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+ Bush. Reliving my university years, musically. Still, the bassline to Come Down will always make me pause to listen.

+ People watching at BuzzFest XXX. Worth the price of admission.

- My knee is swollen and my calf is super tight. Ugh. Maybe I'll do something lower impact this afternoon.

+ The Aeros made the playoffs! They need to win tonight and the Checkers to lose if they want home-ice for the first round (doubtful), but whatever. Playoffs for their last season in Houston!

+ Mostly cleaned up the coffeeshop AU, so that might be posted soon?

+ [personal profile] why_me_why_not is the best. Last night I texted her I need someone to tell the story of Jeff Skinner, Secret Romantic. His favorite book is essentially an adventure/romance! The rest of the guys laugh about him taking dates to see chick flicks, but he actually doesn't mind? (Also, he gets laid a lot because ladies think he's sweet and sensitive on top of being a hot young athlete, so he wins all the way around. And, predictably, we spewed ideas at each other on the topic until long past we both should have been asleep.

+ Rafa's making a come back (crossing my fingers, anyway) in his match against Djokovic at Monte Carlo. Vamos!
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Shame is for other people, right? Right. I posted some porn. victors/spoils. Genderswap hockey RPF. Je(ss) Skinner/Justin Faulk, post-game 6March2012.

bits and pieces in this 'verse that may or may not become fic at some point )
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+ I posted the never-revealed fic I wrote for [profile] happyhockeydays over at AO3 (Shortest distance between two points, hockey rpf, Jeff Skinner/Eric Staal/Tanya Staal, mature), and the response has basically been yay, but GIVE ME THE 3SOME PORN. Which I guess is gratifying, because when I wrote it I was really not satisfied with the characterization. Partly because I was still sort of iffy on the subject of including a non-famous (or non-internet-famous) spouse in RPF, and I meant to write the porn (it's outlined) but I was up against a deadline so I polished what I had and submitted it.

~ The Aeros took 3 points out of 6 available this weekend. Granlund's already gone, and half the d-men plus at least three of the forwards are expected to get invitations to the Wild training camp, so I'm assuming next weekend's games will include a ton of dudes called up from Orlando.

+ The NHL is back. (Yes, I'm still happy about this. Even though I probably won't make it to a single game this season.)

- I am that person who doesn't use sick days unless I can't get out of bed, because I always feel like there's so much that MUST BE DONE. So today I went to work despite a cough and fever. Hey, at least my throat and ears were feeling better! And the fever broke mid-afternoon. But now my sinuses have decided to become a mucus factory. So I made some tea and I'm going to curl up with a book and a replay of the Great Lakes Invitational. And maybe think about writing. So, poll time:

I should write:

a) the porn that follows the 3some
b) the "sharing a bed" prompt for trope_bingo
c) the next bit in the outline of "5 guys Jess Skinner banged"
d) something to be explained in a comment
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How did I not know that [community profile] trope_bingo exists? ♥_♥

OK. Off to the gym.


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