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+ Write Bradley Manning a birthday letter. Seriously, the dude's been essentially in solitary for almost two years for allegedly sneaking classified data to Wikileaks. Send him some positive thoughts.

+ Rec: In good times and bad by rsadelle. Hockey RPF, Boston Bruins. In which Tyler can no longer play hockey and ends up as Segs' househusband. It's cute, and it made me smile.

- Work today. But if I work today I'll feel less guilt about taking off early later in the week. Plus, trying to get replicate experiments finished before the holiday break.

+ Followed by Aeros vs Peoria at the TC. Hackett was strong in goal the other night, and Zucker scored his second GWG in overtime. Hopefully the winning streak will continue.
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1. Are y'all following the Dear Author discussion about fanfiction and the pulled-to-publish mess highlighted by 50 Shades of Grey?

2. Kim Rhodes is pretty awesome.

3. I have not seen either Iron Man movie, Thor, or Captain America. Someone explain to me why I'm reading Tony Stark/Steve Rogers and Phil Coulson/Clint Barton(/Natasha Romanov) fic. RDJ, Jeremy Renner and Chris Adams, duh. *facepalm*

4. fun. tonight! I'd be a bit more excited if it weren't about to pour like a mofo all day long. DNW to wait outside in the rain. I guess this means I'll just have to go next door to Lucky's & have nachos and beer until the show starts. My life, so hard.

5. I'm pretty sure I had an actual #5 to share, but I can't remember, so.
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Book-related ones!

1. The new Archie Sheridan/Gretchen Lowell (heh, written like it's a pairing; in a twisted way, it is), Kill You Twice by Chelsea Cain, will be released in August, and an excerpt of the first chapter is available online.

2. The first 50 pages of the next installment of Naomi Novik's Temeraire series is also on the interwebs. I thought the last book was sort of lackluster in comparison to previous ones, but it set up this one. I hope.

Thanks to [personal profile] jmc_bks for the links!
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Things that I've been reading:

1. Enemy Mine, by Rassaku. The Dresden Files, Harry/Marcone. Harry gets invited on a date by everyone’s favorite mob boss, and then things get weird. Canon-compliant through Small Favor, with some uses of info from Turn Coat.

2. Chrysalis, by Starcrossedgirl. Harry Potter, Snape/Harry, adult. In which Harry is a tad messed up after the war, but Snape gives him a run for his money. Or: an epic tale of PTSD, recovery and gay porn! PLEASE READ THE WARNINGS. EWE.

3. I Seem To Be A Verb (A Notting Hill AU). Inception, Arthur/Eames, WIP. Scroll to the bottom - [personal profile] bookshop has posted a link to a PDF of all the installments thus far. IDEK how many words it is, or how much longer it'll be, but at this point it's 60-some comments worth of fic. HOTTTT.

4. The Julie Collins, PI, series by Lori Armstrong. These novels are suspense with a relationship thread to them. The thing that interests me most is that Julie, like the main character Armstrong's other series, is not your average nice-girl heroine. She's a heavy drinking, chain smoking, hard living woman with a lot of flaws. Alcohol and violence are permanent fixtures in her life, and she makes no excuses for that.

Other stuffs:

- Left my phone at work yesterday. At least, I hope that's where it is. :/

- Aaron received an iPod Touch for Christmas. He is hilariously addicted to playing Scrabble and Angry Birds. And I do mean addicted. He has no room to criticize when it comes to me being dependent on my iPhone now.

- This cough & congestion needs to GTFO. So tired of needing tissues and cold medicine and drugging myself to sleep.

- Um, go Texans? IDK, I don't much care about the NFL, but it's a good excuse to hang out with friends and drink beer.
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+ [ profile] eckerlilas wins tonight! ♥ I hope she, [ profile] shutyourface, [ profile] fiddleyoumust, [ profile] ericaplease, and [ profile] harriet_vane (and others I'm sure I'm forgetting) had an awesome time at the Discos' show tonight. PICS OF THE STEAM PUNK KIT, I WANT THEM!

+ Happy birthday to [ profile] harriet_vane! Here's to a new year, full of exciting travel plans and a new place and hopefully lots of positive thoughts and events!

+ Spent the day wigged out because I couldn't remember the last time I'd seen my wedding ring. I don't even wear it 99% of the time, but when I was digging out earrings to wear this morning I didn't see it in its spot, and I couldn't figure out when I'd last worn it or where I might've put it. Searched before work, then after work I dug through all backpacks, bags, totes, and pockets before finding it.

