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+ Bush. Reliving my university years, musically. Still, the bassline to Come Down will always make me pause to listen.

+ People watching at BuzzFest XXX. Worth the price of admission.

- My knee is swollen and my calf is super tight. Ugh. Maybe I'll do something lower impact this afternoon.

+ The Aeros made the playoffs! They need to win tonight and the Checkers to lose if they want home-ice for the first round (doubtful), but whatever. Playoffs for their last season in Houston!

+ Mostly cleaned up the coffeeshop AU, so that might be posted soon?

+ [personal profile] why_me_why_not is the best. Last night I texted her I need someone to tell the story of Jeff Skinner, Secret Romantic. His favorite book is essentially an adventure/romance! The rest of the guys laugh about him taking dates to see chick flicks, but he actually doesn't mind? (Also, he gets laid a lot because ladies think he's sweet and sensitive on top of being a hot young athlete, so he wins all the way around. And, predictably, we spewed ideas at each other on the topic until long past we both should have been asleep.

+ Rafa's making a come back (crossing my fingers, anyway) in his match against Djokovic at Monte Carlo. Vamos!
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I have to write this out or I'll forget it. And half the time everyone involved remembers little bits that others didn't so if we put all the recaps together, we get a fuller picture.

Panic/Patrick shenanigans, cut for pictures and lengthy babble )
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~ Gah! I hate it when a fic I submitted for a fest is posted and I find a TON of things I want to change but I CAN'T.

But on the plus side, the [ profile] we_pimpin exchange fics are live. Anonymous wrote me some awesome Ray/Walt fic! Then It Gets Good. Go give them some love if Generation Kill is your thing!

~ Spain vs. France Davis Cup action tomorrow! Rafa. Daveeed. I'm sad that there will be no Gael Monfils. (NGL, mostly I watch him to see if he melts down spectacularly. So much athletic possibility there, steered awry by his head.)

~ Contagion, Saturday.

~ Tattoo & Body Art Expo on Sunday, possibly?

~ Someday Bush (the band, not the former president, who is known hereabouts as the Shrub) will come to Houston and NOT play a festival at my least favorite venue in town. Sadly, the next time they're in town is not that day. *sigh*

~ Spencer Smith: big troll or biggest troll? Thanks for letting your fans know you need more than one cock in your household.
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+ Dear 94.5, your Dallas sister station beats you at awesome holiday concerts. Nothing against Blue October (they rock live, especially at small venues), but in addition to the same lineup at HOB? They're having Death Cab et al. do a second show.

+ I love it when an entire week of plans get trashed because someone forgets to check his Outlook calendar. /sarcasm

+ Am I the only person who sees any irony in a med school association sponsoring a "man pageant" as a fundraiser for a local women's shelter? Yes, why don't we make money for them by... objectifying people, because that isn't one of the things that contributes to the need for that shelter at all. REALLY.

+ I am READY FOR THIS PAPER TO GET WRITTEN. Because once it's written we can submit it, and if it's accepted, I can get my next tattooooooo! (Also, I am ready to be DONE with this set of experiments, which is at the edge of my expertise, and I feel like I'm floundering.)
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- 80 hours of the 80's? Is probably about 79.5 more hours than we really need.

- No spoilers, but a tentative two thumbs up for Traitor. I'm not convinced that title is really appropriate, and I wish there was more explanation of how Don Cheadle's character hooked up with Jeff Daniel's, historically speaking. I'm still thinking about the portrayal of the jihad and the suicide bombers and such.

- I have to ask, what's going on here? )

- I was going through The Buzz's photo albums of Buzzfest XXI today (I was checking to see if there was any new info about Buzzfest XXII), and I was... sorta surprised. There are pics of pretty much every band that was involved with that festival. Except MCR. They did NO promo for it, unlike Seether, Theory of a Deadman, Chevelle, or Three Doors Down. I know they'd been on tour for a while, but all the bands had done the previous night in Baton Rouge, and were scheduled to head up to Dallas the next day for Edgefest, and they managed to do a signing or a radio spot or something.
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BuzzFest XXII was announced yesterday, and I am strangely unexcited about it. I think I'm overdosed on fests, maybe. I'd like to see a couple of the bands, but at least two of them were at ProjRev (at the same venue, even!) Sunday, and I'm not feelin' the love for the Pavilion at the moment.

