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+ Bush. Reliving my university years, musically. Still, the bassline to Come Down will always make me pause to listen.

+ People watching at BuzzFest XXX. Worth the price of admission.

- My knee is swollen and my calf is super tight. Ugh. Maybe I'll do something lower impact this afternoon.

+ The Aeros made the playoffs! They need to win tonight and the Checkers to lose if they want home-ice for the first round (doubtful), but whatever. Playoffs for their last season in Houston!

+ Mostly cleaned up the coffeeshop AU, so that might be posted soon?

+ [personal profile] why_me_why_not is the best. Last night I texted her I need someone to tell the story of Jeff Skinner, Secret Romantic. His favorite book is essentially an adventure/romance! The rest of the guys laugh about him taking dates to see chick flicks, but he actually doesn't mind? (Also, he gets laid a lot because ladies think he's sweet and sensitive on top of being a hot young athlete, so he wins all the way around. And, predictably, we spewed ideas at each other on the topic until long past we both should have been asleep.

+ Rafa's making a come back (crossing my fingers, anyway) in his match against Djokovic at Monte Carlo. Vamos!
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1. this Gally-squared primer
2. the Devils finally won one last night (even if it was in a shoot-out. against the Sabres)
3. running 6 miles in 54 minutes consistently (shut up, I know that's slow; I can either run fast or I can run that long, not both)
4. putting on a pair of trousers that used to be too uncomfortable to wear and realizing they fit perfectly now
5. this morning's surprise awesome result (SCIENCE!)
6. chat-fic with Tabby in which the Staals are a vampire clan, and Jordan's friendship with Jeff is making EStaal cranky

And I think this will continue the happy-making: seeing a local band, Hounds of Jezebel, tonight.

Now I'm going to finish my lunch and listen to the rest of the BHS podcast. As you do.
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Patrik Elias calls Adam Henrique "Rico". Something about this sent me immediately to Rico Suave, and now I can't get the idea out of my head. Not a good thing.

Fic-ish things to think about:

1. Nail Yakupov and AGally and cultural isolation, and the differences in their experiences being "Russian"
2. accidentally married fic set in GK fandom, probably a woke-up-in-Vegas thing that's Brad/Ray
3. 5 times Jess Skinner and Justin Faulk didn't share a celebration kiss and one time they did
4. that other 5 times Jess Skinner fic that's been outlined and half finished forever

Good things for the day:

1. Rafa returns to singles competition today. Vamos!
2. Rumor has it that Charlie Coyle has replaced Dany Heatley on the first line.
3. Tickets for the Houston Fall Out Boy show are reserved! (Hopefully OCK doesn't have any problems with my request.)
4. Aiming to get a manuscript submitted by the close of work today. Fingers crossed.
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+ I posted the never-revealed fic I wrote for [profile] happyhockeydays over at AO3 (Shortest distance between two points, hockey rpf, Jeff Skinner/Eric Staal/Tanya Staal, mature), and the response has basically been yay, but GIVE ME THE 3SOME PORN. Which I guess is gratifying, because when I wrote it I was really not satisfied with the characterization. Partly because I was still sort of iffy on the subject of including a non-famous (or non-internet-famous) spouse in RPF, and I meant to write the porn (it's outlined) but I was up against a deadline so I polished what I had and submitted it.

~ The Aeros took 3 points out of 6 available this weekend. Granlund's already gone, and half the d-men plus at least three of the forwards are expected to get invitations to the Wild training camp, so I'm assuming next weekend's games will include a ton of dudes called up from Orlando.

+ The NHL is back. (Yes, I'm still happy about this. Even though I probably won't make it to a single game this season.)

- I am that person who doesn't use sick days unless I can't get out of bed, because I always feel like there's so much that MUST BE DONE. So today I went to work despite a cough and fever. Hey, at least my throat and ears were feeling better! And the fever broke mid-afternoon. But now my sinuses have decided to become a mucus factory. So I made some tea and I'm going to curl up with a book and a replay of the Great Lakes Invitational. And maybe think about writing. So, poll time:

I should write:

a) the porn that follows the 3some
b) the "sharing a bed" prompt for trope_bingo
c) the next bit in the outline of "5 guys Jess Skinner banged"
d) something to be explained in a comment
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How did I not know that [community profile] trope_bingo exists? ♥_♥

OK. Off to the gym.


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