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I was going to post the other night, but I got distracted.

Friday night! Aaron and I went to see Tyrone Wells, and who should be there but [ profile] shutyourface, who was up front to see Tony Lucca! I didn't even know Tony Lucca was one of the openers until we got there. (Once again, we arrived when the show was supposed to be starting, and the opening act was already near the end of their set. I didn't know them, so it wasn't a big deal, but that does not give me a positive impression of the venue. Two thumbs way down, House of Blues.)

TYRONE WELLS. I don't know what to say other than he's a tall, bald, white dude (named Tyrone) who beatboxes AND yodels in the same set.


Most amusing moment: TW started the intro to Remain, and Aaron asked if he just said the name of the song was Romaine.

Me: Yes, he's going to sing to us about his love for lettuce. He's a big big fan of Caesar salads. :D

For the rest of the weekend I:

- watched most of S2 of The Wire (oh, Ziggy)

- cleaned out my closet & boxed things for Goodwill

- vacuumed and dusted the house (*sigh* Why can't the cats learn to vacuum? Or, you know, NOT SHED.)

- hung out with [ profile] mercurybard & [ profile] eckerlilas & her bbs

- did a wee bit of lab work

- watched UC's Conversations With History video of Nate Fick. I need to not have watched it, tbqh. B/c him saying that he believed that US foreign policy was generally a force for good? Uh. Um, okay, if you ignore manifest destiny, and essentially occupying and dethroning a monarch in order to aid US corporations like Dole/United Fruit, etc., among other things, I suppose you could see it that way. I was amused by minutes 21-23, when he discusses methods of dealing with mortality & danger in-theater. Who can he possibly know who uses the "superman" vs. "dead man walking" method, hm? ;)

- tried to read Lone Survivor, which is an autobiographical narrative of the loss of Seal Team Ten in Afghanistan, but I had to put it down. a) The general tenor of the author's descriptions, including calling their mission "God-given" when it was no such thing - it was mandated by the Shrub (about whom the author writes in glowing terms), not any deity - makes my blood pressure sky-rocket. b) It's told in a way that reads like a casual conversation, with a limited vocabulary and scope, and that's pretty disappointing after the last few military-related books I've read.

I also tried to read The White Queen, which is a fictional account of Elizabeth Woodville's life. She seems like she could've been really interesting, right? Wife of Thomas Grey, widowed, then wife of Edward IV, mother of the two murdered princes. But it's told in the first person. Yeah, no. Not working for me.

What else did I have to say?

:(( PStump's showcase looks like it'll be wicked difficult to get into. But. EMPIRES! They have a show that night. (Also, you should go buy BANG if you haven't already.)

Monday... was Monday. I found a water spot on the ceiling in the foyer, which I hope doesn't mean the roof needs to be replaced. But it's nearly 15 years old, so it probably does. There's also a growing mud-puddle in the side yard, right where the main pipe brings water to the house from the street, and I'm afraid *that* means the pipe needs to be excavated and replaced as well. Awesome. Just when we were thinking that our tax-return could be used to replace the living room furniture we've had for a decade, another necessity appears to suck it away.

But today is Tuesday. Tuesday is going to be a better day, right? RIGHT? :D?

I just sat through two hours of meetings. Time to get some lab work done before the next meeting.

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