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1. Work. It makes me tired to think about it right now. The part of medical publishing I'm working in isn't really that much writing so much as it's editing and processing paperwork and getting authors to agree on the changes. Which goes about as well as herding cats. There's one abstract I'm trying to push through approvals for release that the authors have seen (and thus implicitly approved) no less than three times, and NOW they decide they don't like something. Dear Person-Who-Probably-Wasn't-Paying-Attention-Before: TOO LATE. At this stage no content can be altered, only disclosures and author order changed.

2. Maleficent. I liked it, but it a) had some issues and b) borrowed heavily from other Disney movies (not just Sleeping Beauty).

3. Music: Riot Fest tickets went on sale. Rise Against and The Offspring and The Cure and and and. The awesome of the line-up makes me feel less sad about not going to Bonnaroo this year.

4. More music: Indigo Girls were at the House of Blues last night. They have a lady touring with them playing fiddle and she was AMAZING. They closed the set with a cover of the Devil Went Down to Georgia instead of Closer to Fine (that was next to last :D) and the combination of her fiddle and Emily Saliers' guitar. Unf.

5. And still more music: On the subject of the HOB... Empires are playing a show there in a couple of weeks. I kept thinking that the music hall was a super big venue for them to be playing, but I think that it's actually NOT as big as the Houston HOB's main venue. But larger than the Peacock Room.

6. The last thing I'll say about music (for this post): Elvis Costello, come to me. :))))) NEXT WEEK.

OK. Now I'm gonna go changing into running clothes and go sweat for a while.

Date: 2014-06-05 11:23 pm (UTC)
mercurybard: "And Misha Collins just showed up.  In the fic with the pig.  He’s a friend of Eames’" (Misha wins the internet)
From: [personal profile] mercurybard
I heard about the Empires show, but sadly I think I'm going to be in Florida for Tannim's wedding. :(

Date: 2014-06-18 03:27 am (UTC)
mercurybard: *DRDs roll in to the tune of the Imperial March* (Farscape - DRDs)
From: [personal profile] mercurybard
It sounds like the wedding is going to be 2-3 days of chaos and then the remainder of the week being bums on the beach. Which, I just have to stay out of Mom's line of vision as much as possible.

I should just be working my normal schedule (w/ Friday the 4th off) that weekend and would love to see you guys.


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