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a) Does the new album in March mean BRMC might be at SXSW? PLEASE YES. Although, really, empires and Butch Walker are enough inducement already.

b) :( Our friend W will not be able to make it to HTx for the marathon this weekend after all. Spouse's work travel/child care/not able to get a standby seat on the company shuttle issues. Sad, because we haven't seen him since the marathon last year.

c) My ankle is still so sore. I don't know what I did to it - it didn't pull while I was running, but I woke up one morning a few weeks ago and it was so sore it hurt to walk. I've been icing it for ~20 minutes a night, but it's still swollen half the time, and this morning I skipped the gym because it hurt just to walk down the stairs when I got up. Tonight, no excuses. I'll just have to use the elliptical instead of a treadmill to lessen impact.

d) We're supposed to stay with friends in midtown tomorrow night and then (I will) bicycle over to Allen/Montrose for brunch to cheer the marathoners (including A, who's running the half-marathon) on as they go by, but if it's really going to rain, I'm not sure I want to add biking in the rain (least favorite) + sore ankle together. Perhaps I will be a sofa slug instead. Least supportive spouse ever, that is me.

e) Finished Lori Armstrong's Merciless. On one hand, I appreciate that Mercy is a flawed human being who makes no excuses for her drinking and other behavior. But I really do not understand how the character and the author are going to reconcile her actions with her relationship with the law (in the form of her lover, the county sheriff).

f) One more gulp of coffee, then into lab I go.
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+ There should be a countdown on my phone:

11Oct - PWTs, Houston HOB
18Oct - Panic/Patrick, San Antonio
19Oct - Panic/Patrick, Austin
20Oct - Panic/Patrick, NOLA
21Oct - Jack's Mannequin, Houston HOB
22Oct - Buzzfest, Houston (Bush, Evans Blue, Chevelle, Filter, etc.)
28-30Oct - Voodoo Experience, NOLA (28th - Soundgarden, My Chem, Fitz & the Tantrums, the Wombats, Mates of State, Ani DiFranco; 29th - Social D, blink-182, Snoop Dogg, Girl Talk, XX; 30th - The Raconteurs, TV on the Radio, Fatboy Slim, Cheap Trick)
31Oct - Panic/Patrick, DC
3Nov - Panic/Patrick, Philadelphia
4Nov- Panic/Patrick in Sayreville OR Frank Turner in Philadelphia

Theoretically, I should be completely done the last round of experiments for a paper by the Texas Disco dates, but I guess we'll see. Things never work out quite the way I hope, in terms of timing. I'm taking off for them and for Voodoo + a trip to the east coast for Discos and family-time whether or not the paper is submitted. Already requested leave.

- How does a president who has received the Nobel Peace Prize justify continued support of a government that sentences its health care workers to years of imprisonment for doing their jobs? Oh, yeah, the Fifth Fleet. That explains that. /cynicism

(On a related note, holy hell, the twitter sniping going on at Jeremy Scahill for his critique of the Awlaki assassination... O.O)

- A teeny, tiny fire ant bit me on the foot at BestFest last Saturday. (I squished it viciously in retaliation.) It itched for a few days, but that subsided. Now a purply-red welt the size of a penny surrounds the raised, darkened spot of the original bite. This cannot possibly be normal... Is it?

+ GameDay for ESPN is in Madison this week for the big red battle. It is entirely possible that we will be homebodies on Saturday night so we can watch Wisconsin play Nebraska at Camp Randall. I cannot even IMAGINE what the stadium will be like - it was crazy enough for the rare night game (I think we played Purdue and Oregon at night while I was there) but for it to be such a good match-up, ranking-wise, and for GameDay to be there (I think they only came to UW for the Michigan game back then)? State St will be soooo rowdy, OMG.

+ Sign-ups for [ profile] yagkyas are open! Go on, you know you want some.