All that stress for a hunk of pressed metal and crystal?

+ Spent half my work day using one of the department's confocal microscopes. IDK, it's good that the manager wants to help me learn the system, but she's a physicist, not a cell biologist, so I'm not sure that her advice will give me the result that I need. But at least I know now how to work the set-up, and I didn't bleach my samples, so I can always sign up for more time and re-acquire images with a higher magnification and redefining the original Z plane where I want, rather than where she thinks the cells look best.

+ Hey, new Against Me! album. I'm enjoying you. (Even though you're just different recordings/demos from Searching for a Former Clarity.)

+ Billie Joe Armstrong's teenaged sons have a band? And he produced their first album? I can't decide if I'm intrigued or if that convinces me even more that it's all about who you know.

+ So TAI's following in the footsteps of other DD/FBR bands? I'm sure I'll be sad about the departure of MGC and the Butcher at some point, but a) I'm enjoying his Animal Upstairs project, b) I'm curious to hear the new album without their influences, and c) I feel like, if there's any truth to the rumors about how Tomrad was given the heave-ho, we should enjoy some irony.

+ Time to settle into bed and set the TV so that I fall asleep watching today's French Open matches. I hear Rafa's match against Isner was more epic than it should've been? And that Nando's hair is making the FO its last stand?

+ I mentioned this in an email to [ profile] why_me_why_not and [ profile] jmc_bks. The world doesn't need more schmoop, right? But this pic cries out for it )

+ Last random thought for the day. Why did hero_living follow me back on twitter? I enjoy Rudy's (or whoever posts in lieu of Rudy) positive thoughts, but I didn't realize they followed people back. :/ Fourth wall, I like you.
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1. I think Henry Jenkins has an interesting point here, and I'm really pleased with the examples of White Collar, House MD, and Castle that he chose to illustrate his point.

2. *sigh* Wanted to go see Guster and Jukebox The Ghost tonight, but I'm still grumpy about LiveNation & HOB, so no. Not giving them my money.

3. I sorta love that JScahill won the Twitter Fight Club final round against Andrew Exum. The sockpuppet twitters of AbuMuqawamaPMC and ExumRangerBeard were clever and hilarious.

4. Anthony Shadid on Democracy Now this morning. I didn't have a chance to watch the TV interviews he'd done the past few days, so. I'm glad he's still going back, to stay the head of the Beirut bureau.

5. The [ profile] we_pimpin Spring Fling fics were posted on Sunday! I decided to ration them: one per day instead of reading them all in a fit of gluttony. But then LJ started being wonky b/c of the DoS, and I got busy, so I have only read one, ONE of the fics.

6. LOL, random: for some reason my TV was set to one of the Spanish-language HBO station, so when I turned it on this evening, Avatar was on in Spanish. But it was at the point when they're speaking in the natives' language, so I couldn't really understand the audio, and I was even more confused by the subtitles being in Spanish. *facepalm*
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+ Jeremy Scahill and Josh Foust on Democracy Now this morning, in the wake of JScahill's piece on Yemen. IDK, as someone who'd sort of forgotten about Yemen's place in military/foreign policy strategy after the USS Cole until the Wikileaks revelation that Petraeus had verbalized a deal with Saleh, I found it educational.

+ The Sony Ericsson Open has a Roger/Rafa match-up in the semi-finals in the offing, if they each win their quarterfinal matches today. In any case, my plan for this evening is to watch Rafa's match against Tomas Berdych, which ESPN2 is scheduled to broadcast.

+ Work. \o/ /o\ I spent yesterday going through a bunch of old data, for the project that was mine before the Chief decided that we really needed to get the Idiot's abandoned project consolidated and shipped out for publication. A year and a half later... yeah. I'd completely forgotten some of the experiments I'd done. I did a metric fuck-ton of work on this, and it links to the Idiot's stuff, so that time was not wasted, but I'm still angry that I had to stop working on the biochemistry that interested me to finish his shit. Beyond that, we've sifted through a ton of mass spec data, and I feel like there's SO MUCH that could be done, if only there were more hours in the day. Or I could clone myself.

+ Trying to decide if I feel up to dealing with the crowds at the Discovery Green two days in a row. I don't care so much about tomorrow's headliners, but The Hold Steady are playing a set at 7pm. Ditto for Saturday: I've seen Kings of Leon, but I'm totally willing to get there early enough for a good spot to see Panic! At The Disco.

