Jan. 2nd, 2013

asimplechord: Larsson vs bbOilers (Larsson vs bbOilers)
Ugh, back to work. It's not even that I dislike my work - I don't - it's just such a drag getting back into a work routine.

Random query: why do couples/families label joint property or invitations as "The Smith's". Seriously, do people not learn about apostrophes and possessives any more? The Smiths' or The Smiths, depending on context. I've gotten four different Evite invitations (don't get me started on Evite and my hate for it) with that misuse. And they were all from people who are college graduates, at a minimum.

Last night was the first Aeros game of the New Year, and was yet another matchup against the OKC Barons. Given the progress that I hope is happening with the NHL/NHLPA, it might've been the last time I see Hall, Eberle, and Schultz up close for a long while. There's another couple of home games this weekend, so hopefully that was NOT the last I'll see of Granlund, Coyle, and Zucker. Brodin's apparently back in Houston again, but not playing. The IR is massive again, too: Scandella, Bulmer, Palmer, Brodin, Kampfer, Broda, Foucault, and Fontaine were all scratches, and they signed Derek Couture to a PTO on NYE. He dressed and played a significant number of shifts (and committed the most boneheaded, obvious penalty, boarding Justin Schultz, and leading to Eberle's only goal; man, Hackett looked pissed - someone's stick broke and flew into the net, distracting him, and that's when Eberle's shot went in). NGL, I was a bit worried that the team'd be flat, given the OT loss on the 29th. Plus, whenever they score, they do this slow-down that usually leads to an immediate opposing goal. Which the Barons take advantage of by always putting Eberle, Arcobello, & Hall out, post-goal. Sign I'm overinvested in the Aeros: it makes me super twitchy and nervous when Hall and Eberle are on the ice together, skating into the Aeros' zone with the puck. But seriously, some of the prettiest drop and blind passes between them. I can appreciate them. I just prefer they not happen against my team. Also pretty? Jason Zucker's three points. (Not so much his hooking penalty, which led to Hall's goal in the 1st - Hall's goal is at :43 here, and the scrum of Barons hugging was literally right in front of us. I was not amused. I am sad that they didn't include Hackett's celebration over the ENG in the highlights.) And Johan Larsson's empty netter. I don't remember seeing Petersen play before - was he injured early in the season, or is he a call-up? Lines are kinda scrambled again, with all the injured forwards. But a win's a win, right? Especially when it leap-frogs the team to being one point behind the Checkers in the division.

After the game we came home and watched the Rose Bowl. Eh. I don't understand why Alvarez didn't start Stave. Or play him more than that single pass. Three Rose Bowl losses in a row. :( At least they got there? Even if it was by default. (Thanks to OSU, PSU, and the NCAA for that.)

Finally, thanks to Bob McKenzie, for giving me the most ridiculous mental image. I'm reading his book, Hockey Dad, right now, and he says at one point Backcheck like your hair is on fire. Imagining a peewee player with a helmet on fire, streaking down the ice. It's worse and more hilarious than the stupid flaming puck that ESPN/NBC/Fox/whoever tried for one season.


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