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+ Bonnaroo happened. I didn't take pics, really, and I'm not going to talk about each act, but Frank Turner was as amazing as always. Nas never disappoints. I still don't get the appeal of Macklemore. And I'm not even a casual Beatles fan, but JFC, Paul McCartney can put on a show. Three hours. It was like watching living history. And really, who else in the world can tell a story about a show with Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton and not come off sounding like a name-dropping douche? At one point a stuffed walrus doll landed on stage, and he propped it up on his piano and serenaded it. Yeah. What more can I say?

+ Paper #2 of 2013 is officially out, and we got the proofs for #3. Paper #4 was resubmitted in my absence. There are a few things I will correct if/when it is accepted and proofs arrive.

~ The house is listed. There's been an open house. No offers yet, but I'm not going to give up hope.

+ Now You See Me. I really enjoyed it.

~ I appear to have developed an Andrew Shaw problem. I blame Tabby.

- Aaron's car is in the shop until Tuesday at the earliest. Life in the 'burbs does not make two-people-one-car at all convenient, especially when it comes to meeting pre-existing goals in differing locations.
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Someone needs to poke me to tell the story of Brad & Nate in an alternate reality Casablanca-like AU. The Civil War never ended, because the South didn't over-reach and try to invade the North. Instead the war of attrition has gone on for nearly a century. Brad runs a hole-in-the-wall pub/inn sort of place that is a stop on the underground railroad. Nate is his ex-CO, still serving, with a post in DC for the moment.


The backstory of Clint telling Natasha that he remembers Budapest far differently than she does. With a Clint/Coulson slant. Like, Coulson is ALWAYS their handler, but for this one mission, he's busy (dealing with the Iron Man shenanigans, when Tony's first back from Afghanistan) so Sitwell or Woo or some junior agent is their contact. And things Do Not Go According To Plan. Clint's just annoyed at first, but then they come ~this close to getting seriously injured during their exfiltration, and, yeah, he's not a fan. Natasha, while always business-like and happy when things go according to plan, also takes occasional glee and pleasure in violence.
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~ Student's MS defense was Thursday at 10am, and he told precisely NO ONE other than his committee about it. (He passed.) If I didn't ask the boss, I wouldn't've known. It's like he's already completely dissociated. Which would be great if only he had finished his fucking project, instead of leaving a bunch of stuff for me and the boss to complete. I should just tell myself that at least it's one more paper on my CV, right? RIGHT?

+ Picked up Hero again. Interesting read so far (I'm about halfway through it). All I can say is that TE Lawrence had some serious mommy issues.

~ I am so behind on Supernatural, Castle, and pretty much everything media-related right now, it's not even funny. Last night A suggested that we watch Iron Man and Iron Man 2 so I'd be prepared for The Avengers (b/c [personal profile] shutyourface is awesome, and I get to be her +1 for a fangirl meet-up at an early showing) but Netflix Instant Queue only had the second movie. Need to see them in order for my brain to appreciate.

+ Having said that, I am noting for immediate viewing: Patrick Stump will be on House MD on the 16th. And NYC-22 premieres on the 15th.

- Pretty much everyone at work EXCEPT researchers have this afternoon (Good Friday) off. Even A has holiday today. IDGAF about today as a religious holiday, but WTF, UT?

~ In last few days, three separate people have called me "young lady". Two of them were at least a decade younger than me, while the other was probably about my age. I'm sort of confused as to why I would merit this address.

+ As a longtime fan of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Henry Jenkins' post about it interests me.


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