Mar. 31st, 2009

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Empires did two new songs tonight. One is called Insatiable according to the set list, and the other is Blue Crush.

I'm all ♥__♥ over Sean Van Vleet right now because he was sent out with the two socially awkward dudes in the band (or, you know, maybe Tom Conrad is *not* normally that awkward, but he was still adjusting to being on tour with Beckett. in a van. while Beckett & Sisky, This Providence, and Evan Taubenwhatever are on the bus), and I have approximately 3 hours of sleep over the last 48 hours, so I'm going to go crash. More (and pics) in the morning. Or, well, you know, *later* in the morning.
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First. Chris Cornell on Sunday night? Amaaaaazing (even if I wasn't at barrier b/c MrIris doesn't like to do that - one crowd surfer gets dropped on his head and he refuses to be up front!). I was not particularly impressed by the band that opened for him, Outernational. They had a sort of funk sound, really driven by the bass-line. I'm not sure if that was deliberate, originally, or if it was because the lead guitarist wasn't that good.

Chris Cornell started his set with Part of Me, which is my least favorite song from Scream. But that meant it could all go uphill from there, right? And it did.

You guys know I'm a CC fangirl, right? Yeah. His voice. Seriously. And he sang for nearly three hours. IDEK how he does it.

He did a good mix of Soundgarden, Audioslave, his older solo stuff, and new stuff. And he covered Billie Jean and some Marley and some Zeppelin. And a medley of All Along The Watchtower, Sunday, Bloody Sunday, and... another song. The crowd was definitely more into the Soundgarden stuff, though. Even You Know My Name didn't get much response from them.

I... have to admit, I am not the world's biggest fan of his new album. It's not because it's more pop than rock, I think. Not a genre issue. I mean, I love his bluesy version of Billie Jean, and I listen to his version of Ave Maria all the time. HIS VOICE, OKAY?

He and Timbaland did a decent job writing music that suited his voice and would broaden his audience. But I think the lyrics are repetitive and simplistic than I'm used to from him. Some of it'll go into my "music to sweat to" playlist, but none of them will outstrip the Live In Sweden bootlegs for most-often-played.

So. Went home, slept three hours, stumbled to work to feed and split cells, then back home to shower, then I picked up [ profile] vic_ramsey and headed to Austin.

[ profile] vic_ramsey, [ profile] playfullips, and [ profile] arielchan have already recapped the Snakes and Suits gig, so I won't go into a ton of detail, but

a) Sean Van Vleet - Before yesterday, I'd have said he had an awesome voice and I loved his songs, but didn't find him attractive. And he's still not in the "I'd totally bang him" category, but he's got a presence, and he's personable, and yeah, I'll have another sip of that Kool-Aid.

b) I got the set list that was by Max's feet. I am inordinately amused that the last song reads "Haley", which is not the title's spelling on the album.

c) Yay for fangirling Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder with SVV approximately sixty seconds before William Beckett started his cover of Jeremy.

d) Thumbs down for the "Sexas Posse". Seriously? There are so many inappropriate jokes I could make about a bunch of high school kids using Gabe Saporta's term of... I guess you could call it affection... personally. And unironically. I am restraining myself.

e) I like Bill Beckett and his boy haircut and his little black glasses and suspenders, but twenty songs of mostly just him (including Damien Rice and Death Cab covers)? Eh. I prefer the entire band, tbqh.

f) LOL at Tom Conrad wearing bedroom slippers. Actually, during SVV's rendition of Hayley, he sat back in the corner with his head down, eyes closed - SLEEPY BOYS! - and I wanted SO MUCH to take a picture of him like that, but I felt like a creeper. So. No pic.

g) I'm still squeaking happily when I think about the fact that they have enough stuff written and plan to go back to the studio soon. And Max will be producing again. :D

Speaking of pics... )

I took one crappy picture of the This Providence guys, and I talked to them when they were at the bar because they were just STANDING THERE expectantly, and NO ONE was approaching them. But I remain unimpressed.

And finally. I filled out the comment fic that went along with The Perfect Gifts Are Little And Lacy the other day, but I didn't have a chance to edit or post it, so I'm gonna do that tonight, hopefully.


And then I've got a hot date with my pillow, with which I have not spent nearly enough quality time lately.


Mar. 31st, 2009 10:01 pm
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Okay, the fic is posted.

bandom || Brendon/Spencer (PATD) || adult || 1796 words

When Keltie wins an audition for one of the roles in MTV's remake of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, she makes them all watch the original together next time they're all in L.A.


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