Read more... )

I'm supposed to be typing up some girl!Bren fic, and then maybe some Brendon/Spencer PWP, so I suppose I should get back to it, yes?
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i'm gonna fit into this prom dress if it f*cking kills me )

Three shows in. Two to go. I'll maybe actually write more about them when they're done and I can reflect more.
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Tickets purchased. Covered reserve FOR THE WIN. No, seriously, you don't understand, I've tried to get actual seats at every BuzzFest I've ever attended, and was never able to, they sell out so fast. Nothing against lawn, but, yeah. Seats are good. Especially if it's the usual Houston spring/summer weather.

I was logged in at 11:59 and only got row M. But still!

the concert season, as it looks right now )
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BuzzFestXXI lineup )

Tickets go on sale next week.

ETA: Also, the DJ cracks me up. When he was introducing the sidestage, he mentioned that the bassist for Sick Puppies was the hottest bassist anywhere, "except for Gerard Way's wife". She is smokin'.
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There was flailing during my morning commute. TheBuzz DJs announced that the date, location, and lineup for BuzzFestXXI would be released next Friday at 5pm. I have this totally unreasonable hope that it'll be a spectacular list of bands I really want to see who aren't already coming to Houston, and that it'll be 26/27April.

Either way, if it doesn't conflict with a concert already scheduled, I'm likely to go. Even if it's at the Woodlands, which is a pain in the ass to get in and out of and they're total bastards about what they allow BuzzFans to bring into the pavilion in comparison to what they allow at every other concert.

Dude. Rodeo starts soon. Traffic around Reliant was snarly (as in, made me snarly after navigating it) last night and this morning, and there were trail riders with covered wagons on the feeder road of the freeway this morning. ONLY IN HOUSTON.

Joy. Three weeks of people who don't understand public transportation, think they can make a left turn into the parking lot from the far right lane because "the turn lane was backed up, I couldn't get into it", and cowboy hats and pressed jeans. Yay.

Today is Go Texans Day (or some such), so there are people at work wearing cowboy boots and hats and other rodeo gear. At work. In the med school and hospital. WTF? (No matter how many years I live here, that will always earn a WTF response. Seriously.)

eta: Also? TheBuzz aired an ad for HCT. Which makes me laugh, because TheBuzz? Never in a million years would they play Panic. Or The Hush Sound. But they are a ClearChannel station and Verizon is a LiveNation (aka ClearChannel) venue, therefore....
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Buzzfest was today. The people-watching was outstanding. Top prize for coolest audience member: the little mohawked kid down in the mosh pit*. Questioning by Evans Blue revealed that he's eleven, and he's already rockin' out. Awesome.

And the winner for best show on the second stage is The Bravery.

MrIris was quite happy with Evanescence's performance. I... I feel ambivalent about them. I like the band, but I don't care for Amy Lee's vocals. Her voice is just too whiny. And I want to like her. Because, seriously, when I turn on a local rock station (rock, not pop, folk, indie, or country) there's maybe one song per hour by a band that counts at least one woman as a member. But I just can't. Too weepy.

Finger Eleven's Paralyzed is totally stuck in my head again, because they ended their set with it. It was actually pretty cool: they did a Led Zeppelin/Pink Floyd tribute in the middle of the song before going back to the chorus. But still, now it's stuck.

Chris Cornell? He sounds good live. He always sounds good live. I have to be honest, though: I was a little bit disappointed. Because of the format, he only had an hour, and of the twelve songs he performed, the only ones I hadn't heard him do live before were the three from his new album. His new drummer is hard core, though. :)

Um... Smashing Pumpkins? Please do not try to emulate Jimi Hendrix. Otherwise, thanks muchly for Zeitgeist and for getting back on the road.

* The show's sponsor gave away pit passes. But the venue had signs posted specifically asking people not to mosh. I think there's a failure to communicate somewhere.


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