+ It's been that kind of week at work. I believe I am going to go drink some Stone 15th Anniversary Black IPA. Mmmmm.
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Yesterday's free show for the Big Dance: perfect weather and good company, and other than the fact that a huge TV monitor blocked our view of Spencer Smith, Panic! At The Disco's set was ridiculously awesome. Seriously, they seem really delighted to be performing again. I can't wait for their summer tour. (For a more complete review, see [ profile] shutyourface's entry. And [ profile] eckerlilas posted pics, but under f-lock. ♥)

Two fandom-y things:

1. Why hasn't someone in GK fandom written fic centered around Brad Colbert's license loss, with him hitching a ride with someone (Mike?) to base every day, and then having someone (Ray, Nate, whoever rocks your world) pick him up each evening?

2. This pic deserves Ivy League grad student fic, y/n?

(via [ profile] thesameband)

Ugh. Feeling sort of hungover and blah, and still cranky about the "GA" tickets that were the only choice for tickets in the Chris Cornell presale. It wouldn't've been a big deal if the venue set up the floor as they usually do. But the entire floor where the pit usually is was seated reserve, the upper level by the FOH was seated reserve, and the balcony was seated reserve as usual, leaving the area by the door, by the merch booth, and up underneath the overhang behind the seated reserve (where the sound is actually really shitty) as the only GA. Fuck you, Live Nation and House of Blues. Fuck you.

Really not feeling the drive to Austin for the PWTs.
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This week has sucked, work-wise. I've worked 11-12 hour days every day. No such thing as overtime.

As I disembarked from the train this morning I realized I didn't have my office or lab keys (b/c they are on a separate key ring from my car and house keys, and I didn't clip them to my carabiner this morning). Getting into the building isn't an issue; huge, connected labspaces mean getting into lab isn't a problem. Waiting for security to come let me into my office, and then figuring out how to secure everything so I could leave the office unlocked for back-and-forth traffic during the day? Pain in my ass.

I should've just turned around and gone home, because the day did not improve.

At ~6pm, my boss came in and told me that he hoped I was getting out of lab soon (Me, too!) and that I should take a day off when we get the last bit of data for the paper.

He doesn't know it yet, but I am taking next Friday and the following Monday off, whether or not the third replicates work. I HAVE A FLIGHT, A HOTEL, AND PLANS TO CLING TO J AND SEE [ profile] harriet_vane, among other things.

Anyway, I was waaaaaay cranky. There were further contretemps with Post-Doc W. I think she has radar: she only asks me to help her at the EXACT moment that I can't stop what I'm doing without fucking up my own experiments, and she managed that three (yes, 3) times today.

I'm tired. Tired of work. Tired of winter, in that the days are so short. Tired of being inactive in fandom. But I don't have the energy to participate right now. I fell asleep watching the recorded episode of the other night's White Collar, and I watched last night's Criminal Minds mostly impatiently, hoping that it wasn't implying anything about Reid's behavior over the rest of the season.

The one happy place for the day? these dudes, who spend their days swatting at fuzzy yellow-green balls )

So, yeah. I hope your week has been far, far better. What's making you smile, lately?
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1. I thought more than once about extending my visit to NYC when I got the NDP notice and then the pre-sale code for the Discos' show at the Bowery, but I seriously cannot spend that time off without consequences - the day and a half I'm taking are being made up by working MLK Jr Day and the thirteen hours I spent in lab on Tuesday. (As an aside, J is going to be in town that weekend too. Cling-time! :D :D :D)

2. New post-doc arrived. SO TIRED OF ANSWERING QUESTIONS. It would be okay if it were just her, but I have literally spent hours the last three days showing other people how to do things. It's not like I have, you know, shit of my own to do.

3. I keep thinking about writing something, anything, but by the time I get home from work, I can't be bothered to think straight.

4. Almost through S2 of The West Wing. It's funny in a sad way how a decade after these episodes aired, NONE of the issues they confront have altered significantly. (And I still love CJ like burning.) [ETA: The more I watch, the less I care for Bartlet. To me he comes off as a predictable, pompous ass who relies on a bottomless well of useless trivia, his own opinion, and the bible more than anything else.]

5. Rise Against's new album comes out the same week as GD's Awesome As Fuck? Good music week. Actually, I think that's the week of SXSW, so it'll be a FABULOUS music week. :D :D :D (Also, did I ever flail here about Another Station; Another Mile? My heart eyes over them, I can't even explain.)

