US Armed Forces' current imbroglio in the Middle East. History is intertwined with Fisk's personal history and current events. It took me nearly a month to read this book, mostly just reading on weekends, but it was worth it.
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~ It is snowing! That's two years in a ROW that it's snowed in Houston! THE ICE AGE IS UPON US!

~ In the recent past, I read a quote from Jared Leto that struck me as being sort of cult-verse-ish: "There's something magical that happens when a group of people come together, a group of strangers, and they share a public experience," Leto said in an interview with Kerrang magazine. "We then harness that energy, that collective consciousness, and apply it in a musical way."

Last night? I was really tempted by one of 30STM's tshirts: YES, THIS IS A CULT.

Thank you for confirming my suspicions, gentlemen. (But I promised myself no more black band tshirts.)

~ Something Corporate are reuniting to perform at Bamboozle Left this spring? I'd go to CA for that.

*wanders back to lab, humming I kissed a drunk girl...*
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+ I sort of love that Nathan Fillion is a zombie book reader. I enjoyed World War Z, and would love to see a movie version of it. With Nathan Fillion in it. As the narrator, preferably.

+ I get [ profile] why_me_why_not and [ profile] snarkyrainbow and [ profile] shutyourface and [ profile] vic_ramsey and The Used (plus Drive A and The Almost) tonight! It will be worth dragging myself out of bed at the ass-crack of dawn to get all my work done early today.

+ Fangirl commune tomorrow with the above, @ [ profile] eckerlilas's to see her and BBs, yes?

+ Someone needs to turn my computer off and take away iChtaca, b/c every time I have a break during my experiment this morning, I've been web-surfing.

+ Some (possibly spoilery) photos of the 100th episode of Criminal Minds are available. Lookit the pretty. Hotch. Reid. Oh, there are other characters in that episode?

+ Jack White didn't want to sing on Slash's album? Uh, his choice, I guess. If he said he'd do anything BUT sing, why didn't Slash take him up on it?

+ MIA is working on a new album? I swear that when we saw her a couple of years ago at Bonnaroo she said it was the last tour she was doing. Make up your mind!

+ Why aren't there any Weezer/Jack's Mannequin dates in Houston? WHY? (Yes, I am spoiled.)

+ ETA: I have spent the last two days showing New Student how to do two experiments. Neither is technically demanding, but he still doesn't *get* that samples need to be kept cold (you're in the cold room working in a tub of ice for a reason) and the processing should be done as fast as possible (so no, do not stop for lunch, to text, keep going). I've tried to stress these two factors, but I think he's going to have to have a couple of failed experiments before it sinks in. Plus? In addition to the constant snorting of phlegm, he has been chewing gum with his mouth open. Srsly, cow + cud. OMG WTF did he learn no manners as a child?

+ AND? Hoard does not mean the same thing as horde, okay? I've seen this word misused in blogs, in tweets, in fanfic, in BOOKS over the last few weeks. Check the damned dictionary, people!
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Comment and I'll give you a letter. You have to list 10 things you love that begin with that letter. Afterwards, post this in your journal.

Tabby gave me "S".

∞ Science! As much as I complain about the people and the ridiculous constraints set by the institution, I love doing science every day.

∞ Supernatural. You knew that was coming, right? Last night's episode really reminded me why I fell in love with this TV series.

∞ Spencer Smith. Again, no surprise there, right? His snark in interviews, his shiny hair, his drumming. (Can I add [ profile] shutyourface to this entry? She'd appreciate being lumped in with Spencer Smith, I'm sure.)

∞ Saporta, Gabe. What? That totally counts! Srsly, this can't surprise anyone. He has his own tag, okay? I love his life philosophy, I love that he sang the Jersey scene a love song as a goodbye on Cobra Starship's first album, I love that he fanboys his label and friends so hard. Also? He looks pretty in a suit, and when he sings in Spanish I don't even care that I only get half of what he's saying, it makes me swoon.

∞ Socks! I have two drawers in my dresser just for socks. I love little bitty footies and ankle socks and knee highs, plain colors, stripes, crazy patterns. I have Tigger socks and candy corn socks (I have a lot of Halloween socks, tbh) and socks with little red crabs on them. Socks with high heels shoes, socks with sparkly snowflakes.

Swim, by Jack's Mannequin. I'm at work, or I'd share this song. The piano and the lyrics slay me.

Sense and Sensibility. I love the book and all of the movie/tv versions, although I am not really fond of Hugh Grant as Ferrars. Then again, the Grant/Thompson version has Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon, which goes a long way in ameloriating any negatives associated with Grant.

∞ Sushi. Every time I think about returning to vegetarianism, I remember I'd have to give up sushi. Never gonna happen. I like my wasabi-soaked massago and fresh tuna too much.

∞ Stoker, Bram. He wrote the best. Vampire book. Ever.

∞ Suzanne Vega. Her lyrics. Esp. The Queen and The Soldier and Undertow and Gypsy. I also have a soft spot for Calypso.

