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+ Met up with the fangirl contingent in town for the 1D show, had some Thai, got Discos-related ink. (There was tentacle-porn art on the wall at the Gaslight Gallery, the studio to which we went. I feel like that is a sign we were meant to go there.)

+ Grinding It Out In The Corner, a hockey rare-pair fest, is still going on.

~ Work. Meh. Eight business days left. Although I may work half-day tomorrow.

~ The house showed again today. I'd've been more impressed if the real estate agent hadn't called at 4:50pm (I was already out) to see if it was OK to show at 5pm. Uh, sure, but there's some stuff out that would be considered "cluttered" by a staging person, so. I was planning on doing the heavy duty cleaning tomorrow morning, since there are more showings scheduled between 11am and 2pm.

- Had to walk away from a discussion about the recent anti-choice legislation in TX with someone who felt that "the new laws are really to protect women and unborn children" because NO, NO, FUCK NO.

+ World War Z tomorrow, or something else for the three hours I should be out of the house?
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+ The grant is submitted, so at this point there is absolutely nothing that can be added to my work to-do list. This is a good thing.

+ We brewed (I say that, but really A brewed today, a wheat IPA, while I cleaned), and smoked a brisket (beef: not my thing, but it's his, so whatever), and instead of being social, we're going to hang out at our house tonight. Friends are having a party, but one of the people involved pissed me off: last week he told me that my ink "looks nice in comparison to most prison tatts". Uh. Yeah. My response: you are drunk, so I'm going to point you toward your wife (who was also annoyed, b/c he was the designated driver for the evening) instead of shoving my beer and my fist in your face. I just. Yeah. Lots of people comment on my ink, people I know and strangers alike, and mostly it doesn't bother me; I'm patient about explaining what it means if they ask. But for an acquaintance to deliver what he probably meant as a joke in his drunk mind but came off as insult? When he's been semi-insulting to me about them in the past? No. I'm done. He can fuck right off.

+ Mmm, banana bread with pecans.

+ Tropic of Chaos by Christian Parenti. Interesting topic, but a book published by someone who writes for The Nation? I expect to be copy-edited well enough that the South American nation's name is appropriately spelled. Colombia, not Columbia.

+ NCAA lacrosse finals on my TV. MD/VA. Totally making me want to write more about Brad/Nate in the college AU. Y/Y/MFY?

+ Rafa/Nole tomorrow. Breakfast at Wimbledon? We might even have some strawberries to mix with cream.

+ Fireworks Monday at Tinsley Park. We'll probably hang out at the Flying Saucer beforehand, if anyone wants to meet for beers and then walk over by the Allen Parkway.
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J sent me this link about ink before I even had a chance to check my newsfeed.

It's interesting, as social commentary about the acceptance of body mods, and I have thoughts about it relative to my own ink (I still get comments from the ppl I work with, esp the older administrative staff and profs) but I have to skedaddle to get to work for my 9am meeting, so they'll have to wait.

In the meantime:

give me a prompt, a photo, a line of lyrics, some poetry, with fandom and pairing. I'll see if I can write a sentence, a drabble or a ficlet.

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Why didn't anyone direct me to fuckyeahsurfers before? Seriously. Hello, inspiration.

From another tumblr entirely, this has held my attention for the last couple of days )

< /rambling >

< apply Walt's playlist >
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First? HFD was collecting donations at intersections on my way to work this AM, so I gave them the leftover $ from my Sbx run. Then I was sitting, waiting for the light to turn, and the firefighter knocked on my window, and wanted to know about my ink. I blocked traffic when the left turn signal went green b/c we were still talking. *facepalm* But now I'm thinking about the firefighter/EMT AU. *sigh* I wish I followed through more consistently when it comes to writing.

Second? On the subject of writing and follow-through. Someone needs to tell me either to NOT sign up for [ profile] warbigbang or to volunteer to poke me every week to write a thousand words. Because the world needs more GK AUs, right? )

Yeah, so that's going on in my head. I still have thoughts about American Idiot that I haven't completely written out, and other stuff stewing.

Third? Um, thanks for listing all the original Northern Downpour members in the back of the Discos' calendar, Artist Arena. Really.

But I hope y'all are having a decent weekend. ♥
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+ When I was at Target buying kitty litter, the woman who runs the photo studio offered me a free session and a set of 8x10s if I would allow her to take some extra photos of my tattoos.