6. I was earwormed today by Wisdom, Justice, and Love. First when Tavis Smiley & Amy Goodman got into it on Democracy Now this morning (and wasn't that a total lovefest?) and then when my iPod kept cycling through A Thousand Suns. [There was a thought somewhere about violent political rhetoric and the long war and the political assassinations of the 60s, but I'm too tired to connect the dots now.]

7. A reminder from J had me all excited: the new Mercy Gunderson novel is out! And Amazon said that my copy had been delivered. But there is no package on my doorstep, in my mailbox, or in my neighbor's house. The USPS is not being particularly helpful at the moment, but I suppose that's because it's after hours. *sigh* I guess I'll keep slogging through Aftermath and Learning To Eat Soup With A Knife in the meantime.


9. 30Jan shows of American Idiot are/will be sold out b/c it's BJA as St. Jimmy and it's most likely Michael Esper's last show, y/n?

10. Fanta orange soda + Dripping Springs vodka = A+ supper choice
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Today's things:

1. I must've scratched my eye taking out my contact last night b/c it stings and it's red and I want to whine.

2. BRMC's Live In London is awesome to work to, but half the songs have too slow a rhythm to make them good workout music. Which is really unfortunate, as that's the DVD I stuck in the player when I climbed onto the elliptical tonight. I found myself slowing down whenever the song changed. D:

3. This is happening the weekend I'm going to NYC to see Time Stands Still before it closes. John Gallagher Jr? Sounds like an item to add to my itinerary.

4. Antonin Scalia, you make me so fucking cranky, OMG. Be a strict constructionist or don't, but pick a side and stick to it. And also? If the rights of women and gay people aren't protected by the Constitution, how can it be consistent that those of a corporation are?

5. Everyone at work is sick with a hacking cough. If I pick up this bug, I will whine even more.

6. Post-holiday fandom apathy has set in. I keep opening the file for the college AU or Five Times Mike Wynn Didn't Ask, eyeing the text, and closing them again. HELP!

7. Patrick Stump was pretty much my happy place for the afternoon. What's making y'all smile today?
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My sleep schedule is totally messed up. Sleeping 5 am to 9am is not going to be very useful for work purposes this week.

A list of all gift suggestions, holiday card requirements, and baking has been achieved. Now I just have to work on crossing items off said list.

In the meantime, the drabble/ficlet prompt post will remain open, because I excel at justifying procrastination as inspiration and stimulation.

Thus far:

untitled bandom drabble, empires, 100 words, for [ profile] junebug_waltz
deadly drunken tree fairy, SPN, 115 words, for [ profile] koshweasley
flip flop smiles, GK, Walt/Brad in the college AU, 189 words, for [ profile] pjvilar
touch/sight/speech, GK, Brad/Nate, 333 words, for [ profile] idrilka
paying it forward, American Idiot, vaguely Will/Tunny, 497 words, for [ profile] pjvilar
it follows, GK, Brad/Nate, 126 words, for [ profile] lickingbeads

ETA b/c I'm pretty much sitting at my laptop with heart-eyes:

:D Discos' livestream from Germany. I have missed their stupid faces and bad stage banter.

:D A Dean/Castiel fanvid to Matchbox 20's Push.
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:( Dropped J at the airport on my way to work. We were unable to cling as desired b/c a stern member of the security force was directing people to parking spots and ordering them on as fast as possible.

:( Also said goodbye to Aaron for the week, as he's got meetings in Austin until Friday. I am tempted to see if there's anyone playing Emo's or Stubb's that I'd like to see this week, and drive out to stay with him. I can work on figures and writing the experimental section of the paper from anywhere, right? Why, labwork?

:/ It is supposed to hit 79F today? With 95% humidity. UGH. This is November. It is Not Right.

:) Butch Walker and Brendon Urie quoting Leslie Nielsen jokes at each other on twitter? A+ distraction while sitting stuck in traffic.

:) PSA: Restrepo is going to air on the National Geographic Channel tonight at 9pm Eastern time.

WikiLeaks )


Got coffee.