Wanna play?
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I am watching (again) last night's Kimmel.

+ &Andrew McMahon; and his dorky college-boy disguise
+ &Dr. J; WEARING A SUIT instead of a t-shirt and scene hair and Under Armour sleeve
+ that is a tiny indoor stage, and Bobby is behind Andy's Baldwin baby grand (what a pain in the ass is it to tour with that thing?)
+ ♥: Kimmel shows the LP package for The Glass Passenger when he introduces the band
+ I hate that the local channel cuts off the end of the show to go to infomercials - The Resolution WASN'T OVER YET

Next I will watch this morning's Today Show appearance by the Kings of Leon. Sex On Fire still makes me think of STDs, but maybe they did Closer. (ETA: Meredith Vieira seriously compared them to U2? Was she high?/ETA)

Mmm, mojito + sushi. The wait staff at Japaneiro's all know us by now. One, at least, recognizes me by my tattoos.

Once I'm done with the DVR queue, I am going to finish composing birthday porn, I believe.

Happy weekend to you all.
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+ Someone has to have bootlegged BUrie's acoustic performance at ComicCon last night, right? Where is it, Internets? Are you failing me?

+ This morning I heard an ad for NoPerformanceTax, which is not something I disagree with, in theory, but I was amused that the website talks about "local" radios being harmed by this tax, and the radio station on which I heard the endorsement? Owned and operated by ClearChannel, not a small, local company.

+ Hey Monday and fangirl funtimes tonight.

+ I am weak; I succumbed to the lure of Andrew McMahon and Dr. J, even though they will be at a venue that I hate.

+ The Houston Press's Music Showcase is Sunday night. For $10 you get a wristband that lets you in to any of the host venues. Music starts at 5pm and goes until after midnight. Support local bands, Houstonians!

+ Crack fanboy/rockstar dreams: simultaneously the best & worst thing ever. I blame you, [ profile] playfullips.

+ ETA: [ profile] vic_ramsey is my hero.

OK, I need to drink coffee and think about work for a minute or two. Or three.
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+ It was a shitty day at work. I had to deal with a fuck-up The Idiot left (which further convinced me that he was infuckingcapable of planning experiments logically). And five people (all admin/support staff) got fired. So I'm glad happier stuff happened elsewhere today.

+ New Perspectives. Everybody in bandom's already talked about this, but. Well. Yeah. My first thought was, "Did he really just sing about someone fast-forwarding to go down on him?" and when [ profile] vic_ramsey texted me more lyrics, I replied: Lolol, Bden wrote an entire song about sex with Spence? only to decide that I'm immature enough to hope that the whole album is less-than-subtle innuendo about sex, come, and facials. Thanks, bb.


+ Gabe's "serious" blog.

+ Ludo. Broken Bride Tour. Houston. 14November.

+ Swim's official video is out. I haven't watched it enough to comment intelligently. I'm still at the Andrew! Dr. J! Bobby! SISKY! flailing phase. And I like the Japanese wave art over the drawing style that continues through the rest of the video.

Jack's Mannequin "Swim"

+ ETA: Ray fucking Toro! (even if I don't know what the hell you're tracking)
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We saw HP & the HBP the other night! I thought it was going to be a regular date night, but it turned out that [ profile] vic_ramsey and [ profile] eckerlilas and [ profile] shutyourface came to the show, too! Cut for HP rambling )

Ugh. I am so stiff and sore, it's ridiculous. My ribs hurt, and I've bruises on my hips and arms and knees where the crowd surge (and the dude next to me, who thought I was going to give up my spot front and center at the barrier to him just 'cause he overshadowed me by 8 inches and 100 lbs) pushed me against the grated part of the barrier. Screw that. My elbows are pointy and I don't mind using them. Rancid and Rise Against were worth it.

I recorded the AAR performance on Friday's Today show and watched yesterday. Dear Tyson, thanks for giving me all kinds of happy thoughts about you and Nick holed up in a cabin in the woods, maxed out on coffee and wine, to write When the World Comes Down, and for being so ridiculous as to say you have a band logo tattoo in the "chesticle area".

As Tabby has said, I do not understand why there aren't volumes more slash fic on those two.

Who's excited about the new video for Swim? Seriously, I think that song could be the song that describes my life. Also, I'm trying to decide if I want to go to the Pavilion next week to see Jack's Mannequin, even though they're not the headliners and I don't even like The Fray, the headliners.

On that note. Tell me: if you could describe yourself with one song, what would it be?
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[ profile] vic_vamsey for linking me to pics of gay married boyfriends at the Blink-182 tour launch party (btw, I am ridiculously amused that it took me HOW LONG to realize that AAR had lower billing than PATD on the poster; clearly, the prom pose and hand placement DISTRACTED ME)

♥ Linkin Park's New Divide; for Mike Shinoda in general. I'm really excited to hear how the collaborative score works within the movie.