+ CHRIS CORNELL. Saturday. (Really, I don't think that requires any more commentary.)

+ A's birthday Monday. He can't decide what sort of birthday cake he wants, or where he'd like to go for his birthday supper. Suggestions for a restaurant that will not require travel anywhere near Reliant Park during the NCAA Final?
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1. MOAST IMPORTANT. [ profile] jmc_bks posted more in her Brad/Ray AU: A Steady Diet of Sodapop & Ritalin. :D :D :D

2. LOL, yes, this, exactly. But I also judge when inappropriate apostrophes are used.

3. Work is closed for non-essential personnel, but research staff are exempt from that rule. I have a bunch of stuff to do, but since all the roads I'd normally take to work are closed or have overpasses onto which police are admitting cars one at a time, I believe I will wait until later. Also? I can't find the ice-scraper that I kept in the Snowflake when I lived in Utah, so I have to defrost Sasha manually. Another reason to wait until it warms up.

4. In the meantime, I am going to watch the videos of the Discos in 104.5's studio over and over again. The sound and video quality are better than the Live Q&A vid from the other day. DAMN, I'M GLAD TO SEE THEIR STUPID FACES, AND TO HEAR BDEN'S VOICE (whatever his GF's doing, she needs to keep doing, b/c he looks and sounds awesome and happy), AND TO LAUGH AT HOW BEING RELEGATED TO TAMBOURINEMAN STILL MAKES SPENCER CRANKY. Now gimme those tour-dates! (Or, you know, be sure to come to SXSW.)
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I was thinking about the question posed here for discussion in the context of The Runaway General and the appointment of Petraeus to head ISAF. (Wow, he'll be a busy man.)

cut because I babble. a lot. )

At that point in my mental circumlocutions, my brain started hurting, so I went back to counting cells and focal adhesions under the microscope, because as boring as it sounds, these are metrics that I have complete confidence in.

*I sometimes wondered how he got the job in the first place. This is a man who personally helped cover up the blue-on-blue fire that killed Pat Tillman. And detainee abuse occurred under his command.
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Day 01 → My favorite song
Day 02 → My favorite movie
Day 03 → My favorite television program
Day 04 → My favorite book
Day 05 → My favorite quote
Day 06 → Whatever strikes my fancy
Day 07 → A photo that makes me happy
Day 08 → A photo that makes me sad
Day 09 → A photo that I took
Day 10 → A photo of me, taken at least 10 years ago
Day 11 → A photo of me, taken recently
Day 12 → Whatever strikes my fancy
Day 13 → A fictional book
Day 14 → A non-fictional book
Day 15 → A fanfic
Day 16 → A song that makes me cry (or almost)
Day 17 → A piece of art
Day 18 → Whatever tickles my fancy
Day 19 → A talent of mine
Day 20 → A hobby of mine
Day 21 → >A recipe

Day 22 → A website

ThinkGeek's OMGWTFun page. I like the geek haiku.

Excuse me. I have to go watch my brand spankin' new copy of It Might Get Loud and work on the WIP amnesty fic.
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Courtesy of J: there were a few things in the first page of this LA Weekly article about m/m novels that annoyed me, but in the end it came off as relatively even-handed. And there's a mention of slash fandom as the progenitor of the current m/m ebook phenomenon.

ETA: :( John Frusciante left RHCP? He and Flea were the reason I loved them.
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Day 01 → My favorite song
Day 02 → My favorite movie
Day 03 → My favorite television program
Day 04 → My favorite book
Day 05 → My favorite quote
Day 06 → Whatever strikes my fancy
Day 07 → A photo that makes me happy
Day 08 → A photo that makes me sad
Day 09 → A photo that I took
Day 10 → A photo of me, taken at least 10 years ago
Day 11 → A photo of me, taken recently

Day 12 →Whatever strikes my fancy

Pimping strikes my fancy! If you live in the mid-Atlantic area and are a Jane Austen fan, this is something you should see!

While I am not the Austen aficionado that J is, I am very fond of Sense and Sensibility and Emma, and I am quite fascinated by the way Austen's work is both a reflection of her life and an invitation for modern authors to speculate and expand.

(What is the glut of austen-based books like Pride & Prejudice & Zombies or The Secret Diaries of Jane Austen or Mrs. Darcy except a for-profit version of fan fiction, I wonder?)

But I digress.