Science to do. I'm on it.
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1. I feel like I've lost my porn-fu. Ugh, it took me FOREVER to write some comment-fic porn, and I can't tell if it's because it's a pairing I've never written before or if I'm getting stuck on mechanics and description. (Please note that I have not written any more of my exchange fic. My brain's squarely focused on things that have no deadline and/or are complete crack. Like the porn that would go with item #12 of the girl!Brad not!fic.)

2. Last night's show at Fitzgerald's was stellar. I appreciate Amanda Palmer's solo work, but her + Brian Viglione = so fucking much more energy. It's not multiplicative or additive, it's exponential. They were on stage for 2.5 incredible hours. Coin-Operated Boy, Gravity, the Jeep Song, Missed Me, all that stuff, with the bonus of a performance of War Pigs as the finale. ***That's not video of last night - I didn't have my camera, and no-one's uploaded it, that I can find.

Every time AFP's internet hubbub annoys me and I tell myself I'm not going to bother with her or DD again, I remember how fantastic the live shows are, and remain willing to pay the venue's entry fee.

(Girl In A Coma opened. Ungh, Nina Diaz. Your VOICE. Especially on the cover of For What It's Worth.)

3. Totally unrelated to music or fiction. Sort of. Nir Rosen debated Max Boot on Fareed Zakaria's GPS this morning. It was painful to watch, because clearly neither could or would concede any ground, and if you believe the thinkers at CFR, well, I guess I have to ask if you've drunk the Kool-Aid. But on a purely visual level, I was interested in the contrast between them: Boot in his suit and shorn hair seated at an angle to Rosen, who was wearing jeans and a casual shirt and jacket, if I recall correctly, and a pair of Chucks.

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1. A ton of photos from the other night's Broadway Impact fundraiser appeared in the FYAI tumblr overnight, filling my googlereader inbox, making me happy. :D But I have to ask... why was Christina Sajous wearing what looks like a wedding gown? No, really: the pearls, the beading, the bodice's fit. What's up with that?

2. It is really hard to focus on science when I want to be writing out the porn that's on repeat in my head. Just sayin'.

3. Appropriate timing: I just read the exchange between Abizaid and Mattis to which Ricks refers here in No True Glory.

4. BRB, laughing at the little coincidences in life. I read one of the tabs I have open, a [ profile] combat_jack GKbattle fic for the "fog of war" prompt, last night before going to bed, and then I checked my googlefeed first thing this morning and found an op-ed piece by Andrew Exum in the NYT, Getting Lost In Afghanistan's Fog Of War. Fandom and news media converge once again. (Exum is inevitably tied to Fick in my brain, even though he has absolutely nothing to do with Generation Kill. It's just one of those leaps that, once made, my brain cannot un-make.)

5. DNW to go spend a few hours in the cold room. *sigh* But I suppose Mick Jagger has the right of it.

6. [ profile] why_me_why_not just posted some skating!RPS threesome fic. If I told you I was drunk. Johnny/Stephane/AdamR. You should check it out, if you're into the skating thing.
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I was going to post the other night, but I got distracted.

Friday night! Aaron and I went to see Tyrone Wells, and who should be there but [ profile] shutyourface, who was up front to see Tony Lucca! I didn't even know Tony Lucca was one of the openers until we got there. (Once again, we arrived when the show was supposed to be starting, and the opening act was already near the end of their set. I didn't know them, so it wasn't a big deal, but that does not give me a positive impression of the venue. Two thumbs way down, House of Blues.)

TYRONE WELLS. I don't know what to say other than he's a tall, bald, white dude (named Tyrone) who beatboxes AND yodels in the same set.


Most amusing moment: TW started the intro to Remain, and Aaron asked if he just said the name of the song was Romaine.

Me: Yes, he's going to sing to us about his love for lettuce. He's a big big fan of Caesar salads. :D

For the rest of the weekend I:

- watched most of S2 of The Wire (oh, Ziggy)

- cleaned out my closet & boxed things for Goodwill

- vacuumed and dusted the house (*sigh* Why can't the cats learn to vacuum? Or, you know, NOT SHED.)

