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:( Dropped my car off for tire alignment this morning, and the mechanic called to ask if I'd been in accident. Uh, yeah, almost two years ago. But I don't drive a ton of miles routinely now, because I take the commuter bus, and I only recently noticed that my alignment was out of whack and the tires were wearing funny. He explained that whoever repaired the damage hadn't fixed the struts, and that was why the alignment was messed up. I could have the strut replaced (they might get it done this week) or have an adapter installed to straighten the alignment, which could be done today for considerably less. Since I wasn't budgeting for more than the $80 alignment, I chose the second option.

D: I've said it before (a lot, lately): I'm so tired of my lab-mates. This morning we were all trying to cast agarose gels. I need at least three gels with four combs, they were going to use four. When questioned, they said they'd be done by 1pm, so I said that I would use the casting units this afternoon. It is now 3pm, and they aren't even STARTING to run their gels yet. Fuck this bullshit. I'm taking the combs from their cast, unused gels and pouring/running mine. Don't tie up lab resources for 5 hours for something that can be finished in 60 minutes when you know there are other people waiting to use them.

Date: 2013-04-18 01:53 pm (UTC)
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Ugh. I hate it when people don't budget their time. Like, at all.


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