♥ that went from Jack's Mannequin's Rescue to TAI's Skeptics and True Believers without any input from me

Forgive Durden's performing Razia's Shadow at Java Jazz tonight, Butch Walker's at Stubb's tomorrow, and then the Indigo Girls the night after that. Some weeks are just awesome.

Also? Next week? Manchester Orchestra's at Walter's, if anyone's interested.

Why don't I have any Brendon/Spencer icons?
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+ cut, just in case: Star Trek babble )

+ At the bookstore the other day, MrIris picked up a copy of Cassandra Clare's novel from the table with the "if you liked Twilight" sign on it. He mentioned wanting to read it, and I had to stop him and explain why no, I could not allow money to be spent on that. There was a mom and her teenaged daughter standing right there, and they totally looked at me like I was a freak when I told him about the Draco trilogy and the plagiarism and the fan wank.

+ The Farther From Earth Tour, Stubb's, 10May09 )

+ I think I promised to upload some Midtown a while back, so here: Living Well Is The Best Revenge and Forget What You Know.

+ I am currently reading Pygmy. I... feel like I am reading a completely different language.

OK. I'm going to go beta some fic. (\o/, it's been ages since I seriously beta'd something, and I'm sort of excited)
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I am not sure I'd know the way home from Austin in daylight.

I'm too tired to deal with everything, but seriously. Matt Nathanson and then Andrew McMahon right in my face.

Caves. Nrgh.

Also, I might have hallucinated it, but I swear that Matt Nathanson turned Car Crash into a medley with The National's Fake Empires.
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+ It is a sign of how out-of-touch I am with the HP fandom that it occurs to me only now why I haven't seen much squee about Dan Radcliffe's being BFF with a drag queen.

+ Star Trek tonight at the Alamo. :D

+ Matt Nathanson and Jack's Mannequin at Stubb's on Sunday. One bonus to not living close enough to family that I have obligatory Mother's Day plans: I can go to this show without feeling guilty.

+ I have a couple of Dreamwidth invite codes, if anyone still needs one. Lemme know.


I have two tickets to see the Indigo Girls at Stubb's on the 21st. Originally we'd planned to go to Austin for the weekend, but for a few reasons (related to work and the ppl we were going to stay with) we're not, now.

Butch Walker is at Stubb's on the 20th. I could go, but I can't take the 21st off, so I'd have to come back to Houston for work. And then drive BACK to Austin for the Indigo Girls' show the next night.

So, I'm thinking of giving up our tickets to the Indigo Girls' show at Stubb's, so I can see Butch Walker there the night before, and then we'll see Amy & Emily in Houston. Less driving, lower stress.

Anyone interested in the tickets?

Fuck it. I'm going to Austin for both shows. I've got months of sick leave, and I work enough extra hours that I don't get paid for.
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+ tonight's menu: mushroom and asparagus tip (pancetta add-in optional) risotto, mixed greens salad, and strawberry cream pie

+ finished Lawrence Lessig's Remix; even just the intro had me muttering yes, yes, yes; also, it's fascinating to read this and then go download remixes that bands make available for free via myspace or other website - makes me think seriously about who *really* cares about copyright and fair use being exercised

+ blue nail polish was perhaps not the best choice; every chip will be noticeable

+ watched Maxed Out after reading another summary of Geithner's proposed bank bail-out; am not clear why these banks deserve anything except nationalization. and pillorying of executives

+ slight progress on NSG fic, but there is once again panty!fic in my brain, distracting me

+ do not understand the logic of the canceled Jack's Mannequin tour dates; they seem random and scattered
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+ I spent the day perfecting figures for a manuscript. I haaaate it when I make figures, The Chief says, "These need to be the size of a column in JBC" so I resize them, and then when he looks at them, he comments, "These need to be larger."

Nasty words were growled.

+ I suppose it was to be expected. What good can happen on a day that starts with donning one's underpants inside-out?



I'm going to go write porn until Criminal Minds comes on. Ping me on Y!M if you need me. :)

ETA: Also? Jack's Mannequin? Anyone else going to the shows in Houston and/or Austin?

ETA2: My interpretation of the Fuckcity twitters:

Andy: I wish I were home, not missing your set! *sad sigh*
Mixon: No, I wish I were in Asia with you! *longing sigh* We'll be together soon, but it's so far awaaaay.
Andy: *kissy face*
Mixon: *kissy face*
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Plotting for my exchange fic made me realize how very much I love bandom canon. )


The waistband of my black tights has no elastic left. This is a problem.

Aaannnnddd, Jack's Mannequin is at the Warehouse Live Studio tomorrow. Anybody else going?

That is all. For now.
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[Poll #1280152]

Sisky's interview with LiveDaily entertains me. He's so earnest. And there's so much Pete-love going on in interviews, lately. I feel sort of bad that I'm not a bigger fan. Not that I hate on him or anything, I just don't love him as much as a lot of bandom seems to.

I'm entertained by the idea of Sisky and the Butcher doing all their tracking together. *adjusts tin-hat to sit more comfortably*

Also, am I the last person to see the Jack's Mannequin video session at LD?


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