- hung out with [ profile] mercurybard & [ profile] eckerlilas & her bbs

- did a wee bit of lab work

- watched UC's Conversations With History video of Nate Fick. I need to not have watched it, tbqh. B/c him saying that he believed that US foreign policy was generally a force for good? Uh. Um, okay, if you ignore manifest destiny, and essentially occupying and dethroning a monarch in order to aid US corporations like Dole/United Fruit, etc., among other things, I suppose you could see it that way. I was amused by minutes 21-23, when he discusses methods of dealing with mortality & danger in-theater. Who can he possibly know who uses the "superman" vs. "dead man walking" method, hm? ;)

- tried to read Lone Survivor, which is an autobiographical narrative of the loss of Seal Team Ten in Afghanistan, but I had to put it down. a) The general tenor of the author's descriptions, including calling their mission "God-given" when it was no such thing - it was mandated by the Shrub (about whom the author writes in glowing terms), not any deity - makes my blood pressure sky-rocket. b) It's told in a way that reads like a casual conversation, with a limited vocabulary and scope, and that's pretty disappointing after the last few military-related books I've read.

I also tried to read The White Queen, which is a fictional account of Elizabeth Woodville's life. She seems like she could've been really interesting, right? Wife of Thomas Grey, widowed, then wife of Edward IV, mother of the two murdered princes. But it's told in the first person. Yeah, no. Not working for me.

What else did I have to say?

:(( PStump's showcase looks like it'll be wicked difficult to get into. But. EMPIRES! They have a show that night. (Also, you should go buy BANG if you haven't already.)

Monday... was Monday. I found a water spot on the ceiling in the foyer, which I hope doesn't mean the roof needs to be replaced. But it's nearly 15 years old, so it probably does. There's also a growing mud-puddle in the side yard, right where the main pipe brings water to the house from the street, and I'm afraid *that* means the pipe needs to be excavated and replaced as well. Awesome. Just when we were thinking that our tax-return could be used to replace the living room furniture we've had for a decade, another necessity appears to suck it away.

But today is Tuesday. Tuesday is going to be a better day, right? RIGHT? :D?

I just sat through two hours of meetings. Time to get some lab work done before the next meeting.

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ILU, Andrew McMahon, but getting home from San Antonio at 2:20am, then sleeping through the 6am alarm and barely making it to work in time for a snoozer of a Radiation Safety Committee meeting might make me seriously reconsider a mid-week roadtrip the next time you plot a tour that completely skips Houston.

I haven't even had time to flail over Butch Walker's video. THIS IS NOT RIGHT.

Also, happy birthday to [ profile] wordsalone and my cousin H today. ♥
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Dear PWentz,

Can you fanboy Mark Hoppus any harder? "Mark understands songwriting on a completely different level"? Um, okay, I'll take your word for it. I'm curious to hear the single from the Alice in Wonderland, in any case.

Carry on!

Also, Butch Walker, you are making me sad, because I don't think I can afford a spur-of-the-moment trip to Chicago this weekend, even for you and Gold Motel. D:
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I am awake and over-caffeinated, and I have procrastinated by making a bunch of cinnamon-vanilla pancakes.

I suppose there's nothing left to do but brave the mall for Christmas shopping. :O
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~ I feel like crap. The tickle in my throat that started on Sunday afternoon has turned into congestion that's moving into my lungs. Awesome. ACL will be fun. At least we have a hotel room, rather than sleeping on cold, wet ground this time, right?

~ The wedding in Ithaca was pretty, but I knew no one except for the bride. AWKWARD. I am reminded that I miss seasons, particularly autumn, which is my favorite.

~ I'm trying to get my lab meeting presentation and the poster for the AACR meeting done by Thursday. And do everything else in lab that I'd planned. I have been a wee bit busy.

~ This week I wished for the first time ever that we lived in LA. Srsly, Butch Walker. Come back to Stubb's soon, please.