J sent pics and descriptions of her day trip to Bath during her trip to the UK, which made me quite envious. I'm not likely to get to the UK in the near future, but I might see if I can wedge a trip to NYC in some time before March, so that I can see The Morgan's Jane Austen exhibit.
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Day 01 → My favorite song
Day 02 → My favorite movie
Day 03 → My favorite television program
Day 04 → My favorite book
Day 05 → My favorite quote
Day 06 → Whatever strikes my fancy
Day 07 → A photo that makes me happy
Day 08 → A photo that makes me sad

Day 09 → A photo that I took

title or description

Coffee is a serious thing for me. And I liked the way it looked, the heavy white ceramic against the table's surface, the black coffee.

In other news, J linked me to this Rafa picspam and this Feli Lopez picspam. NGL, I have spent a significant portion of the evening ogling various body parts.
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+ I sort of love that Nathan Fillion is a zombie book reader. I enjoyed World War Z, and would love to see a movie version of it. With Nathan Fillion in it. As the narrator, preferably.

+ I get [ profile] why_me_why_not and [ profile] snarkyrainbow and [ profile] shutyourface and [ profile] vic_ramsey and The Used (plus Drive A and The Almost) tonight! It will be worth dragging myself out of bed at the ass-crack of dawn to get all my work done early today.

+ Fangirl commune tomorrow with the above, @ [ profile] eckerlilas's to see her and BBs, yes?

+ Someone needs to turn my computer off and take away iChtaca, b/c every time I have a break during my experiment this morning, I've been web-surfing.

+ Some (possibly spoilery) photos of the 100th episode of Criminal Minds are available. Lookit the pretty. Hotch. Reid. Oh, there are other characters in that episode?

+ Jack White didn't want to sing on Slash's album? Uh, his choice, I guess. If he said he'd do anything BUT sing, why didn't Slash take him up on it?

+ MIA is working on a new album? I swear that when we saw her a couple of years ago at Bonnaroo she said it was the last tour she was doing. Make up your mind!

+ Why aren't there any Weezer/Jack's Mannequin dates in Houston? WHY? (Yes, I am spoiled.)

+ ETA: I have spent the last two days showing New Student how to do two experiments. Neither is technically demanding, but he still doesn't *get* that samples need to be kept cold (you're in the cold room working in a tub of ice for a reason) and the processing should be done as fast as possible (so no, do not stop for lunch, to text, keep going). I've tried to stress these two factors, but I think he's going to have to have a couple of failed experiments before it sinks in. Plus? In addition to the constant snorting of phlegm, he has been chewing gum with his mouth open. Srsly, cow + cud. OMG WTF did he learn no manners as a child?

+ AND? Hoard does not mean the same thing as horde, okay? I've seen this word misused in blogs, in tweets, in fanfic, in BOOKS over the last few weeks. Check the damned dictionary, people!
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Is Chris Pine going to stake his big-screen career on reboots? Don't get me wrong, I liked the early Jack Ryan novels, and never thought that Harrison Ford fit the description. But really? Another retread?

Also? Army of Women. This could be a really cool, really helpful innovation.
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It's not like this is a surprise. But it still makes me smirk.

ETA: Mostly unrelated... \o/!

This earns \o/ /o\ together. One for Iraq, one for Afghanistan.
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I don't have really strong feelings about Folie A Deux, except that I enjoy the second half better than the first, but the review at LiveDaily amuses me. Because a) there's no real depth or explanation about why the reviewer thinks it's not good, and b) the reviewer clearly doesn't understand how to use the word "latter" appropriately.

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I don't even like Christmas songs. But... Dave Grohl and Lemmy. WANT.

Know what else I want? A biopic about The Runaways. Except not with the Twilight chick playing Joan Jett.
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For [ profile] shutyourface and [ profile] vic_ramsey, The Hush Sound @ Daytrotter. If you look in the archives, a bunch of other bands have done live sessions that are available for download, including Phantom Planet.

Ugh, bad hair day. I know - it's so short you'd think a bad hair day would be impossible (minus the whole psycho-hair bed-head thing I have going on most mornings) but I, uh, didn't comb it when I got out of the shower this morning. And then it got rained on, which you would think might help it. Sadly, this is not the case.


Nov. 20th, 2008 10:41 am
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I heart Jeremy Scahill so much, you guys don't even know.

Thank you for writing what I've been thinking, each time I hear a new announcement of possible cabinet secretaries and transition team members and advisors.


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