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Things I did today:

1. picked out new carpet for the living room
2. purchased furniture to replace the 15-yr-old stuff in our living room
3. worked for three hours in lab

Things I still need to do this weekend:

1. another two hours of lab work
2. laundry
3. find and air out my sleeping bag
4. vacuum
5. wash the Snowflake (Eh. Cleaned out the interior. Didn't get to the exterior.)
6. shop for various items, including Aaron's birthday gift and a new car-charger for my phone and iPod
7. go to Super Happy Fun Land to see Cavashawn and other acts in the SXSW spillover show (more on this after I watch the first installment of The Pacific :DDD)
8. read and edit the manuscript sent by a collaborator to whom I sent data more than seven years ago
9. run at least 4 miles

We went to the Alamo Drafthouse last night to see Green Zone.

A while back I told [ profile] vic_ramsey about a light-bulb moment in which I realized that one of the reasons I liked Stark Sands as Lt. Nate Fick was that he reminded me of a young Matt Damon. So I had a flaily fangirly fandoms-crossing moment when Damon first appeared on screen in this movie, because he was in all of his gear, sitting in the passenger seat of a humvee. Hey, hi there, Lt. Chief Damon Miller Fick.

His name: Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller. Was Miller chosen as a bland, any-man name? Or was it chosen as a reminder that Judith Miller's NYT articles were the equivalent of what Miller was chasing when he went from one empty WMD site to another? (IDK, I only thought of it during the scene when Miller is confronting Lawrie Dayne, the journalist whose articles suggested that WMDs existed in Iraq.)

On the subject of names... I was interested and disturbed to see Padilla on a soldier's uniform a scene or two after an Iraqi citizen was tortured by a Special Forces/Pentagon operative. (When I mentioned this to Aaron, he was like, "Who's Padilla?" and I had to facepalm.)

Hey, hi there, Jason Isaacs. I like the goatee. Also, HI, JEFF CARISALEZ AS A SPECIAL FORCES DUDE.

Why didn't Mad-Eye just use his magic eye to scope things out? *cough* Sorry, I had to say it.

A few years ago I read Imperial Life In The Emerald City, the non-fiction account of life in the green zone during the early days/months of the occupation which "inspired" this movie, and there was NO suspense. At all. It wasn't about a mystery. It was really looking at the waste and stupidity, the ridiculous opulence and cultural ignorance of the Americans living there in comparison to the Iraqis just outside the safe walls.

Eh. I held a low opinion of the Shrub's administration, from the moment the Supreme Court gave it to him, and from the time of the invasion, I thought it was a mistake, one that would not end well for anyone involved, based on advisors and a commander-in-chief with a hard-on for Hussein left over from the Reagan/Bush I era. So the plot in this movie, politically speaking? Not news to me. Even the ending was predictable.

(As a point of curiosity, is it feasible that an officer of Miller's rank could just fuck off for an entire day to do some investigating of his own - with his humvee and some of his soldiers - that wasn't an explicit order or search for WMDs?)

IDK, I'd like to believe that the different branches of the govt aren't actively fucking each other's investigations up. But it's the federal govt, so it's possible.

But there were plenty of bullets, and some scampering through alleys in Baghdad. One in particular reminded me GREATLY of the Bourne movies (yes, Paul Greengrass, I'm looking at you). I thought the big chase scene was a little too long, but YMMV.

I wish 2003's news really *had* included a report from a soldier about the misleading information fed to the press to push for war. But no. :(

Overall. Mixed reviews. Entertaining enough. Plus, Matt Damon. But I won't be seeing it again, or even buying the DVD when it comes out.

ETA: Also? I can't listen to Damn Thing's Over (yes,I know there's no apostrophe in the song title as written by empires, but THERE SHOULD BE, so I'm adding it) without thinking of Dean/Castiel now. Damn you, fandoms colliding!

ETA2: There are grown men spending their evening shooting at zombies on my TV. Do you think they'd notice if I sneak out, instead of hanging out and making them supper?

Date: 2010-03-14 01:23 pm (UTC)
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I'm tired just from your done / to do list. Good luck.


Date: 2010-03-15 03:21 am (UTC)
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I can always vacuum tomorrow, right? No one will see the cat-hair tumbleweeds but me and the cats.


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