~ I never talked about the Houston date for the blink-182 show, did I? We had seats, so there was no need to be at the venue at the buttcrack of dawn. Three of us (me, [ profile] eckerlilas, and [ profile] shutyourface) did the FOB M&G, and as we were lining up to follow Dre, some woman asked if we'd signed up with T-Mobile. We almost declined, b/c we thought it was for another FOB M&G, but it was for a seat upgrade or blink-182 M&G. So we filled in the little slips of paper, and lo and behold, shortly after the doors opened, I got a call from some dude with a LA area code telling me and a companion ([ profile] vic_ramsey) to come to the T-Mobile booth for the M&G. (I'd've asked [ profile] playfullips too, if we were allowed another companion, but they only allowed one each.)

So. FOB AND blink-182 M&G at the same show. Now I've got all their scribbles on (one of) my copy(ies) of Where The Wild Things Are. Thanks, Andy, for signing it "fuck Maurice".

We missed Asher Roth (no biggie, IMO) and the first couple of songs of AAR's set, but we made it back in time to fill our ears and eyes with glittery!Tyson. For FOB and blink-182? I don't really LIKE having seats rather than pit, but this show was amazing, even from seats. Patrick Stump was on, all over the place. And Travis Barker's rotating, levitating drum kit will never not be cool.

I didn't know that [ profile] sunn_doyouknow was going to be there, but she found us as we wandered back out to the parking lot. Fangirl commune, if only for a few moments.


~ What else? Um. Them Crooked Vultures are at Stubb's Thursday night. I am very excited.
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I went to re-view SPN 5.01 and The Used last night's Kimmel, and found that the DVR, which had displayed the little red dot in the guide saying that it was scheduled to record these items, had not actually done so.

I am not amused.
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Urgh. I am off to work after going back to work for an hour after the never-ending, oh-my-god-will-they-just-hurry-up What-Happens-In-Vegas-is-fucking-slow show last night, but I have to say that the internets did not disappoint in keeping us up to date about the Blink/FOB/Panic show in Milwaukee.

he had the time of his life )

I approve of New Guy )

*grumpy face*

There is not enough coffee in the world right now.
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+ Ugh, budget crap. I hate that the granting cycle for our NIH budget doesn't overlap with the state's fiscal year. HATE. Because money gets encumbered but some companies (like Invitrogen, which I am convinced will someday be one of three remaining biochemical suppliers in the world) don't bill in a timely manner, so that money is lost and the bill has to be paid from the new cycle's acct balance, fucking up my record keeping and budgeting, and then it happens again when accts payable is clearing open orders at the end of the fiscal year.

Plus, we've spent a fuckton more money this year than we normally would, partly because we've started a new project that's really antibody intensive (seriously, $6k in new antibodies in the last six months; that's normally more than a year's worth of antibody budget) and partly because we've had more people in the lab than we really had funding for. (Because The Chief does things like agreeing to house a student from a lab whose PI left the institution, who takes up space and resources without contributing publications or knowledge to the grant that's paying for things.)

+ Did someone rec my Potter-verse drabbles somewhere? I've gotten more reviews from OWL for them in the last week than I got before... ever. Seriously.

+ Tomorrow morning I have a dentist appt @ 7:30am to have a tooth filled. Yay. Except for how that messes up my caffeine intake for the day.

+ How sad is it that it's only Monday and I'm already looking forward to the weekend?

Friday: date night: me and MrIris at the Alamo to see HP & the HBP

Saturday: RISE AGAINST :DDDD (I'm going to the Hard Rock for lunch, then hanging out at the venue so I can get a good spot for Tim McIlrath et al.)

Sunday: shop for a dress for SIL's wedding (Eh, not a 'yay' activity, but must be done.)

+ Oh, HEY. Did I mention that this is The Idiot's LAST WEEK IN THIS LAB? :DDD
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In lieu of a wake, I'm going to watch the Discos' DVDs tonight. Any Houston-area fans are welcome, if you can handle my messy house, complete with cat-hair tumbleweeds and stacks of unread books and CDs piled everywhere.

no really

Jun. 19th, 2009 04:58 pm
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How did I manage to contract pneumonia in the middle of a Texas heatwave?

It took all the energy I had to drive to the doctor's office, and then to the imaging facility for X-rays.

I'm faceplanted, hoping that my loving husband will be willing to go fill the scrips the doctor gave me.


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