Uh, what?

And then she apparently told all her friends about my ink, because I was stopped by no less than four people on the way out the door, asking to see my arm.

I repeat: what?

+ The remake of Salem's Lot was on TNT today. Why? Why ruin a classic like that?

+ I am firmly convinced that MrIris is on a monthly cycle. Seriously, he is PMSing so hard today, and he did the same thing about 4 weeks ago. OMG, eat some chocolate, take a Midol, and stop bitching at me, okay?

+ VickyT, Gabe, William, and Alex Suarez, thank you for this.
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I just spent twenty minutes listening to my drunk neighbor telling me that I shouldn't have tattoos, that he didn't feel the need to label his skin with anything, and he didn't understand why I would.

Um. OK. I can respect his opinion, although I don't share it. Obviously.

I tried to explain the reason behind each of the words on my arm, but he interrupted with his, "I'm a black man. I understand fighting The Man" speech before I got more than two words into it.

He is drunk. So I listened politely. I don't share his philosophy.

And he can fuck off if he doesn't like them. Not his body, not his wife, not his business.

Do I have a sign stuck to my back that says Give me shit, I love it or something?

Also. Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull fails on many levels. Why? )
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I am feeling quite smug, almost insufferably so according to MrIris, and am likely to remain so for days. Why? Because I have BuzzFest tickets. (Yes, I know, I said so before. You're gonna get tired of seeing my squeeing. Fair warning.) And the show is sold out. Oh, yes, all 14k tickets gone in less than 24 hours one hour.

I am resisting the urge to pet the print-outs and hiss, "My preshusssss." But it's so very difficult, especially when I keep hearing the DJs tell listeners that the only way to get tickets is to win them, and to stop hanging out on the phone lines, because they clear them before each give-away.

New tattoo. AWAKE on the front of my forearm. When it heals, I might go back and get AWARE or BREATHE on the back.

Othello this afternoon. One of my least favorites of Shakespeare's works. I just… I get that Othello's been unaffected by love in the past, and that's why the loving not wisely but too well thing comes in, but please. He's a leader of men, has been, and he just takes Iago's word on everything? As a plot, it's got holes you could drive a semi through. Just, no.

But the set design was pretty awesome, and I really liked the juxtaposition of the modern industrial setting with the traditional costumes. And the lighting, especially in the last scene, in the bedroom.

Our cats are the weirdest kitties ever. We had leftover sushi and sashimi, so we brought it home. We cut up small pieces and offered it to the flealines, and they sniffed at it, then curled up in our laps. WHAT CATS DON'T LIKE TUNA? Especially sushi-grade tuna?

All-righty then. M'gonna go write the thing I've been meaning to write since, oh, Christmas.

How's everyone this fine evening?
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in which there is flailing and keyboard mashing )

Other good stuff?

[ profile] why_me_why_not has internet access again, YAY!

∞ The tattoo artist got back to me and said he should have a sketch of a design based on my description and the pic I forwarded sometime this week.

∞ Goan artichokes with naan could be served to me every night and I would not complain. EVER.

In Bruges earns two thumbs up. I was expecting something dark and funny, sort of like Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, and it came through on the funny but even more so on the dark. Plus, Ralph Fiennes, Brendan Gleeson, and Colin Farrell, with a bonus appearance by Clémence Poésy.

∞ Random: I was listening to Suzanne Vega this afternoon, and this verse made me laugh out loud:
Lamebrain Pete wants to Spit in the Sea.
He's got a cool hand but it isn't for me.
Butcher Boy thinks he'll be splitting the pot.
But I've seen what he's got and it isn't a lot.

Because, yeah, I had this mental image of TAI and FOB playing the most bizarre hand of strip poker EVER. No, Butcher, really, a pair of threes isn't going to beat anyone. Fold now, okay? We've already seen your tattoo'd ass, and we don't want your shorts, thanks.

That was before I had any wine, y'all.
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Well, no. Nobody said it wouldn't hurt. Because a bunch of needles? Eventually will hurt, just a little, if only because the skin gets tender after repeated application.

But I forgot how much excess ink bleeds the first couple of days after a tattoo is applied.

I maybe shouldn't have had it done the same day I had my teeth ground and the next big change in the braces made. Because I am cranky when I'm feeling a lot of low-grade aches.


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